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12:04 tumer kados?
12:04 dewey kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
12:05 tumer so it seems
12:05 tumer kados are you here?
12:07 kados yep
12:07 kados tumer: what's up?
12:07 kados I'm just getting Chris's cql search working
12:07 kados[…]/koha/
12:08 kados I've got another NPL demo on Jun 2nd
12:08 tumer i tested dev-week it worked on mine
12:08 kados arg
12:08 tumer probably you do not have the necessary fields in biblioitems and items
12:09 kados let me check
12:09 kados in biblioitems I have
12:09 kados | marc             | blob         | YES  |     | NULL              |       |
12:09 kados | marcxml          | text         |      |     |                   |       |
12:09 tumer you need marc,lcsort in biblioitems and onloan and Cutterextra in items
12:09 kados don't have lcsort
12:10 kados hang on ...
12:10 tumer the dev-week updater have these
12:10 kados so I'll just run updateadatabase then
12:11 tumer i presumo so
12:11 kados wow, lots of changes :(
12:11 kados this might take a while
12:12 tumer not all mine i believe they are version3 changes
12:12 kados altering borrowers emailaddress to email
12:12 kados ?
12:12 kados yea, that looks like a version 3 change
12:12 kados hmmm
12:12 kados why would a version 3 updatedatabase be in dev_week?
12:13 tumer i donno got mixed up i think when i updated dev-week or something
12:13 kados ahh
12:13 tumer i only added 2 lines to it though
12:13 kados hehe
12:13 kados I'll check the cvs log
12:14 kados gunna have to gut that db too
12:14 kados with all those changes :-)
12:15 kados tumer: can you dump out of mysql your entire database structure and commit it to dev-week?
12:15 kados tumer: then I'll customize the updatedatabase script to just add the differences between yours and rel_2_2
12:16 tumer i tought i did that gave it to chris at dev-week cause i donno how to do it
12:17 kados if you have mysqldump you can go:
12:17 kados mysqldump -uroot -pmypass --add-drop-table -d koha > koha.sql
12:17 kados the '-d' means 'no data'
12:18 kados then you just get a bunch of CREATE statements
12:18 tumer and drop does not mean delete?
12:18 kados nope
12:18 kados tumer:[…]en/mysqldump.html
12:18 kados --add-drop-table
12:18 kados Add a DROP TABLE statement before each CREATE TABLE statement.
12:19 kados it just means to add DROP TABLE to the file before CREATE TABLE
12:24 kados tumer: will zebra work with symlinks?
12:24 tumer what is symlinks
12:24 kados hehe
12:24 kados nevermind
12:24 tumer feeling dumb now
12:25 kados a symlink is just a way to say:
12:25 kados /koha is the same as /home/koha
12:25 kados you can link the two dirs together
12:25 kados for zebra this would be good
12:25 kados because we could have a logical structure:
12:26 kados /koha/zebradb/biblios
12:26 kados that was linked to a completely separate disk:
12:26 kados /zebradb
12:26 kados woops ...
12:26 kados /biblios even
12:26 kados in fact, you might want to have like 8 separate disks for one Koha:Zebra
12:27 kados /zebradb/biblios
12:27 kados /zebradb/biblios/shadow
12:27 kados /zebradb/authorities/shadow
12:27 kados /zebradb/authorities
12:27 kados /zebradb/items
12:27 kados /zebradb/items/shadow
12:27 kados etc.
12:27 kados that way your system doesn't slow down on searches when updates are happening
12:28 kados throw in a couple more disks, one for mysql, one for the OS
12:28 kados :-)
12:37 tumer committed koha.sql and
12:39 kados thx
12:39 kados
12:39 dewey is what it was there
12:40 kados dewey: is how to add new MARC records to Koha
12:40 dewey ...but is what it was there...
12:40 tumer it used SearchMarc changed it to Search not important though
12:40 kados dewey: no it isn't
12:40 dewey kados: i'm not following you...
12:40 kados dewey: no is how to add new MARC records to Koha
12:40 dewey OK, kados.
12:40 kados hmmm
12:41 kados so you did change addbiblio then
12:41 kados I'll try the new one
12:41 kados and I'll also try the db dump
12:41 kados I know you have to go
12:41 kados thanks for the help!
12:41 tumer it uses findduplicate from these pms
12:41 kados ahh
12:42 tumer now it will use zebra to actually serach for a duplicate
12:42 tumer i do not have a searchmarc any more so gives me error on mine
12:43 kados gotcha
12:43 tumer this cql search not working
12:44 tumer i write title=book get nothing any=book get nothing
12:44 tumer how do i use it
12:45 kados try just book
12:45 kados I dunno, I'm discovering myself
12:45 kados :-)
12:45 tumer same thing
12:45 kados it show results
12:45 kados just doesn't say what they are :-)
12:45 kados see the list of 'title' after you search :-)
12:46 tumer yep
12:46 kados it's finding stuff, just not displaying the results
12:46 kados I'll hack on this some more and commit it to dev_week when I'm satisfied
12:47 kados tumer: also, let me know how libxml2 and XML::LibXML work out
12:48 kados tumer: if will ever be usable by you :-)
12:48 tumer well I have to get something working
12:49 tumer cause when everything was marc we did not have problems
12:49 kados yea
12:49 kados another option
12:49 kados would be to fix the html2marc sub
12:49 kados I included it in
12:49 kados along with documentation on what the bugs are
12:50 tumer but needing xml is giving me problems with characters that do not convert properly from marc thus breaking the xml file
12:50 kados yep
12:50 tumer thus zebra not getting updated
12:50 kados libxml2 and XML::LibXML ...
12:50 kados but make sure they are compatible versions
12:50 kados and you need to install libxml2 first
12:51 kados I'd check the docs for XML::LibXML carefully
12:51 kados everything's working really nicely since I did that on my box
12:51 kados hopefully it works on windows too
12:52 kados tumer:[…]XML-1.58_1/README
12:52 kados tumer: there's some good explaination there
12:52 kados tumer: ahh ... you've even got a precompiled PPM package:
12:53 kados tumer:
12:53 tumer i alreday have that
12:54 kados what version of libxml2?
12:55 tumer i'll paly with this later kados. I have other things to attend now. thanks
12:55 kados np, I hope it works
13:16 kados be back soon
14:27 chris good grief
14:27 chris mhafen is submitting bugs and patches like a madman
14:28 owen Do you know who mhafen is chris?
14:28 chris nope
14:29 chris i like the fact that s/he's supplying a patch for all his bugs/enhancements though
14:29 chris his or her i should say
14:30 chris im up early cos i have to go to a meeting, but ill try to read through them all later
14:31 chris and apply what I can and close a few of them
14:31 chris if the code looks nice, we should maybe see about getting them cvs access, so they can commit themselves :-)
14:32 chris hows things anyway owen?
14:32 owen Just working on the giant zoom opac search screen for npl
14:32 owen trying to make sense of all those options
14:33 chris ahh yeah
14:33 chris i think a good start if you havent already is make it default to anywhere, not starting with :)
14:34 owen right now it's defaulting to both "full phrase" /and/ "starting with" for some reason... not sure if it's something I broke or if it's the script
14:34 chris :)
14:36 chris hmm i think ill email mhafen and ask them to introduce themselves on the koha-devel list
14:36 owen I think it's a great idea
14:37 kados hey guys
14:37 chris heya kados
14:37 kados chris: just got a command-line CQL federated search client (asynchronous) working :-)
14:37 chris woot
14:38 kados only took ten minutes :-)
14:39 chris email away
14:42 chris right i better shut down this laptop and pack it up
14:43 chris cyas later
21:13 dean2 I like the fibreoptic one too
21:13 dean2
21:13 dean2 I like the cutout look of the NZmap in the logo
21:14 dean2 just a shame it obscures the
21:14 dean2 "registration and accomodation"
21:14 dean2 nav heading
02:12 btoumi hi everybody
02:12 pierrick hi btoumi
02:12 btoumi hi pierrick
03:08 btoumi hi hdl
03:08 ToinS hi all !
03:09 hdl hi
03:09 dewey salut, hdl
04:36 paul hdl around ?
04:52 alaurin hi everybody
04:52 paul hello alaurin
04:52 paul (trying to setup a VPN between marseille & montpellier
04:52 paul )
04:52 alaurin very funny game i suppose
04:53 paul netgear rock !
04:53 paul 10 mn to setup the router & "rebuild" my local network
04:54 paul (could you check that show my local page ?)
04:55 alaurin ok
04:55 paul ouaip. except that it is not perfect from "inside" the network...
04:55 paul but i'll investigate later
04:56 paul http://i5.bureau.paulpoulain.c[…]/koha/ fails, right ?
04:57 alaurin for me it's fails ...
04:59 alaurin i've got a little question, is the function "cuecatbarcodedecode" is still using ??????? on version 3.0 ????
04:59 paul_lunch going to lunch. read you later
04:59 alaurin ok
07:16 kados hi all
07:16 kados @tell
07:17 paul hello joshua
07:18 kados it seems infobot doesn't have a feature I was hoping for
07:18 btoumi hi joshua
07:19 kados hey btoumi
07:20 paul ok, guys, the tuesday good news :
07:20 paul - I have decided to hire Antoine for 6 motnsh
07:20 paul - He accepted our proposal
07:20 paul - hdl is OK with it too
07:20 paul so ...
07:20 paul between june 19th and dec 19th, ToinS will be available full time on HEAD.
07:21 paul I will announce it officially on koha-devel ASAP
07:21 kados that's great paul!
07:21 pierrick_ good :-)
07:21 paul (until june 19th, he will work for 1 week on OpenCataloger & get some free time
07:21 paul hi pierrick_
07:21 paul hi pierrick even  ;-)
07:23 paul the 2nd good news for today : I have a new screen (LCD 20.1") and a new router, that we will use to create a VPN between hdl & antoine/me
07:25 kados cool
07:25 kados hey pierrick
07:25 pierrick hi kados
07:26 pierrick kados, may I send you the extension manager today ?
07:26 kados pierrick: yes please :-)
07:26 paul pierrick: when do you plan to work on coding rules ?
07:26 kados pierrick: not sure I'll have much time to install today, but definitely soon
07:26 kados i also have some ideas to share
07:26 pierrick paul, right now
07:27 paul in something like 3 weeks we will have Antoine available to clean cvs HEAD, so it would be interesting to have complete coding rules
07:27 paul pierrick: ++
07:27 kados last night Ryan and I discussed the problem of dealing with old koha tables and full MARC support in the same system
07:28 kados we concluded that it could be acomplished by adding a higher level to the current scheme ... by grouping biblioitems according to the FRBR algorithm
07:28 pierrick I've read what you said during last IRC meeting
07:28 pierrick FRBR ?
07:28 kados Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
07:29 kados we can take the MARC records in the system, run them through this algorithm, and it will generate a 'work' record for us
07:29 kados that can be used only for searching ... but only for libraries who want it
07:30 kados so we would have zebra databases:
07:30 kados frbr_work
07:30 kados biblios
07:30 kados items
07:30 kados authorities
07:30 dewey rumour has it authorities is authority records
07:30 kados and reservoir
07:30 dewey it has been said that reservoir is identical to biblios but not the actual catalog
07:31 kados dewey: no, reservoir is where downloaded MARC records are stored before entering the true catalog
07:31 dewey kados: wish i knew
07:31 kados dewey: no reservoir is where downloaded MARC records are stored before entering the true catalog
07:31 dewey wish i knew, kados
07:31 kados dewey: no reservoir is the place downloaded MARC records are stored before entering the true catalog
07:31 dewey OK, kados.
07:31 kados :-)
07:31 kados anyway ...
08:13 btoumi hi tumer
08:13 tumer hi btoumi
08:14 ToinS hi tumer
08:14 btoumi how are u in cyprus
08:14 btoumi ?
08:14 tumer for the next 24 hrs yes
08:15 tumer i am in cyprus for the next 24 hrs i mean and its very hot 37 degrees
08:15 kados hiho tumer
08:15 tumer hio
08:16 tumer kados: this lbxml2 thing is a C library. ý have it because its needed for zebra compiling
08:16 kados right
08:16 tumer but what do i do with it for our xml problem?
08:16 kados sure
08:16 kados there's a perl wrapper for it
08:16 kados called XML::LibXML
08:17 kados find out what version of libxml2 you have
08:17 tumer
08:17 kados then, check the README for XML::LibXML I posted yesterday to make sure your version works with the latest CPAN
08:17 kados ok ... sec
08:18 kados looking here:
08:18 kados[…]XML-1.58_1/README
08:18 kados cool ... so yours works fine
08:18 kados version 2.6.5: tested; not working (broken XIncludes)
08:18 kados   o up to version 2.6.8: tested; working
08:18 kados or at least it should
08:19 kados so it's probably easiest to install it via the PPM package
08:19 kados
08:20 kados here's how to install it:
08:21 kados C:\>ppm install[…]es/XML-LibXML.ppd
08:21 kados (I think, never actually used ppm before)
08:47 kados using the stuff in the new
08:47 kados about 1/3 done, so far no crashes :)
09:00 hdl hi
09:00 kados hey hdl
09:06 osmoze hi
09:06 kados osmoze: yo
09:20 pierrick hi osmoze
09:21 kados anyone know if there's already a script to take raw MARC data that already has biblionumber and itemnumber info in it and import it into the new koha-zebra?
09:21 kados I think bulkmarcimport will just delete existing biblionumber, etc.
09:25 kados morning owen
09:25 owen Hi
09:33 pierrick is it OK if I create a sub dedicated to insert and update tables in the database ?
09:33 pierrick and advise to use it in the coding guidelines?
09:33 pierrick the goal is to make updates and inserts more readable
10:12 kados tumer: is there currently a script to import records that already have 090 (biblionumber)s but that don't exist in the koha tables?
10:16 kados tumer: is there currently a script to import records that already have 090 (biblionumber)s but that don't exist in the koha tables?
10:17 tumer I think there should be a script at head that reads from ver2_2 tables and populates ver3 tables
10:17 kados hmmm ... not quite the same
10:17 kados I've got a set of MARC records I exported
10:18 kados then I converted them to UTF-8
10:18 kados and I can index them in zebra (they have 090, etc.)
10:18 tumer oh sorry I see what you mean, I'll check whether I have one myself
10:18 kados cool, thanks
10:18 kados if not I'll write one
10:19 kados bulkmarcimport should have an option in fact
10:21 tumer kados: I am committing one now to head
10:21 tumer but it requires them to be in zebra
10:22 kados tumer: ok, so you :
10:22 kados 1. index with zebra
10:22 kados 2. run this script
10:22 kados ?
10:23 tumer and it updates the koha tables with marc records
10:23 tumer that is they have to have biblionumbers
10:23 kados based on what's in zebra?
10:23 kados nifty
10:23 kados yea, that's just what I'm looking for
10:24 tumer it can be modified to read the marc file rather than zebra if you like
10:24 kados well, yea, but i can do that easily enough I think
10:25 kados or if you want to do it that'd be ok too :-)
10:25 kados I've got to head out for about 3 hours in a few minutes
10:25 tumer no I am not doing it now. Its also hardcoded with 090 for biblionumber. Jut changing that line will make it globally usable
10:26 pierrick[…]:codingguidelines
10:26 kados tumer: do you remember the query for finding out how many records exist in a zebra db?
10:26 kados pierrick++
10:26 pierrick (just writtent about SQL queries, I continue writting on my local wiki)
10:26 kados (yep, nice job)
10:27 tumer no I do not remember its supposed to be answered by ID on our zebralist
10:27 kados I'll look there
10:28 kados % yaz-client host:port/IR-Explain-1
10:28 kados Z> find @attr exp1 1=1 databaseInfo
10:28 kados Z> form xml
10:28 kados Z> show 1
10:31 kados hey paul
10:31 paul hey
10:31 paul (VPN active, but some problems remaining... today is a sysadmin day !)
10:31 tumer kados:did that scrip work? it did not with me
10:33 kados hmmm
10:33 kados haven't got a system to try it on yet
10:33 kados tumer: whats' the name of the script?
10:33 kados akkk, I've got to go ...
10:34 tumer i am talking about what you have written on the screen
10:36 kados I get :
10:36 kados    [13] Present request out of range -- v2 addinfo '1'
10:36 kados but we might not have 'form xml'
10:37 tumer it returns 0 hits
10:37 kados huh
10:37 kados I've gotta run, late for a meeting
10:38 tumer kados:I have modified this script named import_to_biblioitems
10:38 kados thanks
10:38 tumer commiting now. it will take -f filename and do it from thare
10:39 kados tumer: thanks!
10:39 kados tumer: I'll try it when I get back

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