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12:03 kados :-)
17:05 mason
20:13 thd kados: are you there?
22:12 thd kados: are you back online
22:12 kados thd: yes
02:09 btoumi hi all
02:09 ToinS hi all !!!
02:10 btoumi hi toins
02:13 hdl hello
02:13 btoumi hi hdl
02:14 paul hello all
03:07 btoumi hdl ?
03:07 btoumi are u around?
03:07 hdl yes
03:59 chris hi all
04:22 btoumi :hdl i'm ok with zebra ,the zebra srv turn and i can request with yaz client
04:22 hdl hi chris
04:23 btoumi hi chris
08:02 paul $dbh->do('ALTER TABLE `biblioitems` ADD `marcxml` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL ');
08:03 paul $dbh->do("ALTER TABLE $table->{Name} CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8");
08:03 paul $dbh->do("ALTER TABLE $table->{Name} DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci");
08:07 paul encoding utf-8
08:33 paul hello kados
08:33 kados hey paul
08:33 kados paul++ for reverting editor stuff
08:33 paul did you see my answer to your last mail
08:33 paul yes, you saw ;-)
08:33 kados thank you :-)
08:33 kados as you know, I try to run all clients on 'stable' branch ...
08:34 paul you're welcome. I think you're tired & need some good news ;-)
08:34 kados so I'm happy that they will be able to edit records :-)
08:34 paul ... they are on stable branch, but don't run CVS ?
08:34 kados yes, they run rel_2_2
08:34 paul wow !
08:34 kados but I only update them after updating a testbed
08:34 paul it's very dangerous...
08:34 kados and making sure nothing is broken
08:35 paul I didn't understood this
08:35 paul I only deploy official releases.
08:35 kados I review each change carefully before I update them
08:35 paul and only after at least 1 library tested the new release
08:35 kados we have a similar system
08:35 kados there are three 'versions'
08:35 kados testing
08:35 kados staging
08:35 kados production
08:35 kados all clients run off of production
08:36 kados every month or so ... we update staging to be latest rel_2_2
08:36 paul I had a mail from SAN this morning.
08:36 kados and move one library to staging
08:36 kados if it's safe ... we move staging to production
08:36 kados SAN: yea?
08:36 paul ok, so we are not so much differents !
08:36 kados what was the topic?
08:37 paul their roadmap specifies :
08:37 paul - install in september 06
08:37 paul - testing during 2006Q4, by librarians
08:37 paul - going live in january, 07
08:37 paul they are a little bit afraid by the status of Koha atm
08:37 paul (/me beep btoumi & alaurin )
08:38 btoumi :paul yep
08:38 paul they wanted me to give them a definitive timeline for Koha 3.0
08:38 paul I answered I could not ;-)
08:38 kados the more important question i think is 'what is 3.0'
08:38 paul but I just wanted to let you know...
08:38 kados for SAN, does 3.0 include zebra?
08:39 paul yep
08:39 paul + what btoumi & alaurin are working on (borrowers modules & reserves mainly)
08:39 kados right
08:39 paul btoumi: & alaurin : I beep you just to let you know we are speaking of you ;-)
08:39 btoumi ok
08:39 alaurin + new overdues system today
08:40 paul since this morning, ToinS works full time for Koha 3.0.
08:40 btoumi + zebra confuguration
08:40 kados zebra searching is production ready IMO
08:40 kados with perhaps some minor tweaks to the interface
08:40 kados and new search options
08:40 paul so we could merge dev_week and head soon ?
08:40 kados but for UNIMARC there is still some work to be done
08:40 paul yep, that will be ToinS job soon ;-)
08:41 kados yes, we could merge dev_week and head for searching soon
08:41 paul (let say next week or in 2 weeks)
08:41 kados and I can do this, it's easy for me
08:41 paul great, really !
08:41 kados we still need to test to ensure that adds/edits are stable using tumer's code
08:41 kados and circ stuff
08:41 paul ToinS will take care of testing & unimarc stuff.
08:41 kados (I"ve been focusing on searching ... now that it's 99% done, I will move to other items)
08:42 kados the real tricky bit
08:42 kados is getting a server set up to use zebra
08:42 kados only tumer and I know how to do it (for the dev-week way, not the plugin way I documented before)
08:42 kados and it's quite tricky
08:43 kados since toins will be working on this now I will try to put a document up on how to do it
08:43 kados on the wiki
08:54 paul great, ToinS will be happy to get some help. Although he will have some from hdl that worked on this at devWeek
08:56 paul kados : a timeline for merging devweek & head ?
09:25 kados paul: I have ALA next week, and I will be alone in a hotel with WIFI all week ... so probably sometime next week :-)
09:26 paul wifi is a good news for girlfriends in your case : no risk to go & see for another girl :lol:
09:27 kados hehe
09:27 kados true true :-)
09:58 paul hello owen
09:58 owen Hi paul

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