IRC log for #koha, 2006-06-03

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12:01 kados owen: ok, should be good to go
12:02 kados cql search seems to be working
12:04 kados owen: for power search
12:04 owen What did you search for in the cql search?
12:04 kados cat
12:04 kados it won't accept invalid cql queries
12:04 kados like
12:04 kados cat in the hat
12:04 kados :-)
12:04 owen ?!
12:05 kados don't worry
12:05 kados "cat in the hat" works
12:05 kados there's no error checking yet
12:05 kados but any valid CQL query should work
12:05 kados obviously before we go live we'll add error checking :-)
12:05 kados make sense?
12:06 owen We're not asking the patrons to learn CQL, right?
12:06 kados well ...
12:06 kados no, in that way that google doesn't ask people to learn their search syntax
12:06 kados :-)
12:07 kados we just need to pick some default behavoirus
12:07 kados like ...
12:07 kados for a query like 'cat in the hat'
12:07 kados should it be translated into:
12:07 kados "cat in the hat"
12:07 kados or
12:07 kados cat and in and the and hat
12:07 kados ?
12:08 owen Google does the latter, right, but with relevance ranking added in.
12:09 kados yea, google does the and thing
12:09 kados and sorts by it's own relevance ranking
12:10 kados we've actually got lots of ranking options
12:10 kados I'll add some more in before the day is up
12:11 kados so, next priority is getting the power search to work on the opac, eh? :-)
12:11 kados and I'm assuming 'simple search' should be the default on page load
12:12 owen I was just thinking about that
12:12 owen Actually I'm picturing the opac home page being the same as it is now, with the cql search the default
12:13 owen Then if you click 'advanced search' you get the opac-catalogue-home screen with the advanced search highlighted.
12:13 kados yea, that sounds good
12:13 kados so we just won't link to or
12:14 kados opac-catalogue-home will be the default page to load
12:14 owen No, what I was thinking was that the default opac home page would still be
12:14 owen And the 'advanced search' link would lead to opac-catalogue-home
12:15 owen 'catalogue home page' might lead to
12:15 kados hmmm
12:16 kados why not just have one search page?
12:16 owen Because the home page of the opac does a lot of other things too, like offer a login form, link to patron services, etc.
12:17 kados can't we do all of that on
12:17 owen Not with that monster form there
12:17 kados hmm, ok ...
12:18 kados we can easily do that at some point
12:18 kados soon
12:18 kados but for tomorrow, lets have everything on one page
12:18 owen for tomorrow, shouldn't we just pull up directly?
12:20 kados yea
12:21 owen Does the database have call numbers?
12:21 owen 'classification' isn't pulling them up.
12:22 kados classification where?
12:22 kados in the cql search?
12:23 owen sorry, in the search results page
12:24 kados ahh
12:24 kados it's supposed to pull them from itemcallnumber
12:24 kados which isn't populated
12:24 kados it's on my list for the re-index
12:24 kados so ...
12:24 kados where are we at
12:24 dewey we are saying we prefer "addXxx" to "add_xxx" and "addxxx".
12:25 kados 1. power search doesn't work (template prob)
12:25 kados 2. need to move ISBN search to advanced and power
12:26 kados 3. need drop-downs for the search options in the power search
12:26 owen :P
12:27 kados 4. need to re-index with classification / call numbers working
12:27 owen Any idea what's going on with the power search?
12:27 kados 5. need a sort by date
12:27 kados no, haven't looked yet
12:28 owen Looks like the cql search doesn't produce a search string variable for the results screen to display
12:29 kados 6. fix searchdesc for CQL search
12:29 kados 7. remove dictionary searches (use syspref)
12:30 kados 8. remove number search (right?)
12:30 kados what else ...
12:30 kados we need to test :-)
12:31 kados test the spellchecker
12:32 kados 'lerning' brings up results with 'learning' in a non-phrase search
12:33 kados 9. add series title searching
12:34 kados owen: unless you have strong objections, I'm gonna take a lunch break
12:34 kados owen: things seem to be progressing well
12:34 owen Sounds good.  I need some lunch too.
12:35 kados cool, I'll be back by about 2:15 or so
12:53 kados looking at power search now
13:15 kados owen: I messed something up :-)
13:16 owen uh oh
13:16 kados owen: for some reason the boolean operators got shifted wrong
13:16 owen Heh.... yeah I made a change to the script that affected where those things should appear.  That was a couple days ago
13:16 kados instead of :
13:17 kados AND
13:17 kados AND
13:17 kados Search
13:17 kados it should be:
13:17 kados Search
13:17 kados AND
13:17 kados AND
13:17 kados right?
13:17 kados ahh
13:32 kados hmmm
13:33 kados I'll brb
14:11 kados looks like field_value isn't getting populated
14:15 kados owen: you working on power search?
14:16 owen I just made a couple of template changes that I thought might help, but I don't see any change
14:17 kados k ... let me try :-)
14:26 kados found one thing
14:26 kados there wasn't a zoom
14:26 kados zoom needs to be set to 1
14:27 owen Did you add it?
14:33 kados yea
14:34 kados so
14:34 kados this is what the query looks like on the intranet:
14:34 kados key: remote_URL, value:[…]ber_to_display=10.
14:34 kados here's what the opac looks like:
14:34 kados key: remote_URL, value:[…]display=20;order=.
14:34 kados what are those '=all;=all;=all'?
14:35 kados should be field_nameX (where X is 1-3)
14:35 kados I think
14:35 kados maybe that's our problem
14:35 owen I see something
14:36 owen A missing name= value in one of the form fields.
14:36 kados go ahead and fix it
14:36 kados I dont' see it :-)
14:37 kados but that's probably it
14:37 kados still not working ...hmmm
14:38 kados looks like zoom is off again
14:38 owen Whoops... my fault.
14:38 kados you need:
14:38 owen zoom = 1, right?
14:39 kados <input type="hidden" name="zoom" value="1" />
14:39 kados in with the hidden fields
14:39 kados yay
14:39 kados working
14:39 kados _and_ it looks nice :-)
14:39 kados good combo :-)
14:40 owen limit by format doesn't seem to be working
14:40 kados ok
14:41 owen Hmmm... Actually, I don't know what's going on...
14:41 owen "star wars" + format=DVD works, but "star wars" + format = videocassette doesn't.
14:41 kados heh
14:41 owen (in advanced search)
14:41 kados does it work on the intranet?
14:43 kados hmmm, no
14:43 kados and old koha gives us results
14:43 kados hmmm
14:44 kados the query before zebra gets it:
14:44 kados @and  @attr 1=1016 @attr 4=1    @attr 3=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 5=1 @attr 2=102  "star wars"  @attr 1=4 "AC"
14:44 kados lemme try that in yaz-client
14:45 kados no hits
14:47 kados weird
14:48 kados this works:
14:48 kados @and  @attr 1=1016  @attr 4=6  @attr 5=103 @attr 2=102 "star wars" @attr 1=4  "AV"
14:49 kados @and  @attr 1=1016  @attr 4=6  @attr 5=103 @attr 2=102 "star wars" @attr 1=4  "DVD"
14:50 kados the second one returns hits
14:50 kados the first one doesn't
14:50 kados maybe an index problem?
14:51 kados search on 'a' and AV
14:51 kados it only returns three results
14:51 kados ahh ...
14:51 kados that must be it
14:51 kados @attr 1=4  "DVD"
14:51 kados wrong attr assigned to itemtype
14:52 kados lemme see what it should be
14:52 owen Yeah, I was going to say: none of those three results is a video!
14:52 kados (1=4 is title)
14:53 owen Ah... hence the AV-8B harriers title
14:55 kados yea
14:55 kados I've got to fix the indexer config and re-index
14:55 kados I'll try to fix classification while I'm at it
14:59 kados ok, lets try that
14:59 kados snack time
14:59 owen Does that mean searching is broken until it's done?
14:59 kados yea, should be about 7 minutes
15:01 kados the fallback might work
15:01 kados but it's just searching the old koha tables
15:05 kados not quite working
15:05 kados but at least attempting to work ;-)
15:05 kados the failover system is pretty nifty w
15:05 kados once you get it going
15:14 owen Did you just try to update the opacnav system preference?
15:14 kados yea, it seems like it's getting truncated
15:14 kados must be the wrong size in this one
15:14 owen Yes. I noticed that yesterday
15:15 kados have to fix that eventually
15:15 kados almost done indexing
15:16 kados guess it's a bit longer than 7 minutes :-)
15:17 kados darn, forgot to add series title
15:20 kados ok, the index is re-built, FFR it takes about 20 minutes to rebuild
15:22 owen Is the limit-by-branch feature broken because of the lack of holdings? Did I already ask that?
15:22 kados now, gotta figure out what Material Type needs to be mapped to in bib1
15:22 kados no, holdings are in there
15:22 kados for example:
15:23 kados[…]
15:23 owen Oh, I see... I shouldn't have picked 'starts with' ;)
15:23 kados yea, that's gonna suprise people
15:23 owen What's with the square brackets in the search results screen? "Chauncey[]"
15:23 kados but it's what they asked for
15:24 kados itemcallnumber goes in there
15:24 kados but NPL's holdings don't have that
15:24 kados it's a change I need to make tonight
15:24 kados because it'll take a few hours to add it to all the MARC records
15:25 owen I take it the "[]" is part of a string that's built by the script?
15:27 kados yea, probably
15:27 kados of course we can change it
15:28 owen If we have a column that will display itemcallnumber, that's enough for NPL. We don't have different itemcallnumber values for different copies at different branches
15:28 owen That's the only reason I could think of that you'd want itemcallnumber displayed in the holdings column
15:30 kados owen: try the format search now
15:30 kados heh, looks like it's working
15:30 kados I _do_ understand it :-)
15:30 owen Yeah
15:33 kados ok, found a bug
15:33 kados search on:
15:33 kados anywhere african normal keyword
15:33 kados and anywhere history normal keyword
15:33 kados not anywhere american normal keyword
15:33 kados it pulls up stuff with american
15:33 kados but if you go:
15:34 kados anywhere african normal keyword
15:34 kados oops
15:34 kados go:
15:34 kados anywhere african history normal keyword
15:34 kados not anywhere american normal keyword
15:34 kados it works fine
15:35 kados intranet seems to work
15:40 owen I see what's wrong, I think
15:40 owen Because I moved where the "and" dropdown menu appears, the form field number got changed from what it should be.
15:40 owen The second 'and' should be associated with the first row (#1)
15:41 kados ahh
15:42 kados can you fix it?
15:42 owen I much prefer it this way... Would that be complicated to change in the script?
15:42 owen Otherwise I have to move that field back up to the end of the line above
15:43 owen I like that the "AND/OR/NOT" is at the beginning of the "phrase"
15:43 kados I prefer it your way too
15:43 kados let me see if I can fix it
15:45 kados this cql is really neat
15:45 kados african not americ*
15:51 kados stemming doesn't seem to be working in the CQL
15:52 kados ok, I'll fix this andor thing
15:52 kados sec
15:54 kados owen: why would it get changed based on where it is?
15:55 owen Because the form field names are appended with a variable that increments with the loop: name="op<!-- TMPL_VAR name="num" -->"
15:56 kados y'know ...
15:56 kados we could do some really slick stuff here
15:56 kados for instance
15:56 kados it'd be simple to be able to read something like:
15:57 kados published before 1960
15:57 kados and translate it internally
15:58 kados ok, back to business :-)
15:58 kados wouldn't they be in the same loop?
15:58 kados yea :-)
15:58 kados owen: nothing to stop us working on it while we're there :-)
15:59 owen Except I have to break out into small groups and discuss job descriptions :P
15:59 kados ahh :(
16:00 owen Anyway... The script is told to look for 'op1' and 'op2'
16:00 owen But now they end up getting sent as 'op2' and 'op3'
16:00 kados ok
16:01 kados so we just increment $num
16:01 kados for op
16:01 kados I'll try that
16:02 kados hmmm
16:02 kados I bet num is used in more places than just op
16:04 kados I still don't quite get it
16:04 kados ahh, now I do
16:04 kados ok, I need to change catalogsearch It hink
16:18 kados hmmm, this gets complicated
16:18 kados I guess I can change all instances of op1 to op2
16:18 kados and op2 to op3
16:18 kados right?
16:18 owen Except that sometimes it's used in a loop...
16:19 owen if ($search{"op$i"} eq 'or') {
16:19 owen See line 59
16:19 kados right
16:19 kados any way we can move it without changing the code?
16:20 owen I don't think so
16:21 kados what if you just put a line break
16:21 kados in
16:21 kados heh
16:21 kados I guess it's a table
16:21 kados hmmm
16:21 owen I really fought that that damn form, and in the end the table worked the best.
16:22 kados hey, I'm fine with tables
16:22 kados that's tabular data for the most part
16:22 kados besides, this is a proof-of-concept
16:23 kados well ... a beta really
16:23 kados chris and I are going to release 2.3.0 this weekend
16:23 kados based on this codebase
16:23 kados my goal is for a 2.4 release by ALA (June 22)
16:23 kados anyway ...
16:27 kados owen: so can we move it back to the right-hand side ?
16:27 owen Hang on , I'm trying something
16:27 kados owen: I prefer it on the left too, but I'm afraid we should focus on real  bufixing
16:28 kados ok
16:31 owen Okay, never mind. I moved it back.
16:31 kados we'll for sure fix it
16:31 kados before we go live
16:32 kados I just don't wanna mess too much with something that's working one day before the demo ;-)
16:32 owen Agreed.
16:36 kados owen: template's borking some extra data
16:36 owen eh?
16:37 kados huh it's gone now
16:41 kados ok ... where are we at?
16:41 owen Still not working as expected, I think
16:41 kados yea, the boolean's a bit strange
16:42 kados lets get some examples
16:42 kados and compare to the intranet
16:42 kados see if it's just the template or the whole system
16:42 owen I tried Title starts with 'birds' and got a bunch of results that didn't start with 'birds'
16:43 kados on the first page?
16:43 kados I don't
16:43 owen The intranet seems to work though... >:(
16:43 kados ahh ...
16:43 kados if you do 'normal' 'starts with' it doesn't work
16:43 kados if you do 'phrase' 'starts with' it does
16:44 kados lemme try the intranet
16:44 kados same behavior
16:44 owen Weird
16:44 kados so ... 'normal' isn't playing nice with 'starts with'
16:45 kados @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1    @attr 3=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 5=1 @attr 2=102  "birds"
16:45 kados vs.
16:45 kados @attr 1=4  @attr 4=6  @attr 5=103  "birds"
16:46 kados second one doesn't work
16:46 kados first one does
16:47 russ bob / walter - i am off to the convention centre
16:47 russ so no breaking rosters pretty please
16:47 kados consult your handy dandy bib1 attribute set reference:
16:47 kados
16:47 kados russ: wrong channel?
16:47 russ oops wrong channel
16:47 kados :-)
16:47 kados so
16:47 kados 4=1 is phrase
16:48 kados 4=6 is word list
16:48 kados Word list          6    A word list consists of one or more words
16:48 kados                                separated by blanks (for example, ASCII
16:48 kados                                hex "20").  No order of the words is
16:48 kados                                implied.  The attributes (other than
16:48 kados                                structure) that are associated with the
16:48 kados                                search term apply to each word in the
16:48 kados                                word list.  Any words in a word list may
16:48 kados                                be explicitly truncated.  (See
16:48 kados                                "Truncation" -- section 2.5 below.)  The
16:49 kados                                relationship between the words in a word list
16:49 kados                                is target-specific.
16:49 kados so they're not meant to play nicely together
16:49 kados in fact, they should be the same option
16:49 kados sorry that's my fault
16:49 kados although ...
16:49 kados hmmmm
16:50 kados I would expect 4=2
16:50 kados not 4=6
16:52 kados I've got to head out
16:52 kados for a bit
16:53 kados I'll continue working on this this evening
16:53 owen Me too.  I'll try to hop back on in a few hours.
16:53 kados I think we've made good progress
16:53 kados sounds good, thanks
18:56 kados hey owen
18:56 kados I've implemented an 'RPN'
18:56 kados search as well
18:56 owen I saw that on the simple search screen but I don't know what it means
18:56 kados works if you check the rpn box on the simple search
18:57 kados it's to help me figure out what zebra supports
18:57 kados and how the search responds differently to different queries
18:57 kados for instance:
18:57 kados @attr 2=102 @attr 6=1 @attr 3=3 @attr 5=1 @attr 4=1 @attr 1=1016 birds
18:57 kados is a RPN query
18:57 kados for now I'm just using the bib1 attribute set:
18:58 kados
18:58 kados semantics explained here:
18:58 kados
18:58 kados it's a mental puzzle
18:58 kados basically, in order to know what attributes to group together for popular searches
18:59 kados we're going to first have to figure out what zebra supports
18:59 kados maybe the thing to do
18:59 kados is to use a sypdus system as an example of what staff expect
18:59 kados do you have a url handy?
18:59 owen
19:00 owen How's that for a quick draw?
19:00 kados heh
19:00 kados you're not the only one glazing
19:00 kados this stuff's almost worse than MARC
19:01 kados ahh, good
19:01 kados that link's very helpful
19:02 kados oohhh
19:02 kados search by language ...
19:02 kados nice
19:02 kados this is really cool
19:02 kados we can do all of this stuff now
19:02 kados they distinguish between 'collections'
19:03 kados and 'formats'
19:03 kados I've seen that before
19:03 owen Yeah, Spydus was always weird about handling materials.
19:03 owen We always relied on an itemtype-like classification instead
19:04 owen I think because our MARC records didn't have accurate materials designations
19:04 owen (and why have a search option for "realia" if the library has none?
19:06 kados right
19:09 kados brb
19:22 kados we're going to have to change the power search
19:22 kados well ... I'm going to have to change it :-)
19:23 kados zebra doesn't really implement a 'starts with'
19:23 kados that would be attribute 3 in bib1
19:24 kados 3=1 - first in field
19:25 kados but the phrase search + an attribute called 'right truncation' works almost the same way
19:25 kados so really, 'phrase' and 'starts with' are the 'starts with'
19:25 kados that's why if you take away phrase it doesn't work
19:27 kados in fact, it doesn't really work at all
19:27 kados even with phrase
19:47 owen kados: Do you know why 'related links' isn't showing up on opac-detail?
19:47 kados hmmm, no
19:47 owen[…]
19:47 kados well ... yes
19:48 owen[…]
19:48 kados the subjects table isn't populated
19:48 owen I thought that drew from the MARC tables
19:48 kados neither is additionalauthors
19:48 kados hmmm ... maybe
19:48 kados it's a good question, add it to our list
19:54 kados owen: I've made the default 'simple' not 'advanced'
19:54 owen I see that.
19:54 kados owen: I still think we should just have one OPAC search screen
19:54 kados :-)
19:54 kados mu ha ha ha
19:56 owen We'll see. :)
19:58 kados heh
02:01 paul hello pierrick
02:08 pierrick hello paul
02:11 ToinS hi all
02:17 paul tiens, revla notre étoile filante...
02:23 btoumi hi everybody
02:23 ToinS hi btoumi
02:23 paul hello bruno.
02:24 paul des 4 coins de l'hexagone, les français se retrouvaient le channel #koha
02:24 btoumi lol c clair
02:24 paul dewey les écoutait, stupidement béat.
02:24 dewey paul: excuse me?
02:24 btoumi hello dewey
02:24 dewey hi, btoumi
02:24 btoumi pual
02:53 chris evening
02:55 paul hi chris
04:22 Comete bonjour tout le monde :)
04:26 ToinS hello Comete
04:31 Comete hello ToinS
04:32 Comete i come back from a meeting about Koha with our librarians
04:33 paul and you have some good news for us ?
04:33 Comete paul: yes maybe
04:33 Comete paul: for you too :)
04:33 paul genre le mec il va encore me demander un devis ...
04:34 Comete lol
04:35 btoumi lol
04:36 Comete non il se pourrait que SI on part sur Koha, on ait éventuellement des développements complémentaires à faire faire.
04:36 Comete notement au niveau de l'interface qu'ils ne trouvent pas terrible
04:37 paul la bonne nouvelle : elle sera entièrement reprise pour Koha 3.0
04:37 paul s/sera/est/
04:37 Comete youpi !
04:37 Comete :)
04:37 Comete paul: et d'autres développements éventuels pour des modules complémentaires si la fonctionnalité attendue n'existe pas
04:38 paul une chtite pré-liste ?
04:38 paul (qu'on te dise si c'est déjà en cours voire déjà écrit sur le CVS)
04:38 paul genre :
04:38 paul - gestion des jours fériés => déjà dispo ;-)
04:38 Comete paul: ils préparent une liste de questions à ce sujet que je vous transmettrais évidement
04:39 pierrick genre plus de vert fluo dans l'intranet ?
04:39 pierrick :-)
04:39 paul si elle était en anglais et postée sur koha-devel, ce serait parfait !
04:39 ToinS héhé
04:39 paul yaplus de vert fluo dans l'intranet !
04:39 Comete paul: je ferais de mon mieux ;)
04:39 pierrick youpi
04:39 paul (et depuis un bon moment d'ailleurs. Sauf sur la page d'accueil)
04:39 pierrick paul : koha-devel ou koha-discuss ?
04:39 paul koha-devel dans un 1er temps je pense
04:39 pierrick j'aurai dit koha-discuss
04:40 pierrick on discute des fonctionnalités entre utilisateurs et ensuite on passe à la solution technique sur koha-devel
04:40 pierrick cela permet d'impliquer davantage les utilisateurs dans le développement
04:40 pierrick (dans la discussion non technique en tout cas)
04:40 paul ouaip, ca se tient.
04:40 Comete paul: une personne de la médiathèque a assisté à la Conférence Internationale à Paris début Mai 2006
04:41 paul oui, c'est vrai, j'avais oublié. inscription de dernière minute !
04:41 Comete paul: oui je devais venir aussi mais j'ai eu un truc sur le gaz...
04:41 pierrick Comete, et alors, qu'a-t-elle pensé de la conf ?
04:42 Comete pierrick: bah elle est inquiète par rapport au témoignage de l'école des mines quant à leur migration
04:43 Comete pierrick: mais elle se dit que koha a bien évolué depuis...
04:43 Comete pierrick: donc on aura sans doute moins de problèmes
04:44 Comete j'espère
04:44 pierrick si vous passez en 3.0, Koha a effectivement beaucoup changé
04:45 Comete pierrick: prévue quand la 3.0 ?
04:46 Comete quand ce sera prêt j'imagine ;)
04:46 pierrick kados (joshua ferraro) est le release manager pour la 3.0
04:46 pierrick je ne sais pas quand la 3.0 sera prêt
04:46 pierrick e
04:46 paul une seule chose de sure : pas demain !!!
04:46 pierrick je pense/espère qu'elle sera prête pour le 2ème semestre 2006
04:47 Comete mais je pense qu'on va migrer rapidement une fois la décision est prise, c'est une question de semaines...
04:47 pierrick mais comme on est sur un modèle de release à fonctionnalité et pas un modèle de release à date, il est impossible de dire quand ce sera prêt, on peut juste estimer
04:47 pierrick alors tu migreras en 2.2.x
04:48 Comete en fait on a un budget pour ca qu'il va falloir utiliser soit avec Koha soit avec le logiciel actuel
04:49 Comete nous on préfèrerait l'utiliser pour Koha mais c'est aux gens du métier d'en décider suivant le résultat de leur tests
04:50 Comete si Koha leur convient, on utilisera ce budget en formation ou pour financer un développement particulier qui profiterait à la communauté
04:51 Comete je pense que monsieur POULAIN doit proposer ce genre de prestation
04:51 Comete non ?
04:51 pierrick (pas que Paul mais oui)
04:51 Comete ok
04:53 Comete je suis à fond pour les LL et je travaille à 90% qu'avec ca, mais la décision ne m'appartient pas
04:54 Comete sorry chris i'm not polite...
04:54 chris no its ok
04:54 Comete ;)
04:55 chris there are far more french speakers online at the moment
04:55 chris im just being curious :)
04:55 paul comete :could you explain to chris how large & where is st lo ?
04:55 Comete ok i will try
04:57 Comete chris: saint-lo is a french town in Manche (the D-DAY location with Calvados ;)
04:58 chris ohhh ok
04:58 Comete chris: there are about 20 000 inhabitants
04:59 chris ahh about the same size as levin (the main branch of HLT)
04:59 Comete chris: our library is wondering if they wil migrate to Koha or buy a new module for the actual application
05:01 chris ah ha
05:01 Comete not a free application...
05:02 Comete chris: where do you live ?
05:02 chris right, so much for them to consider
05:02 chris wellington, nz
05:02 Comete chris: oooohhhh ! i would love to go there !
05:03 chris[…],0.43396&t=h&om=1
05:03 chris see where it says Island Bay
05:03 paul just adopt Koha, get involved in development, ask chris to organise KohaCon 2.0 and ask your mayor for funds to go there.
05:03 paul (remove what is inapplicable ;-) )
05:03 chris under the a in island ... is my house :)
05:04 Comete chris: i've planned to go in NewZealand this year for my "wedding holiday" but i can't afford it
05:04 chris ahh thats a shame
05:04 Comete paul: good idea :)
05:04 chris its the airfare that is expensive
05:04 chris once you get here, its chearp
05:04 Comete chris: so i will go to Norway instead
05:04 chris cheap even
05:04 chris 1 euro = 2 nz$
05:04 chris ahh norway is beautiful too
05:05 Comete chris: these are the two country where i wanted to go in my life
05:05 chris well that will be one down, just one to go :)
05:05 Comete chris: so i will be in Norway in July
05:06 Comete chris: yes i hope i could do that
05:07 chris im sure you will enjoy norway
05:08 chris and it will be much nicer than nz in july
05:08 chris because july is winter here
05:08 Comete chris: ah ok
05:08 chris unless you like rain :-)
05:08 chris and rugby
05:09 Comete chris: oh i live in Normandy you know...
05:09 Comete chris: i'm not afraid of rain... :)
05:09 chris :)
05:10 paul chris : in France, we say about normandy :
05:11 paul "the weather is good here, there is sun several times a day !"
05:11 chris lol
05:11 chris there is a town in new zealand, called New Plymouth
05:11 chris its right at the base of a mountain
05:12 Comete chris: i live here:[…]3.779297&t=h&om=1
05:12 chris they say "If you can see the mountain, its going to rain, if you cant see the mountain its already raining"
05:12 Comete lol
05:13 chris ohh, google maps is very good for this sort of thing
05:14 Comete yes
05:15 Comete chris: i would like to show you my house but there's no aerial photo of it :)
05:15 chris :)
05:16 chris[…]evern+street/125/
05:16 chris if you switch this to aerial
05:16 chris you can see the roof of my house
05:17 ToinS i live there =>[…]0.027122&t=h&om=1
05:17 Comete lol :)
05:18 Comete ToinS: uhh ohh ! i can see you sitting in your bath :)
05:19 ToinS héhé !!
05:19 Comete ToinS: you should close the window :)
05:19 chris i remember toins drove past there on the way to cassis
05:19 ToinS yep !
05:21 paul mine :
05:21 paul[…]0.027122&t=h&om=1
05:21 chris ok well i might go to bed, i hope your library go with koha, and even if they dont i hope you get to visit new zealand some day comete ... im sure ill see you on irc again
05:21 paul my house being the one on the right of the red point
05:22 paul (in the middle of the tree)
05:22 paul mmm...
05:22 paul[…]0.008883&t=h&om=1
05:22 paul is better...
05:23 paul (the swimming pool further on the right NOT being mine ;-)
05:23 chris :-)
05:23 chris you have the see close .. who needs a swimming pool :-)
05:23 chris sea even
05:23 chris ok, now im going to bed
05:24 chris good night all, nice to talk with you comete
05:24 paul have a good night chris
05:26 ToinS good night chris
05:32 Comete chris: good night :)
05:32 Comete chris: for me too
09:22 paul is kados around ?
11:43 ToinS bye all

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