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12:51 ToinS Uptime: 43 minutes
12:51 ToinS oups sorry...
17:33 chris kados: u around?
17:39 kados chris: yep
17:39 chris ok
17:39 kados chris: I see buildrelease committed :-)
17:39 chris yep
17:39 kados chris: couple of things to fix before I commit my dev_week version
17:39 chris it made a koha-2.3.0
17:40 kados ahh, cool
17:40 chris but i didnt tag the release
17:40 chris i think we will want to run the buildrelease a couple of time
17:40 chris s
17:40 chris and edit it to make sure we arent making a mess
17:40 kados right
17:40 chris easiest way is to try
17:40 chris so in a dev-week checkout
17:40 chris run
17:41 chris perl misc/buildrelease
17:41 chris chose no when it asks to tag the release
17:41 kados it'll build a release from my install?
17:41 chris and it will just make a tarball in /tmp
17:42 chris it builds it from cvs
17:42 kados ahh
17:42 chris have a play is the easiest way ..
17:42 kados k
17:42 chris we may need to edit it, to add some more cp commands
17:43 chris but it looks pretty good
17:45 kados current release tag is 1.9.3?
17:45 chris choose yes
17:46 chris adn then enter 2.3.0
17:46 kados right
17:46 kados neat
17:46 chris i think that people havent chosen to tag in the past
17:46 kados what does that do?
17:46 chris but when you do a release
17:46 chris you should always tag
17:47 chris (a real release(
17:47 chris puts a tag on all the files in cvs
17:47 chris so that at any point in the future you could check that out
17:47 chris so if i wanted i could check out a 1.2.3 release from cvs
17:47 chris even tho its moved on
17:47 kados ahh ... is that how 'snapshots' are done?
17:48 chris not quite a snapshot is done by a date
17:48 chris you can do that too
17:48 chris ie you can checkout the files for a given date
17:49 chris you have to remember the date tho :-)
17:49 chris if you tag it, you can see the tags in cvs
17:50 kados gotcha
17:50 kados besides, my brain's full :-)
17:51 chris[…]dev_week&view=log
17:51 chris subversion works much the same way, except better :)
17:51 chris the principles are the same
17:52 kados right
17:54 chris the buildrelease script is pretty damn cool
17:55 kados yea ... did we do that?
17:55 chris not me
17:55 kados we've got some really solid code mixed in with our crap :-)
17:55 kados like the gettext thing
17:55 kados it's probably one of the better translation tools out there
17:56 chris steve tonnnesen
17:57 chris started it
17:57 kados it's all about time I think
17:57 chris then paul, and ambrose and I had a go at it
17:57 kados if you've got time you can write really nice code
17:57 chris yep
17:57 kados but if you're really busy, it's tough
17:57 chris yep
17:58 kados so ... while I've got you
17:58 kados there's a problem with tumer's xml::simple config readinng script
17:58 chris k
17:58 kados when it comes to reading the type of database
17:59 kados let me find the line
18:00 kados
18:00 kados 396 or so
18:00 chris in dev_week?
18:00 kados yea
18:00 kados sub Zconn
18:00 kados        my $self = shift;
18:00 kados        my $server = shift;
18:00 kados $server never gets populated
18:00 kados if I go:
18:01 kados $server = "biblioserver";
18:01 kados it works
18:01 chris k
18:01 chris so what calls sub Zconn?
18:01 kados it's called from
18:01 kados sub zebraop I think
18:02 kados well ... too
18:02 kados is a better example
18:02 kados my $oConnection=C4::Context->Zconn("biblioserver");
18:02 chris k
18:02 kados line 1311
18:03 chris this is why i hate OO
18:03 kados heh
18:03 kados yea, i'm not even sure what's going on
18:04 kados I need to reread the OOP stuff in my Camel
18:04 chris hmm we need to fix the formatting in these modules too
18:04 chris but ill do that later
18:04 kados well shit
18:04 kados it just started working
18:04 chris lol
18:05 chris it looks fine
18:05 kados that drives me nuts
18:05 kados I swear it wasn't working two days ago
18:05 kados and I haven't touched it
18:05 chris the Biblio one is different
18:05 kados yea ... I haven't gotten to edits yet
18:05 kados or ads
18:05 chris $Zconnbiblio[0]=C4::Context->Zconnauth($server);
18:05 kados I'm still working on refining searching
18:06 kados Zconnauth is the 'rw' connection
18:06 kados Zconn is the 'r' connection
18:06 chris ah right
18:06 kados I'm planning on re-writing all this stuff for 3.0
18:06 kados I've got some good ideas now that I've had a chance to play with the code
18:06 chris these modules could all go a perltidy
18:06 kados I implemented a CQL as well as an RPN search
18:07 chris the formatting is a mare
18:07 kados yea
18:07 kados I re-formatted stuff in mine
18:07 kados I'll commit them
18:07 chris cool
18:07 kados now that that's fixed
18:08 kados is it generally frowned upon to go 'cvs commit *' in the root dir?
18:08 kados i've changed a lot of stuff and I don't trust my memory :-)
18:08 chris generally yep
18:08 kados bummer
18:09 chris but we can let it slide in this case
18:09 kados well ... as the RM, I might just do it anyway :-)
18:09 kados unless you can think of a better way to make sure I get all the changes merged
18:09 kados k
18:09 chris the reason why is it makes it hard to see the changes
18:10 chris but its better than missing some stuff :)
18:11 kados k, committing
18:11 kados not too bad
18:11 kados I gotta run ... someone's picking me up and honking
18:11 chris :-)
18:12 chris cya later
18:12 kados ciao

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