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12:02 hdl kados : back
01:13 mohamedimran82 hi how do i view logs of previous chats on this channel
01:13 chris
01:14 mason
01:14 mason snap!
01:49 mohamedimran82 chris this is a real crunch my ldap module is still not working
01:50 chris it is authenticating right?
01:50 chris its just not populating the members table€?
01:50 chris can you get a list of all the columns in your LDAP server?
01:53 mohamedimran82 there is an issue. i modified the anonymous bind section in to a bind which users a persons DN & password
01:53 mohamedimran82 refer to this post[…]/2005/009442.html
01:54 mohamedimran82 it started authenticating but the problem is there is an entry in the error log of koha which says he is not authenticated
01:55 mohamedimran82 moreover it is not pulling up the data from ldap
01:55 mohamedimran82 i have a list of all the related fields from ldap with me
01:56 chris hmmm why would there be an entry in the errory log?
01:56 chris if they dont authenticate they get a page saying they have to authenticate
01:57 mohamedimran82 but i get the index page of opac with the welcome message
01:57 chris yes thats right
01:57 chris you dont need to authenticate for that
01:58 mohamedimran82 that index page is with the user logged in and able to make reserves
01:58 chris so they have already authenticated then
01:58 mohamedimran82 with an entry in the error log
01:59 chris saying what?
01:59 mohamedimran82 the user is authenticated but there is an entry in the error log
02:00 chris yes, what does the error say?
02:01 mohamedimran82 [Mon Aug 21 09:59:16 2006] [error] [client] LDAP Auth failed server not responding or wrong user password combination at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 526, <DATA> line 283., referer:[…]members/
02:01 mohamedimran82 so i reverted back to the from the CVS
02:01 chris right
02:02 chris well, im afraid until someone who worked on the ldap code replies, i cant help
02:03 chris i dont really even know what its trying to do, let alone why its not doing it
02:04 mohamedimran82 somebody at katipo?
02:05 chris no
02:05 chris it wasnt katipo, it was i think either henri damien or paul who wrote it
02:05 btoumi hi chris
02:05 btoumi and hi all
02:06 chris hi bruno, how was your holiday?
02:06 btoumi very nice but to much small
02:06 chris :)
02:08 btoumi ;=)
02:08 btoumi and how are u chris?
02:08 Strait hmm
02:09 Strait is it ok to use website templates for national koha pages?
02:09 Strait by national i mean localized
02:09 Strait if it is, where can i find them?
02:09 chris afaik it is strait, drop an email to
02:10 Strait thanks chris :)
02:10 chris bruno: im good thanks
02:35 btoumi chris: do u continue to work in xml with perl?
02:37 chris not at the moment
02:37 btoumi ah ok
03:00 hdl btoumi : is there a problem ?
03:00 btoumi what?
03:00 hdl chris: do u continue to work in xml with perl?
03:01 hdl btoumi: hi
03:01 dewey que tal, hdl
03:01 btoumi no problem i just talk about this because chris showed me before when ihe work on this  
03:02 btoumi only to know , no problems
03:02 btoumi hdl: hi sorry
04:05 chris as you do
04:08 hdl mohamedimran82: have you read my message ?
04:08 hdl hi chris
04:08 chris hi hdl
04:08 mohamedimran82 i did
04:09 chris i replied to your message hdl .. it look to me like it does try to set the member data
04:09 chris i found an old email from paul
04:10 chris > Is LDAP used for authentication only?
04:10 chris not only, but also to get patron informations
04:10 chris > Do you still end up with two sets of records for the patron (personal details etc) One in Koha, one in the LDAP directory?
04:10 chris yes, but ldap infos overwrite koha borrowers table every time the use logs in.
04:11 mohamedimran82 can i mail my files to you people
04:12 chris what you could do is
04:12 chris line 585
04:13 chris #                       warn "ADD borrower";
04:13 chris and line
04:13 chris 577
04:13 chris #                       warn "MODIF borrower";
04:13 chris uncomment those 2 lines
04:14 chris then see if when you login ... you see ADD borrower or MODIF borrower in the error log
04:14 mohamedimran82 done
04:16 mohamedimran82 pls check this post.[…]/2005/009442.html
04:16 mohamedimran82 i modified my accordingly
04:17 mohamedimran82 there is no warnings logged
04:17 chris yep you had shown me that mail before
04:18 chris in that case its not getting that far
04:19 mohamedimran82 is that post correct
04:19 chris i dont know
04:20 chris as i said, i dont know anything about the LDAP stuff, just what ive read
04:20 mohamedimran82 i will attach my file to the post to Koha list and cc it to you and hdl
04:21 chris please send it to the koha-devel list
04:21 chris its too technical for the main koha list
04:21 chris i wont be able to help
04:21 mohamedimran82 ho do i post it there
04:21 chris when paul is back .. or someone else who knows something about ldap (not me)
04:22 chris might be able to
04:22 chris
04:47 hdl mohamedimran82: is your borrowers table populated ?
04:47 hdl (hi toins)
04:48 toins_ hi hdl
05:19 mohamedimran82 yes but only two entries
05:19 mohamedimran82 user name & password
05:33 mohamedimran82 along with date of joining and expiry
05:33 mohamedimran82 rest is null
05:50 qiqo hi
05:51 qiqo can somebody help me
05:51 qiqo i am having these errors on my z3950 module: Bareword "Net::Z3950::RecordSyntax::USMARC" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue line 260.
05:53 qiqo ermm
05:53 qiqo someboady please
07:13 kados morning all
07:13 kados anyone know why getMARCurls doesn't appear in any OPAC scripts?
07:14 shedges morning kados (getMARCurls is not my fault)
07:14 kados hehe
07:15 kados margy did quite a lot of work putting together those website references
07:15 kados now we've got a search point for them (based on the 007 field) and it works like a charm
07:16 kados but the urls don't appear anywhere but the MARC view
07:16 kados kinda pointless :-)
07:17 shedges d'accord

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