IRC log for #koha, 2006-05-17

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21:58 Jo mason - can you come to #hlt when you have 5 mins free
22:20 mason sure thing
02:28 paul hello world
02:32 pierrick salut Paul
02:32 paul salut pierrick
02:35 ToinS salut tous
02:43 chris hello all
02:43 pierrick hi chris
02:44 paul hi chris, back to nz ?
02:44 chris yep
02:44 chris got back about 6 hours ago
02:45 paul and you're not in bed to try to recover from jet lag or you're superman and don't have jetlag ?
02:45 chris left marseille at 7.30am on the 14th .. arrive back 3.30pm nz time on the 16th ... lost a whole day somewhere.... i think it fell out of the plane somewhere near ethiopia
02:46 chris paul: im trying to stay awake till about 11pm nz time .. so i dont wake up in the middle of the night wanting lunch :)
02:46 paul right.
02:47 ToinS hi chris
02:47 chris hi toins and pierrick
02:48 chris ohhh tumer has done the koha.xml thing cool
03:00 chris lots of koha mail in the last few days
03:03 chris whats the french word for robot?
03:04 pierrick chris, "robot" is correct in french
03:12 chris hi dewey
03:12 dewey hello, chris
03:14 chris bugs?
03:14 dewey bugs is
03:14 chris release manager for 2.2?
03:14 dewey i heard release manager for 2.2 was Paul Poulain
03:14 chris :-)
03:31 paul dewey: yes, you heard well ;-)
03:31 dewey paul: what?
03:31 paul that I was RM for 2.2
03:32 chris dewey: paul?
03:32 dewey chris: wish i knew
03:32 chris it doesnt know much yet, but it will learn
03:33 paul hi dewey
03:33 dewey bonjour, paul
03:33 paul yo, dewey speak french when he speaks to me ? really great !
03:33 chris :-)
03:33 chris hi dewey
03:33 chris it just ignores me
03:33 paul dewey : do you ignore chris
03:33 dewey paul: huh?
03:33 chris dewey: botsnack
03:33 dewey thanks chris :)
03:34 paul chris: no, it's just that you have to start with it's name
03:34 pierrick chris, did you breed dewey with #koha logs?
03:34 ToinS hello devew
03:35 chris nope, i just taught it a couple of things it will learn as it goes
03:35 chris koha wiki is
03:35 chris koha wiki?
03:35 dewey i guess koha wiki is
03:37 chris i might try to teach it some stuff from the logs
03:38 paul koha best programmer ?
03:38 chris hehe
03:38 chris paul++
03:38 chris karma for paul?
03:38 dewey paul has karma of 1
03:39 paul karma for chris ?
03:39 dewey chris  has neutral karma
03:39 paul karma for kados ?
03:39 dewey kados  has neutral karma
03:39 pierrick karma for pierrick ?
03:39 dewey pierrick  has neutral karma
03:39 paul karma for toinS
03:39 dewey toins has neutral karma
03:44 chris dewey: translate to french dewey can speak some french
03:44 dewey chris: le dewey peut parler du français
03:45 chris you can waste lots of time playing with dewey :-)
03:45 ToinS hehe
03:46 chris dewey: translate from french pain au chocolat
03:46 dewey chris: bread with the chocolate
03:47 paul dewey : is Ineo a smart company ?
03:47 ToinS dewey: translate from french bonjour a tous
03:47 dewey ToinS: hello has all
03:48 chris it uses babelfish to translate
03:49 paul dewey : translate from french bonjour à tous
03:49 dewey paul: hello with all
04:53 rach is dewy a new translater bot?
04:53 chris its just an infobot rach
04:53 rach does infobot do translations
04:54 chris yep
04:54 rach cool
04:54 rach what languages does it know?
04:54 chris german, french, spanish, italian and portugese
04:56 rach very cool
10:04 ToinS hi tnb
10:05 paul hi tnb / tina.
10:05 paul is jet lag OK or are you as sick as joshua ?
10:12 tnb paul: hi there :)
10:12 tnb i've been sleeping alot, but I'm feeling pretty good.  It is disorienting more than anything.
10:13 tnb ToinS: hi :)
10:24 hdl hi tnb
10:27 tnb hi henri
10:29 pierrick hi tnb
10:46 tnb pierrick: how are things?
10:47 tnb *tinaaway

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