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12:07 ToinS bye all
13:52 owen kados: did you see the recent change to Suggestions that added a duplicate-check?
14:16 kados owen: missed that one ... how recent was it?
14:17 owen a little over a week ago
14:18 owen I'll have to ask Paul about it... I'm a little confused about how it works. When there's a possible duplicate it shows a couple of links 'duplicate suspected' and 'connect'
14:19 owen The 'duplicate suspected' link shows the details of the existing item
14:19 owen I'm not sure what the 'connect' link does, exactly
14:38 chris morning
14:40 owen hi chris
14:42 owen[…]=06/05/17/1934246
14:48 chris heh
14:50 chris the concept of utu is often misunderstood ... its the source of much of the misunderstandings and miscommunications in nz
14:51 chris for maori, there is no statute of limitations on utu
14:51 owen I was interested in the concept of utu... it's like the anti-koha
14:51 chris the obiligation exists until it is satisfied .. for most non-maori they dont see how they can be held accountable for the actions of their ancestors
14:52 chris hence lots of misunderstandings
14:53 chris its why the process of redress for lots of the bad things that happened in the 1800s and 1900s in nz is important
14:54 chris yep its pretty much the flipside of koha
14:56 chris its not nessecarily and eye for an eye .. its not always that harsh, but there needs to be some atonement
14:56 kados morning chris
14:57 chris its one of the main reasons the german africa korps rated the maori battalion as their fiercest opponents
14:58 chris morning kados
14:59 chris ok, now i better head off to tech meeting
15:38 pierrick dewey, what is loan
15:38 dewey pierrick: no idea
15:38 pierrick dewey, what is circulation
15:38 dewey i haven't a clue, pierrick
15:38 pierrick dewey, what is koha
15:38 dewey koha is the first open-source ILS or a good free software ILS
19:10 chris right its making bad xml?
19:11 kados yea
02:41 pierrick hi #koha
02:41 pierrick hdl, are you around ?
02:47 ToinS hi all
02:47 pierrick hi ToinS
02:48 ToinS salut pierrick
02:49 pierrick ToinS, tu savais que le journées Perl 2005 ont eu lieu à Luminy ?
02:50 ToinS oui je savais
02:50 pierrick (j'étais un peu dégoûté de ne pas avoir pu m'y rendre à cause de la distance)
02:50 pierrick j'espère que les journées Perl 2006 auront lieu à Paris
02:50 ToinS je n'y etais pas non plus apres avoir longuement hesiter a y aller
02:52 pierrick dommage, les journées Perl 2004 étaient vraiment très intéressantes, je m'en souviens encore très bien
02:53 ToinS quand j'ai vu le programme, je me suis dit que j'allais être le seul étudiant et donc que j'allais m'embeter
03:06 pierrick hdl ?
03:06 hdl yes
03:06 hdl pierrick:
03:07 pierrick can you tell me what you planned to improve concerning authorities/thesaurus ?
03:07 pierrick hierarchy, it seems
03:08 pierrick other kind of relations than parent-child between authorities?
03:50 pierrick in Koha, is it possible to send overdue notification by mail? automatically
03:58 pierrick nobody?
04:16 hdl pierrick: YES it IS.
04:16 hdl see script
04:16 hdl see ** script in misc.
04:16 hdl You have two of them.
04:17 hdl ng is to get more flexible overduenotices.
04:19 pierrick hdl, thank you I take a look at it
04:20 btoumi hi evrybody
04:21 pierrick hi btoumi
04:28 hdl hi btoumi
05:43 pierrick do we have some load figures for Koha installation ? I mean for example with 1GHz/256MB server, you can have 10 simultaneous users connected.
07:14 kados paul_away: are you around?
07:58 pierrick kados, hi
07:58 pierrick kados, paul is working at the SAN today
07:58 pierrick SAN-OP
08:01 paul but if it is important, i'm there ;-)
08:01 ToinS héhé
08:01 paul (really paul, typing on btoumi keyborad)
08:02 paul kados => a question ?
08:11 hdl paul , kados :<pierrick>do we have some load figures for Koha installation ? I mean for example with 1GHz/256MB server, you can have 10 simultaneous users connected.
08:21 paul it's depends on database size
08:22 paul for 20 000 items or less any pc less than 2 years is ok
08:23 kyle did josh write a stress testing framework, or has he not finished it?
08:23 kyle I though he mentioned it at the conference
08:36 pierrick paul, the question is "how many simultaneous connection, for which server size ?" It's very hard to answer I think
08:37 paul nobody tuned this ever.
08:38 paul seems that a PIV 2.x Ghz, 512Mo RAM is enough for a 50 000 biblios & 4/5 librarians & public OPAC.
08:38 paul in 2.2, the main caveat in perfs is the circ module. And that can be partially fixed with mod_perl.
08:40 pierrick OK, thank you Paul
08:40 paul your welcome
08:47 btoumi dewey : who is btoumi ?
08:47 dewey btoumi: no idea
08:47 btoumi dewey : wiki ?
08:47 dewey i heard wiki was at
08:48 btoumi dewey : who is the best programmer ?
08:48 dewey btoumi: wish i knew
08:48 btoumi dewey : who is kados ?
08:48 dewey btoumi: i don't know
08:49 btoumi dewey : reserve ?
08:49 dewey i haven't a clue, btoumi
08:49 btoumi dewey : reserves ?
08:49 dewey no idea, btoumi
09:10 osmoze hello
09:10 dewey niihau, osmoze
09:25 hdl dewey : reserves is a facility to reserve a book in a library in order to borrow the next time an item of this book is available.
09:25 dewey OK, hdl.
09:26 hdl dewey : reserves ?
09:26 dewey rumour has it reserves is a facility to reserve a book in a library in order to borrow the next time an item of this book is available
09:26 hdl :D
09:26 hdl btoumi ?
09:26 hdl paul around ?
09:26 hdl hi tina.
09:27 kyle paul left awhile ago
09:27 hdl :/
09:28 hdl hi kyle
09:28 kyle hi
09:28 kyle what's up?
09:30 tnb hdl: hey there :)
09:30 tnb hi kyle
09:30 kyle hi tnb : )
09:36 ToinS hi all !!
09:41 paul hdl: i'm here
09:48 hdl dewey : circulation ?
09:48 dewey bugger all, i dunno, hdl

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