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17:25 tumer antoine still working?
18:26 kados tumer: I thought that the results list and the details page was displayed with data from zebra in, am I wrong?
18:27 tumer the result list from zebra from koha
18:28 tumer I discussed this with paul at dev-week and it looked logical to leave it that way
18:29 tumer any probs?
18:33 kados nope, just missunderstood
18:33 kados it is pulling it from the MARC in Koha though, right?
18:33 kados (man, this import script is fast!)
18:33 kados 150K records in 3 minutes :-)
18:34 tumer i left the zebra bits in it as well you can modify it
18:34 kados hmm, it crashed at 66K
18:35 kados Can't call method "subfield" on an undefined value at line 50.
18:35 kados that's strange
18:35 tumer thats a typical non 090 error
18:36 kados I ran missing090 script before I exported
18:38 tumer about zebra searchresults from zebra marcdetails from koha-marc
18:39 tumer about the previous error its probably too fast thats why? hehee
18:40 kados hehe
18:40 kados "about zebra searchresults from zebra marcdetails from koha-marc" ?
18:40 kados could you explain what you mean :-)
18:41 tumer we search zebra get the results on our page if you click a title to see the details we read the marcrecord from koha
18:42 kados hmmm
18:42 kados that doesn't seem to be the way it's working for me
18:42 kados before I ran the new script the search results weren't displaying any title/author/etc.
18:42 kados once I ran it, they showed up
18:42 kados on the detail page, there is still no MARC data
18:42 tumer wwhich new script?
18:43 kados the fast new import script
18:43 tumer it looks as if you are searching on koha
18:44 kados it shows up in the zebra log
18:44 tumer how come you have title and no marc deata?
18:44 kados also, searching on something I would expect to have tons of hits
18:44 kados like 'new' doesn't have any
18:45 kados it's strange
18:46 kados select count(*) from biblio
18:46 kados 0
18:46 kados :-)
18:46 tumer i cant see your search page. its giving me script error
18:46 kados yea ... owen was working on the template I think
18:47 kados[…]
18:47 tumer ohh I see the problem
18:47 kados does that one work?
18:47 tumer nop
18:47 kados works for me
18:47 kados search on 'book'
18:47 tumer we only populated the marc records not the old koha db
18:48 tumer go to cataloguserach and choose display MARC
18:48 kados I don't even see the marc
18:48 kados where is it?
18:48 kados in the sql db I mean
18:49 tumer adnaced serach page bottom where you choose zoom or normal
18:49 kados yea ...
18:49 tumer marc records in biblioitems marc
18:49 kados ahh
18:49 kados select count(*) from biblioitems;
18:49 kados 0
18:50 kados nothing in items either
18:50 tumer oops what happening
18:50 kados that would explain the speed :-)
18:50 tumer i though you are upgrading not filling a blank db
18:51 tumer stay with me for an axplanation
18:51 kados ok
18:51 kados what I did:
18:51 kados 1. export data using
18:52 kados (just MARC)
18:52 kados 2. convert to UTF-8 using new
18:52 kados 3. create a new db using your koha.sql
18:52 kados 4. import a MARC21 framework
18:52 kados and some basic sys prefs, etc.
18:52 tumer I know what you did
18:53 tumer this script expect this
18:53 tumer you change the data in mysql to utf8
18:53 tumer export marc
18:54 tumer use record and conevrt to utf 8
18:54 tumer and just reimport marc
18:54 tumer biblios, items etc were supposed to stay as they were
18:54 kados ahh
18:54 kados so I suppose I should try bulkmarcimport then instead
18:55 kados hey owen-away
18:55 tumer cause it seemed thats how it was described by paul or you before
18:55 tumer how to convert your existing database to utf8
18:55 kados IMO it's incorrect to attempt to do this in mysql
18:56 kados (the utf-8 conversion)
18:56 kados because things like the leader need to be adjusted
18:56 kados as well as record length, etc.
18:56 tumer just change this new script
18:56 kados not to mention conversion from MARC-8 (which mysql knows nothing of) to UTF-8
18:57 tumer instaed of marcbulcimport
18:57 tumer which will try to call char_decode
18:57 tumer instaed of $sth->execute
18:58 tumer use NEWaddbiblio($dbh, ...
18:58 kados ok
18:58 tumer it should populate all tables wwith NEW biblionumbers
18:59 tumer so export again rebuild zebra
18:59 kados tumer: with head or dev_week
18:59 tumer dev_week
18:59 kados tumer: I need the same biblionumbers
18:59 tumer anything i discuss with you is dev_week
18:59 kados tumer: ok, the new script was committed to head :-)
19:00 tumer did I?
19:00 kados think so
19:00 tumer rushing to get you a script and you see?
19:00 kados hehe
19:00 tumer we will need it there as well anyway
19:00 kados yep
19:01 tumer to have the same biblionumbers you have to trick mysql
19:01 tumer do you know any sql scripts
19:02 kados I know a bit
19:02 tumer or shall i write them here
19:02 tumer i cannot reach cvs i am at home
19:02 kados sure
19:02 tumer so have to write it here
19:02 kados what do you mean by scripts?
19:03 tumer well you see you have to fill biblio with biblionumbers
19:03 tumer even if nothing else
19:03 kados hmmm
19:03 kados maybe easier just to use the old db
19:03 tumer let me be more specific
19:04 tumer the script tries to do an update
19:04 kados I'm just trying to figure out the best upgrade path
19:04 tumer of you had not truncated your old data it would have worked
19:05 kados truncated?
19:05 tumer or if you have your old db it still will
19:05 kados don't worry, I've got plenty of backups :-)
19:05 tumer truncated=deleted
19:05 kados yea ... my thought was just that it would be cleaner to start with a completely new db
19:05 tumer new db new biblionumbers
19:06 kados yea, guess I hadn't considered that
19:06 kados ok, I'll just do it the old way
19:06 kados and try to make database modifications manually
19:06 kados actually
19:06 kados I can just import biblio, biblioitems, items from the old db
19:07 tumer yep
19:07 tumer utf8 are they?
19:09 kados no
19:09 tumer i just checked the db it will be possible to write a script to import new data with old biblionumbers
19:13 tumer not staright away though. try importing your old data from mysql
19:14 kados I've just imported biblio, biblioitems, items from old db
19:14 kados now I need to run something to update them with MARC data, right?
19:14 tumer k run the new script the speeder
19:14 kados k
19:15 tumer should be about 7min
19:16 kados still pretty fast
19:16 kados approx how long does indexing 150K records in zebra take for you?
19:16 kados (I think I clocked it at 30 min at one point)
19:16 tumer 10 min
19:17 kados ahh ... maybe less for me too, need to actual time it
19:17 tumer well may be more sometime
19:18 tumer building first time is longer
19:18 tumer rebuilding is fast
19:18 kados ok, done
19:18 tumer imported all?
19:18 kados (I'm only working with half the data here)
19:19 kados cool, marc detail working
19:19 kados brief display not thou
19:19 kados[…]b=1286&type=intra
19:19 kados items not showing up either
19:19 tumer that is a blank page javascript error
19:20 kados weird
19:20 kados[…]
19:20 kados working all of a sudden
19:20 kados wasn't working earlier
19:21 kados maybe the marc framework isn't the same as the data
19:21 kados sigh
19:21 kados ok ...
19:21 kados I'm gonna start over
19:21 kados get all the data in
19:22 kados run that script
19:22 kados clean up the framework beforehand
19:22 kados and then go to bed :-)
19:22 tumer cant see anything so good luck
19:22 kados you using IE?
19:22 kados try firefox
19:22 tumer did chris see that xml problem
20:01 kados ok, re-converting data to utf-8
20:01 kados and saving records with no 090 seperately
20:01 kados then I can bulkmarcimport them after
20:01 kados this is a real nightmare
20:02 tumer this 090 thing is a big bug noone is mentioning
20:03 kados I mentioned it
20:03 kados but that was before we had support
20:03 kados tumer: were you happy with the bugfix that Adam provided?
20:03 kados tumer: for the bug we just reported?
20:03 kados tumer: pretty fast turnaround for that
20:04 tumer is there a bugfix?
20:04 kados didn't you check your hotmail account?
20:04 kados adam has sent three or four responses by now
20:04 kados and a new patched version was released
20:04 tumer i am just trying to recompile the zebra
20:04 kados I haven't had a chance to test the fix yet
20:05 kados was hoping to get to that today, but I got sidetracked
20:05 tumer i ve been busy today and i am travelling tomorrow, infact today
20:07 kados right
20:07 kados :-)
20:07 kados well did you get the emails at least?
20:08 kados one from me, several from them
20:11 tumer 2 mails both from one with some comm. with adam
20:11 tumer both from you
20:13 kados you didn't get the one from adam?
20:13 kados the last one?
20:13 tumer found them reading..
20:14 kados apparantly the latest snapshot implements the bugfix
20:15 tumer I'll have to check and see
20:15 kados I'm tied to debian and would rather not complicate my already complicated system to try to see if it's fixed
20:15 kados esp since I've got to demo this on Friday
20:15 kados :-)
20:16 tumer I will still change the code if its going to give me NULL results
20:16 kados I guess I don't completely understand their answer
20:16 tumer the only reason I wrote it that way is for speed
20:17 tumer what they are saying is: 1- koha can change their code
20:17 tumer 2- they will provide a null value instaed of error
20:18 tumer which does not mean anything at all
20:18 kados yea, doesn't sound like much of a fix
20:18 kados suppose you'll need to check for a null value
20:19 tumer i ll check it this monday
20:19 kados k
20:19 kados could you write them a response, thanking them for their promptness and saying you'll look into it?
20:19 kados to see if it will work for us
20:19 kados if not, I'll do it
20:20 kados just let me know :-)
20:20 tumer i also bugged them today on support
20:20 kados ??
20:20 kados at support@ ?
20:20 tumer about 1.4 not working at all now
20:20 kados can you cc me on those?
20:20 tumer yes
20:21 tumer sure
20:21 kados please cc me when you send mail to that address so I can keep track
20:21 tumer i'll do that
20:22 kados thx
20:22 tumer so you thank them or you wnt me?
20:26 kados you can :-)
20:27 tumer k
20:28 tumer did you mention to chris about the xml thing
20:34 tumer night everyone
02:20 btoumi hi everybody
02:21 ToinS hi btoumi
02:21 pierrick hi #koha
02:21 ToinS hi pierrick
02:23 btoumi hi paul
02:23 paul et oui btoumi , je suis là ;-)
02:23 btoumi ;=)
03:38 chris hi all
03:38 ToinS hi chris
03:38 paul hi chris
03:42 chris hows the weather over there today?
03:42 paul no more wind.
03:43 chris :-)
03:43 paul very sunny, although very cold too
03:43 paul strange weather for Marseille in fact !
03:43 chris yes, specially for summer
03:44 Comete hi
03:44 paul hello saint lo
03:44 paul bienvenu
03:44 chris hi comete
03:45 Comete salut paul :)
03:45 Comete hi chris
03:45 Comete paul: merci pour votre réponse
03:46 paul chris being from new zealand, as many other, we use to speak english when there is not only frenchies on the chanel
03:47 Comete ok
03:48 Comete paul: so, does the "import" script import documents informations too ?
03:49 Comete documents = items , right ?
03:49 paul (on phone)
03:51 chris alaurin: did you see[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1080
03:51 chris when you have made your changes to the .. i might try to integrate this patch
03:52 alaurin not yet
03:52 alaurin ok i do it
03:55 chris theres no big hurry, as I have no idea what code to put in the template to make the browswer make a sound :-) but I think its a good idea
03:55 Comete my problem is that i've exported "notices" (don't know the word in english) in UNIMARC encoding from my old application and i've imported it in koha, but now there are no complete items informations (price, etc...)
03:59 Comete so my question is : Are the items informations really exported with the "notices" ? or do i have to export items in a CSV file ?
04:00 chris what is your old application?
04:07 Comete chris: Orphee from C3RB
04:07 chris ahh, in that case i have no idea ... hopefully paul does :)
04:08 paul (back)
04:14 paul Comete: we can't know if Orphee export items or not.
04:14 paul but you can dumpmarc the file ;-)
04:15 paul in misc directory, there is a script called
04:15 paul that should be helpful.
04:15 paul if you have setup Koha with Unimarc, your item informations should be in tag 995
04:20 Comete paul: ok but where should i look to see if price information is well exported ?
04:21 paul (on phone again)
04:22 pierrick hdl, are you around?
04:22 hdl yes
04:23 pierrick hi hdl :-)
04:23 hdl hi
04:23 dewey hi, hdl
04:23 paul Comete: with dumpmarc, you'll see all your datas. so :
04:23 pierrick hdl, I see you've commited the authorities tree :-)
04:23 paul 1- dump a biblio (=english for "notice")
04:23 paul 2- find it's ISBN or title
04:24 paul 3- search it in Orphee
04:24 hdl yes. a first working version.
04:24 paul 4- get the price written here
04:24 hdl Needs some good css
04:24 paul 5- look in your dumpmarc if you see this value
04:24 hdl and some javascript debugging too.
04:24 paul 6- if yes => just pick the field/subfield
04:24 paul - if no => it's not exported !
04:24 chris ohh well done hdl :-)
04:25 paul everybody saw it's in a specific branch.
04:25 pierrick yes (I like the way you store father and grandfather ;-)
04:25 paul so, a cvs update on head or rel_2_2 won't work for this
04:26 hdl (thx pierrick ;) )
04:29 Comete paul: ok thank you
04:30 paul your welcome.
04:38 Comete paul: on some imported datas, accents aren't well displayed but on others it's ok, do you know why ?
04:38 paul ah, yes, I know why. and it's a bad news for you...
04:38 paul it means the encoding is not always the same.
04:39 paul (from Orphée probably)
04:39 paul there is no simple solution to this problem. You may have to modify your datas on the fly.
04:39 paul and that will probably be a pain for you, sorry :-(
04:44 Comete paul: ok
04:45 paul (although 'perldoc Encode' will be a good start for some help)
04:47 Comete paul: so i've exported one biblio and edited it, i can see the barcode, but if i look in Koha database directly (items -> barcode) the value is NULL... any idea ?
04:47 paul yes ;-)
04:48 paul[…]nnees.html#d0e174
04:48 paul le champ en question ne doit pas être correctement "connecté" dans le paramétrage.
04:48 paul là, tu arrives dans la partie compliquée de la migration...
04:49 paul (oups... back to english. although kados should still be sleeping & chris starting to sleep ;-) )
04:49 paul (so we are only frenchies...)
04:49 chris not asleep yet :)
04:50 paul Comete: pierrick is from Ineo (Paris), hdl is Henri Damien (Montpellier, my business partner), ToinS is Antoine (Marseille, my business partner too)
04:50 Comete ok
04:50 paul and alaurin being Arnaud (SAN-OP, Istres) and btoumi being Bruno (SAN-OP too)
04:50 paul logbot is the bot that record all our discussions on
04:50 Comete ok
04:50 paul dewey being our stupid-genius
04:50 dewey paul: huh?
04:51 paul dewey : Comete is someone from Saint-Lo, a library planning to migrate to Koha
04:51 dewey OK, paul.
04:51 paul dewey : who is Comete ?
04:51 dewey Comete is someone from Saint-Lo, a library planning to migrate to Koha
04:51 paul hehe, dewey : good boy
04:52 Comete :) so before importing biblios and items i must configure the grid with the fields i want to use, right ?
04:53 paul right
04:53 paul and migrer_ses_donnees document explain how to do this
04:53 Comete so i've imported during 24h for nothing... :)
04:53 Comete lol
04:54 paul a trick : modify bulkmarcimport to import just 1 biblio on 100
04:54 Comete paul: i should read all the doc before doing something :)
04:54 paul NEWnewbiblio() unless $i %  100; will do the trick in bulkmarcimport
04:54 paul Comete: right !
04:54 paul are u a student ?
04:54 paul (because i've been told some student will work on the migration)
04:55 paul (but I may be wrong)
04:55 paul if you plan to come here quite often, it would be nice to introduce yourself with :
04:55 paul - subsrcibing to koha-devel mailing list
04:55 Comete paul: no, i'm employed as a technician by the town
04:55 paul - sending a mail to the list.
04:56 Comete paul: ok i will do it, you're right i'm not polite
04:56 Comete :)
04:56 paul but do this only if you're decision to move to koha can be made public !
04:56 Comete ok
04:57 Comete i can't say that at the moment...
04:58 Comete before i must make koha usable for users with a lot of datas
05:00 Comete but i'm not working for the library, i'm a computer scientist, so i don't understand yet all the vocbulary. So i'm trying to work the more they can with the employees of the library but that's not easy
05:01 paul that's where is my business : being a computer scientist, but librarians sometimes ask me wether i'm a librarian or not :-D
05:01 Comete i haven't got all my time to work on this project, we are 3 technicians for 300 users...
05:01 Comete on 20 differents sites
05:07 paul wow !
05:08 paul Comete: 300 users don't means you have 300 librarians I hope ;-)
05:08 Comete paul: does the display depends on the grid configuration ?
05:08 Comete paul: no :)
05:08 paul nope.
05:08 paul it just dump a iso2709 file. it even don't depend of Koha.
05:08 Comete paul: because i can see the barcode number directly in the exported file xw
05:09 Comete with an editor
05:09 Comete but not with
05:12 paul mmm... means it's poor iso2709...
05:12 paul did you try with -W parameter ?
05:12 paul it my stop saying "not a correct iso2709 file"
05:13 paul in this case, then you're really in a middle of a pain...
05:13 Comete lol
05:14 Comete paul: does it stop at start or at the end, because i've got 80000 entries in my file :)
05:14 paul ctrl-C
05:14 paul to stop it.
05:15 paul it's a basic script you know ;-)
05:15 Comete paul: yes i know but does the message "not a correct iso2709 file" appears directly ?
05:16 paul it shows the message & stops !
05:16 Comete paul: so no message then :) ourah !
05:17 paul not reall "hurray !!", if you don't see your data !
05:18 chris alaurin: just tried out your commit, works great, the stuff i did still works and your new stuff looks really good
05:19 chris so im going to bed happy
05:19 chris :)
05:19 chris night all
05:20 Comete good night chris
05:21 Comete paul: sure
05:21 paul 'night chris
05:22 chris oh before i go to bed, congrats toins .. great news that you are working on 3.0 (i just saw the email)
05:22 Comete paul: sorry i'm stupid i didn't look at the good file :p
05:23 Comete paul: all is ok
05:24 Comete paul: is there a script to delete all the datas in the database ?
06:16 kados Comete: bulkmarcimport can do it for you (for bib data)
06:17 kados Comete: use the 'marcdump' and 'marclint' utilities to check the validity of an iso2709 file
06:25 Comete kados: thanks, my file is valid and i see all my datas now with
06:26 Comete kados: are items deleted too with bulkmarcimport ?
06:26 paul Comete: yep.
06:26 kados Comete: yep
06:26 paul hello kados/joshua
06:26 paul 'morning
06:26 kados hey paul
06:27 kados can't wait to have toins start working on head :-)
06:32 kados the new search is oh so nice though
06:32 kados :-)
06:53 paul ./wengophone: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
06:53 paul "
06:53 paul :-(
06:55 Comete paul: is openssl installed ?
06:56 paul[…]8418f078eb7ba4c6c
06:56 paul ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
06:56 paul and it works ;-)
06:56 Comete cool
06:56 paul (just ggled "wengo mandriva")
07:41 Comete is there any plan to make a XUL interface for Koha, it could be nice ?
07:42 paul Comete: yes, it coud be nice. not planned for instance, although OpenCataloger is XUL, so it may be a 1st step
07:43 Comete paul: OpenCataloger ? what's this ?
07:44 paul a new tool to create MARC records, that can be independant from Koha or used with it
07:45 Comete cool :)
07:46 Comete when doing my biblio import, how can i choose the grid to use ?
07:46 paul your librarian has the answer. it depends on your datas & what they want !
07:49 Comete paul: yes but when they have done their grid, how can i select the "toto" grid for the import ?
07:49 Comete paul: it's possible to make differents grids, isn't it ?
07:50 paul usually from itemtypes. but sometimes from something else, that your librarian will explain, as he knows your cataloguer
07:50 paul yes, of course
07:50 Comete sorry i don't explain myself very well
07:51 paul in french it would be better ?
07:51 Comete paul: yes i hope :)
07:51 paul donc, causons français.
07:51 Comete paul: ok
07:52 Comete paul: admettons qu'ils aient paramètré une grille qu'ils ont appelé "TOTO"
07:52 Comete paul: avec tout ce qu'il faut dedans
07:53 Comete paul: comment, au moment ou je vais importer mes notices, je précise que l'import doit se faire par rapport à la grille "TOTO"
07:53 paul et bien tu modifies bulkmarcimport pour qu'à l'import le NEWnewbiblio soit appelé avec la grille kivabien
07:53 Comete y a-t-il un paramètre pour le script d'import
07:53 paul et ta bib te dira dans quels cas ils veulent "TOTO"
07:53 paul genre : notice saisie avant le X, ou du type Y, ou sur le site Z ...
07:54 paul bulkmarcimport est juste un outil générique, tuné pour chaque bib.
07:54 paul je dois bien en avoir une vingtaine de différents maintenant !
07:54 paul par exemple, les bibs veulent parfois supprimer des trucs ou en rectifier d'autres lors de la migration
07:54 paul => hop, on modifie bulkmarcimport pour corriger les notices avant le NEWnewbiblio
07:55 Comete paul: donc il est improbable que toutes mes notices et exemplaires utilise la meme grille ?
07:55 paul pas sûr, ils peuvent trouver que ca leur suffit
07:55 paul mais à minima, il devrait qd même y avoir 3 choses !
07:55 paul - monographies
07:55 paul - périodiques
07:55 paul - multimédia
07:55 Comete paul: oulala
07:55 Comete :)
07:56 paul monographie = livre en bibliothécairois
07:56 Comete l'outil (merdique) d'export me permet juste de faire une selection sur des codes barre...
07:56 Comete c'est pas gagné
07:57 paul pas grave, tu joues avec MARc::Record, et tu regardes dans la notice après l'avoir lue dans bulkmarcimport.
07:57 paul genre :
07:57 paul $grille='MONO' if $record->subfield('200','b') eq 'RGGEGREZG';
07:57 paul et hop, 1 nouveau lien :
07:57 paul
07:57 paul
07:58 paul tiens, ca fait 2...
07:58 paul bon, cela dit, faut que j'arrête de trop t'aider, vous n'allez plus avoir besoin de faire appel à mes services sinon :-D
07:58 Comete lol
07:59 Comete oui vous avez raison
07:59 Comete paul: une dernière chose, comment marche logbot ?
08:00 paul tout seul : il loggue tout ce qui se dit ici, et c'est dispo sur
08:00 Comete ok merci
08:00 paul c'est notre ami dewey qui est supposé être intelligent et répondre aux questions.
08:00 paul mais il est cmoplètement stupide, et nous fait plus rire qu'autre chose !
08:03 Comete dewey: ca roule ? :)
08:03 dewey Comete: excuse me?
08:03 Comete lol
08:04 Comete dewey: paul thinks you are stupid... :)
08:04 dewey OK, Comete.
08:04 Comete lol
08:04 Comete c'est vrai qu'c'est rigolo
08:04 paul dewey : translate stupide from english to french ?
08:04 dewey paul: i haven't a clue
08:05 paul mmm... dewey is a translator too, or at least is supposed to be
08:05 paul but I never remember how to make it translate a word.
08:08 paul hi tnb / tina
08:08 tnb good morning/evening everyone!
08:08 tnb hi paul :)
08:10 alaurin paul: I've got a little question, for the color alerts in css, have you got any aswers about this question ?????
08:10 paul mmm... iirc, I asked on koha-devel
08:10 paul yep, although no subject.
08:10 paul see may, 19th
08:11 paul I think you can do it as we planned : having 2 css properties :
08:11 paul - warning
08:11 paul - problem
08:11 alaurin ok
08:14 alaurin but in my original program, I have css styles for different values of status of document (on loan is yellow, reserved is blue ......)
08:14 paul on loan => warning
08:14 paul reserved is a problem, that's true.
08:15 alaurin no, on loan has got is own property, different has warning
08:17 paul so, you may have to add 3 properties.
08:17 paul but as they are local to reserves, you could put a very clear warning in the stylesheet.
08:18 alaurin ok
08:34 paul welcome back, superman.
08:35 paul superman comes from krypton isn't it ?
08:36 kados hey tumer
08:36 kados tumer: got everything indexed
08:37 kados tumer: seems to be working really nicely
08:37 kados tumer: Owen and I will be working on interface today
08:37 kados tumer: and I'm gonna add a few new search types
08:37 kados[…]
08:37 kados in case anyone's interested in trying it out
08:37 kados got 150K biblios (from NPL)
08:39 kados I'm adding CQL search atm
08:39 tumer yor link gives me internal sever error
08:41 kados ?
08:41 kados[…]
08:41 kados works fine for me
08:41 kados (I was editing something, try again)
08:41 tumer now working
08:42 tumer no items ?
08:42 kados not in normal view
08:42 kados in MARC there should be
08:44 kados in MARC there should be items
08:44 kados don't know why the're not there in brief view
08:44 paul kados: MARCdetail is unavailable without a login it seems
08:44 kados paul: right
08:44 kados paul: it's the intranet :-)
08:45 paul but catalogue-home don't need one atm
08:45 kados right
08:45 kados it's set that way
08:45 tumer on search results no item details shows
08:45 kados tumer: right, why is that?
08:45 kados tumer: I didn't import issues of course
08:46 kados tumer: maybe my biblio,biblioitems,items tables don't have the right columls
08:46 tumer at least it should give the branch etc
08:46 kados no branches table imported
08:46 kados would that matter?
08:47 tumer yep items  have to be mapped to marc
08:47 kados items are mapped to MARC
08:47 kados in the framework
08:47 kados is that what you mean?
08:47 tumer your items at 952 i believe
08:48 Comete paul: yes it is
08:49 tumer it tries to read which field is holdingbranch and then find the branchname
08:49 kados k, branches loaded
08:49 kados and they're showing up
08:49 kados what's supposed to go in the [] ?
08:50 tumer i cant see it yet
08:51 tumer i searched "book" found 45000 results but no holdingbranch
08:52 tumer well some with it some not
08:52 tumer [] contains location if you have that defined
08:54 kados maybe some don't have a holdingbranch
08:55 kados remember, NPL is running a hybrid 1.9/2.0/2.2 version of Koha
08:55 kados things were kinda shakey back then ;-)
08:55 kados (as if they're not now ;-))
08:55 tumer kados: sorry [] contains itemcallnumber
08:55 kados ahh, right
08:55 kados they don't have itemcallnumbers
08:56 kados something I've got to fix with this upgrade (itemcallnumbers)
08:56 tumer k
08:56 tumer you got adams replies?
08:57 kados yep
08:57 kados one of them
08:57 kados this one:
08:57 kados Thanks. I am sorry we change index directory just like _that_.. But
08:57 kados that's the idea of 1.4.. until it gets official.
08:57 tumer and i forwarded the previous one
08:57 kados yep
08:57 kados thanks
08:58 tumer the new snapshot does not even compile but i am flying in half hour
08:59 kados hehe
08:59 kados the 1.3.x snapshot or the 1.4 snapshot?
08:59 kados (I think the fix is in both)
08:59 tumer 1.4 does not compile could not check 1.3 yet
09:00 kados right
09:00 kados tumer: have a safe flight ... and thanks for all your help!
09:01 tumer see ya
09:01 kados tumer: I've heavy documentation on how to get zebra working now :-)
09:01 kados ciao
09:57 kados hey owen
09:57 owen Hi
09:57 dewey privet, owen
09:57 kados sorry, working on the new cql search
09:57 kados didn't notice you come in :-)
09:57 owen dewey, what did you say to me?
09:57 dewey owen: i don't know
09:57 kados the other searches are working like a charm
09:58 kados[…]
09:58 kados did you get my email about the advanced search?
09:58 owen Yes
09:59 kados did it make any sense? :-)
09:59 owen Yeah, I think so.  I agree with you about the catalogue home page
09:59 kados cool
10:00 kados that's what I'm working on right now
10:00 kados I think the biggest thing they're going to be looking at
10:00 kados is how the page is layed out :-)
10:00 owen I see you added "Google-esque" to the intranet side
10:00 kados yea, it doesn't quite work yet :-)
10:00 kados but getting there
10:00 owen Agreed, re: page layout. That's why we really need to get it right
10:01 owen The first thing I'd like to do is step back and take a close look at all these search options
10:01 owen For instance: why is "call number" an option in the Simple Search?
10:02 kados well ... in my view, it's not the simple search screen
10:03 kados the good news is
10:03 kados it's really quite painless to shift things around
10:03 kados but ...
10:03 kados I'm not sure if that's the best use of our time atm
10:03 owen And by the way... What kind of holding database are we working with? Is this the NPL catalog?
10:03 kados yea, NPL
10:04 kados though the actual items might not be accurate
10:04 owen Ah... no items means no itemtype search, hunh?
10:05 owen Oh, no, it's just the detail screen isn't working
10:05 kados yea
10:05 kados the MARC detail screen works
10:05 kados probably because I didn't import itemtypes
10:05 kados hang on
10:05 owen Oh, it was just in the MARC record.
10:06 kados try it now
10:08 owen What did you mean by 'it's painless to shift things around?'
10:10 kados well ...
10:10 kados meaning that the way that the search is constructed is transparent to me
10:11 kados so we can group different options together
10:11 kados when we get further feedback from the staff
10:11 kados it's not like the old search
10:11 owen So the form itself is practically irrelevant as long as we have the right fields
10:11 kados where I had trouble understanding how it worked
10:11 kados well ... almost
10:11 kados next week, yes :-)
10:11 kados for now, i think we should stick with the elements we have
10:12 kados add a few types (like series)
10:12 kados and a couple new sort options (by date)
10:12 kados but that's the work of a moment
10:12 kados (once I get this cql stuff working)
10:12 kados what my goal is
10:12 kados tomorrow
10:13 kados is to bring my summary of the last meeting I had with NPL
10:13 kados and go point by point
10:13 kados and show how the new search does what they wanted
10:13 kados answer some questions, etc.
10:13 kados I don't have much time though
10:13 kados only 30 minutes
10:13 owen Do you have that list in digital form so you could send it to me?
10:14 kados yea, i sent it to koha-devel a while ago
10:14 kados I'll forward it to you
10:14 kados sent
10:14 kados brb
10:16 kados back
10:19 owen I don't seem to have permission to SCP
10:19 owen I want to point the search results page to opac-results.tmpl instead of catalogue/searchresults.tmpl
10:22 kados cql search working now
10:22 kados well, just got it to return results for the first time :-)
10:23 kados owen: k, try now
10:23 owen Nope
10:24 kados will opac-results.tmpl work?
10:24 kados try perms now
10:25 owen Worked, thanks.  I just copied over the results page from the intranet for now and changed the includes to match the opac.
10:26 kados ahh, cool
10:26 kados is the OPAC search working?
10:27 btoumi somebody now something about this message =>DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''
10:27 kados btoumi: that's a pretty generic message
10:27 kados btoumi: anything before or after it?
10:28 kados owen: i think you've grouped things together slightly wrong in the layout
10:28 owen Okay.
10:28 kados owen: rather than one 'by'
10:28 btoumi :kados nothing just this message and line where u can find error
10:28 kados you need two
10:28 kados ttypeX =>
10:28 kados        exact ( phrase search)
10:28 kados        normal ( unordered search)
10:28 kados atype =>
10:28 kados        start ( starts with)
10:28 kados        wonder ( anywhere )
10:28 kados owen: does that make sense?
10:29 kados btoumi: check the line and see what it is
10:29 btoumi i do it that why i ask for
10:29 paul btoumi : just "warn" on your query before running it & copy/paste it on phpMyAdmin. that's usually enough to find where it is wrong !
10:29 btoumi kool i don't think to do like that i test
10:29 Comete bye
10:30 kados owen: looks like you've got 'wonder' grouped with 'exact' and 'normal'
10:30 kados owen: well ... suppose I should actually check the marckup :-)
10:30 owen I see...
10:30 owen The original had them grouped strangely too, so I was just mistaken in how I sorted it out
10:30 kados yea, it threw me for a loop until I read the source
10:30 btoumi :paul i try it
10:31 owen So we've got phrase|normal and starts with|anywhere
10:31 kados the first is asking about "proximity" (ttype)
10:31 kados yep
10:31 kados the second is asking about "order"
10:31 kados well ... they're almost the same thing
10:31 kados but not quite ;-)
10:32 kados ok ... so now ... CQL is working
10:32 kados here's some CQL:
10:32 kados
10:32 kados the "" don't work
10:32 kados I'm guessing because it's an input of type text
10:32 kados paul: is there a input type that will preserve quotation marks?
10:36 kados actually, it seems to be preserving them
10:36 kados try a CQL search on
10:36 kados title = "complete book of"
10:38 kados bbiab
10:46 owen All these search options are giving me a headache!
10:46 btoumi paul:i do what u say for the mysql error
10:47 btoumi but no problem with phpmyadmin
10:47 paul I said you could just put a "warn" in your code to dump your SQL in log
10:47 paul then copy/paste it on mysql !
10:47 btoumi i do it
10:47 paul that means you don't have the same parameters
10:47 paul (or not the one you think you have)
10:48 btoumi i have no problem to insert just with update
10:52 btoumi :paul i do a warn just after $request and i saw all the data of sql request
10:56 owen kados: need your help interpreting
10:57 owen ttype is normal|exact, and atype is wonder|start right? Or is it the other way around?
11:01 kados I think my email broke it down
11:01 kados ttypeX =>
11:01 kados        exact ( phrase search)
11:01 kados        normal ( unordered search)
11:01 kados atype =>
11:01 kados        start ( starts with)
11:01 kados        wonder ( anywhere )
11:01 kados ttype comes in three flavours (maybe 4)
11:01 kados ttype1, ttype2, ttype3
11:01 kados that's so you can link them to each of the three advanced search fields
11:02 kados make sense?
11:03 owen Right, so why is line 254+ of talking about normal vs. wonder?
11:03 kados sec
11:04 kados is it normal vs wonder?
11:04 kados it looks to me like it's normal and wonder together
11:05 kados } else {
11:05 kados        $template->param(normal => 1);
11:05 kados        $template->param(wonder => 1);
11:05 kados so that means
11:05 owen Why is it setting both of those there?
11:05 kados it's not a phrase search
11:06 kados and it doesn't 'start with' the $query
11:07 kados make sense?
11:08 owen Getting there... The way it seems to work is that it defaults to full phrase and starts with
11:09 kados yea
11:09 kados that's per spec
11:09 kados ie, it's what NPL staff wanted
11:09 owen Okay, gotcha
11:10 owen Now I'm going to have to re-learn how to search Koha!
11:10 kados hehe
11:10 owen Okay, take a look at what I've got now.
11:10 kados sec
11:11 kados hmmm, better
11:11 kados really, they should be drop-downs
11:11 kados exact/normal
11:11 kados start/wonder
11:11 owen Do they need to be drop-downs if there are only two choices?
11:11 btoumi good bye all
11:11 kados yea, I think they should be
11:12 kados because, we can add more choices if we want ;-)
11:12 owen "Full phrase (or not). Starts with (or doesn't)"
11:12 kados ahh
11:12 kados yea, that might work for now
11:12 owen I do see what you mean about more choices
11:12 kados but the search doesn't seem to be working for some reason
11:15 kados for the tabs
11:16 kados 'simple search' => google-esque
11:16 kados (cql)
11:16 kados Advanced Search => (current Simple Search)
11:16 kados Power Search => (current Advanced Search)
11:16 kados not sure we need the other one
11:17 kados I can add an ISBN search to one of the others
11:17 kados make sense?
11:17 owen Yes.  I think that straightens things out very well.
11:17 kados cool
11:17 kados brb
11:17 owen Although the call number search I'm not sure about...
11:17 kados why?
11:18 kados not sure it's working you mean?
11:18 owen That should be a standalone search field, right? So it shouldn't require you to put in a keyword too
11:18 kados right
11:19 kados is the js requiring that?
11:19 kados we can just take that out
11:19 owen So the javascript just needs to be changed
11:19 kados yea, piece of cake
11:19 kados brb
11:21 kados did you make any modifs to
11:21 owen Just to change the results template
11:21 kados k
11:21 kados I'll merge in the CQL stuff in a sec
11:36 kados don't so yet
11:42 kados i've got to tweak the index to get it working
11:42 kados I think we can get rid of the 'number of results' on the simple search
11:42 owen Yeah, I agree
11:42 kados just make it a hidden input and default to 20
11:43 paul bye everybody. see you tomorrow morning
11:43 kados ok, I'm gonna merge in the CQL stuff into the opac script
11:43 kados bye paul_away
11:43 owen Bye paul

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