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16:27 thd kados: I sent you a now good adaptation of the CSS for the wiki.  Please take a look.
22:46 qiqo hi every body
22:47 qiqo im having some difficulties with my opac
23:03 qiqo ei
23:03 qiqo ermm i was required to install mysql5 on my machine because a there is a dependency problem
23:04 qiqo now that i installed koha.. whenever is use the opac.. the results are only blank spaces
23:07 qiqo anyone who can help?
23:18 qiqo ermm heullo
03:04 qiqo anybody awake?
03:05 qiqo :(
05:47 Strait hmm
05:47 Strait i could be wrong, but i think that mysql5 is highly problematic
05:47 Strait i haven't managed to get any koha installations to work with it
05:47 chris im not running it anywhere in production
05:48 Strait 4.1 works like a charm :)
05:48 chris yep 4.2 too
05:49 Strait they have probably changed the syntax of 5 once again
05:49 Strait or something else
05:50 chris because we are making major changes for koha 2.4 .. and 3.0 .. we probably will concentrate on making that work with 5 .. and not do to much for the 2.2 series
05:50 chris unless we get time that is
05:51 chris or someone volunteers ;)
05:52 Strait there is always that of course
05:53 chris the main thing
05:53 chris is the joins have changed in mysql 5
05:53 chris so sql that worked in 4, doesnt work
05:53 Strait beautiful...
05:53 chris yeah its not so pretty
05:54 chris i had a post on my blog about it
05:54 chris but i broke my blog the other day
05:54 Strait where is your blog?
05:54 chris so i cant look it up
05:54 Strait ah, ok
05:54 chris
05:55 chris normally that will redirect you to the blog .. when i fix it :0
05:55 chris basically before you could do things like
05:55 chris select * from table1,table2,table3
05:56 chris left join table4 on table1.something = table4.something
05:56 chris now for it to work
05:56 chris it would have to be
05:56 chris select * from table2,table3,table1
05:56 chris left join table4 on table1.something = table4.something
05:57 Strait er...?
05:57 Strait the difference being?
05:57 Strait ah, the order
05:57 chris Beginning with MySQL 5.0.12, natural joins and joins with USING, including outer join variants, are processed according to the SQL:2003 standard. The goal was to align the syntax and semantics of MySQL with respect to NATURAL JOIN and JOIN ... USING according to SQL:2003. However, these changes in join processing can result in different output columns for some joins. Also, some queries that appeared to work correctly in older versions must be rewritten to c
05:58 chris
05:58 chris lots of stuff there
05:58 chris but thats the main problem i ran into last time i played with 5
05:58 Strait (which one on the picture is you?)
05:59 chris the one on the left
05:59 Strait ok
06:00 chris can you name any of the others? :)
06:00 Strait one beside you is Linus
06:01 Strait but i don't know the other two
06:01 chris rusty russel (wrote netfilter/iptables amongst other things)
06:01 chris and then jon 'maddog' hall
06:02 chris was at the linux conference earlier this year
06:02 Strait ok :)
06:02 Strait where was it held?
06:02 chris dunedin (in the south island of nz)
06:02 chris got some good press for Koha :)
06:02 Strait i see
06:03 Strait that's a good thing
06:03 Strait i recently introduced koha to a bunch of library professionals in finland
06:04 Strait they seemed interested
06:04 Strait but a bit careful
06:04 Strait we have this holy tietoenator here
06:04 Strait with their Pallas library system
06:05 chris ahh yep
06:05 Strait we currently have 3 different MARC variants in use
06:05 chris yikes
06:05 Strait which is insane
06:05 chris way to make life difficult
06:05 Strait indeed
06:05 chris i have enough trouble with one
06:05 Strait public libraries use
06:06 Strait FINMARC mostly
06:06 Strait an old national format that is no longer maintained
06:06 Strait the there is MARC21-Fin which is almost MARC21 but with some national additions
06:06 Strait it's a format that nobody really wanted, but it had to be done
06:06 chris right
06:07 Strait and then there is pure MARC21
06:07 Strait which we are moving towards to
06:07 chris MARC , the standard that isnt
06:08 Strait currently if we want to convert records from FINMARC to MARC21 we'll have to do it through MARC21-Fin at the moment
06:08 Strait which is also insane
06:08 dewey okay, Strait.
06:08 chris which?
06:08 dewey which is really annoying or insane
06:08 chris heh
06:08 Strait ?
06:08 chris that would be quite hard double conversion, without losing anything
06:09 chris strait: dewey is a bot
06:09 Strait ah, ok
06:09 Strait :D
06:09 chris it learns things
06:09 chris chris?
06:09 dewey hmmm... chris is now too
06:09 chris kados?
06:09 dewey kados is, like, becoming a true Perl Monger
06:09 chris koha?
06:09 dewey koha is the first open-source ILS or a good free software ILS
06:09 chris plus can do things like
06:09 chris seen strait?
06:09 dewey strait was last seen on #koha 27 seconds ago, saying: :D [Sun Aug 20 23:09:22 2006]
06:09 chris which is handy
06:10 Strait ok
06:11 Strait hmm
06:11 Strait i think i'll be off to have some lunch
06:11 chris hmm, if its lunch for you
06:11 chris it must be time for sleep for me :)
06:11 Strait sleep tight
06:11 chris enjoy the rest of your day
06:12 Strait will try
09:32 toins hi
09:32 dewey hey, toins

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