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12:39 shantanoo hi!
12:40 shantanoo need little help with apache config
12:40 shantanoo Forbidden
12:40 shantanoo You don't have permission to access / on this server.
12:41 shantanoo using apache 2.2
12:42 shantanoo :(
16:00 pate-away kados, you about?
19:49 owen chris around by any chance?
19:50 chris yep whats up owen?
19:50 owen I have a question for a Perl expert
19:51 chris heh
19:51 chris ill do my best
19:51 owen In a CGI::scrolling_list gets built of existing shelves
19:52 owen But really it should build the CGI::scrolling_list only if there are items to go in it, i.e. existing virtual shelves
19:52 chris ok
19:53 chris this in rel_2_2 ?
19:53 owen Yes
19:53 owen Around line 60
19:54 chris right i see
19:55 chris so if tehre are no shelves there is no point outputing an item dropdown list
19:56 chris heres what id do
19:56 chris id change this line
19:56 chris my $CGIbookshelves=CGI::scrolling_list( -name     => 'shelfnumber',
19:56 chris to
19:56 chris $CGIbookshelves=CGI::scrolling_list( -name     => 'shelfnumber',
19:56 chris and before it
19:56 chris my $CGIbookshelves;
19:57 chris if (#@shelvesloop > 0){
19:58 chris then do the $CGIbookshelves=CGI::scrolling_list( -name     => 'shelfnumber',
19:58 chris etc
19:58 chris }
19:58 chris ie, if there is at least one element in the array, make the dropdown
19:58 chris otherwise it will just be empty so it wont get printed
19:58 chris does that make sense
19:58 chris ?
19:59 chris i can make the changes and commit if you like and you can give it a test
20:07 owen Sorry--got interrupted.  I'm testing it now, and it looks like it works great!
20:07 owen Thanks for your help.  I'm going to be making some other commits anyway, so I'll take care of it.
20:08 chris sweet
20:08 owen When do you guys leave for France?
20:08 chris the 30th nz time
20:08 chris so the 29th for you
20:09 owen I sure wish I could be there.  I hope you guys have a blast.
20:10 chris thanks
02:06 btoumi high everybody
02:07 btoumi hi everybody
02:07 pierrick_ hi btoumi
02:23 btoumi hi pierrick
05:35 hdl hi
05:43 pierrick hi hdl
05:43 hdl hi pierrick.
06:47 paul hello world, i'm back
06:47 paul btoumi: are u around ?
07:02 paul cvs -q update -P -d
07:27 hdl paul ?
07:37 btoumi hello hdl
07:38 hdl hello btoumi
07:51 hdl hi owen
07:51 owen Hi
07:55 owen Quiet around here lately :)
07:55 pierrick_lunch hi owen
07:56 hdl owen: was it ? :)
07:57 hdl Paul was away, kados also, ... I was working without irc.....
07:57 hdl owen: Do you use some multi hierarchical thesaurus ?
07:58 hdl Do you know some ?
07:58 owen No
07:58 owen I'm not even sure what it is
08:35 paul merchi pierrick, et bonjour ;-)
08:35 pierrick bonjour paul, de rien
09:59 kados bonjour a tous
09:59 owen Hey kados
10:01 paul hello the "frenchie/swiss guy" ;-)
10:04 paul just to let everybody know :
10:04 paul * 75 registrations for May 2nd
10:04 paul * 45 for may 3rd
10:07 kados w00t
10:07 kados paul: so I have started compiling a outline for my talk at KohaCon
10:07 kados paul: is it OK to just have a two or three page outline?
10:07 kados paul: or is it expected to have a fancy brochure? :-)
10:08 paul you just have to remember that most ppl will speak french poorly.
10:08 paul so it's better to have a good outline.
10:09 paul to help them understanding what you're speaking of.
10:09 paul even if we will translate, of course
10:11 owen kados: do you have time to talk opac detail screens?
10:11 kados sure
10:11 owen So basically the problem is: how do you coordinate the bibliodefaultview preference with possible settings that would hide other detail screens
10:12 kados right
10:12 owen I don't know that we can assume the system is set up properly :)
10:12 kados what would really be cool
10:12 kados is a method where the librarian could pick which elements on a given page
10:12 kados are visible
10:12 kados using checkboxes
10:12 kados or something
10:13 kados does that make sense?
10:13 owen Yeah
10:13 kados so then the next question is how do we acomplish that? :-)
10:14 owen One column of checkboxes and one column of radio buttons
10:14 kados y'know ...
10:14 owen The checkboxes are for which are visible, the radio button is for which is default
10:14 kados take that one step further
10:14 kados so they can customize the text for each
10:14 kados so if they want 'SEARCH' or "SEARCH CIRC", etc.
10:15 kados one thing I'm not sure of is what that would do to performance
10:16 owen Does each system preference affect performance a certain amount?
10:16 kados I've no idea
10:16 kados paul: do you know?
10:18 paul kados & owen : for sure it affect perfs. The question being : a lot or a little. I don't know, but i would be cautious with such improvements.
10:18 kados yep, perhaps we need to do some tests
10:18 paul we might reach a perf problem + a stability/maintainancy problem.
10:18 kados right
10:21 kados owen: so I'll give it some further thought
10:21 kados owen: perhaps we can introduce a new feature that will somehow be cached for sure and won't affect performance
10:21 kados owen: rather than rely on the current system preferences
10:22 owen So hold off on any show/hide preferences for opac detail views for now?
10:22 kados yea, I'd say so
10:22 owen Okay
10:24 tumer hi all
10:24 kados hey tumer
10:25 tumer kados:hi, settled down at some city now?
10:25 kados tumer: heh, not yet, finished the WIPO training today
10:26 kados tumer: I leave for Laussane in a few minutes
10:26 tumer kados:lucky you:)
10:26 kados tumer: tomorrow I may travel all day
10:26 kados tumer: but Saturday and Sunday I should have all day to work :-)
10:26 kados Monday too it hink
10:26 kados thingk even
10:27 tumer So will I on sunday
10:27 kados tumer: one question, the files you sent me include the Koha installation
10:27 tumer ???
10:27 kados tumer: but how can I create the bib database for that system?
10:27 tumer you don't need to. That should work with standart 2.2 system
10:28 kados and I can update Zebra how?
10:28 tumer I thought you had zebra updating. I merely send the search processess
10:28 kados ahh
10:29 kados yes, I can get Zebra wrking
10:29 kados but in my method, data is usually deleted from Koha tables
10:29 kados marc-* tables I mean
10:29 paul kados: where will you be this week end ?
10:29 kados paul: Paris of course ;-)
10:30 tumer Dont worry I'll send you necessary files once you start workng on it
10:30 kados tumer: ok, sounds great
10:30 kados thx
10:30 kados paul: in fact, on Saturday I will start in Laussane
10:30 kados paul: and will travel to Paris in the late afternoon
10:31 kados paul: on Sunday, Paris is closed ...
10:31 kados paul: Monday too unless I'm mistaken
10:31 kados paul: so I hope I can find a good wifi cafe or hang out in a train station all day to work ;-)
10:36 kados so mambo?
10:36 kados or opencms maybe?
10:36 kados (I recently heard from someone here that opencms is quite nice)
10:37 kados huh, the admindb seems unaccessible for the mailman install
10:37 kados woops
10:38 kados wrong channel for all of the above :-)
10:46 paul kados: "paris is closed" = what do you mean ? it's a closed day, for sure, but many cafe or places are open in Paris !
10:47 hdl even some marketplaces :D
10:47 kados paul: good news :-)
10:47 kados monospace?
10:47 paul a car for 7-9 ppl
10:47 hdl a big car
10:47 kados ahh
10:47 kados maybe just take the busses?
10:47 paul because we will be more than 15 and 3 cars won't be enough
10:47 kados or a train?
10:48 paul except we can't reach SAN-OP with busses or train.
10:48 kados ahh
10:48 kados too bad
10:49 tumer and I am not even able to stay at the same hotel as you lot. All booked
10:49 kados wow
10:50 paul tumer: wait a minut
10:59 pierrick paul, are devWeek evenings planned?
11:00 pierrick I mean, do you know when afters will occur?
11:01 paul hélas, not yet.
11:01 paul I asked SAN twice, but got no answers from them :-(
11:01 pierrick I want to tell my friends in Marseille when I'll be available. I'll also ask if I can borrow a car
11:01 paul you'll ask ineo ?
11:01 paul I tried to phone jps & flc but they are away
11:01 pierrick no, my friends in Marseille
11:02 pierrick you want me to ask if I can reserv a car?
11:02 pierrick s/reserve/rent
11:02 paul what's your phone (fixe, my portable is out of power)
11:02 paul bye kados
11:05 kados hey pate-away
11:05 pate-away hiya
11:05 pate-away is anyone taking good notes at KohaCon?
11:05 kados pate-away: anything you need to ask me before I jet?
11:06 pate-away well, I'm looking for data from KohaCon so I can plug it into my writing plans
11:06 kados ahh, right
11:06 pate-away you can jet ... nothing I have is urgent
11:06 kados so I think much of the con will be available via a video feed
11:06 pate-away I'll try to jump on early tomorrow and see I I can catch people
11:07 kados tomorrow's a vacation day :-)
11:07 kados ok, I gotta catch a train
11:07 kados ciao
11:07 pate-away tchuss
11:25 hdl hi pate-away
11:26 hdl you also have some information on

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