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12:14 hdl slef : parameters>systempreferences>OPAC tab > Opac themes.
12:44 slef hdl: but where is the initial value from?
13:45 slef found it in C4/
13:48 slef kohabug 1161 updated
17:48 thd kados: are you there?
17:48 thd kados: I have committed
20:23 thd kados: I am back
20:25 thd kados: did you want to know about something related to
20:25 thd ?
20:26 kados did I?
20:27 thd kados: you wanted to communicate about aids for non-librarians, did you not?
20:28 kados ahh, I didn't know that was the link you told me about
20:28 thd kados: most anyone could do a better job than ABLE and SABLE but it would take a little effort
20:28 thd kados: that is one and the one intended for non-librarians
20:35 kados back
20:40 thd kados: ABLE and SABLE simultaneously assumes things it should not and leaves out the simplest important things.
20:42 thd kados: this DVD video cataloguing guide for example is intended more for professional librarians but is really helpful[…]d/dvdprimer2.html
20:45 thd kados: ABLE and SABLE suggest reading AACR2 in as one next step for further instruction :)
20:46 kados hehe
20:46 thd kados: they would be much better off pointing to more resources like[…]/342swilliams.htm
20:48 thd kados: or[…]/manual/index.htm
20:50 thd kados: you seemed especially interested in something related to training for non-librarians when we spoke about 2 hours ago
20:50 thd kados: what was your special interest?
20:51 kados well, I was just interested to know if there was a guide to cataloging that we could use for smaller libraries
20:51 kados that don't have professional catalogers on staff
20:52 thd kados: multiple ones, I will post some links with comments to wiki over the weekend
20:53 kados sounds great!
20:53 thd kados: like everything else the best resources may not be online for free
20:54 thd kados: however, I have seen some extremely terrible books which some people have recommended
21:00 thd kados: I learnt slowly by trying to figure out how to find things at the library better by interpreting the codes in the catalogue
21:00 thd kados: however, I read the Follett LC Understanding MARC in 1995.  I found that very helpful but that does not aim to teach cataloguing really
02:07 hdl hi
02:15 btoumi hi all
02:15 toins hello world

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