IRC log for #koha, 2006-05-21

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17:02 kados @tell
17:02 kados dewey: @tell
17:02 dewey kados: sorry...
17:02 kados dewey: ?
17:02 dewey kados: wish i knew
17:02 kados dewey: help
20:11 kados !tell
20:11 kados @tell
20:11 kados dewey: !tell
20:11 dewey kados: excuse me?
20:11 kados dewey: tell
20:11 dewey kados: what?
20:35 rach howdy
20:35 dewey hi, rach
20:35 rach how are you dewey?
02:46 osmoze hello
08:33 kados hey owen
08:33 owen G'morning
09:28 owen Bugzilla needs help
09:51 kados yea?
10:15 owen When I go to, it says "I think you are looking for index.cgi"
10:16 owen And then redirects.  But ever since the upgrade Bugzilla has had no style.
10:16 owen And when I put in a search term under "Enter a bug # or some search terms:" it tells me I've entered an invalid bug number
10:25 kados paul are you around?
10:26 kados paul_away: having trouble with the .po translation system
10:28 kados paul_away: i get a bunch of errors:
10:28 kados Strange line in po/npl_opac_hu_HU.po:
10:28 kados finally it dies with:
10:28 kados po/npl_opac_hu_HU.po: PO file is corrupted, or not a PO file
10:29 kados owen: sorry, I don't have access to the bugzilla server
10:29 kados owen: have to wait till chris is up
10:32 owen It's no big deal.
10:41 owen kados: I have a statistics question for you
10:41 kados sure
10:41 owen Do you think it is possible to generate a report of all active members, where active is defined by activitiy within the last X years?
10:42 kados yea, piece of cake
10:42 kados just do a join on issues
10:42 kados and if they've got an entry with a timestamp after X
10:42 kados they they're active
10:42 owen Except that we've purged issues before haven't we?
10:43 kados ahh ...
10:43 kados :-)
10:43 kados not recently
10:43 kados probably been a year or more
10:43 owen I see the statistics table includes borrowernumber...maybe from there?
10:43 kados yep ... you could probably do something there
10:43 kados I've never purged stats
10:44 owen I was talking to Lauren after our meeting, and she mentioned something about the State library wanting us to 'purge our patron records'
10:45 owen I asked why, and she said they didn't want us reporting stats about numbers of library patrons if that number included inactive patrons
10:45 owen So I said why purge the records, why not just give them a report that only included active members?
10:47 kados yep
10:47 kados in fact ...
10:47 kados we can just check to see if a patron's account is expired
10:47 kados no need to even touch statistics
10:49 owen That might be possible after we've worked under the improved expiration system in the next upgrade, but it wouldn't work right now
10:49 kados why not?
10:50 owen Because in all likelihood most of our patrons are expired right now and we don't even realize it.
10:50 kados something like:
10:50 kados select count(*) from borrowers where expiry > '2004-01-01';
10:50 kados 24811
10:50 kados hmmm ... I'm pretty sure you can't issue books to an expired patron
10:50 owen That's not the case in NPL's production version
10:51 owen It doesn't care
10:51 owen My record, for instance, expired 12/31/2005
10:51 kados ahh
10:51 kados shoot
10:52 kados when does lauren need those stats?
10:52 owen I'm not sure...I don't think it was very pressing
11:53 kados osmoze: hi there
11:53 dewey que tal, kados
11:54 osmoze hi all :)

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