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17:29 kados chris: you around yet?
17:30 chris yep, staff meeting ... i see you have been committing lots :)
17:30 kados yea ... lots more to come too
17:30 kados and looks like another tonight :/
18:05 thd kados: are you alive?
18:06 kados thd: barely :-)
18:06 kados fortunately, I've discovered a secret
18:06 kados perhaps well-guarded ...
18:07 thd kados: to staying alive without sleep?
18:07 kados hehe
18:07 kados I think it's actually easier to program in large sprints
18:07 chris definitely is
18:08 kados I've been going a it for about 26 hours now :-)
18:08 chris its like writing an essay, or painting
18:08 kados and I feel sharp as a tack :-)
18:08 thd kados: you mean if you do not eat so you can avoid sleepiness?
18:08 kados thd: haven't eaten much, mainly just espresso :-)
18:09 kados I finally grok
18:09 kados what an insane bunch of code :-)
18:09 thd kados: the feeling of being sharp as a tack is a caffeine induced hallucination
18:10 kados hehe
18:10 kados probably is
18:11 thd kados: you can tell when that sensation increases despite an inability to walk a straight line
18:11 kados hehe
18:11 kados fortunately, all I need to be able to do is type :-)
18:12 thd kados: I have discovered something a little scary after having a little sleep
18:13 thd kados: it seems that some influential library administers have seriously taken the view that subject authority control is an outmoded concept
18:15 thd kados: they proposed abandoning all hope of finding information in a rational manner an surrendering to Google even when no full text is available
18:19 thd kados: this was argued seriously enough to prevent the UC library system from advocating anything about subject metadata in a taskforce studying how to manage without enough funding for enough librarians to do all the work needed to keep the system running for current and future needs.
18:21 thd kados: this was not merely a dispute between FAST and LCSH but between any authority controlled thesaurus and none
18:24 thd kados: it is true that no subject thesaurus would free cataloguer time but no acquisitions would also free cataloguer time and accomplish much the same purpose for serious research
18:26 thd kados: when caffeine and not eating stops working you can try pounding tacks into your body to maintain alertness
18:26 kados thd: hehe
18:28 thd kados: are you ready to abandon all control and thus prevent any normalisation in catalogues of the future?
18:29 kados thd: to some extent I've already done that with the Internet :-)
18:33 thd kados: I want to take back the internet so I do not get 5 x 10^20 result set filled with mostly irrelevant results which I have to cleverly avoid through some arcane set of full text queries
18:35 thd kados: building a robot to stay awake for you and catalogue the internet would be much healthier than caffeine, no food, and tacks
18:36 thd kados: that would be something really worth staying awake for
18:36 kados :-)
18:48 kados chris: quick important are these warnings:
18:48 kados Argument "" isn't numeric in numeric gt (>) at
18:48 kados substr outside of string
18:48 kados both are in
18:48 chris the first one is
18:49 chris annoying more than anything
18:49 chris but id fix it
18:49 kados unfortunately it's in that really annoyin block :-)
18:49 chris say the line is
18:49 kados MARChtml2xml
18:50 chris if ($something < 12){
18:50 kados 1386 in latest dev_week
18:50 chris 2 secs then
18:50 kados if ((@$tags[$i] > 10) && (@$values[$i] ne "")){
18:50 chris right
18:51 chris if ((@$tags[$i] && @$tags[$i] > 10)  && (@$values[$i] ne "")){
18:51 chris will stop the warning
18:51 chris cos it will fail at
18:51 kados hopefully it wont' also change the behavior :-)
18:51 chris no it wont
18:52 chris @$tags[$i] cant be greater than 10
18:52 chris unless it has a value
18:52 kados k
18:52 chris so the if fails because it has no value .. and doesnt bother doing the >
18:53 chris will be fractionally faster too
18:53 kados :-)
18:53 chris the other one sounds like its trying to do a substr outside the bounds of a string
18:54 kados yea
18:54 chris could also be caused by the string being empty
18:54 kados it's just a bit down ...
18:54 kados my $ind2 = substr(@$indicator[$j],1,1);
18:54 chris right
18:54 kados to be valid marc
18:55 kados it should have a blank value (space character)
18:55 chris yep
18:55 kados if there's no real value
18:55 chris so what you probably want to do then
18:55 chris my $ind2;
18:55 kados maybe start by filling it witha blank value?
18:55 kados my $ind2 = " ";
18:55 chris if (@$indicator[$j]){
18:56 chris  $ind2 = substr(@$indicator[$j],1,1);
18:56 chris }
18:56 chris else {
18:56 chris  warn "Indicator is empty";
18:56 kados right
18:56 chris $ind2=" ";
18:56 chris }
18:57 chris might help track down problems in your marc that way
18:58 kados yup
18:58 kados cool, well other than that,'s clean :-)
19:06 chris cool
01:13 thd kados: are you still there?
01:16 thd kados: are you populating indicators which no cataloguer has set to make warnings go away?
04:08 paul hello world.
07:34 kados thd: is it incorrect to populate indicators with blank values?
08:03 kados paul, hdl?
08:03 hdl yes kados
08:03 kados hdl: I hope my recent commits will help out
08:04 kados was it useful?
08:04 hdl Seems that zebra configuration files must be quite complete.
08:05 hdl with coded fields defined in it.
08:05 hdl I didn't have time nor data to try and play with it.
08:05 kados for MARC21 yes
08:05 hdl Mine are all UNIMARC.
08:06 kados right
08:06 hdl For unimarc, 100 coded field should be defined too.
08:09 paul hello kados.
08:09 kados hi paul
08:09 toins hello all
08:10 kados hi toins :-)
08:10 paul (why the hell don't I have a <beep> when someone write my name on irc...)
08:10 kados paul: beep
08:10 kados maybe only when your name is first?
08:10 kados on mine it only works when my nick is first on a line
08:11 toins test paul ..
08:11 paul ok, it works now !
08:11 paul many thanks joshua for you mail
08:12 kados I hope it helps
08:12 paul yep. Point 6 was very interesting imho :
08:12 paul 6. This evening I'll be taking a look at the rel_3_0 code for reserving
08:12 paul specific items and if it's stable, merging it into dev_week.
08:12 paul
08:12 paul sounds everybody agrees that it's better to have only 1 branch ;-)
08:12 kados yes, unfortunately, 'this evening' will be again 'this evening' :-)
08:12 kados of course, I 100% agree :-)
08:13 kados but as rel_3_0 is untested and has many new features I can't use it for clients
08:13 paul do you have some minuts to explain #9 (itemtype stuff, that is hardcoded)
08:13 kados I have a demo for NPL in 45 minutes
08:13 kados and still a bit of programming to do :-)
08:13 paul you should ask alaurin & btoumi , but their reserve & borrower stuff has been heavily tested by their librarians.
08:14 kados so maybe tomorrow would be better
08:14 paul ok, so you'll explain later, or i'll dig myself
08:14 kados the only place to dig is GetItemtypes
08:14 kados in
08:14 paul ok, i'll do it.
08:15 paul (i've nothing against hardcoded authorised_values, as I already created 4 ;-) bsort1, bsort2, asort1 and asort2. very usefull indeed...)
08:15 alaurin kados, i'd send you a mail to explain the reserves by items
08:15 kados alaurin: thx
08:16 alaurin read it, if you need something, call me
08:16 paul alaurin: hello. could you remind btoumi that he should write a mail to koha-devel to explain what he will do on aquisitions ?
08:17 alaurin we've done nothing to acquisitions ??????
08:18 alaurin paul , are u sure is it for aquisitions ????
08:18 paul oups, no.
08:18 paul it was for late issues & fines.
08:20 alaurin we'll do it as soon is possible
08:32 hdl owen here ?
08:35 owen hdl: you called?
08:35 hdl hi
08:35 hdl Yes.
08:36 hdl I called because when testing MARCdetail and addbiblio, I saw that Buttons were in fact forms.
08:36 hdl Contrary to what Pierrick and you decided, iirc.
08:37 owen In rel_2_2?
08:37 hdl rel_3_0
08:37 hdl So I wanted to know whether this was
08:37 hdl deliberate.
08:37 hdl to hide links.
08:38 hdl Or if it was just a mistake.
08:38 owen That's just an unfinished task. Any form button can be converted to a link, unless it's a destructive action, like a delete.
08:38 hdl Because it makes it hard to maintain.
08:38 hdl OK.
08:38 hdl I correct all the links I see then.?
08:38 hdl .
08:38 owen Yes, please
08:38 hdl thx.
08:49 tumer kados:?
08:50 paul hi tumer
08:50 dewey hi tumer is, like, still strugling
08:50 tumer hi paul
08:51 tumer kados around?
08:51 kados tumer: I have a meeting in 10 minutes
08:51 tumer when are you going to be free?
08:52 kados later today ... in 5-6 hours
08:53 tumer see you tonight than
08:54 tumer paul:good luck
08:57 owen Paul :if you wait a few hours I can make sure NPL is up to date with your last few changes. I've got to go to a meeting now
08:57 paul no problems.

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