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12:15 slef dewey: here, have a poisoned botsnack.
12:15 dewey thanks slef :)
12:16 kados dewey: koha
12:16 dewey kados: what?
12:16 kados dewey: Koha is the first open-source ILS
12:16 dewey OK, kados.
12:17 slef dewey: koha is also a good free software ILS
12:17 dewey okay, slef.
12:19 slef biab, off to
12:48 owen So how does dewey work?
13:12 tnb *tinaback
13:22 kados dewey: how do you work?
13:22 dewey wish i knew, kados
13:22 kados hehe
13:22 kados dewey: ?
13:22 dewey i don't know, kados
13:22 kados dewey: what bot are you?
13:22 dewey kados: i haven't a clue
13:22 kados guess we'll have to wait for chris
13:24 ToinS hi, you can use dewey for translation
13:25 ToinS dewey: translate from french Bonjour
13:25 dewey ToinS: Hello
13:25 ToinS dewey: translate to french Hello
13:25 dewey ToinS: Bonjour
13:30 ToinS dewey uses babelfish to translate and knows other differents language
13:30 dewey ToinS: sorry...
13:30 ToinS hehe
13:34 kados sweet
13:43 owen dewey: translate from Czech Nužky
13:43 dewey owen: i'm not following you...
13:43 owen dewey: Don't you speak Czech?
13:43 dewey bugger all, i dunno, owen
13:47 owen dewey: what do you and logbot talk about when no one is around?
13:47 dewey no idea, owen
13:50 ToinS dewey: what about my karma
13:50 dewey toins: wish i knew
13:50 ToinS dewey: what about my karma ?
13:50 dewey i haven't a clue, toins
13:52 ToinS so it's time to leave.........9 pm in france
13:52 ToinS bye all
15:39 kados welcome back owen
15:39 owen I guess I crashed. All of a sudden Firefox and Chatzilla were gone.
15:40 kados heh
15:42 owen dewey: How long was I out?
15:42 dewey i haven't a clue, owen
15:42 chris seen owen?
15:42 dewey owen was last seen on #koha 10 seconds ago, saying: dewey: How long was I out? [Wed May 17 08:42:25 2006]
15:43 owen Heh.
15:43 chris seen paul?
15:43 dewey paul was last seen on #koha 5 hours, 38 minutes and 0 seconds ago, saying: is jet lag OK or are you as sick as joshua ? [Wed May 17 03:05:20 2006]
15:43 chris thats of course nz time
15:43 chris dewey is an infobot
15:43 chris dewey?
15:43 dewey chris?
15:44 chris what are you?
15:44 chris dewey: what are you?
15:44 dewey i am an infobot
15:44 chris it learns from is/was constructs
15:45 kados dewey: what were you?
15:45 dewey i don't know, kados
15:45 chris hehe
15:46 chris dewey: status?
15:46 dewey Since Tue May 16 20:12:17 2006, there have been 7 modifications and 19 questions.  I have been awake for 12 hours, 34 minutes, 27 seconds this session, and currently reference 24 factoids. Addressing is in optional mode.
15:46 chris so hes pretty dumb at the moment
15:47 chris but he'll learn
15:47 chris bugs?
15:47 dewey bugs is
15:47 owen So every time I say "X is Y" dewey remembers it?
15:47 chris yep
15:47 chris if its not already set
15:47 owen >:-)
15:50 kados dewey: your namesake is Melvil Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal Classification system for library classification.
15:50 dewey OK, kados.
15:50 kados dewey: who is your namesake
15:50 dewey dewey's namesake is, like, Melvil Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal Classification system for library classification
15:50 kados hehe
15:50 owen The 'like' is a nice touch
15:50 kados yea :-)
15:50 kados I played with a perl-based infobot for a while
15:50 kados can't remember which one
15:51 kados it was a blast though
15:54 chris infobot is all written in perl
15:54 chris i bet i could write a module for it :-)
15:54 chris dewey: search koha for cryptimonicon
15:54 dewey chris: i'm not following you...
15:55 chris that would be kinda cool
15:55 chris pointless but cool
15:57 kados hehe
15:57 kados that would be cool
15:57 kados actually, I think the infobot in code4lib might already be able to do some stuff like that
15:57 kados I haven't played with it too much
15:58 chris yeah, it wouldnt be hard to do
15:58 chris formatting results nicely would be the hardest bit
16:03 kados chris: remember that processlist cron job we set up?
16:03 kados once in a while I see the following:
16:03 kados | 850  | kohaadmin | localhost | kohacrru | Sleep   | 23705 |       |          
16:03 kados +|
16:03 kados that lasts for a few hours
16:03 kados then goes away
16:04 chris right, what user does our processlist job connect as?
16:04 chris kohaadmin?
16:04 kados root I think
16:05 chris k, so it could be a connection open at the commandline
16:05 chris thats not doing anything at the moment
16:05 kados ahh
16:05 kados must be ryan ;-)
16:05 chris :)
16:06 chris i wouldnt worry unless there are a lot of them
16:06 kados yea, never been more than two or three
16:06 kados btw ...
16:06 chris yes?
16:06 kados the xml probs we're having with the new editor
16:06 kados I'm at a loss for where to go
16:07 kados s/where to go/what to do/
16:07 kados that little test script we write
16:07 kados wrote even
16:07 chris yep
16:07 kados that just goes from xml back to binary
16:07 kados loses tons of data
16:08 chris hmm
16:08 chris so i guess our next question is ... is it the marc->xml that loses data, or the xml->marc
16:08 chris if its xml->marc we will have to rethink the editor .. if its marc->xml .. we'll just have to not use that
16:09 kados hmmm
16:10 chris i think we may be safer going back to creating the marc record without using xml
16:11 chris since it doesnt seem to be reliable
16:12 chris which is really annoying
16:12 chris since its much much more elegant using xml
16:13 chris but not at all fault tolerant it seems
16:13 kados yea
16:13 kados that's a real bummer
16:14 kados because it might mean that we can't really handle xml properly in Koha
16:14 kados at least with the current tools
16:15 chris well it might mean we cant convert from xml to marc with the current tools
16:16 chris using the marc::file::xml anyway
16:18 chris[…]c/8301/?cpg=wnrss
16:18 chris for something completely random
16:20 kados hehe
16:43 russ hi
16:49 owen dewey: what is which?
16:49 dewey which is really annoying
02:05 chris bonjour pierrick
02:05 paul hello chris
02:06 pierrick hi paul and chris
02:06 paul chris : did you get my message at hotel, last saturday ?
02:06 chris hi paul
02:06 paul what did you do on saturday ?
02:06 chris that you couldnt make it, yep
02:06 paul (hi chris & pierrick )
02:06 chris we rode the bus around marseille :-)
02:07 chris
02:07 chris well we walked a lot, but we used the bus to get around
02:10 chris the park was very busy on saturday, people playing football everywhere :)
02:10 paul yes.
02:11 paul soccer is the 1st religion in Marseille. christian being the 2nd !
02:11 chris hehe
02:12 chris we went to the supermarket near the beach, and bought food and had a picnic on the beach
02:12 paul (but when our team, OM, is in final or the european soccer cup (3 years ago), everybody reaches la bonne mère to light a candle. including muslims !)
02:12 paul s/or/of/
02:12 chris :-)
02:13 chris there were lots and lots and lots of italian and spanish tourists at la bonne mere
02:14 chris maybe lighting candles for real madrid, and milan :-)
02:15 paul milan ? why ?
02:15 paul atm, if an italian city had to light some candles, it would be Turin :
02:15 chris i dunno, it was the only italian soccer team i could think of
02:16 paul they are in the center of a very very very large scandal
02:16 chris ohhh yes, the matchfixing?
02:16 paul including buying some match results...
02:16 paul yep
02:16 chris right i saw that on cnn at one of the airports
02:16 paul they are italian champion, and could be put in 3rd division next year ! would be bankrupcy for sure
02:17 chris wow, they better start lighting those candles
02:30 chris soccer?
02:30 dewey soccer is the 1st religion in Marseille. christian being the 2nd !
02:30 chris dewey is learning more :-)
02:33 paul koha is the best free ILS
02:33 paul free ILS ?
02:33 paul ILS?
02:33 chris koha?
02:33 dewey it has been said that koha is the first open-source ILS or a good free software ILS
02:34 chris slef and joshua already taught it about koha :)
02:34 chris ILS is Integrated Library System
02:34 chris :)
02:34 paul afraid ?
02:35 chris paul?
02:35 paul what is afraid ?
02:35 chris dewey: paul?
02:35 dewey chris: no idea
02:35 chris ahh it doesnt learn from actions
02:42 chris speaking of code
02:42 chris i see google have released a toolkit (like yahoo did a while ago)
02:42 chris for building ajax applications
02:43 chris
07:43 kados hi there alaurin
07:47 paul_lunch hello kados
07:52 kados hi paul
07:52 paul hi joshua (on phone atm)
07:53 kados and get back to normal busyness :-)
07:58 alaurin hi everybobody
09:26 alaurin i've got a question, i'm working on a program who use the sub ItemType (In, but this function is not in the 'head' cvs, is there an another way to obtain the info itemtype ???
09:27 alaurin or can I reload it on the head ????
09:33 pierrick alaurin, what is ItemType supposed to do ? in the files I'll send you tonight, there is a new function get_itemtypeinfos_of which should fit your need
09:36 alaurin ItemType was a function to display the itemtype info in my version (2.2.5) (it sounds like you're fonction)
09:37 pierrick are you sure it "displays" the information ?
09:37 pierrick with get_itemtypeinfos_of you can do:
09:37 pierrick my $itemtypeinfos_of = get_itemtypeinfos_of(@itemtypes);
09:38 pierrick print $itemtypeinfos_of->{$itemtype}{description};
09:49 kados hey owen
09:49 kados long time no see :-)
09:49 owen :)
10:06 antoine hi all

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