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12:07 kados tumer: I realized that you'll need my bib1.att and record.abs to use the stuff I committed
12:08 tumer hi kados
12:08 kados tumer: I'll try to commit those sometime today
12:08 kados tumer: oh ... hi :-)
12:08 tumer well i am having other problems with M:FX:
12:08 tumer or utf8
12:08 kados bummer
12:08 tumer do we use expat or pupreperl
12:09 kados either
12:09 kados neither I mean
12:09 tumer everything started braking
12:09 kados you can't use them
12:09 kados you have to use:
12:09 kados libxml2 and XML::SAX::LibXML
12:09 kados it's the only one that works
12:09 kados I've detailed this on the perl4lib mailing list
12:09 kados let me find you a link
12:09 tumer i have those installed how do i tell the system to use those
12:10 kados good question
12:10 kados I explained that too
12:10 kados there is a file you need to edit
12:10 kados let me find it
12:10 kados tumer:
12:11 kados tumer: everything you need to know is in that email
12:11 tumer i'll check that
12:11 tumer does it correct the combining character problem
12:11 kados tumer: yes
12:12 kados tumer: with libxml2 and XML::SAX::LibXML I've not found a record that doesn't work
12:12 kados tumer: from the above link:
12:12 kados "BTW: you can change your default SAX parser by editing the .ini file ...
12:12 kados mine is located in /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.4/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini"
12:12 tumer change it to say what
12:12 dewey tumer: that doesn't look right
12:12 kados (but you should read the whole email to understand what I tried)
12:13 kados tumer: it should be obvious when you edit the file ... just change it to XML::SAX::LibXML
12:13 kados I'll find mine
12:13 tumer i know where mine is
12:13 tumer here this problem with utf8
12:14 tumer s/here/hear
12:14 kados OK ... I have this in my ParserDetails.ini:
12:14 kados [XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser]
12:14 kados = 1
12:14 kados [XML::SAX::PurePerl]
12:14 kados = 1
12:14 kados [XML::LibXML::SAX]
12:14 kados = 1
12:14 tumer when coming from marc8 to  utf8 characters stay combined
12:15 kados tumer: if you want to double-check your parser is LibXML, do this:
12:15 kados #!/usr/bin/perl
12:15 kados use XML::SAX::ParserFactory;
12:15 kados $parser = XML::SAX::ParserFactory->parser();
12:15 kados print $parser;
12:15 kados tumer: yes ... if you update your ini file and the above script prints XML::SAX::LibXML it will fix that problem
12:15 kados now I've got to run ... got an appointment in 5 minutes with an accountant (fun fun)
12:16 tumer ok thanks kados. i'll now go back to check that
12:16 kados tumer: let me know if it works
12:16 kados I'll be back in an hour or so
12:16 tumer also playing with zebra alvia filter
12:16 kados (cool)
14:39 griffjon does anyone have experience with setting up printing in Windows for Koha?
15:01 kados griffjon: there's not much to set up ... so long as your librarian computers are hooked up to a printer you should be able to print from them
15:08 kados griffjon: I'm not sure that the default templates provide a print option, but the npl ones do for sure
15:11 griffjon I'm using NPL templates
15:12 owen Just ignore the print setup option in Koha's system administration. That's for UNIX printers
15:13 griffjon yeh, I figured
16:10 kados owen: you about?
16:10 owen Yeah
16:10 kados sometime today or tomorrow could you roll back the NPL addbiblio.tmpl changes?
16:10 kados (don't know if you know how to do that in CVS)
16:12 owen Actually, I worked on it today. I was just going to commit a new version based on the current default template
16:12 kados sweet
16:17 owen Okay, done
16:18 kados thanks!
16:19 kados what is blinddetail-biblio-search.tmpl?
16:20 kados hmmm
16:20 kados the editor is still truncating things
16:22 kados yep
16:22 kados still truncating :(
16:23 chris bummer :(
16:23 kados I'll try to figure it out asap though
19:34 Jo Chris or Si
19:34 Jo we have locked up here at levin.
19:35 chris koha has locked up? or everything?
19:35 Jo in channel #hlt
21:35 thd kados: are you there?
21:37 kados thd: in body, not sure I'm really awake :-)
21:38 thd :)
21:38 thd good to know that you are corporal
21:39 thd kados: I will check to see if your body and mind have merged in a suitable state with a little time tomorrow
21:39 kados :-)
21:39 thd good night kados
22:14 thd alkj;lkfj
22:41 thd afl;ksdjlak
22:45 thd akjk
02:08 btoumi hi all
02:10 osmoze hello
03:41 btoumi :nick btoumi_away
03:41 btoumi nick btoumi_away
03:45 Comete bonjour tlm !
03:45 Comete hello
03:46 Comete strange problem: i've set up the default grip to use the barcode field but after the import (24 hours...) i've no barcodes in the database... any idea ?
03:47 Comete the initial exported file is in UNIMARC format and i can see the barcodes in it with dump script
03:59 Comete oh it's my fault, didn't see the 995 field...
06:52 kados any frenchies around?
06:53 kados I've a quick question about itemcallnumber
06:53 kados is it possible, with itemcallnumber systempreference, to specify several tag/subfield combinations that should be concatenated together?
06:53 kados or can it only handle one?
06:56 Comete kados: oui ?
06:56 Comete kados: je ne sais pas dsl...
06:56 kados ok :-)
07:26 kados morning tumer
07:27 tumer hi kados
07:27 kados tumer: how'd it go yesterday with the libxml2 and XML::LibXML stuff?
07:27 tumer very bad
07:27 tumer i tried all versions
07:27 tumer libxml2 ver 2.2.23
07:27 tumer and expat
07:28 tumer it gets worse
07:28 tumer broken koha very badly
07:28 tumer i had to uninstall libxml to get koha to work
07:35 kados you can't use expat
07:36 kados you _must_ use libxml2 and a compatible version of XML::LibXML
07:36 kados expat and pureperl will not work at all
07:37 kados compatible versions are mentioned in the XML::LibXML README
07:37 kados it's critical to use compatible versions
07:37 kados and you must install libxml2 _before_ installing XML::LibXML
07:37 kados all of this is detailed in the email I posted yesterday
07:39 tumer i have done all that
07:40 tumer i tried different versions on different servers
07:40 tumer all looks good first
07:40 tumer saving a record gets broken
07:40 tumer characters conversions work though
07:42 tumer and now the system is very unstable
07:43 tumer any combined character found perl crashes saying cannot decode
07:43 tumer i'll have to revert to a clean perl and start all over
07:45 hdl kados : about your question : I don't think multiple fields are managed.
07:46 tumer this is very serious. does anyone else has this set up workin?
07:46 hdl I should try at the end of the week.
07:46 hdl hi tumer
07:46 hdl hi kados.
07:47 tumer hi hdl
07:48 hdl kados : Is OPAC XHTML strict valid ?
07:48 hdl it doesn't seem.
07:52 kados hdl: I think it's transitional
07:53 hdl dtd used says it is strict though ;)
07:53 kados hdl: tumer I have combined characters working
07:53 kados tumer: I have combined characters working
07:53 kados hdl: I'm not sure ...
07:54 kados hdl: you'd have to ask owen
07:54 tumer yes on the screen but can you sarch them
07:54 kados in zebra, yes
07:54 kados not sure about mysql
07:54 kados tumer: if you send me a set I can test
07:54 tumer kados:combined characters stay combined on mine on yours?
07:55 kados tumer: send me a bunch of records (or just one) that aren't working for you
07:55 kados tumer: and I'll test
07:55 tumer kados to delete a combined ç i have to use delete twice. one for cedilla and one for c
07:55 kados tumer: (send meaning post them on a website or something, in email, they will be manged by MIME)
07:55 tumer kados:ok ill send
09:29 kados morning owen
09:29 owen Hi
09:29 dewey niihau, owen
09:29 owen dewey: I thought you weren't speaking to me
09:29 dewey owen: i'm not following you...
09:30 owen kados: how's the addbiblio mess today?
09:30 kados owen: well, haven't looked at it yet ... just confirmed yesterday that it's still broken
10:18 owen When someone supplies a patch, what is the process for applying it? Is it a CVS command?
10:21 kados owen: you can just apply it with the 'patch' utility
10:21 kados owen: there may be a way to do it in cvs too, I'm not sure
10:21 kados owen: man patch will give you the syntax
10:31 thd kados: my system is mostly working again with Firefox 1.504
10:32 thd s/504/5.04/
10:52 kados thd: yay!
11:46 kados owen: got a sec?
11:47 owen yes
11:47 kados owen: I was comparing the google homepage to the site
11:47 kados one thing that our simple search isn't doing well is liquid resize
11:48 kados even 800x600 looks kinda bad
11:48 owen I thought maybe you were going to ask for a new logo for every holiday
11:48 kados google seems to have everything left-alighed or something
11:48 kados hehe
11:48 kados also, I was thinking that the tabs for the other search types shouldn't be so big
11:49 kados I'm guessing they will hardly ever be used by patrons ... the CCL search works so well (I think)
11:49 kados I like google's unobtrusive 'tab' links
11:49 kados because you don't really notice them
11:49 kados the main focus of the screen is the google search box
11:50 kados which is what you're doing 99% of the time if you're on that page
11:51 kados anyway, just some observations from a non-librarian who uses google a lot :-)
11:52 kados hehe
11:56 owen I guess my choice would still be to take out the power and proximity search tabs and link to them...maybe from the advanced search tab.

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