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13:47 kados owen: so we've got this:
13:47 kados    <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="facets" -->
13:47 kados        <li><a href="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME=link -->"><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="label" --></a>(<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="count" -->)</li>
13:47 kados    <!-- /TMPL_LOOP -->
13:47 kados the inner facets loop
13:47 kados I'll just add a new var there
13:47 kados called 'class'
13:47 kados so you can wrap each <li> in a span
13:47 kados with a class of 'class'
13:48 kados or just do <li class=<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="class" -->>
13:48 kados etc.
13:48 owen Right
13:48 kados and you have a css rule
13:48 kados for the hidden class
13:48 owen And the script passes "class" as visible or not based on...
13:48 kados yea
13:48 kados then you have a link below
13:49 kados that lets you unhide them
13:49 kados using js
13:49 kados will that work?
13:50 owen possibly
13:50 owen I'm thinking it gets tricky when you try to re-hide.
13:51 kados hmmm
13:51 kados ncsu doesn't have that option
13:51 kados :-)
13:51 owen Do you have any knowledge of how the Pines folks are deciding what tech to require for their opac? Are they requiring javascript?
13:52 kados yes, unfortunately
13:52 owen So you do see that as a disadvantage.
13:52 kados definitely
13:52 kados but it's an architectural decision
13:53 kados they basically build the entire system to use an RPC framework
13:53 kados s/build/built/
13:54 kados so any of the clients have to make multiple calls to the system to retrieve each element of data
13:54 kados it's very scalable
13:54 kados but requires RPC for every client
13:55 kados they made some of the same mistakes Koha made along the lines of MARC in SQL and a few new ones :-)
13:55 kados but every system has it's flaws
13:55 kados anyway ...
14:02 owen NCSU doesn't have an un-hide option because they reload the page evertime someone clicks a 'more' if someone clicks /another/ 'more' link the previously expanded section is contracted again.
14:02 kados right
14:02 kados what do you suggest?
14:02 owen It gets sticky when you hide something with CSS and then try to show it with Javascript
14:03 owen People with no CSS will see everything anyway, so they're fine.
14:03 kados prefer a page reload?
14:03 owen But people with CSS but no Javascript won't have a way to expand the tree
14:03 kados right
14:03 kados you could test for js, then apply the hide only if they had js
14:04 kados or a page reload is ok too
14:04 kados btw: they are hidden now
14:05 kados just let me know how you want to do it and I'll make it so :-)
14:05 owen I'm wavering... I guess I'm leaning towards a page reload. Partly because I'm starting to worry about the total page size with all those trees loaded automatically
14:05 kados right
14:05 kados ok, lets do that then
14:06 owen What would you think of dropdowns for the "further limit search" options?
14:06 kados how would that work?
14:07 owen Instead of having a link that would limit search results to "Branch -> Chauncey," have a drop-down list that resubmits the query when you select a branch
14:08 kados sounds like a good idea
14:09 kados kind of like ncsu's 'send search to'?
14:09 owen Yeah
14:11 kados I'll add that right now too
14:19 kados owen: ok ... if you add expand=su to your cgi query, it will expand the subject list
14:19 kados I'll add that as a link to the template
14:29 kados owen: ok ... the 'Show More' is working for ccl queries and subjects
14:30 owen Cool
14:49 kados ok, I think the expandable part is working with ccl queries and all three types of facets
14:49 kados wonder if we should give each of them an id and have that be the #link
14:52 kados yea, that seems to work well
14:55 kados ok, now there's a type and a typeid
14:56 kados owen: committed
14:59 kados owen: so the branch drop-down ... should that be where we allow the user to continue the search in worldcat, etc.?
15:00 kados owen: or is it strictly a branch limit?
15:04 owen I was just thinking we could replace the little js tree with the branch limiters, content limiters, etc.
15:04 kados js tree?
15:04 owen The tigra menus you had before
15:05 owen I was just trying to think of an alternative solution that wouldn't involve pushing a list further down the screen
15:05 kados right
15:05 kados well ...
15:05 kados I guess my assumption is that now that we've only got 5 of each facet displaying
15:06 kados the new design will shrink the total height of the three facets we have now
15:06 kados is that what you had in mind?
15:06 kados (for instance, I like the size of worldcat's facets)
15:06 kados then ... we could add some new facets ...
15:07 kados I guess the question is, is the branch limit going to be a facet? or is it separate from the facets?
15:08 kados I can whip it out in about 10 minutes ... we just need to decide how we want it to work
15:10 owen It could go either way. If the branch (content, audience, etc) limits are as "primary" as the subject, author, etc. limiters, then we should create new facets just like the existing ones. If they're  a less-important feature then we could "compress" them into drop-down menus for brevity.
15:10 kados seems like they're primary ones
15:11 kados to me anyway
15:11 kados but I can see branch limits being separated
15:11 owen Yes--particularly if you can get those facets to reflect the contents of that particular result set
15:11 kados yep, I can
15:11 owen Yes to them being primary
15:11 kados ok ... I'll just add them to the facets for now then
15:12 kados we can always change it later if we want
15:16 owen One thing we need to be careful about...
15:17 owen The subject, series, author links expand or re-focus the search...
15:17 owen while the branch, content, audience links refine it
15:17 kados ahh ... good point
15:17 kados hmmm
15:18 kados they should be visually separated I suppose
15:18 kados any ideas?
15:18 owen If you can simply put the two sets into two different loops we'll be able to style them separately
15:19 kados i guess one question is, _should_ the subject, series, author links limit or expand the search?
15:19 kados because at NCSU they limit it
15:19 kados at worldcat too
15:19 owen Yeah...
15:20 owen Seems like we talked about this before
15:20 kados :-)
15:20 kados well ...
15:21 kados is there any visual mechanism we can use to signal either inclusion or exclusion of the original search term?
15:22 owen Is it more important to offer the opac user a means of narrowing their search or of discovering more related information?
15:22 kados good question
15:23 kados for the opac I think 'discovery' is better than 'limiting' in most cases
15:23 kados but ... really both are useful
15:24 owen What if limiting is the default for facets, and discovery is an option that takes you away from your original result set?  A new page with a full list of the facets that can be used to branch off the original search?
15:25 kados hmmm
15:25 kados yea, it might be confusing
15:25 kados well ...
15:26 kados if we kept the facets as 'expand' and added the 'limits' somewhere else on the page
15:26 kados would that work?
15:27 owen I'm leaning towards thinking that users expect to be able to narrow their results first
15:28 owen Think about how Amazon allows you take your original search term and look for it in a particular category (books, dvds, electrics, etc)
15:28 kados right
15:28 kados ok, so we limit then
15:29 kados then all the facets can go together
15:29 kados and maybe we could allow the user to [X] the original search term on the next page
15:29 kados to expand the search using just the facet
15:29 owen I think that would be very cool
15:30 kados alright ... give me a few minutes :-)
15:38 kados owen: have you started on a new design yet?
15:39 owen I've been working on tweks here and there
15:39 owen Actually, I'd like to talk it through with you again, because I wasn't taking good notes the last time we talked about it.
15:39 kados ok
15:39 kados well ...
15:39 owen I'm about to head out here, so it'll have to be later
15:40 kados ok, we can chat about it tomorrow
15:40 kados maybe I'll even write up a spec :-)
15:41 owen Now that I'm out of Chauncey I can be a lot more flexible with my time. If you ever feel like we need to meet face to face it's a lot easier for me now to make that happen
15:41 kados cool
15:41 kados yea, that might be useufl
15:41 kados useful even
17:20 kados chris: k ... back
17:20 kados still no http tho :(
17:20 chris bummer
17:20 chris can u tunnel it thru ssh?
17:21 kados I should be doing that anyway :-)
17:21 chris ud need a squid proxy set up somewhere :)
17:21 kados using tor or sth
17:21 kados yea
17:21 kados well strangely, I can't even open any _new_ ssh connections
17:21 kados something funky going on with the local ISP I hink
17:21 kados they're realy wankers :-)
17:22 kados their official position is that 'viruses' are causing the wireless outages at this coffee shop :-)
17:24 kados chris:[…]e#field_weighting
17:24 kados chris: there's a brief explaination of what I need to do there ... my two options
17:24 kados under 'how can I map a single search query (like title) to a pqf string like the above?'
17:25 chris sorry was on phone
17:25 chris looking now
17:28 kados there's this:[…]r/
17:28 kados which has something called an RPN tree
17:28 kados which I've been trying to understand since I started with perl :-
17:28 kados )
17:29 kados the basic problem is
17:29 kados I have incoming cgi
17:29 kados which I can pretty easily transform to CCL
17:29 chris right
17:30 kados then I want to transform that CCL into PQF but it's not a one to one mapping
17:30 kados each leaf node will be branched
17:30 kados to incorporate all the fancy field weighting
17:30 chris k
17:31 kados so the CCL syntax in pretty simple:
17:31 kados
17:31 kados you basically have Operands and Operators
17:31 kados and the Operands can be an either query
17:31 kados s/either/entire/
17:32 chris yep
17:33 kados of course, the other option may actually turn out to be simpler ... just turn a PQF query into XML, parse it with a stylesheet, then turn it back into PQF
17:35 chris hmmm
17:35 chris probably
17:35 chris but perhaps slower
17:35 chris altho probably more easily extensible
17:35 kados hmmm
17:36 kados slower isn't that bad I don't think
17:37 kados since I can't imagine it would really slow things down that much ... given how fast the actual query is now
17:37 chris yep
17:38 chris so the idea is .. take you ccl made from your cgi
17:38 chris convert to pqf
17:38 chris convert to pqf - xml
17:39 chris transform with xlst
17:39 chris convert back to pqf (now with weightings)
17:39 chris for idea 2?
17:40 kados well ...
17:40 kados mostly, yes
17:40 kados though it begs the question, what's the point of using ccl in the first place
17:40 chris yep
17:40 chris cgi -> pqf
17:40 chris pqf -> pqf-xml
17:40 chris transform
17:40 chris pqf-xml -> pqf
17:40 chris run query
17:41 kados yea
17:41 kados I think it'll be more like:
17:41 chris that allows us to change the weightings
17:41 kados 1. cgi -> kohaquerysyntax
17:41 chris without havning to hack at our ccl parser
17:41 kados kohaquerysyntax -> pqf
17:41 kados etc.
17:41 chris right
17:41 chris could we make kohaquerysyntax = openurl
17:42 kados this is frustrating though
17:42 kados hmmm
17:42 kados does openurl have a fully-described query syntax?
17:42 chris not sure, i havent read about it properly, would be good if it did
17:42 kados I doubt it does
17:43 chris no worries then .. a openurl resolver isnt hard to write
17:43 kados well what I've got
17:44 kados is something that looks like this:
17:45 kados search?q=query&op=operator&of​fset=&count=&sort_by=&server
17:45 kados q is repeatable
17:45 kados as is op
17:45 kados as is server
17:45 kados as is sort by
17:46 chris right
17:46 kados right now, q can be a valid CCL query
17:46 kados so you can do something like:
17:46 kados q=su=cats and au=tom
17:46 kados or you could go:
17:46 kados q=su=cats&q=au=tom
17:47 chris k
17:47 chris well, i think the answer might be .. restrict the syntax the form/cgi can hand data back as
17:48 kados how so?
17:49 chris if you are allowing a free text type in the query one, handle that with one cgi script
17:50 chris and for the other one, like the advanced search page, where you have an input for author, one for subject etc .. treat each input as a term, not a query
17:50 kados hmmm ...
17:50 kados well I like that idea
17:50 kados but the problem is, the results page for both simple and advanced searches has to have the same options
17:51 kados ie, facets, limits, resorting, query history, etc.
17:51 kados hmmm
17:51 chris could that not be in the form of one input per term tho?
17:52 chris i think what im thinking is
17:52 chris for the simple search we do a double parse
17:52 chris first parse, convert it to the same syntax as the advanced search expects
17:52 chris then deal with it the same
17:52 kados hmmm
17:52 chris just thinking aloud
17:53 kados sure
17:53 kados yea, that might work
17:54 chris could be a just a script that parses, and redirect to the script that does the search and displays the results
00:16 thd kados: are you still up?
02:23 toins hi all
02:33 hdl hi
04:30 hdl toins : paul est avec  toi ?
04:30 toins non, il est allé faire des courses
04:31 hdl OK.
04:31 toins je pense qu'il sera la cet après midi.
04:31 hdl kados ?
04:31 dewey kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
06:09 kados hdl: I'm here
06:11 kados hdl: should I test your bugfixes to 1024/1025?
06:17 kados hdl: I have a new problem, along with the old ones
06:17 kados hdl: 'date expected' is not filled, but 'published on' is instead
06:17 kados hdl: that is, the 'published on' date is filled with the expected date
06:18 kados hdl: and another new prob:
06:19 kados hdl: subscriptions are now listed like:
06:19 kados ,Vol 1 No 1,Vol 2 No 2,Vol 3 No 3
06:19 kados so both Vol and No are incremented (the rules are set up properly)
06:19 kados wait ...
06:19 kados that may be my fault
06:24 kados hdl: are you there?
07:16 osmoze hello #koha
07:20 hdl kados : i am here
07:22 hdl kados: now, dateexpected is not filled any longer since what is supposed to be calculated is the next issue date rather than the next reception.
07:22 kados hdl: are you working on serials bugs?
07:22 kados hmmm
07:22 hdl But we may discuss.
07:22 kados yes, I think that's a problem
07:22 hdl why.
07:22 kados issue date means publication date?
07:23 hdl kados : now, there are two dates.
07:23 hdl publication date is one.
07:23 hdl receivedate is two.
07:23 kados ok
07:23 hdl publication date is the most important for users.
07:23 hdl So this is the one that is now calcultaed.
07:24 kados so as I described, currently, when you receive issues, the publication date is auto-calculated, not the receivedate
07:24 hdl So this is the one that is now calculated.
07:24 kados sigh
07:24 kados but that's a major function change
07:24 kados it completely breaks any previous serials installation!
07:24 hdl If you like, I can copy the dates into both fields.
07:25 hdl It also add a new column into the database !!!!
07:26 kados it should be an option in the series creation screen, 'calculate by pub date or by receive date'
07:26 kados yes, I upgraded using upgradedatabase, and the new column was added I believe
07:26 hdl yes.
07:27 hdl you can esayliy update the data so that receivedate comes into publisheddate.
07:27 kados hdl:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1142
07:27 kados hdl: a user contributed this bug report
07:27 kados hdl: they were running on the previous version of serials
07:27 kados hdl: and I upgraded them to rel_2_2
07:28 kados hdl: do plugins work with item adding and serials?
07:28 kados hdl: s/and/in/
07:29 hdl For me Yes.
07:29 hdl on production
07:29 kados and acquisition date is filled?
07:30 hdl That must be a preference or marc problem
07:30 kados ??
07:30 kados hdl: serials were working fine ... I upgraded them to rel_2-2, now they report bugs
07:31 kados hdl: how is it a preference or marc prob?
07:31 hdl Did they use serialsitemization before ?
07:31 kados no
07:31 hdl They file bugs from itemization.
07:32 hdl Have you tried to know how the code work ? Did you investigate how their frameworks look like ?
07:32 hdl My code
07:33 hdl is relying on framework as such.
07:33 kados same with me
07:33 hdl It takes the items.barcode marc field, the items.note marc field and then fills them.
07:34 kados so it doesn't consult the marc frameworks?
07:34 hdl YES IT DOES.
07:34 kados for plugins, etc.?
07:34 kados hmmm
07:34 kados our plugins aren't working, for barcodes for instance
07:35 hdl pls donot mix all things.
07:35 hdl let us focus on this bug.
07:35 kados ok, one bug at a time
07:35 hdl They tell taht it doesnot update record.
07:35 hdl OK ?
07:36 hdl What they have to know IS taht serialsitemization relies on frameworks.
07:36 kados hdl: of course, they already have frameworks for items set up
07:36 kados hdl: and the frameworks work fine in item editing
07:37 hdl It looks in the framework which marc field is linked to items.barcode, AND which marc field is linked to items.note
07:37 kados hdl: but in serials, item editing doesn't use frameworks in rel_2_2 in either default or npl templates
07:37 kados ok
07:38 hdl since items.note SHOULD BE the place where the issue number is stored.
07:38 hdl BUT....
07:38 hdl Surely, most of the time, ppl donot use items.note.
07:38 kados ?? what do they use?
07:38 hdl OR they may have linked it to more than one field.
07:39 hdl (I assume that they use Note fields in bibliographic data.)
07:39 kados yes
07:40 hdl So I think that THEIR problem comes from that.
07:40 kados ??
07:40 hdl But without peering into their code, i cannot confirm.
07:41 kados they don't use 'itemnotes' for bibliographic data
07:41 hdl For serials itemization they MUST.
07:41 hdl s/MUST/HAVE TO/
07:41 kados but that is not the bug they are reporting
07:42 kados I agree that Vol. No is stored in itemnotes
07:42 kados that is fine
07:42 kados what is not fine is:
07:42 kados 1. plugins don't work in the serials item editor
07:42 kados 2. no barcode checking (for duplicates)
07:43 kados 3. Serials is not adding a date to the record (acquisition date)
07:43 hdl it is not saving the
07:43 hdl barcode information etc. to our record. Once again, it simply checks the issue
07:43 hdl in, but doesn't update our record.
07:43 kados barcode
07:43 hdl They say :the problem I was speaking about.  
07:43 kados no ... barcode is stored in items.barcode, not items.note
07:43 kados ?
07:43 hdl Yes.
07:44 kados so it's different
07:44 hdl But I store a whole marcrecord.
07:44 hdl I build it from the framework.
07:44 hdl And to store the number information, I HAVE to have a field.
07:45 hdl I took itemnotes field.
07:45 kados that is fine
07:45 hdl If there are no itemnotes...
07:45 kados they are fine with the number in itemnotes
07:45 kados that is not the bug they reported
07:45 kados what they have a problem with is the other items fields aren't working
07:45 kados for instance, a plugin for their barcode isn't working
07:46 kados the acquisition date isn't available as a field
07:46 kados (and no plugin for it of course)
07:46 kados no warnings for duplicate barcodes
07:47 kados manual issues don't save barcodes, etc.
07:47 kados plus they don't like the display of the last 5 issues
07:47 kados hdl: does that make sense now?
07:47 hdl No.
07:48 hdl pls.
07:48 hdl calm down.
07:48 kados :-)
07:48 kados I'm calm
07:48 hdl does not seem.
07:48 kados sorry ...
07:49 kados ok ... I will begin again
07:49 hdl plugin for acquisition
07:49 hdl (let me go.
07:49 hdl )
07:49 kados (OK)
07:50 hdl plugin for acquisition was not asked and not coded.
07:50 kados ahh ...
07:50 hdl So if anyone fells like.
07:50 hdl It's ok for me.
07:50 hdl plugin for itemization.
07:51 hdl It may go far further. But we can now manage the minimum.
07:52 kados (you mean serials itemization?)
07:52 hdl yes.
07:52 kados so you mean that if I have a plugin defined for the items.barcode MARC field (in biblio framework) it should work in serials check in?
07:53 hdl taht is : barcode, location, branch, and status.
07:53 kados (I have plugin defined for items.barcode, but it doesn't appear in the serials check-in)
07:55 hdl I say taht if you have a Koha link defined for items.barcode, a Koha link for items.homebranch and items.holding, a Koha link for items.itemnotes, it should work.
07:55 kados ahh ... so you mean it will save it in the MARC field linked to items.barcode
07:56 kados afaik, this works except for manual issues
07:57 kados I just tested in default templates
07:57 kados manual issue doesn't save item information to record
07:58 hdl ok.
07:59 hdl THAT IS a bug.
07:59 hdl (will fix it now.)
08:00 kados hdl: i will file a new bug report
08:00 hdl for ?
08:00 kados for 'manual issue doesn't save item information to record' :-)
08:01 kados if it's fixed today we can close it
08:01 kados just to keep track of bugs :-)
08:01 slef someone made a passing reference to mailing again about bug tracking... was it someone here and did they mail it?
08:01 kados not me ...
08:06 slef I conclude that I dreamt it.
08:08 hdl kados : Is it ok for 1124 and 1125 ? Can I close them for good ?
08:09 hdl kados : Have you understood what I told you for the bug filed by your client ?
08:09 hdl That they HAVE to have an items.itmenotes linked to a marc field.
08:10 kados hdl: it is linked
08:32 kados hdl: bug 1124 is fixed i think
08:32 kados hdl: but for 1125, I think we need to create a syspref to show/hide the last 5 issues
08:35 kados hdl: still there?
08:35 dewey there is a minor diff in <div>s, that I missed
08:36 hdl yes.
08:36 kados what do you think about my suggestion re:1125?
08:38 hdl what do YOU think about designing a true serial management based on full-serial-issue
08:38 hdl ?
08:38 kados how would it work?
08:38 hdl It could allYou could have all issue on the page.
08:38 kados hmmm
08:38 hdl you could clik on an issue to modify it.
08:39 hdl And you would have a table to add one.
08:39 hdl or the next expected one.
08:39 kados it's a good idea
08:39 kados but maybe we should have two pages:
08:39 hdl (table would be a div) panel.
08:39 kados 1. for current expected/late issues
08:40 kados 2. for all issues
08:40 hdl what if they were gathered in a expected issues tab ?
08:41 kados that would be ok
08:41 hdl But THIS is a major change.
08:41 kados (more than ok, great! :-))
08:41 kados yep
08:41 hdl we may have to refer to katipo and paul as well.
08:41 hdl When is the next meeting ?
08:41 kados katipo has their own serials module
08:41 hdl Could it be on agenda ?
08:41 kados they are ok with any change you make
08:42 kados as it doesn't affect them :-)
08:42 kados is paul around now?
08:42 kados (I'm not sure about next meeting, maybe tomorrow?)
08:43 kados hdl: something else to consider: I think for serials itemization to work for my clients, they will need:
08:43 kados 1. all item.* data avaialble
08:44 kados 2. plugins to work
08:44 kados otherwise, itemization won't be possible for them as they require all items to have all fields (in some cases) and some fields, like barcode, rely on a specific plugin
08:46 hdl kados : the problem is that relying on items table is not satisfactory for ppl. since they would like to input all the items data for serials on the same page.
08:47 kados hmmm
08:47 hdl But since we rely on koha items table, all the item subfields cannot be used. (I supposed when I coded that Katipo would use that code.)
08:47 kados I don't understand completely
08:47 kados what if we had two columns:
08:47 hdl A second problem would be to keep up the link with items.
08:47 kados 1. for serials information
08:48 kados 2. for items information
08:48 kados when an item was checked in a library can fill out both columns
08:48 kados or just the serials one
08:48 kados saving an issue would mean:
08:49 kados 1. creating an item (using item column)
08:49 kados 2. working the subscription magic
08:50 hdl some information (serialseq for instance) you input for an issue ppl donot want to input it twice for an item.
08:51 kados right
08:51 kados does it have to be?
08:52 kados serialseq is in the serials table, right?
08:52 kados not items table?
08:52 hdl you have to know which marc field to put serialseq
08:52 kados ahh
08:52 hdl It is duplicated in items.itemnotes.
08:52 kados and now it's in item.notes
08:52 kados duplicated?
08:52 kados hmmm
08:53 hdl the information is both in items.itmenotes and serial.serialseq
08:53 kados ahh, ok
08:53 kados that's ok by me
08:54 hdl And we have no other link between items and serial but serialseq
08:54 kados hmmm
08:54 kados itemnumber is not stored in the serials table?
08:55 kados wow ... so if you delete a subscription, it doesn't delete the items?
08:55 hdl not yet. need a new column.
08:55 hdl Unfortunately.
08:55 hdl But if you delete a subscription.
08:55 hdl You keep the items.
08:56 kados hmmm
08:56 kados I worry that this serials module is not ready for a stable system
08:56 kados is it sponsored by one of your libraries?
08:57 hdl when you unsubscribe a list, you keep tracks of the emails you received. Same for items received.
08:57 hdl IEP Lyon is now using it.
08:58 kados so they didn't notice all the bugs?
08:58 hdl They are on vacation.
08:59 kados :-)
08:59 kados before vacation, they were using it?
08:59 hdl I set it up on late june.
09:00 kados did they perform an acceptance test on it before they went on vacation?
09:00 hdl yes.
09:00 hdl All went wel.
09:00 kados is the cvs version the same as Lyon's version?
09:04 hdl not yet.
09:04 hdl I coded serials itemization for them.
09:05 kados hdl: can you update cvs to be bug-free like Lyon's version is?
09:06 hdl There are the same bugs as you detected them.
09:06 hdl But their base was OK.
09:06 kados their base? you mean the database?
09:06 hdl Yes.
09:06 kados what do you mean it was 'OK'?
09:07 hdl It was well aranged so that items were created.
09:08 kados so manual issues work for Lyon?
09:08 kados items are created?
09:08 hdl I hope so.
09:09 kados you haven't tested?
09:09 hdl I had tested.
09:10 hdl But it is long ago. And I had to modify things so taht dates were well displayed.
09:10 hdl then i did not retest EVERY thing.
09:14 kados hdl: do you think Lyon will notice the bugs that exist for serials in rel_2_2?
09:19 hdl about acquisition history bug. I cannot reporduce it myself.
09:24 kados hdl: which bug number?
09:24 kados 1136?
09:27 hdl yes.
09:33 qiqo ei anybody awake?
09:34 hdl kados : about 1136 : can you try a hsit search commenting lines 790 and 821 in C4/
09:34 hdl to see if histsearch can provide you with data.
09:34 kados hdl: first i try to acquisition something ... can't get it to work :(
09:34 qiqo i would just want to ask about printing barcodes
09:35 qiqo when i generate the barcodes i get other numbers other than what i assigned to a monograph
09:36 qiqo what may seem to be the problem?
09:37 kados hdl: ok, histsearch seems to work now
09:38 kados hdl: some columns are missing, but i can detail them later
09:38 kados maybe it shows received and non-received items in the history?
09:38 hdl kados : have you change sthg in histsearch ?
09:38 hdl yes.
09:38 kados hdl: no ... I think paul's commit to Acquisitions must have fixed it
09:39 kados (maybe the problem was simply that I couldn't acquisition anything in the first place)
09:39 kados (before)
09:39 kados so we can close bug 1136 I think
09:46 qiqo ermm..
09:49 qiqo anybody who could help me with the barcode printing stuff?
09:49 kados qiqo: what barcodes system are you using?
09:49 kados qiqo: what version of Koha, etc.?
09:49 qiqo 2.2.5
09:49 qiqo barcode system?
09:49 kados barcodes on 2.2.5 is broken badly
09:49 kados it doesn't work
09:49 qiqo ahh man...
09:50 kados there is a new system that will be in  2.2.6
09:50 kados that works very well
09:50 qiqo so what version do you suggest?
09:50 qiqo when will that be out?
09:50 kados 2.2.6 should be out very soon
09:50 qiqo you thing 2.2.4 is ok with barcodes?
09:50 kados nope
09:50 qiqo how bout updating 2.2.5's barcode via cvs?
09:51 kados yep, that will work
09:51 qiqo you think that''ll fix my problem?
09:51 kados it should help
09:51 kados I have three libraries using the new barcodes system in production
09:51 kados and it's working well for them
09:51 qiqo cus i already install 2.2.6rc2 and i also got the same problem
09:51 qiqo you think cvs got the new barcode system?
09:52 kados yea, IIRC the install script for 2.2.6rc2 doesn't create the table properly for the new barcode system
09:52 qiqo so what shall I do
09:52 kados yea, cvs definitely does
09:52 qiqo sorry im not really that familiar with cvs
09:52 kados one thing ...
09:52 qiqo but i already downloaded the cvs
09:52 qiqo but dont know what to do now
09:52 kados the new system currently requires a specific barcode/spine label
09:52 kados it's the gaylord 8851
09:53 kados we're working on a more flexible system that won't appear in 2.2.6
09:53 qiqo ei.. will i just overwrite the files from cvs/barcode to the current/barcode?
09:53 kados but will be in 2.4 and 3.0
09:53 kados no
09:53 qiqo what shall i do? please tell me..
09:53 kados unless you're using gaylord 8851, I think you'll need to print barcodes outside of Koha
09:54 kados unless you want to sponsor development of this feature
09:54 kados I'm sorry :(
09:54 qiqo so i wont be able to use the barcode system?
09:54 kados Koha 2.2.6 will be different -- no advertised features that don't work
09:54 qiqo ever? unless i look for a sponsor
09:54 kados you will be able to use the barcode system in 2.4 and 3.0
09:55 qiqo i badly need the feature right now..
09:55 kados hmmm
09:55 qiqo argghh//
09:55 qiqo so you think the cvs thing wont fix my problem?
09:55 kados we could finish the development quite quickly and you could install it
09:55 qiqo really? how long shall it take?
09:55 kados but it wouldn't be a priority without sponsorship
09:55 qiqo ermm.. ok
09:55 kados i can check our current schedule to see when it's supposed to be done
09:56 slef I may have a sponsor for working on barcodes, but I'm snowed. :-(
09:56 kados hmmm ... we don't even have a timeline
09:56 qiqo armmmm..
09:56 slef tomorrow is koha day here at towers
09:56 kados it could be done very quickly if we had a sponsor
09:56 kados slef: :-)
09:56 qiqo im gonna try the cvs thing first
09:57 kados qiqo: that will only work if you have gaylord 8851 barcodes
09:57 kados qiqo: try it on the demo first to see how it works:
09:57 kados qiqo:
09:57 qiqo so i will install the gaylord?
09:57 kados gaylord is a label type
09:57 kados it has:
09:57 kados spine labels and barcodes on the same line
09:58 kados qiqo:[…]ox=1&op=save_conf
09:58 kados qiqo: or just:[…]oha/
09:58 kados qiqo: then click on 'add labels' and then finally 'generate PDF'
09:59 kados qiqo: the new system we speced out would allow you to define label types of your own
09:59 qiqo :(
09:59 kados qiqo: with measurements based on what you need
09:59 kados but for now, only the gaylord is supported
09:59 qiqo but its taking up time,, i need to label my collection..
10:00 kados this is an open source project
10:00 kados we rely on sponsored development for features
10:00 slef qiqo: what labels do you use?
10:01 qiqo the manually made labels
10:01 slef print onto paper and then sticky-film them to the books?
10:02 kados qiqo: do you have pre-printed spine labels?
10:03 qiqo nope i dont
10:03 kados so maybe the gaylord _is_ the right choice for you
10:03 kados did you see the demo?
10:03 qiqo how do i install that?
10:03 qiqo yes
10:03 kados that's running stock cvs
10:04 kados check for the 'Updating Koha' document
10:07 qiqo updating koha?
10:07 kados qiqo: did you look on
10:07 qiqo yes
10:08 kados qiqo: there is a document called 'Updating Koha '
10:08 kados it has a step by step guide for how to use cvs
10:08 kados hdl: are you still around?
10:08 qiqo yes.. so what release are we talking about now
10:09 qiqo cvs -z3 co -r rel_2_2 koha
10:09 hdl yes.
10:09 kados qiqo: rel_2_2
10:09 qiqo still 2_2?
10:09 qiqo ok
10:10 kados hdl: are you working on a bug? if so, which one?
10:10 kados I can look at it if you are
10:14 slef anyone know where telephone numbers starting +234 are?
10:14 kados not me
10:15 Burgwork slef, nigeria or ohio (within NA)
10:15 owen Google suggests Nigeria
10:15 Burgwork morning kados
10:16 hdl kados : bug 1240
10:16 hdl sorry 1140
10:16 Burgwork slef,
10:17 slef Burgwork: thanks will bookmark
10:17 slef seems down
10:17 slef[…]tci/locator.shtml if anyone ever wants a UK one
10:18 hdl kados : see if it is OK now ?
10:19 kados hdl: 1140?
10:19 hdl opac serials.
10:19 kados hdl: I don't see a commit for 1140 ... but for 1136
10:19 hdl Yes I mistook numbers..
10:19 kados ok
10:19 kados I will update and test
10:26 qiqo i cant seem to find the opac module
10:26 qiqo with the cvs
10:26 kados hdl: I discovered a new bug
10:27 kados hdl: i created a new subscription
10:27 kados hdl: and received 6 issues
10:27 kados hdl: now shows:
10:27 kados Vol 12 No 6   08/08/2006   Arrived  
10:27 kados Vol 12 No 5 08/08/2006 Arrived
10:27 kados Vol 12 No 4 08/08/2006 Arrived
10:27 kados Vol 12 No 3 08/08/2006 Arrived
10:27 kados Vol 12 No 2 08/08/2006 Arrived
10:27 kados Vol 12 No 7 Waited
10:27 kados so Vol 12 No 1 is missing from there
10:28 kados hdl: but to answer your original question ... is bug 1140 fixed ... almost
10:28 kados hdl: after checking in 6 issues it now shows:
10:28 kados Vol 12 No 2   08/08/2006   Arrived
10:28 kados Vol 12 No 3 08/08/2006 Arrived
10:28 kados Vol 12 No 4 08/08/2006 Arrived
10:28 kados so it is not the 'latest checked in' but the 'first checked in'
10:29 kados (also note that it seems that Vol 12 No 1 was deleted )
10:30 kados hdl: (but it displays in
10:30 hdl Is it a problem in serial table or in the search ?
10:30 kados i will check the db
10:31 kados select * from serial:
10:31 kados has issues 1-7 listed
10:32 kados select * from subscriptionhistory also has Vol 12 No 1. listed
10:32 kados so maybe it's just a search prob? or display prob?
10:35 kados hdl:[…]4&selectview=full
10:35 kados hdl: what is the '1900' tab?
10:36 kados hdl: only the biblio detail page is missing subscription listings
10:36 kados hdl: the seems to have them all ... even if 1900 is a strange tag
10:36 hdl 1900 : is the name of the no Publication date.
10:37 hdl I hope ppl will not enter serials up to 1900.
10:37 hdl I should have change the name.
10:37 kados hmmm
10:37 hdl return to biblio... I bet it is behind your lefttab.
10:38 kados left tab?
10:38 hdl (left column.)
10:38 kados[…]?subscriptionid=1
10:38 kados I don't see it ... maybe npl templates are missing a link?
10:38 hdl <h1 class="catalogue">Subscription information for American girl.</h1>
10:39 hdl    <a href="" class="button catalogue">Back to biblio</a>
10:39 hdl in your html code of the page.
10:39 kados hdl: that's css template
10:39 kados hdl: for opac
10:40 kados hdl:[…]
10:40 kados hdl: also css template
10:40 kados so in, serials listed are not 'most recent' but are 'first'
10:41 kados in it seems to be fixed
10:41 kados hdl: does that answer your question?
10:41 hdl only 3 of them are displayed.
10:42 kados in
10:42 hdl yes.
10:42 kados it says 'latest issues' but they are not the 'latest' but the 'first'
10:42 hdl In subscription-detail, it takes the 5 "latest" ones.
10:42 kados do you see that?
10:43 kados it is viewed here for instance:
10:43 kados[…]
10:43 kados 2, 3, 4 ... I think it should be 4, 5, 6 ... right?
10:43 kados (since I checked in 6 issues?)
10:44 kados but maybe I missunderstand this description
10:57 kados hdl: I updated bug 1125 with the new information
10:57 kados hdl:
10:57 kados oosp
11:02 kados owen: got a sec?
11:02 kados quick question about acquisitions ordering
11:03 kados it was my understanding that when you search for a vendor, then click 'add order' it took you to a page with a blank order form
11:03 kados then you would add items to that new order
11:03 kados but it seems like the behavior is to open an existing order form (basket I guess)
11:04 kados even in default templates
11:04 kados[…]qui/
11:04 kados (just click on 'OK' for the supplier name search
11:04 kados you will see several baskets for 'Josh Book Supplies'
11:05 kados one is open, the others are closed
11:05 kados or ... is it understood that you have one order at a time per supplier?
11:06 owen I would think not
11:06 kados hdl: can you shed light on this question
11:06 kados paul: or you if you're around?
11:06 owen I would expect the order link to create a whole new empty order, regardless of how many other open orders there are
11:06 kados yea, me too
11:06 kados if we're right, it's another bug with acquisitions :-)
11:07 kados I guess I just file a bug and if it's invalid, paul or hdl will comment on it
11:09 kados even if all the baskets are closed
11:09 kados it still opens up an existing one when I click on 'order'
11:30 owen kados: about Bug 1137...
11:30 owen The basket screen looks the same to me in npl and default
11:30 owen I'm not sure what you're seeing
11:30 kados let me find a link
11:31 kados actually ...
11:31 kados i suspect that bug 1146 is to blame here
11:31 kados if I can't create a new basket, I can't really test 1137 :-)
11:32 kados I'll add a note and dependency on 1137 to 1146
11:33 kados owen: does that make sense?
11:33 owen Yes
11:36 owen By the way, I found some new (to me) bugs on zoomopac and added some notes to the NPL wiki about them
11:36 kados cool, thx
11:37 kados yea, that parentheses thing is annoying
11:41 hdl kados: I'm off for dinner.
11:41 hdl I will come back.
11:41 kados hdl: ok, thx
11:42 kados bs
11:42 kados bbs even :-)

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