IRC log for #koha, 2006-09-08

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12:57 thd kados: are you in?
01:45 chris hi alyssa
01:45 Alyssa Hello!
01:47 Alyssa I'm looking for open source library software that would work well for a small collection (probably ~3000 books) and be really user friendly for non-technical sorts... offhand, does Koha fit that description?
01:48 chris mostly
01:48 Alyssa Sweet.
01:48 chris its probably a bit of overkill for 3000 books
01:48 chris but being a web app, and fully templated
01:49 chris you can just remove the links you dont want/need
01:49 Alyssa Ah, right.
01:50 chris
01:50 chris id have a look at that
01:50 Alyssa I'm pretty much expecting to have overkill, because the group overseeing the library wants lots of features. =)
01:50 Alyssa Great, thanks!
01:52 mason alyssa
01:52 mason oops
01:52 mason alyssa: have a look at joshua's sexy koha too ->
01:53 Alyssa Thanks!
01:56 paul Koha is a 24/7 supported software ;-)
01:56 paul (or we can also say : Koha developers are always eating or going to eat :lol:)
02:14 osmoze hello
02:29 hdl hi
06:37 btoumi hi all
11:31 slef hi all... kohabug 1161, I can't see where the default theme comes from for English - anyone know if it's determined at run-time?
11:31 slef[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1161

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