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14:32 owen Gee, I hope you haven't been waiting around just for me :)
14:34 kados :-)
14:34 kados anything interesting coming of it?
14:35 owen Not really :|
14:37 owen I don't suppose you've gotten any off-forum feedback about the new search?
14:37 kados not yet :(
15:15 owen kados: I can show you some small changes to the tabs if you can grant me permission on those files
16:18 kados owen: sorry :-)
16:19 kados owen: ok, done
16:22 owen Thanks
16:25 owen Just 'reduced' the power and prox tabs
19:52 thd kados: are you there?
02:09 btoumi hi all
02:32 hdl chris there ?
02:34 chris yep
02:35 hdl about assocaited borrowers, would it be possible to have an explanation ?
02:36 chris can do, its a feature one of joshuas client needs
02:37 chris it wont do anything unless you have the system prefence turned on
02:38 chris but if you do have it turned on, if you have borrowers of type I, (institution)
02:39 chris when you make an adult borrower, you can associate them with one or more of the institutions
02:39 chris then when you go to issue an item to that borrower, you can choose one of the institutions associated with it
02:40 chris and that is stored in the statistics table
02:41 chris does that make sense? I can try to explain it with an example if you like
02:42 chris it will be used by a church diocese, where they have a library of dvd's and videos
02:43 chris and they have people who can borrow these, to show them at different churches/parishes
02:43 chris so when the person borrows it, they want to know what church it will be shown in
02:44 chris then they can use the statistics table to see how many videos/dvds a church has seen, and who borrowed it to show there etc
02:45 chris ive tried to do it in a general way, so that it could be used for other things, the borrower_to_borrower table for example could be used to link family members together
02:45 chris or pupils to their teacher etc
02:52 ToinS hi all
02:53 chris hi toins
02:53 ToinS how are you ?
02:53 chris good thanks, how are you?
02:53 ToinS fine
02:54 chris have you been watching the football?
02:54 ToinS yep
02:54 ToinS but, french team isn't really good this year
02:55 chris i think the argentina vs netherlands match will be interesting tomorrow (tonight for you i guess)
02:57 ToinS it will be at 9pm for me
02:57 chris 7am for me
02:57 chris i can watch the first half before i have to go to a meeting :)
02:59 ToinS i use firefox extention called "footiefox" to follow all the match ;)
03:00 chris ohhh ill have to look that up
03:00 ToinS hehe
03:01 ToinS when there is a goal, it's playing a sound like this : "HHHUUUUURRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY !!"
03:01 chris hehe
03:01 ToinS paul and me are laughing when we heard this...
04:46 chris hi pierrick
04:47 pierrick hi chris
04:48 hdl hi pierrick
04:48 pierrick chris: yes... many new things for me
04:48 hdl chris still awake !!!
04:48 chris yep, its only 9.50pm
04:49 chris cool
04:49 hdl about your explanation.
04:49 chris ahh i hope it made some sense
04:50 chris its hard to explain
04:50 hdl I understood.
04:50 chris cool
04:50 hdl I made some suggestions :D
04:51 chris excellent
04:53 hdl we could perhaps make it official on a wiki page so that we could request for comments to Koha users ? Or is this not open to discussion ?
04:53 chris nope its open
04:54 chris its finished as far as the clients needs are concerned, but we can extend it to make it useful for others
04:55 hdl Have you read my email ?
04:55 chris i think its still in the greylist, ill read it when it gets through
04:55 ToinS hi hdl and pierrick
04:55 pierrick hi ToinS
05:09 chris hdl your email arrived, yep I think we could extend that table to cope with different kind of relations, I think that is a good idea
07:50 btoumi_away hi tumer
07:51 tumer hi btoumi_away
07:54 tumer is kados around?
08:17 Comete bonjour
08:17 dewey what's up, Comete
08:17 hdl btoumi_away: have you seen what chris committed for Institution management ?
08:17 Comete hello
08:17 hdl helo Comete
08:17 btoumi_away hdl: no because i'm in formation for this week
08:18 btoumi_away why?
08:18 Comete i've a problem with barcodes, i set up the right field in the default grid but i have nothing in the database after importing
08:19 Comete is there something else to do ?
08:21 btoumi_away hdl: why?
08:22 hdl quite interesting for borrower management.
08:23 hdl Could be good for a good Institution based management.
08:26 btoumi_away i can't now because i'm following a formation in mysql
08:26 ToinS salut Comete
08:35 Comete ToinS: salut
08:35 Comete hdl: hello
08:37 hdl btoumi_away: HAPPY training.
08:39 btoumi_away hdl: YES
09:01 Comete nobody to help me with this wrong import ?
10:56 hdl kados around ?
10:57 kados hdl: barely
11:26 paul hello world
11:51 paul bye world

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