IRC log for #koha, 2006-08-22

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22:51 mohamedimran hi chris
22:53 mohamedimran i got koha to authenticate to ldap but i am not able to query the member attributes from ldap and use store them in koha db
22:54 chris you'll want to ask on the koha-devel or the koha list about that, i didnt do any work on the LDAP so wont be able to help you
22:55 mohamedimran any other member on the channel who knows about it
22:56 chris not on at the moment no
22:56 chris you want to talk to the french developers .. who are all asleep
01:48 mohamedimran koha with ldap? can anybody guide me through...
02:45 toins hi all
03:19 toins hello btoumi !
03:21 btoumi hi toins
03:21 toins btoumi, ca va ? Bonne vacances ?
03:22 btoumi excellent je me suis bien repose !!! ;=)
03:22 btoumi et toi ca va?
03:23 toins ca va
03:50 mohamedimran koha with ldap. anybody knows & Willing to help
03:57 hdl hi
03:59 toins hello hdl
04:05 btoumi      hi hdl
04:05 hdl hi btoumi
07:19 tumer kados:awake and kicking?
07:52 kados hey owen
07:52 owen G'mornin
07:52 hdl hi kados.
07:53 kados hi hdl
07:53 toins hi all !
07:53 hdl You are WANTED this afternoon.
07:53 kados hi toins :-)
07:53 kados hdl: by who?
07:53 kados whom even? :-)
07:53 hdl toins and tumer.
07:53 kados toins: how can I help?
07:54 toins kados, no it's ok... hdl answered me.
07:54 kados cool
07:54 toins it was about the creation of rel_3_0 CVS branch
07:54 kados ahh
07:55 kados are we ready to do that yet?
07:55 toins soon !
07:55 toins some little problem to resolv on the OPAC
07:55 kados you haven't seen the new search api :-)
07:55 toins yep !
07:56 kados still a few kinks to work out, but it's coming along nicely
07:56 toins ok
07:56 kados if all goes well I hope to commit it today
07:56 toins great
07:57 toins and i'll merge it on head
10:07 tumer kados:??????
10:11 kados tumer: hi there
10:11 dewey hola, kados
10:11 kados tumer: what's up?
10:11 kados tumer: been far too busy :(
10:12 kados toins: you there?
10:12 toins yep !
10:12 toins i'm here
10:12 kados toins: tumer's ready to start committing the 3.2 stuff so if you wanna go ahead and branch rel_3_0
10:13 toins kados, ok so i don't wait for you commit about new API ?
10:13 kados toins: no ...
10:13 toins s/you/your/
10:13 toins ok
10:14 tumer toins: dont bother waiting- my stuff breaks everything anyway
10:15 toins tumer, ok...
10:16 tumer bye all!
10:23 toins kados, it's done !
10:24 kados toins: excellent!
10:34 kados hdl: you there?
10:34 kados or paul?
10:34 dewey i think paul is preparing to issue a release while the NPL templates are not working for the record editor now.
10:34 toins kados, paul is on holliday this week...
10:34 kados ok

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