IRC log for #koha, 2006-05-19

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16:04 chris hi there tumer :)
16:04 tumer hi chris
16:04 tumer just arrived from london hows things
16:05 chris doing good, still a bit jetlagged but getting back into the nz timezone again
16:07 kados hey tumer
16:07 tumer hi kados
16:07 kados how're things?
16:07 tumer just back from london. working on authorities
16:07 kados sweet
16:08 tumer I'll be committing them to head. hope its compatible with what hdl is doing
16:09 kados I haven't merged in our dev-week stuff into head yet
16:09 kados hoping to get to that this weekend
16:09 chris i should be round to help out over the weekend kados
16:09 kados but I'm swamped at the moment catching up from being away
16:09 kados sweet
16:09 chris between the 2 of us we should be able to get it done
16:10 kados that'd rock
16:10 chris yeah, im in catchup mode too
16:10 kados I'd love to see head stabilize
16:10 tumer chris: have you seen the new koha.xml and everything is now xml (all configuration in one) what do you think?
16:10 kados tumer++
16:10 kados it looks great
16:10 chris i think it rocks :)
16:10 tumer somebody has to write some installer for it I donno how to do it
16:11 chris yep
16:11 chris i wonder if slef will have time to take a look, otherwise ill take a crack
16:11 chris karma for tumer?
16:11 dewey tumer has karma of 1
16:11 kados tumer++
16:11 kados :-)
16:12 tumer thanks folks just doing some stuff thats all
16:13 tumer whats karma? (poor english you know)
16:13 chris ahh buddhist concept
16:14 tumer sending karma and that sort of thing?
16:14 chris hmm how to explain, i think its like you scorecard, good deeds increase your karma, bad deeds decrease it
16:15 chris
16:15 chris good old wikipedia
16:15 tumer chris:thanks
03:33 paul pierrick, je suis là ;-)
08:09 paul welcome kyle
08:12 paul hello johnb. welcome on this channel
08:13 paul was your flight back to us OK ?
08:14 johnb Long but fine.  
08:14 paul no more jet lag ?
08:15 johnb Yesterday was the first day I felt OK.  
08:17 ToinS hello all !
08:19 kyle hello
08:20 kyle paul, have you talked with anyone at the NPL about our ideas to simplify updating the multiple intranet template systems?
08:20 paul nope.
08:21 paul I plan to write something on the wiki, but could not find 1 hour to do this yet.
08:21 kyle ok, that sounds good.
08:21 paul I have some complements to add to my idea.
08:21 paul (like having a TMPL_INCLUDE for the mainpage template as well)
08:22 paul that could be very interesting to include external ressources as well as internal ones (like a CMS)
08:23 kyle that sounds interesting.
08:24 kyle I think this will work out well in the end.
08:38 pierrick spine labels only exist in 3.0?
08:38 paul I think yes.
08:38 paul but not sure.
08:40 pierrick in 2.2.5, I can only see "generate barcodes"
08:40 paul in 2.2.5 for sure : NO
08:40 paul i thought you asked for rel_2_2 CVS
08:43 tnb hi kyle :)
08:43 tnb hi everyone :)
08:43 tnb win 4
08:43 pierrick hi tnb
08:43 tnb !
08:43 tnb :)
08:43 pierrick "win 4" ?
08:43 tnb :)
08:44 tnb playing with my windows :)  still learning all the chat stuff
08:44 tnb how's the baby?
08:44 pierrick is it possible to specify rooms in a branch ?
08:45 pierrick baby is really fine :-)
08:45 pierrick he loves standing up and laughing :-)
08:45 paul tnd : pierrick baby dady being a little bit less fine. Is kados around ?
08:45 paul tnb: pierrick baby dady being a little bit less fine. Is kados around ?
08:48 tnb ?  um, I'm pretty sure kados is still in a meeting.  He should be wrapping it up soon :)
08:48 pierrick (what about my rooms in a single branch?)
08:49 tnb pierrick isn't fine ? :/
08:49 paul tnb : pierrick already spoke with joshua.
08:49 tnb oh, right :/  I heard about that eek :/
08:49 paul yep.
08:50 paul dewey : translate naïf to english
08:50 dewey paul: i'm not following you...
08:50 paul dewey : translate naïf from french to english
08:50 dewey paul: excuse me?
08:50 paul stupid dewey !
08:50 paul dewey : naïf from french to english
08:50 dewey paul: excuse me?
08:50 paul dewey : naïf from french into english
08:50 dewey paul: sorry...
08:51 paul dewey : translate from french naïf
08:51 dewey paul: :(
08:51 paul dewey : translate from french to english naïf
08:51 dewey paul: :(
08:51 pierrick tnb, I'm not so bad :-) I was not waiting for this so soon
08:51 ToinS stupid dewey
08:52 paul at least, dewey makes me laugh a lot !
08:52 ToinS dewey: stupid++
08:52 paul dewey : karma ?
08:52 dewey paul: i don't know
08:52 paul dewey : karma?
08:52 dewey paul: i don't know
08:53 paul dewey : dewey karma?
08:53 dewey paul: wish i knew
08:53 ToinS dewey: wiki is at
08:53 dewey i already had it that way, ToinS.
08:53 ToinS dewey: wiki ?
08:53 dewey wiki is at
09:25 pierrick is it possible to edit biblio or item information in bulk mode? (I mean for exemple setting 200$a for a list of selected biblio)
09:25 paul nope.
09:25 paul it's something frequently requested by libraries, but not yet implemented.
09:25 paul will be far easier with CQL
09:26 pierrick why would it be easier with CQL?
09:26 paul because the main problem with 2.2 was "how the librarian will explain it's query?"
09:27 pierrick (I don't understand)
09:27 pierrick 1. I search, I get a list
09:27 pierrick 2. I want to set 200$a for all my search results
09:28 paul that can't be done easily on a web interface for perf reasons (apache timeout)
09:28 paul so it could be done in command line.
09:28 paul BUT !
09:29 paul how can the user explain 1 in command line ?
09:29 pierrick OK, I understand what you mean now
09:29 paul[…]litem&item_id=115
09:29 paul (for toins)
09:29 pierrick in PhpWebGallery I use a lot editing in bulk mode, and it's not that hard in a web interface
09:30 ToinS thanks paul
09:30 paul yes, except in php you don't have a timeout unless you're on a restricted web host
09:30 pierrick paul, there is no performance problem in how I did things
09:31 paul maybe, but with Perl in cgi-bin + mysql perf problems for koha 2.2 + updating 10 000 biblios at one time, I bet you'll have one with Koha
09:33 pierrick update biblios set field = value where biblionumber in (1,2,3,...)
09:34 pierrick anyway, it depends a lot on your data model. If you have to do 10,000 queries, it will be too long. If you can have N (not too many) huge queries, it's OK
09:35 paul with marc_word & marc_subfield_table its much much much more complex than a single query
09:35 paul that's why it can't be done in 2.2 in web interface
09:37 pierrick (I still don't understand why, as you have bibid, tag and subfield in marc_word)
09:37 pierrick (I'm sure I miss something, I have no time right now ;-)
10:21 pierrick is it possible to list all current loan ?
10:21 paul I don't think so
10:59 kyle hey tnb ; )
10:59 kyle I was out of town for a couple hours.
11:01 thd kados: are you there?
11:15 kados thd: what's up?

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