IRC log for #koha, 2006-06-07

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15:05 kados ho logbot
15:05 kados i say we wait a few more minutes for the EUs to show up
15:05 chris yep
15:05 kados Tumer's not going to make it tonight
15:05 chris righto
15:05 kados and he requested we move it to any day other than monday
15:06 chris righto
15:06 kados so I'm available pretty much any day at 20:00 ...
15:06 kados chris: what days are you avaialble?
15:06 thd I favour Tuesday at the moment
15:07 kados hi hdl
15:07 hdl hi
15:07 kados we were discussing a meeting time for next week
15:07 kados hdl: would tuesday at 20:00 GMT work for you?
15:07 chris most days will work for me
15:08 kados tumer can't make it on mondays
15:08 kados chris: cool
15:08 hdl tuesday is a bad day for me and paul
15:08 kados hdl: what day is good for you two?
15:08 hdl Monday
15:09 hdl Wednesday
15:09 hdl Thursday three out of four.
15:10 hdl But tuesday, unless it begins at 23h30, which is late in France.
15:10 kados ok ...
15:11 kados hdl: will paul and pierrick make it tonight?
15:11 thd I favour Wednesday over Thursday
15:12 hdl paul : no.
15:12 kados ok
15:12 kados well lets get started then
15:12 hdl But he would be there on Wednesday.
15:12 kados first is news and announcements
15:13 kados if you haven't seen it already, I re-write the ZOOM searching in dev-week
15:13 kados
15:13 kados which features new and exciting search options never before seen in Koha :-)
15:13 kados hehe
15:14 thd As I was just telling Kados I created something remarkably similar just before the weekend
15:14 kados it makes adding search features very easy
15:14 kados as all you need to do is add the earch attributes to the template
15:14 kados ie, no code to edit
15:14 chris excellent
15:14 kados the code can handle any options you hand it
15:15 kados so long as they're valid :)
15:15 thd kados: Is this all JavaScript?
15:15 kados thd: only the fancy tab switching stuff
15:15 kados it's all in standard CGI forms
15:16 kados anyone else have news?
15:16 thd yes
15:16 hdl Is javascript for switching stuff ?
15:17 owen Javascript shows/hides the different search tabs
15:17 hdl I mean is it necesssary ?
15:17 kados hdl: it's completely unnecessary
15:17 owen At least it will be when we fix that bug in the script ;)
15:17 thd At the end of last week, I seem to have determined that BnF uses repeatable $3s in both INTERMARC and UNIMARC.
15:17 kados owen: what bug?
15:17 owen the search_type variable I mentioned earlier.
15:17 kados ahh
15:18 owen That makes it possible to switch tabs if javascript is turned off
15:18 kados right
15:18 kados well you can create a search page with just HTML
15:18 kados it's just a simple form
15:18 kados no need to use an official template even
15:19 kados thd: how does the $3 affect us?
15:19 thd BnF is not following the UNIMARC standard strictly for non-repeatability of $3 but then they do not need to create an endlessly large authority file for RAMEAU.
15:20 kados I see
15:20 thd kados: This means that using RAMEAU in France is the same problem exactly as using LCSH and other systems in MARC 21.
15:21 kados right
15:21 thd kaos: well almost
15:21 thd MARC 21 still has subdivisions with differing names as a differing authority type
15:22 kados I was hoping to discuss versioning issues with Koha but since paul's not here
15:22 kados I'm not sure we should :(
15:23 kados thd: I suspect the detailed MARC discussion should wait until after the meeting :-)
15:23 thd no problem
15:24 kados anyone have anything to discuss?
15:24 chris hmm not really
15:24 johnb Kyle has written a test program to simulate circulation
15:25 kados yea, I took a look at it, that's great
15:25 chris ahh yes i had a quick look at that, it looks like a good start
15:25 kados johnb: have you guys been doing load tests with it?
15:25 chris i was meaning to have a go at getting it to use issuebook
15:25 johnb Yes
15:25 johnb yes, but we still have a problem with issues (checkouts)
15:26 kados what's the prob?
15:27 johnb You will have to touch base with Kyle, he explains it to me and my eyes glaze over
15:28 hdl johnb: is this test program specifically designed in PERL or is it with an IDE ?
15:28 hdl like selenium ?
15:28 chris in perl hdl
15:28 chris 2 secs
15:29 cm kados: it's in perl.
15:29 kados cm: how's your backup script coming?
15:29 cm it's coming, but I've gotten sidetracked...
15:29 kados sure
15:29 cm I got stuck on ssh authentication, otherwise it's pretty much done.
15:29 kados cool
15:29 kados I usually use scp with a ssh-agent
15:30 kados you can also do passwordless public key
15:30 chris keys
15:30 chris yeah
15:30 chris but ssh-agent and a key with a passphrase is better
15:30 cm yeah, that's what I was trying to use (keys).
15:30 kados both are pretty secure though
15:31 cm I wanted it to be as automated as possible--set it up and that's it.
15:31 kados yep
15:31 kados with ssh-agent you need to restart the agend and re-identify after a reboot
15:31 kados so the keys are a little easier in that way
15:32 kados OK, if there's nothing else, I'll close the meeting so we can all get back to work :-)
15:33 chris oh i remember
15:34 hdl When is the next meeting ?
15:34 chris tomorrow we should be committing a bunch of stuff to HEAD
15:34 hdl Is it on Wednesday ?
15:34 chris all the fixes/changes we have made to acquisitions .. plus the serials work
15:34 kados hdl: yes, Wednesday at GMT 20:00
15:34 kados hdl: maybe this week even?
15:34 kados hdl: or should it be next week?
15:34 kados chris: wohooo!
15:34 kados chris: that's exciting
15:34 hdl hdl: it could be next Wednesday.
15:34 hdl For paul too.
15:35 hdl this week.
15:35 kados hdl: ok ... I'll post a mail to koha-devel
15:36 kados heh
15:37 chris getting up on cold mornings ... not fun
17:02 thd kados: let me know when you are back
18:03 kados salut Paul, comment sont vous ?
18:21 slef s/sont/allez/
18:21 slef I think
19:52 thd kados: are you there?
01:55 osmoze hello
02:14 chris hi osmoze
02:15 paul hi osmoze & chris
02:15 chris hi paul
02:15 osmoze hi chris & paul
02:16 paul wow : soccer : brazil - New zealand : 4 - 0 !!!
02:17 chris yes
02:17 chris it took nearly 25 mins for brazil to score too :)
02:17 chris i thought it would be 20-0 :-)
02:19 paul it's soccer chris, not rugby :-D
02:20 chris yeah but its brazil vs nz .. who couldnt even qualify for the world cup :)
02:23 chris lots of rugby on at the moment
02:24 chris nz maori in the churchill cup, junior all blacks in the pacific 5 nations, and all blacks vs ireland this weekend
02:24 chris plus the soccer
02:24 chris which is all at 3am and other times in the morning
02:24 chris i think ill be watching replays :)
02:26 chris paul: tomorrow mason, bob and I are going to be spending the day merging our fixes for acquisitions into head, plus the serials work, so should be a lot of commits
02:26 paul yep, I saw what you said to hdl yesterday
02:26 paul good news.
02:26 paul they will be on head isn't it ?
02:27 chris yes in head
02:28 paul chris, a quick question : did russel write the script to copy online help from wiki to cvs ?
02:29 chris nope
02:29 chris i was going to talk to pierrick about that
02:29 chris as he knows the backend of doku wiki
02:29 chris so he can tell me how i can query mysql to fish the data out easily
03:06 btoumi hi everybody
03:07 ToinS hi btoumi
03:07 btoumi hi toins
03:08 paul hello SAN-OP !
03:08 paul nice to read you
03:08 btoumi hi paul
03:08 btoumi t y
03:09 btoumi i continu with borrowers module
03:09 btoumi ;=)
03:12 btoumi :paul we are ok to say that the enreollement period is in day now ?
03:13 paul not in days, but in months !
03:13 btoumi lol
03:13 btoumi yes in month
03:13 btoumi i modify the tmpl
03:15 chris in seconds :-)
03:15 btoumi in milli seconds
03:15 chris :)
03:16 btoumi how are u chris
03:16 btoumi ?
03:17 chris doing good thanks, how are you?
03:18 btoumi the same, very good!!
03:18 btoumi ahe u seen my commit on friday
03:20 btoumi paul: it's ok i modify categorie.tmpl
03:21 chris yes looks good, seems to have fixed a lot of bugs
03:28 btoumi i hope
03:28 btoumi ;=)
03:28 Strait hello everyone
03:28 chris hi strait
03:28 Strait i have a little problem...
03:29 Strait i'm working at my university at the department of informatics
03:29 chris cool
03:30 Strait we're starting to use koha for teaching cataloging and to give the students somekind of idea how librarysystems work and how to use them
03:30 chris ahh ok
03:30 Strait so now i'm in the process of installing it
03:30 chris right
03:31 chris version 2.2.5 ?
03:31 Strait the problem is that we do not have a dedicated server for it and i don't have root access to the server
03:31 Strait it's 2.2.5 yes
03:31 chris ahh that makes it hard
03:32 Strait so i figured :)
03:32 Strait i'm stuck with yaz and net:z3950
03:33 Strait (+:)
03:33 btoumi hi Strait
03:33 chris ah yep, thats often tricky
03:33 Strait yaz is currently installed under my account under /yaz directory
03:34 chris for 2.2.5 net::z3950 isnt strictly needed, its only useful if you want to use the z3950 client
03:34 Strait and i've created symbolic links from ~/yaz/bin to ~/bin
03:34 Strait i know, but i think we're gonna want it anyway
03:34 chris right
03:35 Strait i'll know that for sure tomorrow, but i would see it quite important
03:35 chris yeah, it is useful
03:36 chris so the perl Makefile.PL for net::z3950 is looking for yaz-config right?
03:36 Strait yep, and that's in path curretly
03:36 chris so far so good then :)
03:37 chris whats it getting stuck on?
03:37 Strait trying to install net::z3950 through CPAN gives me a whole bunch of errors
03:37 Strait firs of all it complains that I don't have in @INC
03:38 chris hmm right
03:38 Strait which is true, since is under my account in ~/perl/lib/perl5/...
03:38 Strait and that definitely is not in @INC
03:38 chris right
03:38 chris you could perhaps do
03:39 chris perl -I ~/perl/lib/perl5/ -MCPAN  ....
03:39 chris i dont know if that will work or not, but worth a try  :)
03:39 Strait ok, I'll try that :)
03:40 Strait it want's to re-install Evet
03:40 Strait Event
03:41 chris hmmm
03:41 Strait and after re-installation same errors
03:41 chris darn
03:42 Strait Warning: prerequisite Event 0.77 not found.
03:42 Strait Event-1.06/
03:42 Strait does it want 0.77 and just that
03:43 Strait ?
03:43 chris shouldnt be ...
03:43 chris the machine that you are installing on, its running linux?
03:43 Strait RedHat
03:43 Strait ES4 I think
03:43 chris ahh right
03:44 Strait Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4
03:44 chris so my suggestion to get the sysadmin to do apt-get install libnet-z3950-perl is no good then :)
03:44 Strait probably not :D
03:44 chris its been a while since ive installed it by hand im trying to remember
03:45 chris ill try it on my laptop now
03:45 Strait do you think it would help if I had him install yaz toolkit?
03:45 chris i think there might even be an rpm for the net::z3950 module
03:45 chris if there was and he could install that and the yaz toolkit that would be good
03:46 Strait the problem then is that it's harder for us to keep the system up to date
03:46 chris true, you would need the sysadmin
03:46 chris hmmm
03:46 Strait although i'm not sure how big a problem that really is
03:52 chris i think someone was asking about this on the mailing list a while back
04:01 chris hmm cant find it
04:01 Strait i've installed koha on my home system as root and it was very smooth
04:02 Strait it's slackware system
04:02 chris yeah its pretty easy if you have superuser rights
04:04 chris ok on my laptop
04:04 chris it asked for event too
04:04 chris and its trying to install now
04:05 Strait it will work, but z39.50 won't be able to find it is my guess
04:05 chris yeah
04:06 chris thats what happened
04:06 Strait do you have yaz installed for the user account or as root?
04:06 chris i installed yaz as root
04:06 chris so its stopping at the check
04:07 chris i tried it without yaz
04:07 chris and it stopped before
04:07 chris saying it couldnt find yaz-config
04:07 chris so i apt-get install libyaz-dev
04:08 chris and now it stops at the check
04:08 Strait ok, so the yaz being installed as non-root obviously isn't the problem here
04:08 Strait although it will remain to be seen whether z39.50 will actually work when the system is up
04:08 chris yep
04:09 chris but for the install, yeah its getting past the yaz bit
04:09 chris and getting stuck at event
04:09 Strait hmm
04:09 chris interesting
04:09 chris if i install as root
04:10 chris then net::z3950 as non-root works fine
04:10 chris so it doesnt have to be 0.77
04:10 chris it just seems to not find it
04:12 chris perl -I ~/perl/lib/perl5/ -e 'use Event;'
04:13 chris that do anything?
04:14 Strait let's try
04:15 Strait Can't locate in @INC
04:15 Strait and then a list of directories currently in @INC
04:15 chris ah ha
04:17 chris so where is ?
04:18 Strait it's under /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_pe​rl/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi
04:19 chris hmm
04:19 chris so perl -I /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_pe​rl/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi -e 'use Event;'
04:19 Strait directory /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/ is actually in @INC
04:19 chris yeah that -I will make it be
04:20 Strait the above command says nothing
04:20 Strait so obviously it works
04:20 chris cool
04:21 chris so lets try
04:21 chris so perl -I /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_pe​rl/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi -MCPAN -e '/home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_​perl/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-mu
04:21 chris                 lti
04:21 chris 09:19PM|<chris> hmm
04:21 chris 09:19PM|<chris> so perl -I
04:21 chris                /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_p​erl/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-mul
04:21 chris                ti -e 'use Event;'
04:21 chris 09:19PM|<Strait> directory /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/ is actually in @INC
04:22 chris 09:19PM|<chris> yeah that -I will make it be
04:22 chris 09:20PM|<Strait> the above command says nothing
04:22 chris 09:20PM|<Strait> so obviously it works
04:22 chris                 lti
04:22 chris 09:19PM|<chris> hmm
04:22 chris 09:19PM|<chris> so perl -I
04:22 chris                /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_p​erl/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-mul
04:22 chris                ti -e 'use Event;'
04:22 chris 09:19PM|<Strait> directory /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/ is actually in @INC
04:22 chris 09:19PM|<chris> yeah that -I will make it be
04:22 chris 09:20PM|<Strait> the above command says nothing
04:22 chris 09:20PM|<Strait> so obviously it works
04:22 chris doh
04:22 chris sorry about that
04:22 chris my mouse has gone mental
04:22 chris brb
04:22 Strait :D
04:22 Strait perl -I /home/koha/... -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Z3950' says Net::Z3950 is up to date.
04:23 Strait how weird is that then :D
04:23 chris heh
04:23 chris sometimes this touchpad just wigs out and starts pasting when i move the cursor
04:23 chris its very annoying
04:24 Strait i can imagine :D
04:24 chris so it looks like its installed ok then
04:24 Strait and that in turn means that i should be able to run koha's installer
04:24 Strait let's try
04:25 chris u might need the -I bit
04:25 chris so it looks in the right place
04:25 chris and doesnt tell you they arent installed
04:26 Strait yep, i think it will need it
04:26 Strait and then i need the prefix and etcdir also
04:27 chris yeah i think so
04:28 Strait perl -MCPAN -e 'install "HTML::Template"'
04:28 Strait perl -MCPAN -e 'install "MARC::Record"'
04:28 Strait perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Mail::Sendmail"'
04:28 Strait perl -MCPAN -e 'install "You will need PDF::API2 for barcode generator"'
04:28 Strait those are actually presend counting out PDF::API2
04:28 Strait but i'll install them again
04:29 chris :)
04:31 Strait still complains about the same modules
04:31 Strait bugger
04:32 Strait if i leave the -I part out it only complains about Net::Z3950
04:32 chris well thats frustrating
04:32 Strait if I put the -I part there it doesn't complain about Z3950 but it complains about all the others :D
04:36 chris well im afraid im gonna have to head off .. its 9.35pm and i have to wash the dishes before i get in trouble
04:36 chris :)
04:36 Strait ok, thanks for your time :)
04:36 chris good luck strait, I hope some of the europeans can help out
04:36 Strait thanks :)
06:14 slef yo Strait
06:15 Strait hi there
06:15 slef can you summarise the problem?
06:15 Strait sure thing
06:16 Strait i'm trying to install koha on a non-root account and have a problem with z39.50 support
06:16 Strait i have yaz installed as a regular user under my home directory and as far as i can see it seems to be working
06:17 slef so what's the actual error you get and how do you get it?
06:17 Strait i have the perl-modules required by koha under ~/perl
06:17 slef sorry, I lagged (unplugged wrong line)
06:18 Strait install Net::Z3950 says it's unable to find in @INC
06:18 Strait Event is installed from CPAN
06:19 slef What distribution?
06:19 slef never mind, you don't have root
06:20 Strait Redhat Enterprise AS4
06:20 slef is event in a dir in @INC?
06:20 Strait it would be preferable if we could get this working without having ton install anything as root
06:20 Strait no
06:21 Strait i've tried adding it with -I with interesting results
06:21 Strait in that case i get Z3950 installed but Koha installer still won't find it
06:21 slef I'll read that off scrollback
06:23 Strait if i use -I with koha installer it finds Net::Z3950 but none of the other modules :D
06:23 slef try
06:23 slef export PERL5LIB=kohaperlmoduledir:eventpmdir
06:23 slef and then run the installer
06:24 slef replacing the ...dir with the dir details, of course
06:25 Strait The Net::Z3950 module is missing.
06:27 slef ok, so where's Net/ then?
06:28 slef hello tumer
06:28 tumer hi slef
06:29 Strait hmm, nowhere
06:29 Strait odd I just installed it and it reported Ok
06:30 Strait directory /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Net where is should be is still empty
06:30 btoumi hi tumer
06:30 tumer hi btoumi
06:31 btoumi how are u?
06:31 tumer very busy
06:31 btoumi ok good work?
06:31 btoumi ok good work
06:31 tumer getting along
06:31 Strait and if I try to re-install it from cpan it's said to be "up to date"
06:32 slef yes, I have a Net/
06:32 slef it would seem that the CPAN shell is stoned then :-/
06:32 tumer you seem to be very busy committing stuff as well
06:33 Strait pwd
06:33 btoumi me?
06:33 Strait sorry, wrong window :D
06:33 slef Try mv /home/koha/.cpan /home/koha/stoned.cpan # and re-running?
06:33 Strait haa! /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_perl​/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi/Net
06:33 slef /home/mjr/deb
06:33 Strait there it is
06:33 slef add /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_pe​rl/5.8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi to PERL5LIB and retry?
06:34 Strait it's there with :eventmpdir suffix
06:35 slef so echo $PERL5LIB returns what?
06:35 Strait can i just add :z3550mpdir suffix to that?
06:35 slef can try... try anything
06:35 Strait this: /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.​8.5/i386-linux-thread-multi:eventmpdir
06:35 slef note what works and what doesn't
06:35 slef eventmpdir should be the dir that your is in
06:36 slef not literally the text eventmpdir
06:36 slef PERL5LIB is sort of like PATH if you know that
06:36 Strait that's where it is
06:37 Strait yep, i know
06:38 slef this should work
06:40 Strait You are missing some Perl modules required by Koha.
06:40 Strait perl -MCPAN -e 'install "HTML::Template"'
06:40 Strait perl -MCPAN -e 'install "MARC::Record"'
06:40 Strait perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Mail::Sendmail"'
06:40 Strait :D
06:40 Strait it finds the Z3950 and Event though... :D
06:41 slef are thoe modulesin the kohadir or the site_perl dir?
06:42 Strait site_perl
06:43 Strait under 'koha' user account's
06:43 slef Mail/ is where?
06:44 Strait here it is: /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Mail
06:44 slef is /home/koha/perl/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5 in PERL5LIB? if not, add it and retry...
06:45 Strait it's not, i'll try that
06:46 Strait all required perl modules are installed!
06:46 Strait great
06:46 Strait :)
06:46 Strait thanks a million
06:47 Strait (can you say that in english?)
06:48 slef (yes)
06:49 slef no problem... you'll need to edit the PERL5LIB in the generated koha-httpd.conf to include the current setting
06:49 slef I don't think the installer does that by itself (arguably, it ought to)
06:49 Strait ok
06:49 Strait that one's up to the administrator as I don't have the access to apaches conf
06:50 Strait i'll be sure to tell him that
07:03 slef the koha-httpd.conf is generated by the installer
07:03 slef the administrator needs to copy it into httpd.conf or Include it
07:08 Strait so it seems
07:09 Strait i don't think that the default config will work for us, i'll have to discuss with the administrator on how it will be done
07:21 slef ok, I'd best get back to work
07:27 Comete hello/bonjour
07:27 btoumi hi/salut
07:27 Strait hello
07:32 ToinS bonjour/hello/GutenTag
07:40 Strait next problem: i don't have root access to mysql
07:40 Strait time to call it a day at this point I think
07:40 Strait it's almost four o'clock here
07:42 btoumi can u explain
07:42 btoumi ?
07:42 btoumi perhaps i can help u
07:42 Strait i'm trying to install koha 2.2.5 without root priviledges
07:42 btoumi ok
07:43 Strait without root proviledges to the system itself and to mysql
07:44 Strait it'll be for my university
07:44 Strait or rather for my department that is
07:44 Strait (department of information studies)
07:44 btoumi do u create a mysql user?
07:45 Strait i have readily created mysql user
07:46 Strait from our database administrator
07:46 btoumi do u use phpmyadmin?
07:46 Strait no, i'm using koha installer :D
07:47 btoumi and u have a error message for database creation in koha installer
07:47 Strait yep
07:47 Strait it wants the password for mysql root
07:48 btoumi do u have the message
07:48 Strait which i naturally don't have
07:48 btoumi ok
07:48 Strait so i edited to use my mysql user instead of root account
07:50 Strait at line 1796 there is: $mysqluser = 'root';
07:50 Strait which i changed to: $mysqluser = 'koha';
07:50 Strait (which is my mysql user)
07:50 btoumi ok i see
07:51 Strait no luck :(
07:51 Strait doesn't work
07:51 btoumi i never do that
07:51 Strait ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'koha'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
07:51 Strait 256ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'koha'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
07:51 Strait error: 'Access denied for user 'koha'@'localhost' (using password: YES)'
07:51 Strait error: 'Access denied for user 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' (using password: YES)'
07:51 btoumi i think i can't help u no more
07:52 btoumi i have ever see this message
07:52 btoumi can u use phpmyadmin
07:52 btoumi ?
07:52 Strait i don't think so...?
07:53 btoumi ok i think u must wait for paul help
07:53 Strait it's not installed on the server
07:53 btoumi ok
07:53 Strait yep
07:53 btoumi sorry
07:54 Strait hey, thanks for trying :)
07:54 Strait i'll try again tomorrow
07:55 Strait now i'm heading home =>
07:55 btoumi perhaps i have an idea tommorow :=)
08:16 Comete the borrowers table has only one field for the street address but i need to put the appartment number too, where can i put it ?
08:16 btoumi i give u the answer
08:16 btoumi just one minute
08:17 btoumi in address2
08:18 btoumi it's the address complement
08:18 Comete btoumi: sorry i don't see any address2 field in the table... are you sure ?
08:18 btoumi u works in 225
08:19 Comete 225 ?
08:19 btoumi koha 2.2.5
08:19 btoumi u work on koha 2.2.5
08:19 Comete btoumi: yes
08:20 btoumi ok that why u don't find this field :=)
08:20 Comete btoumi: isn't it the last stable release ?
08:21 btoumi yes the koha 2.2.5 is the last stable released
08:21 btoumi u are french comete isn't it?
08:22 Comete btoumi: yes it is
08:22 btoumi :comete ok in french alors
08:22 Comete :)
08:22 Comete btoumi: ce champ est dans la 3.0 ?
08:23 btoumi je travaille en fait sur la 3.0
08:23 btoumi oui c ca
08:23 Comete zut
08:23 btoumi j'ai refait tous le module lecteur
08:23 Comete le problème c'est que je peux pas tronquer mes addresses, sinon je vais me faire appeler Jules
08:24 btoumi lol
08:24 btoumi oui je comprend
08:24 Comete la 3.0 n'est pas encore utilisable en prod j'imagine
08:25 Comete faut que je trouve une solution alternative...
08:28 paul heu... non, la 3.0 n'est pas utilisable en prod...
08:28 paul btoumi: je suis de retour ;-)
08:29 Comete bonjour paul
08:35 kados hi #koha
08:36 Comete hi kados
08:36 btoumi hi kaodos
08:37 paul hi kados
08:40 ToinS hi kados
08:41 hdl hi kados
08:48 kados wow, France is taking over #koha today :-)
08:48 btoumi :=)
09:18 Comete est-il possible d'éditer des lettres de rappel avec Koha, y-a-til des éditions toutes prêtes ?
09:37 tumer hi owen
09:37 owen Hi tumer
09:37 kados hi tumer
09:37 tumer hi kados
09:37 kados tumer: i committe the .js you needed
09:38 kados tumer: did you get it working?
09:38 tumer i saw it and got it working
09:38 kados cool
09:38 tumer but to adapt it to template will be real time consuming
09:39 tumer i am working on it though
09:40 owen Whatcha guys talking about?
09:41 kados owen: the new
09:41 tumer kados: its got some bugs  as well I cannot get the PQF to work in simple search
09:41 kados tumer: ahh, yes, I didn't fix that in CVS
09:41 kados tumer: hang on
09:42 tumer aalso change CQL2RPN to CQL
09:42 kados tumer: well ...
09:42 kados tumer: what i actually need to do
09:42 kados tumer: is get the RPN
09:42 kados tumer: so we can pass it on to the next screen
09:43 kados tumer: so that's why I chose CQL2RPN in that case
09:43 tumer its the same thing
09:44 tumer for CQL2RPN you have to tell zoom which you are using
09:44 tumer for CQL the server uses the one we described when starting the server
09:45 tumer i thought anyway
09:46 tumer kados: make any sense to you????
09:47 kados yes, I see what you mean
09:47 kados but, we can just use the C4::Context dir to store the
09:47 kados so we don't need to hardcode it like I did before
09:47 tumer yes but why??
09:48 tumer context will have pathto/
09:48 tumer which will have to be modified by each installation
09:48 kados are you asking why the Zebra server needs us to tell it again?
09:48 kados ie, is it a bug in Zebra?
09:48 tumer the Zebra server knows where this file is
09:48 kados or are you asking me why we should use CQL2RPN
09:48 kados but ZOOM doesn't
09:49 kados I think this CQL2RPN is handled within ZOOM
09:49 tumer no they designed it that way
09:49 kados it makes sense
09:49 kados because you might want one of your clients to use a different properties file
09:49 tumer CQL2RPN you have to describe where your pqf file is (may be u are using a differnet one etc.)
09:51 kados I understand
09:52 kados but the problem is, if we're going to be offering 'resort' and 'search within' on the next page (results page)
09:52 kados we need to store the query in PQF
09:52 kados not in CQL
09:52 tumer yes but we have a flag saying cql
09:53 tumer so we reconstruct everything from cql or wherever its coming from
09:56 kados ok, but that means we have two APIs
09:56 kados to do everything
09:56 kados and I'm not sure if CQL supports all the same stuff PQF supports
09:56 kados (like re-ordering)
09:57 kados ok ... the way I've done it now
09:57 kados the PQF always gets passed around as:
09:57 kados $pqf_sort_by $pqf_prox_ops $pqf_bool_ops $pqf_query
09:57 kados CQL2RPN turns our CQL query into $pqf_query
09:58 kados so we still pass it to the next page as:
09:58 kados $pqf_sort_by $pqf_prox_ops $pqf_bool_ops $pqf_query
09:58 tumer let me see if am mistaken:CQL2RPN does not turn it into PQF query (well dows but internally as an object)
09:58 kados ahh ... in that case, we may have a problem
09:59 kados maybe we can pull it out of the object somewhere
09:59 tumer we have to check this!!!
10:00 kados yep
10:00 kados I'm going to be working with Owen in a couple hours (visiting his library)
10:00 tumer we may get away with it
10:00 kados it would be ideal
10:00 kados I hope my slipshod code doesn't distract you from my overal method for ZOOM searching
10:01 kados because I think the method is brilliant, even if the actual code isnt' :-)
10:02 tumer any cql stays cql any pqf stays pqf resort is pqf always so i think it can stay that way and we always make sure we are doing it as pqf
10:03 tumer well the code is a little difficult for me to follow but i will crack it
10:04 kados the prox operator makes things difficult
10:05 kados if it wasn't for that operator, it'd be much simpler
10:05 kados and probably there's a better way to handle it than i've done
10:05 tumer i did not exercise with proximity
10:05 kados it's pretty slick
10:07 tumer its like we need a week training for koha developers (and  i thought i cracked it) on how to use zebra search
10:08 tumer all those ops that added do you think they all work
10:09 tumer like the one first in field we learned is not supported
10:10 kados I haven't fully tested all of them
10:10 kados that's one of the things I hope to do with owen today
10:11 kados but there's a helpful page on ID's doc site
10:11 kados on protocol support
10:11 kados[…]tocol-support.tkl
10:11 kados it describes in some detail what is supported
10:11 tumer for proximity yes
10:12 tumer for relations i am not sure > = < =< etc
10:12 kados relations is interesting
10:13 tumer does it actually work
10:13 kados the < > = does
10:13 kados it requires a 'number' index
10:13 kados i dont' think phonetic or stem are supported
10:13 kados but I haven't tested
10:14 kados 'relevance' does work
10:14 tumer yes thats what i thought numbers only
10:14 tumer do we have any numbers?
10:15 tumer yes we have biblionumber which may be useful with
10:15 tumer export biblionumber> and biblionumber<
10:17 tumer well this monolgue shows that i have to work more on this zebra thing

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