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18:46 thd kados: are you there?
02:06 ToinS hello all !!!
02:17 btoumi hello all
03:42 paul tiens, hdl est de retour à Montpellier ...
03:42 paul non d'ailleurs, ca doit être un bot
03:48 chris evening all
03:48 paul hi chris
03:49 chris paul: i see the ex nz captain, and ex wellington captain is coming to play rugby near you ... at toulon
03:54 chris hows things in sunny marseille?
03:54 paul very hot now.
03:54 paul something like 32°C
03:54 chris wow
03:54 chris it thinks its probably 3.2c here :)
03:57 chris have you been busy?
03:57 paul yes,
03:57 paul still my contract with SQLI that is very very long to validate.
03:57 chris ahhh
03:57 paul (sub contractor, Koha being "hidden" in a larger software)
03:59 chris ah ha
04:00 chris we have our 3rd public library in nz going live next friday, so busy here too
04:08 chris have a good weekend all
04:08 paul bye & good we too
04:33 GrahamDoel would anyone be able to give me some advice about my Koah installation?
04:33 paul yes, nobody from the states, but frenchies are awake ;-)
04:33 paul (and maybe some new zealander, although they are probably in bed atm)
04:34 GrahamDoel must admit I'm new to this kind of thing
04:34 GrahamDoel am I in the right place for help?
04:34 paul welcome anyway
04:34 GrahamDoel thanks
04:34 paul yes, for sure !
04:34 GrahamDoel great
04:34 GrahamDoel where are you then? france?
04:35 paul (yep, in France, Marseille
04:35 paul )
04:35 GrahamDoel im in Morecambe, uk.
04:35 GrahamDoel can I ask you my question.
04:36 GrahamDoel (Morecambe is in the north west of england and is famous for the drowing of 21 chineese cockle pickers... I digres
04:37 GrahamDoel I have installed koah here and
04:37 GrahamDoel In the documentation, I can't find anything to tell me how to set up my initial user
04:37 GrahamDoel I can't log in and its driving me mad.
04:38 paul you can login with mySQL login & password ;-)
04:38 GrahamDoel thanks
04:38 paul this "user" being something specific : he can always login
04:38 paul but has no name or branch.
04:38 paul thus, he should not be used everyday.
04:39 GrahamDoel so my simple sql username that I established when I set up the database is the one to use.
04:39 paul yep
04:41 GrahamDoel thank you, I'll go and do it now
04:41 paul bye
05:02 GrahamDoel thank you very much, I'm in and feeling happy!
05:02 paul your welcome
06:44 osmoze hello
06:47 paul hello aussi osmoze
06:48 osmoze :)
07:11 paul GrahamDoel has an other question ?
07:11 GrahamDoel ha ha ha
07:11 GrahamDoel I'm afraid so
07:11 paul let us know
07:13 GrahamDoel Any where It expects a date it tells me it is an invalid format, I have searched the documentation and tried to enter the correct format, however there are no variables listed in my system preferences
07:13 GrahamDoel i suspect there is something wrong.
07:13 GrahamDoel do you have any sugestions?
07:14 paul you say there is nothing in systempreferences ?
07:14 GrahamDoel just this
07:14 GrahamDoel System preferences admin
07:14 GrahamDoel Admin      Acquisitions      Authorities      Catalogue      Circulation      Members      OPAC      Others
07:14 GrahamDoel Variable      Value      Explanation
07:14 GrahamDoel but no variables
07:14 paul mmm... something went wrong during install.
07:15 paul do u use mySQL 5 ?
07:15 GrahamDoel yes
07:15 paul that's the problem then
07:15 GrahamDoel right
07:15 paul koha is incompatible with mySQL 5 atm
07:15 GrahamDoel oh, silly me.
07:16 GrahamDoel is mysql 5 supported in the next planned release
07:16 paul you mean 2.2.6 ? no
07:16 paul as it requires a lot of DB updates (to avoid problems with new reserved words)
07:17 GrahamDoel Iright
07:20 paul hello pierrick !
07:20 pierrick hi paul
07:20 ToinS salut pierrick
07:20 paul working on a free/proxad network ?
07:33 pierrick salut ToinS
07:33 pierrick paul: I'm virtually connected from home
07:44 ToinS hello Comete
08:57 Sylvain Hi all
09:11 Sylvain I've a little remark (no cvs access at this time so if someone can correct :)) : On the moremember template, there is a part which appears when a member is "flagged" which tells librarian if borrower is : debarred, gone, no adress or lost. This part also appears when borrowernotes is filled but the note isn't shown
09:11 Sylvain example :[…] with the part "Suspension"
09:11 Sylvain Hope I'm clear :)
09:12 paul hi sylvain
09:12 paul et en VF, ca donnerait quoi ?
09:13 paul (parce que là, je comprends pas le problème)
09:13 Sylvain on a un cadre qui apparait qui devrait pas :)
09:13 Sylvain le cadre suspension
09:13 Sylvain ou s'il apparait il faut y mettre le borrowernotes
09:13 Sylvain enfin ça concorde pas entre la condition qui fait que ce cadre apaprait et le contenu du cadre
09:14 paul ah, ok, j'ai compris.
09:14 paul c'est bon, je regarde ca tout de suite.
09:14 Sylvain (c'est plus simple en VF :))
09:19 paul ok fixed :
09:19 paul http://i5.bureau.paulpoulain.c[…]
09:19 paul (login test/test)
09:20 Sylvain parfait :) Je fais suivre à Pascale qui m'avait fait remonter ce problème
09:36 thd paul: using ANSI quote mode or always referencing columns with the table name as table.column will avoid problems with all problems with MySQL 5 reserved words will it not?
09:36 paul yep
09:36 paul (on phone)
09:38 thd paul: I have a question if you would let me know when you are off phone.
10:45 thd paul: are you still on phone
10:45 paul oups, no...
10:45 paul sorry, you can ask your question ;-)

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