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13:00 thd owen or kados: are you there?
13:06 thd kados: are you there now
13:06 kados thd: yep
13:06 thd ?
13:10 thd kados: I left the field order incorrect as I had originally
13:11 thd kados: That is just a minor point but it was funny that we had the same thought about that almost
13:11 thd kados: I will get back to that
13:12 thd kados: the first important thing is the boolean attached to the first field
13:13 thd kados: that is, there is a boolean drop down selection for each selection
13:14 thd s/each selection/each textbox unless you choose a command query/
13:15 kados why is that?
13:15 kados why have boolean for the first one?
13:15 thd kados: it makes it possible for a much more flexible use of booleans independently for each textbox
13:16 thd kados: it also makes it easier to code RPN
13:36 thd I guess nothing I typed went through for several minutes
13:38 thd <thd> kados: ease of coding was an afterthought with respect to the RPN issue
13:38 thd <thd> kados: there is a very important ease of coding issue that is different
13:38 thd <thd> kados: one that is very important for allowing arbitrarily expandable forms to be easy to implement
13:38 thd <thd> kados: your names are as I have always written forms in the past with a separate numer for each row of input fields
13:38 thd <thd> s/numer/number/
13:38 thd <thd> kados: that requires enumerating variables to use additional fields for arbitrary form expansion
13:38 thd <thd> kados: I noted that the Index Data implementation of a PHP/YAZ demonstration used "host[]" as the name for the four targets and CCL search box
13:38 thd <thd> kados: that creates an array that can be looped through to find those with values.
13:38 thd <thd> kados: in the case of checkboxes for host[] which I renamed to target[] after I expanded the parameters only selected checkboxes form part of the get or post query
13:38 thd <thd> kados: in the case of textboxes, which I used for the Bib-1 form as search_field_term all textboxes are returned even if they have no values
13:38 thd <thd> kados: therefore, each row of search_field_whatever responses can be looped through
13:38 thd <thd> kados: adding arbitrary additional rows does not require creating new enumerated variables for the names of the fields.
13:40 thd kados: does that make any sense?
13:52 thd kados: I have not implemented the arbitrarily expandable forms yet but I wanted to have the field order correct which it is not yet before I variabalised them.
14:03 owen thd: kados just left here, so he's in transit
14:03 thd owen did you understand my point about the name attribute for form variable names?
14:05 owen No :)
14:27 kados thd: I'm back
14:29 thd kados: do you understand my point about avoiding individually numbered name attributes for form variable names?
14:30 kados almost
14:30 kados what does it have to do with host[]?
14:31 kados you mean have multiple <input> fields with the same name of 'search_field_term'?
14:31 thd kados: host[] was just the example of first time I noticed this usage for repeated name attribute names
14:31 kados and in the back end, just loop through all of them?
14:31 thd yes
14:31 kados interesting
14:32 kados I hadn't thought of that
14:32 kados but ... how do you group your operators that way?
14:32 thd kados: and of course I have working code
14:32 kados and ... speaking of operators
14:32 kados I understand how to do:
14:32 kados find: harry AND Potter OR Goblet
14:32 thd kados: let me send you an extract of the cod so you can see clearly
14:32 kados but I don't know how to do:
14:33 kados find (harry AND potter) OR Goblet
14:33 kados or ...
14:33 kados harry AND (Potter OR Goblet)
14:33 kados :-)
14:33 kados I dont' understand how to represent that in PQF/RPN
14:34 thd I do not know either except that you can write a CCL query in my Z30.50 client and see what comes back from nesting the parenthesis
14:35 thd kados: do not waste your time looking for something that they never documented
14:35 thd kados: I did not do an exhaustive search but I do not think that is easy to find and expect that it is not there at all
14:36 kados thd: ok ... let me open up my Z39.50 port
14:37 kados thd:
14:38 kados thd: can I specify the host in the CCL?
14:38 kados I don't think ZOOM supports it :(
14:38 thd kados: however, if you do a test CCL search in my client such as (ti = harry) and ((ti = potter) or (ti = goblet))
14:39 kados thd: I'd like to see how ZEbra treats that CCL query
14:39 thd kados: yes you can specify the host in the same way
14:39 kados do do you just pass it on in RPN?
14:39 kados thd: what toolkit do you use to map CCL2RPN?
14:39 thd kados: YAZ converts it and you see the conversion at the top of the response page
14:40 kados nothing yet
14:40 thd s/YAZ/PHP\/YAZ/
14:40 thd kados: if you construct a query with too many records returned you may be waiting a very long time
14:41 kados AHH
14:41 thd kados: remember you are pulling down records from a dialup connection and the default target selection list is huge for finding obsure titles for Afognak
14:42 kados I'll be back in about 10 minutes
14:42 thd kados: maybe the query will be done then :)
14:46 thd kados: your query did not seem to take long
14:59 owen kados: one thing I forgot to ask...
14:59 kados owen: sure
15:00 owen Have you worked on the 'simple search' at all?
15:00 owen You talked about making it work for google-like queries
15:00 kados right
15:00 kados I haven't worked on it at all
15:01 kados there's not even much error checking
15:01 kados I'll have to take a look at the possible feedback mechanisms that ZOOM gives me
15:01 kados to see if I can intuit the error with a query before deciding how to treat it
15:01 kados it could use some general user testing
15:02 kados for example, i realize that patrons expect to type:
15:02 kados harry potter
15:02 kados and get a result
15:02 kados rather than:
15:02 kados "harry potter"
15:02 kados or
15:02 kados harry and potter
15:02 kados but I'm not sure if there are other suprises too
15:02 kados surprises even :-)
15:03 kados thd_away: ti = harry) and ((ti = potter) or (ti = goblet))
15:03 kados thd_away: becomes:
15:03 kados thd_away: @and @attr 1=4 harry @or @attr 1=4 potter @attr 1=4 goblet
15:03 kados thd_away: which slightly complicates things :-)
15:11 kados hmmm
15:11 kados now I'm confused :-)
15:14 kados thd_away: my implementation can't handle the full hierarchy
15:15 kados thd_away: and it seems to me that Zebra's implementation of it is fairly weak
15:15 kados thd_away: we need to do some testing
15:16 kados thd_away: also, we need to figure out if it's possible to reprsent that in an easy form
15:17 kados owen: just so you don't get left behind
15:18 kados owen: pretend we're doing algebra
15:18 kados (4 + 5) * 6
15:18 dewey 54
15:18 kados expressed in RPN/PQF (which use the same syntax)
15:18 kados woule be:
15:18 kados * 6 + 4 5
15:19 kados or ...
15:19 kados * + 4 5 6
15:19 kados :-)
15:20 kados owen: does that make sense?
15:21 owen If you say '* + 4 5 6' how does the interpreter know how to group the numbers?
15:35 kados well ...
15:35 kados + 4 5
15:35 kados is one operand
15:36 kados 6
15:36 kados is the other
15:36 kados * is the operator for those two
16:19 kados thd: I'm back, but only briefly unfortuantely
16:19 thd kados: my test shows that @and @not fails while @not works
16:20 kados thd: I've been roped into a bike ride :/
16:20 kados thd: that is true
16:20 thd kados: I did that for a film and I found I had forgotten how to ride steadily
16:20 kados thd: however, logically, the boolean operator NOT is really AND NOT
16:20 kados thd: there is an implied AND in NOT
16:21 thd kados: yes I understood the logic part
16:21 kados thd: so the grouping only applies when you're mixing OR and AND
16:21 kados (and possible XOR)
16:21 thd kados: BnF does not support @not :(
16:21 kados wow
16:22 kados well ... anyway ... I'm not sure to what extent Zebra supports the hierarchy
16:22 kados we need to figure out some good tests to try
16:22 kados ways to see if a given target supports a given level of Type-101 queries
16:22 thd kados: my scheme is very extensible, although, I have nothing to support nested groups specifically yet
16:23 kados I'll be back soon, gotta do the bike thing for an hour or so
16:23 kados thd: I'll be thinking of a solution :-)
17:16 kados thd: you around?
17:26 thd kados: yes
17:28 kados I can't picture a form-based way to implement the grouping
17:28 thd kados: I pictured it two years ago
17:28 kados thd: have you come up with anything?
17:28 kados thd: could you describe it to me?
17:29 thd kados: I had various note cards of possible implementations
17:29 thd kados: I will describe the general idea
17:29 kados ok
17:30 thd kados: each row of query fields has a drop down field for group instead of a boolean itself.
17:31 kados how do you label the group?
17:31 thd kados: at the base of all the rows you have a part of the form where you assign the boolean relations between groups
17:32 thd kados: group 1, group 2 if the groups themselves are infinitely malleable
17:33 kados hmmm
17:34 kados i don't quite get it
17:34 kados could you do a mock up in html?
17:34 kados just a form with a few <select>s and <input>s?
17:34 thd kados: I was actually planning to
17:34 kados cool, that might help me :-)
17:35 kados it doesn't have to work mind you
17:35 kados if I can at least visualize how it's _supposed_ to work
17:35 thd kados: the assignment of the booleans is the tricky part to do elegantly
17:35 kados that will help
17:35 kados you almost need some visual cues
17:35 kados like lines connecting them
17:35 kados or something
17:36 kados but that relies too much on the interface
17:36 thd kados: I had intended to do just that, although, you would need functionality to show what would happen if you pressed a form submit button to expand the nesting hierarchy
17:37 kados no, you could just tell me what would happen :-)
17:37 kados ahh ... it expands?
17:37 kados hmmm
17:39 thd kados: it would require actuating a submit button or link or auto-submitting and redrawing the form if the user had JavaScript enabled
17:40 thd kados: you no I do not like any functionality that only works in JavaScript
17:40 thd s/no/know/
17:41 kados hmmm
17:41 kados right, i get that
19:26 thd kados: I have to go now but look at my Z39.50 client again.
19:27 kados ok
19:27 kados hehe
19:27 kados wow, that's just nuts :-)
19:28 thd kados: It is not elegant yet and maybe a drop down with parenthesis levels would be better but then you have to worry about correct closing parenthesis.
19:28 thd kados: pretend the find records containing other term sets lines are not there.
19:29 thd of course term sets rows themselves should be expandable
19:29 thd kados: I only design for infomaniacs :)
19:29 kados :-)
19:30 thd kados: If it works for infomaniacs it can be simplified for everyone else.
02:08 btoumi hi evrybody
02:12 Comete bonjour/hi
02:13 btoumi bonjour comete
02:13 Comete salut btoumi
02:14 btoumi ca va?
02:15 Comete j'ai un petit tableau en PDF de fonctionnalités essentielles que le personnel de notre mediatheque m'a envoyé. Ce sont des choses qu'ils n'ont pas vu jusque la dans Koha après une premiere exploration. Puis-je vous le transmettre ?
02:15 Comete btoumi: oui et toi ?
02:17 btoumi Comete:de nouveau ready pour le module lecteur de la head de koha
02:18 Comete btoumi: bon courage
02:19 btoumi Comete: merci
02:31 btoumi hello paul
02:31 paul hello btoumi & Comete
02:33 osmoze bonjour :)
02:33 paul hello osmoze
02:35 paul chris are u there ?
02:38 Comete paul: bonjour
02:38 dewey hola, Comete
02:38 Comete hola dewey
02:38 dewey hi, Comete
02:41 Comete paul: j'ai un petit tableau en PDF de fonctionnalités essentielles que le personnel de notre mediatheque m'a envoyé. Ce sont des choses qu'ils n'ont pas vu jusque la dans Koha après une premiere exploration. Puis-je vous le transmettre ?
02:42 Comete ils sont peut-être passé à côté de choses qui existent déjà... si vous pouviez confirmer
02:43 osmoze Comete, je suis bien interessé pour voir le tableau et ainsi peut etre compléter ^^
02:43 Comete osmoze: je vous l'envoie par mail ?
02:44 paul Comete: oui, envoie.
02:44 paul Le mieux serait même de le mettre sur, dans la section "francaise" si c'est en Francais.
02:44 Comete à quelle adresse ?
02:44 paul ainsi, je pourrai répondre et tout le monde pourrait enrichir
02:44 paul (après tout, je ne suis pas le seul à être capable de répondre ;-) )
02:44 paul l'idéal serait :
02:44 Comete paul: d'accord je regarde ca de suite
02:45 paul - mettre tout dans le wiki
02:45 paul - envoyer un mail sur la liste pour demander les commentaires
02:45 Comete ok
02:52 Comete quel nom voulez-vous que je donne à cette section ?
02:52 paul peu me chaud.
02:52 osmoze suggestions par les mediatheques ?
02:53 osmoze ce qui peut differencier les suggestions des mediatheques publiques et les bibs universitaires
02:55 paul bonne idée, Paul approuve.
02:56 Comete ok mais certaines suggestions n'ont peut-être pas lieu d'être si la fonctionnalité existe déjà
02:57 osmoze elles seront modifier par quelqu un
02:57 osmoze modifiées
02:58 Comete dites ca marche comment ce wiki ?
02:59 Comete je n'aime pas les wikis y en a pas un pareil et je trouve ca pas pratique pour chercher un truc, mais c mon avis ;)
03:00 paul Comete: moi non + j'aime moyen les wiki.
03:00 paul mais celui là est assez pratique.
03:00 Comete donc ca ne vient pas de moi :)
03:00 paul nous l'avons mis en place récemment, et franchement, il est pas mal.
03:01 paul la syntaxe est relativement naturelle
03:01 Comete paul: faut s'enregistrer ?
03:01 paul je crois, oui
03:01 paul (mais pas de crainte de spam à avoir ;-) )
03:01 Comete allons-y
03:01 Comete ok
03:01 paul encore que, il y a des protections anti spammeur, mais pas sûr que ce soit via l'authentification.
03:02 paul mais c'est tjs mieux, pour savoir qui a fait quoi.
03:02 paul impressionnant... hdl a du désactiver l'anti spam sur, pour des questions de paquet debian bcp changé, du coup plus d'anti spam.
03:03 paul et 5 spams à l'heure sur ou presque !
03:03 paul (qui arrivent chez moi vu qu'ils sont bouncés par la liste, réservée aux abonnés)
03:04 osmoze c est la fete :) tu vois, je suis sur que jamais autant de monde s est preoccupé de ta santé sous abdominale :p
03:04 paul et aussi de me faire un prêt à pas cher
03:04 paul (si j'aurais su, j'aurais pas acheté ma nouvelle voiture comptant lundi dernier ;-) )
03:05 osmoze :) t as pris une grande alors maintenant ?
03:09 Comete bon je dois etre stupide mais je comprends  rien à ce wiki, comment je crée ma page et ou ca ? :p
03:11 paul
03:11 paul modifier la page pour ajouter par exemple : FonctionnalitesPourMediathequesDeLecturePublique
03:11 paul (l'alternance maj/min est importante)
03:12 paul ca sera transformé en lien "vide".
03:12 paul tu peux alors créer la page !
03:12 paul devant le questionnement général en privé : je viens d'acheter un fiat multipla
03:12 Comete ok merci
03:12 paul 6 places (3 devant, 3 derrière)
03:13 paul une place folle derrière même lorsque je suis au volant (1m95 pour ceusses qui me connaissent pas ;-) )
03:13 paul les enfants sont ravis.
03:13 paul maman la trouve moche de l'extérieur, mais quand on est dedans on ne voit pas l'extérieur ;-)
03:14 paul papa la trouve rigolote, mais surtout sobre, spacieuse, toussa.
03:15 osmoze :)
03:18 Comete paul: on peut faire des tableaux avec ce wiki
03:18 Comete ?
03:19 paul surement, mais je ne sais pas trop comment. je regarde
03:19 paul || STATUS || FEATURE || WHO || NOTE ||
03:19 paul || Completed ||Replace marc* tables with Zebra || PP ||note||
03:19 paul || In Process ||apache2 with mod_perl2 support for improved speed || CC ||end of May, June||
03:20 Comete ok merci
03:30 ToinS Comete: plus d'infos sur la syntaxe de dokuwiki =>
03:45 Comete comment appelle-t-on le personnel traveillant dans une médiathèque, des bibliothéquaires ?
03:45 Comete travaillant
03:48 paul des médiathécaires se dit aussi
03:48 paul (et sinon, on parle plutôt de bibliothéCaires que QUaires !)
03:49 Comete ah ok :p
03:52 osmoze médiathécaires ?
03:52 paul ouaip, j'ai déjà entendu ca.
03:53 paul mais c'est un néologisme
04:05 Comete le mail est envoyé sur
04:06 Comete il faut être inscrit peut-être ?
04:06 paul yep, je viens de voir le rejet arriver ;-)
04:06 Comete zut
04:07 Comete je recommence
04:07 Comete en attendant:[…]delecturepublique
04:10 paul 1 chtite remarque à propos du mail :
04:10 paul - dire bonjour et se présenter un peu ;-)
04:11 btoumi comment on dit doublon en anglais?
04:12 btoumi comme doublon de donnee
04:15 paul duplicate
04:15 btoumi trop tard j'ai mis double
04:16 paul ah, faut changer...
04:16 Comete paul: euh oui c vrai j'ai oublié mais de toute façon je dois le refaire
04:16 paul (sauf si c'est juste un mail ;-) )
04:16 btoumi c sur le commit du cvs
04:16 btoumi dsl
04:26 paul et hop, Comete => inscription confirmée.
04:29 Comete paul: et hop mail envoyé ;)
04:39 paul ah, vla pierrick.
04:39 pierrick bonjour :-)
04:39 paul salut.
04:40 pierrick (bébé malad)
04:53 ToinS salut pierrick
04:54 pierrick salut ToinS
05:23 Strait hello again :)
05:26 pierrick hello Strait
05:35 Strait i have another problem with koha installation today :P
05:36 Strait i don't have root access to MySQL
05:36 Strait what I have there is a readily created MySQL user with full permissions to a database called koha
05:38 Strait i've been looking at to see if it's possible skip the kohaadmin user creation
05:38 Strait and use the readily created kohaadmin user instead
05:39 Strait but i'm not really sure what to do with
05:39 Strait there is a databasesetup sub in the script and i'm pretty sure that's the right place
06:42 paul Strait: to setup you database, just put koha.mysql in the database
06:42 paul then, run updater/updatedatabase
06:42 paul then, add whatever marc flavour you need in misc/marc_datas and misc/sql_datas
06:46 Strait thanks paul, i'll try that as soon as i have time :)
06:47 Strait it seems to be quite tricky to try to install koha without root access to the server and to mysql
06:48 paul yes it is.
06:48 paul another solution, highly easier :
06:48 Strait i've done a couple of koha installations with root account before and they went quite smoothly
06:48 paul - install Koha on a server with root access
06:48 paul - copy directories & database to the other server
06:49 paul works fine if you have all Perl packages needed.
06:49 Strait that might be a better way than trying to run installer on the machine with limited permissions
06:56 Strait this koha will be used by my university
06:56 Strait it's for the department of information studies
06:57 Strait it'll also likely be utilized by the local polytechnic
06:58 Strait as a teaching system primarily, but we are also planning on cataloging the collection of the department's library on it
06:58 Strait (status report: finland :D)
08:16 Comete could you tell me where i could put temporaly the second part of my addresses in koha 2.2.5 ?
08:19 paul ???
08:25 Comete paul: my addresses have two parts : address1 address2 but there is only one field for the address in koha 2.2.5
08:25 paul btoumi, an answer ?
08:26 Comete paul: btoumi told me that the problem will be resolved in koha 3 but before this release i must put these informations somewhere
08:27 btoumi sorry i'm here now
08:28 Comete so i wonder if there's no not so useful field i could use in place and then migrate it when koha 3 will be stable
08:36 btoumi u have in 225 the field other address
08:42 Comete btoumi: ok thank you
08:45 btoumi but if u need to enter 2 address perahps u must choose another field
10:04 kados owen: you around?
10:04 owen I just now am!
10:04 kados owen: I've been working on the stuff we discussed yesterday, making excellent progress
10:04 owen Cool
10:04 kados owen: still some stuff to clarify with the catalogers on the use of 008
10:04 kados but things are really shaping up
10:04 kados you can have a look at the advanced search
10:05 kados to try out the new 'Format', 'Audience', and 'content' filters
10:05 paul hello owen & kados
10:05 kados format's still got a ways to go
10:05 kados hey paul
10:06 kados excellent
10:15 owen So kados, how is the audience filter doing its filtering?
10:16 kados owen: at the moment ...
10:16 kados there is an index on the 008 field
10:16 kados position 22
10:17 kados owen:
10:17 kados
10:17 kados second one is better
10:17 owen Did you make changes to our database to allow that?  I though that stuff was missing. Or is it only missing for some records?
10:18 kados it's only missing for items edited since Koha
10:18 kados not for those added by the catalogers
10:18 kados so if they used the Koha MARC Editor, 008 was actually just wiped out :/
10:18 owen Okay... I wonder if that's enough to explain the differences in result sets I'm getting between the old and new search
10:18 kados fortunately, that's not _too_ many
10:19 kados it might be
10:19 kados of course, I will pre-process the records ... but I have several other changes to make and I want to make sure I only pre-process a couple times :-)
10:19 owen I tried keyword "sex" audience "YA" (I thought those two went naturally together) and content "non-fiction"
10:20 owen I get 5 results
10:20 kados good search
10:20 kados what's the old search give you?
10:20 owen If I do an advanced search for keyword "sex" and itemtype "YA Non-fiction" in our current system I get 51 records.
10:20 owen That's quite a difference.
10:21 kados 51
10:21 kados yep ... quite a difference
10:21 kados lets collect a few searches like that so we have something to compare
10:22 kados it's possible that my interpretation of the 008 isn't quite correct
10:23 kados huh ... power and proximity search tabs aren't working ...
10:23 kados wonder if I did something
10:24 kados fixed
10:24 owen This one's even more out of whack: keyword "murder" audience "adult" content "non-fiction":  2 results
10:25 kados hehe
10:25 owen 246 results in the old search
10:25 kados yea, so we definitely can't trust the 'adult' designation
10:25 kados hang on, I'll tweak it a bit
10:26 kados try now
10:26 kados hmmm
10:26 kados we need to figure out how to specify 'doesn't exist'
10:26 kados hang on, I"ll check ID's site
10:28 kados so there are 329 results if you don't specify 'adult'
10:30 kados owen: interestingly
10:30 kados owen: "sex" as non-fiction 'juv' pulls up 35
10:30 kados so ... i guess my first question is
10:30 Comete bye
10:31 kados how many records don't have 008
10:32 owen Only 3 of the first 11 results of that 35 are actually classified as Juvenile Non-fiction. The rest are YA or Adult non-fiction
10:32 kados select count(*) from biblio;
10:32 kados +----------+
10:32 kados | count(*) |
10:32 kados +----------+
10:32 kados |   149688 |
10:32 kados select count(*) from marc_subfield_table where tag='008';
10:32 kados +----------+
10:32 kados | count(*) |
10:32 kados +----------+
10:32 kados |   134083 |
10:33 kados owen: so this indicates some problems with our cataloging department :-)
10:33 kados or maybe a disconnect between what NPL defines as a juvenile and what MARC21 does :-)
10:34 kados we can expect roughly 10% to be wrong
10:34 kados based on the number of records missing 008 fields
10:34 owen Remember, we have records that may go back as far as 20 years
10:34 kados yep, true ...
10:34 kados the good news is
10:34 owen Although I don't know how many of those first ones have survived
10:35 kados I can easily 'fix' records based on our itemtypes
10:41 kados owen: also figured out the prob with exact title searches
10:42 kados owen: I was using the same '.chr' file for sorting and for searching
10:42 kados 'The', 'a', etc. were getting filtered out
10:42 kados I've updated the abs but haven't reindexed yet
10:42 kados next reindex exact title 'cell' will only pull up 'cell' not 'the cell'
10:43 kados and ... :-)
10:43 kados I figured out a way to acomplish still return other results after that
10:43 kados by combining that original result set with another more general query and merging them, giving the first one priority :-)
10:43 kados so you should get:
10:44 kados cell
10:44 kados the cell
10:44 kados cellulite
10:44 kados etc...
10:44 kados which is very exciting
10:49 kados hey tumer
10:50 tumer hi kados
10:50 kados tumer: any progress on integrating the results page?
10:50 kados tumer: if not, I'll probably take a crack myself today (got a demo later)
10:50 tumer i am working on the template lots of problems i am having
10:51 tumer passing on serach variables is causing me problems
10:51 kados hmmm
10:51 kados I can do that bit
10:51 tumer but at least it works for the first page
10:51 kados I've revised things a little
10:52 tumer i'll try to commit something before the meeting
10:52 kados cool, thanks
10:53 kados right
10:53 tumer hurray for kados
11:08 kados owen: asside from fixing the new search filters, what other variables are missing from your template?
11:08 kados search_point I think ...
11:08 kados I put in branches and itemtypes
11:09 owen Call number?  I guess that has to wait on getting itemcallnumber populated
11:10 kados you mean a call number search?
11:10 owen Date limiters
11:10 owen Yes
11:10 kados right, dates ... just need to rebuild the index for that
11:10 kados call number search should already work
11:10 kados just need to add it to the template
11:10 kados Dewey, right?
11:10 dewey kados: no idea
11:10 kados hehe
11:12 owen But I thought we were going to re-work how we were building call numbers?
11:12 kados owen: you want a search on 952$a?
11:12 kados well, just for fiction
11:12 owen What's 952$a?
11:12 kados i think thats where the catalogers put call numbers
11:13 kados woops ... just broke searching :-)
11:14 kados a 1=20 search should work for call numbers
11:14 kados I'll reindex so we can test
11:15 owen The records I'm looking at have the call number ("dewey") in 942k
11:20 kados ahh
11:22 kados k, reindexing now
11:22 kados with the new 008-based date search
11:22 kados call number
11:22 kados as well as language
11:24 paul kados: interesting mail on koha-devel (from andres)
11:27 paul see you later
11:27 kados ahh, yes
11:27 kados on the mellon
11:36 kados it's a grant I guess
11:36 kados tina's looking into it
11:42 kados owen: so ... for now, we can try out the call number search using what is in 942$k
11:43 kados I updated the template with the new variables
11:43 kados need to make a couple other quick changes too
11:46 tumer kados: do you need this basic template now? Only the page numbers work on it
11:47 kados tumer: sure
11:47 kados tumer: I have some time to work on it all day today
11:47 tumer so committing new as well . This one seems a bit buggy
11:48 kados ok
11:48 kados I'll merge it with mine
11:48 kados thanks tumer !
11:48 kados tumer: don't worry, I have to get this stable tonight :-)
11:48 kados tumer: got a demo in the morning for apotential client :-)
11:49 kados owen: I need a few minutes to consult with the catalogers
11:49 kados owen: so the new features wont' work for a bit
11:49 kados owen: I"ll ping you as soon as theyr'e ready
11:49 owen Gotcha

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