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22:19 kados thd: are you present?
22:19 thd yes
22:20 kados thd: I need some information about the 511,518 fields ...
22:20 kados thd: what subfields need to be added (if any) to the frameworks?
22:20 thd kados: I added them to the default
22:22 thd kados: only $a is important.  They are uncontrolled and are therefore very simple
22:22 kados I didn't see the commit ... lemme check the log
22:23 kados thd: do you remember the date?
22:23 thd the day after you asked me about them
22:23 kados :-)
22:25 thd kados: early morning on the 20th
22:25 thd is when I committed
22:26 kados hmmm
22:26 kados I don't see that in my email :(
22:26 thd kados: cvs told me it sent a message after the commit
22:27 kados I'll try updating my local copy
22:27 thd kados: you should show the 19th as the date in the internal versioning
22:29 kados thd: I only see 6, 8, and a in the 511 field
22:29 kados thd: is that all that's needed?
22:30 thd kados:I also found another missing subfield from last year's standard revision for that commit.
22:30 thd kados: only $a is important.  They are uncontrolled and are therefore very simple
22:30 dewey i already had it that way, thd.
22:32 thd kados: some might think that we would be better off if everything only used $a but that would be extra difficult for machine parsing
22:33 thd kados:last night I asked about forcing indicators not set by the cataloguer
22:33 kados yes, what did you mean?
22:34 thd kados: I meant that the record editor should not be supplying them before the record is saved
22:35 thd kados: before your improvements from the spring you had to actively delete blank indicators in an empty record to add them.
22:37 thd kados: so certainly if some subfields hold a value and nothing was set for the indicators then setting those to blank after saving is fine.
22:38 thd kados: the indicators should not start out blank for an empty field though.  If the field is empty then the indicators should be empty as well.
22:39 thd kados: of course, fixed fields do not have indicators.
22:40 thd kados: so I was simply cautioning not to revert the code merely to make the warning go away since the more recent behaviour is an improvement.
22:40 kados thd: but indicators should be blank for fields with an actual value, right? (by default I mean)
22:41 thd kados: yes if a value has been set for some subfield and the indicators have been ignored by the cataloguer or only the first one had been set then I see no problem in setting remaining indicators to blank.
22:42 thd for that field
22:42 kados and blank in this case means " ", not "", right?
22:42 thd exactly
22:42 kados ok, that's what I changed
22:42 kados it was defaulting to "" before, now it defaults to " "
22:43 thd kados: as long as a new empty record or new empty fields do not have there indicators already populated with spaces
22:44 thd s/there/thei4r/
22:44 thd s/there/their/
22:45 kados thd: dont' worry, that bug is fixed
22:45 kados thd: for USMARC anyway :-)
22:45 thd kados: you may note that I even abbreviated the simple frameworkcodes even further in a few cases
22:47 thd kados: you had wanted to discuss frameworks a little last week but then you were not arround
22:48 thd kados: you had suggested something about a separate SQL file for the items fields.
22:48 kados thd: yes ... I think that's the ideal setup
22:50 thd kados: I may be mistaken and would be afraid without good testing but I believe that only the default Koha items field is used no matter what framework you have.
22:50 kados thd: I've seen it both ways in the code
22:50 thd \kados: wow
22:50 kados thd: having just recently read through all of :(
22:51 thd kados: well the code should make up its mind :)
22:53 thd kados: I spent all night testing that column size bug for the frameworks.
22:53 thd on the night that you gave up with merely reverting the column
22:54 thd kados: eventually I became tired too but I believe that I excluded any source of error except for hard coding framework code size in the templates
22:55 thd well I had started tired so I mean too tired to even see
22:56 thd kados: so I did not fully traced the error but believe that I came close
22:57 thd kados: templates should be reading column size from the database not setting it arbitrarily even if it has no very great importance in this case.
22:57 kados thd: since fixing the code I haven't heard any complaints from clients
22:58 kados thd: so it seems to have fixed it :-)
22:58 thd kados: yes but you had not traced the source of the bug
22:58 thd kados: we know what revealed it but not the true cause
22:59 thd kados: so it is waiting, lurking, ready to bite again the next time someone tries something just a little creative.
23:01 thd kados: in any case I actually reduced the size of some columns in the simple framework even further
23:02 thd kados: to allow for more well specified frameworks
23:02 thd kados: existing frameworks try to put as much as manageable into a single framework
23:03 thd kados: so that most frameworks have collapsed fields for electronic resources since almost anything can be an electronic resource
23:04 thd kados: most frameworks also have collapsed fields for serials since almost anything can be also be a serial
23:04 kados right
23:04 kados serials are beyond us right now :-=)
23:05 kados long day tomorrow
23:05 thd kados: however, I can well understand that people might want this as separate frameworks
23:05 thd kados: is tomorrow any longer than today?
23:05 kados thd: it's all about perception :-)
23:07 thd kados: you went on a trip to Mr Tomlkins land today?
23:07 thd s//Tolmkins/Tompkins/
23:07 thd s/Tolmkins/Tompkins/
23:08 thd kados: I know that book is before your time :)
23:10 thd kados: It tried to fascinate its readers with an explanation of relativity theory and time distortion via near light travel where the astronaut did not vaporise.
23:12 thd early editions may have only had very fast trains
23:13 thd kados: so I just meant to ask if you would be around tomorrow?
23:13 thd or today now during the long day
23:13 kados I have an appointment at 8:30am ... then a demo at 12:00 (noon) that will probably last about an hour
23:13 kados then I will need to eat
23:14 kados I should return to my desk around 2:00pm or so if everything goes perfectly :-)
23:14 thd kados: eating is not really necessary :)
23:14 kados hehe
23:15 thd kados: if your train is fast enough you can return almost before you left
23:15 kados right now I'm gonna head to bed
23:15 kados talk to you soon thd
23:15 thd good night
02:22 hdl paul ?
02:22 dewey paul is preparing to issue a release while the NPL templates are not working for the record editor now.
02:23 paul n'importe quoi ce dewey ...
07:11 paul seems savannah ftp is down atm :-(
07:54 hdl kados:
07:54 hdl ?
07:54 hdl owen ?
07:54 dewey owen is hardly ever in direct contact with kados. We communicate here.
07:55 owen Thanks dewey.
07:55 owen Hi hdl
07:55 hdl hi.
07:55 hdl how are you ?
07:55 owen I'm a little stressed out from getting NPL ready for the next upgrade :)
07:56 hdl I was wondering if ZOOM search for title, author or any other peculiar field was configured in dev_week ?
07:56 hdl kados is away right ?
07:57 owen I haven't heard from him this morning, but I just arrived.
07:57 hdl seems he had to take a train today.
07:59 owen A train??
08:02 owen (reading the log) No train. Just a busy day for him, it seems.
08:05 hdl oh. I misread.
08:45 hdl kados
08:45 hdl ?
08:45 hdl tumer ?
08:45 dewey tumer is here for a few seconds ;-) or debugging it very fast as it it in use
09:02 owen hdl, are you still there?
09:02 hdl yes
09:02 owen I have a question maybe you can answer
09:02 owen I want to modify an opac script so that it does one thing if the user is logged in, and another if they're not
09:03 owen Is there a variable that indicates that?
09:04 hdl you can test C4::Context->userenv and $userenv->{userid}
09:04 hdl Do you know where zebra searches are configured ?
09:05 owen hdl: right now I think kados is the only one who really understands how zebra works. We should hire bodyguards for him.
09:06 hdl and backup or clone him  for having multpile instances at one time :DD
09:06 owen That would be very helpful!
09:11 paul kados around ?
09:11 owen paul, I think kados is away for another 4 hours or so, according to the log
09:12 paul owen : loggedinsusername is the name of the logged user. It's better to use $userenv-|{userid}
09:12 owen Thanks paul
09:12 paul ok, thanks. do you know about marc21_simple_framework.sql, done by thd & commited by kados ?
09:12 owen No :(
09:12 paul because it's really heavy & I was wondering wether is was interesting to let them in the package...
10:02 owen paul, are you still there?
10:05 hdl nope
10:24 hdl kados ?
10:24 dewey i guess kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
10:25 owen Sure, dewey, but what have /you/ been up to lately?
11:32 paul mmm... wiki has been hacked...
11:32 paul the encodingscratchpad page contains a .wmf file that is probably a virus
11:55 thd paul: marc21_simple_frameworks.sql started as custom set of non-standard frameworks for different record types for one particular library to their specification.  However, since I created it the frameworks are close to what standard frameworks for those record types would be except for about 10%  hidden fields, absent by default for new records, in addition to too many fields being collapsed in the editor at the request of the custom
11:57 toins thd: paul is not around...
11:57 thd paul: it is only heavy because the frameworks must replicate any possible subfield as hidden to avoid data loss in editing copy catalogued records.
11:58 thd toins: have you quit too?
11:58 toins thd: yes, i'm not here... ;-)
11:59 thd toins: well at least you saw my message :)

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