IRC log for #koha, 2006-04-27

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17:13 kados hello world
17:13 chris hiya kados
17:13 chris in ur hotel?
17:13 kados hey chris
17:13 kados at regula's place
17:14 kados neighbor has wifi :-)
17:14 chris sweet
17:14 chris hi to regula for me
17:14 kados will do ... she's in bed already :-)
17:14 chris :)
17:18 chris start work tomorrow?
17:56 rach oh cool
02:09 osmoze hello
03:54 btoumi hi everybody
03:56 pierrick hi btoumi
03:57 osmoze hi two :)
03:57 pierrick btoumi, did you subscribe to koha-devel mailing-list?
04:20 btoumi sorry i was buzy
04:20 btoumi yes i suscribe
04:21 btoumi why?
04:30 pierrick because it would be interesting you explain how SAN-OP revised reserve system
04:31 pierrick (as Paul said briefly in the last thread)
04:33 btoumi msg pierrick
10:04 kados hi all
10:04 ToinS hi
10:04 kados paul around?
10:05 ToinS no
10:05 ToinS he 'll comes back tomorrow
10:06 kados ok
10:06 owen Having fun, I hope?
10:08 kados yea
10:08 kados in Geneva today
10:08 kados spent most of the day at the world intellectual property organization
10:08 kados it's about 5pm now
10:08 owen Hard to remember to think of you in that time zone :)
10:09 kados I'm hanging out in a small cafe outside the main train station in geneva
10:09 kados well, I try to trancend time zones ;-)
10:17 thd kados: have you seen my email?
10:18 kados thd: yes, thank you
10:18 kados thd: I've been very busy with training and traveling so haven't had any time to read it more than once
10:19 kados thd: and I noticed your commits
10:19 kados thd: but I'm afraid they won't work for unicode :(
10:19 thd kados: what do you mean about won't work for unicode?
10:20 kados thd: I meant unimarc :/
10:20 thd kados: no of course UNIMARC needs other modules like MAB2::Encode, etc.
10:22 thd kados: my last message has a supplemental file for you to import for me using
10:22 kados thd: shall i do it now?
10:23 thd kados: use the last supplemental one and do not apply the first one
10:23 thd kados: yes do it now.
10:25 thd kados: also every time I save a record edit some template or other error fails to take me to the correct place although the update seems to be  saved with new changed content.
10:25 kados thd: importing
10:28 thd kados: after I save a record I see only: on the following plain text message:  Status: 302 Found Location:
10:29 thd s/: on//
10:30 kados strange
10:30 kados must be a bug in rel_2_2
10:30 thd that appears with no context and I have to use the browser back function to recover.
10:30 tumer[A] hi kados hows Geneva?
10:30 kados thd: 32 MARC record done
10:30 kados tumer[A]: it's great :-)
10:31 thd kados: that is good, it represents many actual original records because they are mostly serials and I need to add the holdings.
10:33 tumer kados:have you played with search?
10:33 thd kados: also characters do not appear correct but that is a problem with the fonts in the CSS.
10:35 kados tumer: not at all yet :/
10:35 kados tumer: I hope later tonight
10:35 tumer kados: I'll be around foe another 4 hrs
10:35 thd tumer did you see my extra long message with a partly corrected bibliographic framework attached?
10:36 tumer thd: yes thanks I also emailed you
10:39 tumer thd:I replied it it went to koha@<someplace> is that you?
10:40 thd tumer: yes that is me
10:42 thd tumer: I think we do have some power over MARC::File::XML but we no longer need it for importing in rel_2_2 using my latest commit to
10:42 thd kados: are you not administering MARC::File::XML?
10:43 kados thd: yes, but I'm not alone
10:43 tumer thd: I haven't seen that yet. I am using your template with no problems apart from the one I mentioned
10:44 kados could you guys forward you correspondence to the koha list?
10:44 kados koha-devel I mean
10:44 kados unless it's private in some way
10:45 thd kados: can you substitute field < 10 for field =~ m/^00/ to check for control fields without a numeric comparison?
10:45 tumer thd: my system reads systempref 050ab or 090ab or whatever you put in  (I mean both subfields) and creates the itemcallnumber
10:47 thd kados: I will have everything on the koha-devel list as soon as I can find the time to do that and remove the small degree of private character.
10:47 kados thd: thanks
10:48 kados ok, I'm off to catch a train back to Laussane
10:48 kados cheers
10:48 thd kados: only lack of time has kept me off the mailing list :)
10:48 owen Seeya kados
10:48 kados I hope to be around later
10:48 kados but jet lag may catch up with me
10:48 tumer thd:I'll be careful with that. I am not sure what MARC::Record will think about it. Apart from your 09o field everything is working fine. Do we reallly need 09o?
10:49 thd tumer: my bug report attached is a few weeks out of date so I guess you are reporting that the system preference is fixed as well.
10:50 tumer thd: not in CVS my private version
10:51 tumer thd:I'll commit them
10:51 thd tumer: Did you say that the call number filling system preference is now fixed or not?
10:51 tumer thd:Not fixed in CVS. I have fixed it in my version which I'll commit soon
10:53 thd tumer: I have some new code that will for example search 050, then 090 ( or remapped to 09o or 999), then 852 until it finds a complete LC call number.
10:54 tumer thd:sound intuitive. I'll wait to see it before committing
10:56 thd tumer: Do not delay committing your code as mine is not adapted for the system preference.  I do not know where to commit it but it needs more generalisation to support DDC, UNIMARC locations, etc.
10:56 tumer thd:OK
10:56 thd tumer: my code is currently part of a subroutine in a script to manage copy catalogued records.
10:57 tumer thd:oops wrong. I'll commit
10:58 thd tumer: I copy catalogue them outside koha with a PHP/YAZ Z39.50 client that I need to port to Perl to replace the poor Z39.50 client that Koha has now.
10:58 tumer thd:Currently the code is in reads systempref to see which fields needed to fill itemcallnumber
11:00 tumer thd: I use ZOOM client in KOHA for Z3950 and import straight into KOHA
11:00 thd tumer: my code expets a MARC::Record object to search but could be adapted for the Koha MARC in SQL.
11:01 thd s/expets/expects/
11:03 tumer thd:I've to go for now. talk to you later,cheers
11:03 thd tumer: I have not seen the Perl Zoom documentation for asynchronous simultaneous non-blocking searching of multiple Z39.50 targets.
11:04 tumer thd: get ZOOM version 1.06
11:05 thd tumer: I need to update many things but my connectivity is poor so that can be rather troublesome when I try to update my whole system at once.

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