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15:03 thd kados: are you there?
15:04 kados thd: yes
15:04 thd kados: is there a meeting now?
15:04 kados nope
15:04 kados I won't have time to have one today
15:04 kados I'm too swamped getting ready for ALA
15:05 thd kados: is ABA this weekend?
15:05 kados I leave tomorrow for New Orleans
15:05 thd s/ABA/ALA/
15:05 kados and I get back on the 28th
15:05 kados I have no idea when it starts ;-)
15:05 kados or ends ;-)
15:06 thd kados: I guess then you do not have a few minutes now?
15:07 kados probably not :-)
15:07 kados unless it can't wait until I arrive in New Orleans
15:08 thd kados: so I will try pinging you in the evening tomorrow?
15:09 thd kados: what counts as evening?
15:09 kados I'm not sure ...
15:09 kados I think there's a time change involved
15:09 kados they are GMT -5
15:09 thd kados: New Orleans is definitely in the same time Zone is it not?
15:10 kados so it's one hour behind you and I
15:10 kados so evening should be any time after 7:00pm your time
15:10 kados thd: you can call me to inquire :-)
15:11 kados if I'm not on IRC I may be passed out in the hotel :-)
15:11 thd kados: perhaps you could answer something simple but least important just now
15:12 kados sure
15:12 thd kados: is it possible to run an X windows session inside screen or have you ever tried?
15:12 kados it's not possible unfortunately
15:12 kados I have attempted it :-)
15:13 thd :(
15:13 kados but ...
15:13 kados it would be ideal :-)
15:13 kados there may be one way
15:13 thd everything should run inside screen
15:13 kados to acomplish it
15:14 thd kados: any clues about the possible way
15:14 thd ?
15:14 kados the one way would involve ssh tunneling the X windows session
15:15 kados thd:[…]4/3/9/16838/14935
15:16 kados thd: read through the 'first thing I thought of' thread on that page
15:16 kados not I must get going and pack some equipment
15:16 thd thank you kados
15:17 thd kados: have fun packing
15:17 kados ths
15:59 rach howdy
02:02 ToinS hi all
02:09 btoumi hi all
02:13 ToinS hello btoumi
02:16 btoumi hi toins:
03:00 btoumi :chris are u around?
03:06 chris yep
03:06 chris just playing with something
03:06 paul hello chris & btoumi
03:06 chris[…]koha/
03:06 paul playing with Koha, WoW or something else, not computer related
03:06 chris try typing art in the box
03:06 paul ah, ok ;-)
03:08 Comete hi
03:10 Comete chris: nice
03:11 chris its just a proof on concept at the moment, but i think it could be useful in some places
03:14 chris probably not the opac, or only as an option in the opac, its not useful for browsers that dont support javascript well etc
03:14 chris but it could be handy in the librarian interface
03:15 chris at the moment its searching on every key press, but it could search only when the search button is pushed say, but still fetch into the page .. so could be a good way to speed up circulation
03:16 chris very cold in wellington tonight, so im glad to have the laptop warming up my knees :)
03:20 paul chris: kados already did something about this.
03:20 paul iirc
03:20 chris yep this is slightly different i think
03:21 chris its using CGI::Ajax
03:21 chris 138 lines of perl
03:21 chris i didnt write a single line of javascript
03:21 btoumi hi paul sorry i'm busy
03:22 btoumi i was busy
03:25 chris paul: so CGI::Ajax builds all the javascript for me... thats what I like about it
03:25 chris and i can change the backend
03:26 chris and the behaviour without having to edit a template or anything
03:27 btoumi kool
03:29 btoumi u dont reload the page
03:29 btoumi is it?
03:32 chris yeah
03:36 ToinS CGI::Ajax looks very nice !
03:37 paul that's why I love Perl : if you need something, 99.999% chances someone needed it, and submitted it to cpan !
03:37 chris exactly
03:44 btoumi kool i'm interesting about this because more usefull
03:45 btoumi i'm agree with u paul
03:45 btoumi i can't believe that i say that but perl is fantastic ;=)
03:45 paul lol
03:46 btoumi really:=)
04:11 btoumi :chris is it hard to use CGI::Ajax
04:11 btoumi ?
04:11 chris nope
04:12 chris not hard at all
04:12 chris my $cgi = new CGI;
04:12 chris        my $pjx = new CGI::Ajax('exported_func' => \&perl_func );
04:12 chris        return ($pjx->build_html( $cgi, \&Show_HTML));
04:12 chris and then you just write perl_func and Show_HTML
04:13 btoumi ok
04:13 chris sub perl_func {
04:13 chris    my $input= shift;
04:13 chris do something with $input;
04:13 chris return ($output);
04:13 chris }
04:13 btoumi ok
04:14 btoumi i will learn more about this package
04:14 chris it does all the hard work for you
04:15 btoumi ty
04:16 btoumi now i work on moremeber.tmpl to show only category_type information
04:16 chris :)
04:40 btoumi i think u have different display (moremember.tmpl) in function of category_type
04:41 btoumi i try to do it but not ready today because i'm in formation today;=(
05:09 btoumi :paul or :chris are u around?
05:09 btoumi a little question
05:10 paul btoumi: throw your question
05:13 btoumi just want to now if it's possible for  firstname field in borrowers
05:13 btoumi to be yes for null
05:14 paul mmm, I would vote YES
05:14 btoumi ok because when u are institution u don't use firstname
05:14 btoumi i will modify updatedatabase
05:14 btoumi and commit
05:16 btoumi ok bye for all
05:16 paul bye
05:16 btoumi :nick btoumi_away

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