IRC log for #koha, 2006-03-29

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12:33 tim We ran into a problem with one of our records.  Here's the error.
12:33 tim Cannot decode string with wide characters at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/ line 184., referer:[…]
12:35 tim This is followed by the usual premature end of scritp headers (this one in and the intranet page give a 500 error.
12:47 tim Oh yeah.  We're trying to edit the MARC record.
12:48 hdl what was the record source ?
12:48 hdl Is this a record you created ?
12:48 tim It was from OCLC
12:49 hdl would you give me ISBN ?
12:51 tim 0439783690
12:53 tim The book is in Spanish and English.  I'm tninking it has something to do with Spanish characters.
12:53 hdl But it seems that they used utf-8 for their character encoding.
12:53 tim But don't have a clue what to do about it.
12:54 hdl wait for 3.0 :)))
12:56 tim I'm guessing there are othere records with the same problem since we have a small Spanish collection.
12:57 hdl More seriously, you could try and recompile MARC::Record and MARC::File::XML or MARC::Charset.
12:57 kados tim: I know what the error is, I've got a solution for it
12:57 kados tim: give me a sec and I'll fix it
12:57 tim Cool!
12:57 tim Thanks!
13:03 kados tim: where are you pulling the record out of, the reservoir?
13:08 kados tim: give it a shot now
13:10 kados tim: wait ... it's still not encoding correctly
13:10 kados tim: lemme check your version of MARC::Record, MARC::File::XML
13:12 kados tim: got it, your version of MARC::Record is way out of date, updating it now
13:18 kados tim: compiling now
13:23 kados tim: ok ... MARC::Record, MARC::File::XML updated, but that record is still not being encoded correctly
13:24 kados tim: give me a minute to figure out what's going on
13:26 kados so the leader is claiming it's MARC-8:
13:26 kados 01166cam  2200301Ka 4500
13:26 kados but I suspect it's actually UTF-8
13:31 tim Have any ideas what we can do about that?
13:34 kados yep, trying one right now
13:34 kados give me a sec
13:38 kados tim: ok ... here's the deal
13:38 kados[…]
13:39 kados I created a duplicate of the problematic record
13:39 kados and it saved properly
13:39 kados as utf-8
13:39 kados (though the leader didn't update for some reason)
13:39 kados (so I need to check on that)
13:40 kados in order to do that I had to change the default encoding of the intranet to utf-8
13:40 kados but that means that ascii characters outside the normal range don't display properly
13:40 kados (like in the original record)
13:41 kados probably the best solution would be to convert all your records to utf-8
13:41 kados (once we figure out why the leader
13:41 kados isn't getting changed as it should)
13:42 kados but I'm guessing that's going to be a lot of records since you have quite a few spanish materials
13:42 kados I need to think a bit more to figure out if there's a way we can fix this without so much work
13:46 kados btw: side note, is that how you're supposed to represent multi-language materials in MARC? 245$a with the spanish and $b with the english?
14:05 slef !help DateTime
14:06 kados umm ... well we have a meeting in a couple hours
14:06 slef how does logbot work?
14:06 kados just logs stuff
14:07 kados no fancyness :-)
14:07 slef can you put meeting details into /topic please?
14:07 slef "You can view the logs of #koha using logbot. "
14:07 slef How?
14:08 kados I can't edit topic
14:08 tim kados: I don't do the cataloging.  I don't know if that's the correct way of entering it.  I'm guessing it's not.
14:08 kados agenda's on the wiki
14:09 kados tim: I'm still working on a solution here
14:09 kados tim: give me a few more minutes
14:09 slef kados: URL?
14:09 slef kados: who can edit topic?
14:09 kados slef: for the koha wiki?
14:09 slef kados: for the agenda
14:10 kados slef: noone
14:10 kados[…]ndAndNotes06mar27
14:10 kados tim: this is especially tricky because your data has both marc-8 and utf-8 characters
14:11 kados tim: and it seems we can't always trust the leader to tell us which they are
14:12 kados tim: it's also hard because there's no sane way to tell the difference between utf-8 and marc-8 by just the characters themselves
14:13 slef was kohaCon discussed on koha-devel?
14:18 slef What time is the meeting?
14:18 kados GMT 20:00
14:19 slef Now the clocks have changed, I can probably make that.
14:19 kados sweet
15:00 kados hi paul_away
15:01 paul hi kados.
15:01 paul meeting in 1 hour isn't it ?
15:01 kados yes
15:01 kados I know it's late for you
15:01 paul (et are now in summer time, so we are GMT+2)
15:01 kados and still early for NZ :(
15:02 kados right, so 9:00pm for you eh?
15:02 paul yep
15:02 kados here's the meeting agenda:
15:02 kados[…]ndAndNotes06mar27
15:02 paul in fact, my main concern is to have a meeting every week. It would be easier for me to have one once every 2 weeks.
15:02 kados if you have anything to add, feel free
15:03 kados well, you can attend every two weeks :-)
15:04 paul wiki updated
15:05 paul (3 questions)
15:05 slef erm, when is meeting?
15:06 slef 20:00 GMT or 21:00 CET?
15:06 paul hi slef. In 1 hour
15:06 slef so 20:00 +0000
15:06 paul 20:00 GMT
15:06 slef 22:00 CET 8-/
15:50 russ morning all
15:51 kados morning russ
15:51 russ hi kados
15:55 kados bout 5 minutes eh?
15:55 russ i reckon
15:56 chris morning
15:56 hdl hi
15:56 russ hiya chris
15:59 kados[…]ndAndNotes06mar27
16:00 kados ok ... it's 20:00
16:00 kados time for a roll call, eh?
16:00 kados so who's about?
16:00 chris here
16:01 paul who knows ?
16:01 kados not me
16:01 chris ive seen it
16:01 kados great, nice crowd
16:02 kados so, the agenda is at[…]ndAndNotes06mar27
16:03 kados first up is News and Questions
16:03 kados paul, some of this you added, eh?
16:03 paul yep
16:03 kados take us away :-)
16:03 paul 1 st question : UNICODE status
16:04 paul seems the solution we have found still hides a big problem.
16:05 kados paul: what's that?
16:05 paul (mail on koha-zebra from pierrick, 21th, march)
16:05 pierrick not so big
16:05 paul we are back to what I thought 2 months ago :
16:05 paul * either we succeed to get an improved DBD::mysql
16:06 pierrick do we need to process strings in Perl ?
16:06 paul * we rewrite all subs to decode everything from mysql
16:08 pierrick (decode every string is not a satisfaying solution)
16:08 paul right
16:08 thd paul: Is that the full list of options? Those 2?
16:08 paul the last one being to switch from mysql to something else I think we only have 2, you're right
16:10 thd paul: how painful would switching to Postgres be actually?
16:10 kados thd: quite painful :-)
16:10 paul somthing like a cancer ?
16:10 thd :)
16:10 kados hehe
16:11 pierrick do we need to process strings coming from Mysql in Perl ?
16:11 thd I did not mean permanently but temporarily, relative to hacking the DBD module
16:11 pierrick if not, the problem is not that big
16:12 paul but we have :
16:12 paul * marc_*_structure
16:12 paul * borrowers
16:12 paul * many many other parameters tables (itemtype description, ...)
16:14 kados chris: any input on this?
16:14 chris im wondering what the answer to pierricks question is too
16:15 paul I wanted to say that we have to retrieve many strings from mySQL as well as from zebra.
16:16 pierrick retrieving many strings is absolutely not a problem, processing strings can be
16:16 paul is "show the string in the template" not something "processed" ?
16:16 pierrick I mean things like inline replacement on non-ASCII characters, string length calculation
16:17 pierrick paul, no, in my mind "select" and "print" does not process the string, sorry for my vocabulary, I was not clear enough
16:17 hdl But if you have a select with some accentuated characters, Don't we need "processing" ?
16:18 pierrick as long as we only do "insert", "select", "print", no problem I think, I see even
16:18 paul but why do I have a problem ?
16:18 hdl But we shall have to insert. Or to take into account that users may have different locales.
16:19 pierrick IMO, Koha works with UTF-8, 99,99%
16:19 pierrick hdl, no problem to insert utf-8
16:19 pierrick hdl, what do you mean "different locales" ?
16:19 thd hdl: exactly which is why every string should be converted in any case
16:20 paul but on I have wrong results :
16:20 pierrick we force browser side to be utf-8, not matter the client locale
16:20 thd pierrick: only if the client supports UTF-8
16:20 paul * without binmode, zebra datas are wrong, but mysql datas are OK (marc description)
16:21 paul * with binmode, zebra datas are OK, but mysql datas are no more !
16:21 kados paul: are you sure you changed all of zebra's config files to utf-8?
16:21 pierrick thd, supporting utf-8 is a prerequisite, obviously... and which recent browser does not support utf-8 ???
16:21 paul repeat all what I have to do to be sure I haven't missed something
16:22 thd pierrick: well I identify legacy systems for the user at home.
16:22 kados thd: we can bring up supporting older browsers when we resolve the utf-8 problems' we're having
16:22 kados thd: right now the priority is getting utf-8 to work!
16:23 thd however, most users not on the special systems at the library itself will not have a UTF-8 locale
16:23 paul but that's not a problem thd : the browser take care of everything
16:23 paul (unless i'm still missing something !)
16:23 pierrick paul, you don't miss anything
16:24 thd paul: It does not on my system
16:24 paul which browser do you use ?
16:24 kados if your locale does not support utf-8 it won't work
16:24 kados I've seen it before on my gentoo workstation
16:24 kados regardless of browser
16:24 kados so thd has a point
16:25 kados but i suggest we ignore that for now
16:25 pierrick thd, locale is not about encoding (utf-8 is an encoding) but about a character set you can type with your keyboard and display on your screen
16:25 paul right
16:25 paul (+ it's already 10:30 pm in europe ;-) )
16:25 kados and concentrate on getting utf-8 to actually work for those of us with the utf-8 locale
16:26 kados paul: I can't find the message that Tumer sent regarding utf-8 and zebra
16:26 kados paul: but it was in there (sent to koha-zebra I believe)
16:26 kados I'm really getting sick of encoding issues :-)
16:26 thd paul: if I query for C?zanne when my system which is not set to UTF-8 the query will fail unless it is normalised for UTF-8 at the server side which seems simple enough to me
16:26 paul pierrick & kados, you have something working correctly, while I don't.
16:26 paul (too : getting sick)
16:27 kados paul: I discovered a new bug with the new cvs MARC editor for existing records in a Koha database with incorrect leader
16:27 kados paul: just today ... I've been trying to fix it ... driving me nuts!
16:27 thd kados: why is the leader incorrect?
16:27 kados paul: also, I have not attempted to change default char encoding in mysql yet
16:27 kados thd: no idea
16:28 kados so it seems like our UNICODE status is that we're still unresolved
16:28 paul right.
16:29 pierrick :-/ I thought it was OK
16:29 thd kados: Is the encoding[D[D[D[D[D[D[D[D[D[D[C[Ccharacter encoding set in 0000/09 wrong?
16:29 kados pierrick: can you confirm whether you have a working Koha with mysql tables specifying utf-8?
16:29 kados thd: now's not the time
16:29 pierrick kados, I confirm
16:29 paul pierrick : do you still think you're OK
16:29 kados pierrick: can we view this?
16:29 paul OK, so you just have to explain what you did !
16:29 kados right
16:29 pierrick kados, no you can't I just made screenshots
16:30 kados (I _thought_ pierrick had done so via an email)
16:30 pierrick (no access to my working station)
16:30 kados (but assumed that something else was discovered)
16:30 paul we end this topic and reach the next one ?
16:30 kados sure
16:30 kados I will get a utf-8 mysql Koha running this week
16:30 kados to confirm that pierrick 's solution works
16:30 kados Zebra integration (CQL in Koha) ... also paul>?
16:31 kados chris: want to give us an update on that?
16:31 paul yes, I just wanted to read chris on this
16:31 chris last week we got sorting working
16:31 paul do you have builded an API for queries ?
16:31 chris so that the results are returned in relevance rank from zebra, but we can then resort them by title, or author etc
16:31 kados paul:
16:32 chris paul: I have been working in
16:32 kados paul: it's where we are at currently with searching
16:33 chris i have to tidy it up, and put it in C4::Search
16:33 paul there is no possibility for the user to enter a CQL query directly ?
16:33 chris there is on head
16:33 kados chris: will that code eventually support the full CQL hierarchy?
16:33 chris i have been working on the 2.2 plugin recently paul
16:33 chris maybe kados
16:34 chris it all depends on how we build the fiel
16:34 chris file even
16:35 kados we're still missing some things
16:35 kados I detailed them in my search report sent to koha-zebra
16:35 chris the way does the search
16:35 chris is not going to be how 3.0 does it
16:35 kados ahh
16:35 chris is a drop in replacement for the in 2.2.x
16:36 chris so that without needing to change much, you can get zebra going
16:36 thd chris: how will it be different for 3.0?
16:36 paul so where is the best code ? in head or in 2.2-zebra plugin ?
16:36 chris for 3.0 we have a chance to tidy up the .pl files as well
16:37 chris in head will work with the existing search files
16:37 chris in head will be the new API
16:37 chris does the most things at the moment (sorting, etc)
16:37 chris as I have been concentrating on it lately
16:39 chris thd: currently we get things from the form like biblio.title="some book" .. which we then convert to title all "some book" in CQL and pass to zebra
16:40 paul ok, i'll try to investigate your code. when do you think it will be stabilised enough ?
16:40 chris the plugin part (ie and is pretty stable now
16:40 thd chris: so do you mean that obviously the conversion step between SQL and CQL will be eliminated?
16:40 chris is going to need quite a bit more work
16:41 chris thd: something like that
16:42 chris the search forms can be simplified
16:42 chris paul, ill try to do an updated mail when theres something good to look at
16:43 chris (for head)
16:43 kados I fear we're going to run out of time fast
16:43 kados PROG template status?
16:43 kados also added by paul?
16:43 paul yep.
16:43 thd kados: which time do you mean?
16:44 kados thd: it's 10:45pm in France :-)
16:44 kados I mean for the meeting
16:44 paul * are PROG complete ? i've seen owen has added some prog for OPC
16:44 chris ohh cool
16:45 paul thus I think they are complete. But can't be sure
16:45 thd kados: as long as is still a constant for those of us still spinning at the same rate :(
16:45 paul could anyone confirm my feeling ?
16:45 kados owen: any thoughts?
16:45 owen paul: they should be 'first draft' complete, but without the enhancements you and I discussed (more navigation menus, ID'd blocks, etc)
16:46 paul ok, who plan to improve them ?
16:46 paul who candidate ?
16:46 russ to make them look good?
16:47 russ is that what you mean?
16:47 kados paul: do you mean who will build the '3.0 fancy tempaltes'?
16:47 paul no, to complete them 1st
16:47 russ ah
16:47 chris i dont think the prog ones have to look good
16:47 owen they're not supposed to look good :)
16:47 paul then I think katipo already candidate to make something nice.
16:47 chris but without navigation, they are sometimes hard to use
16:49 paul ok, great
16:49 russ cool owen
16:49 kados ok ... so ... paul, last question: RoadMap
16:49 kados (I assume that was also you)
16:50 paul it's a question for the release manager : where should we do for KohaCon ?
16:50 thd what does that question mean?
16:50 paul we will have to show something to librarians on day 2
16:50 slef paul: do or be?
16:50 paul s/do/be/ you're right
16:50 paul (quite late, my english becomes poor...)
16:51 paul and also have to plan what we will do on devWeek
16:51 kados paul: are you asking whether we'll have a fancy looking koha roadmap for the KohaCon?
16:52 paul I hope we won't have only a roadmap, but a product to show ;-)
16:52 thd kados: i think he is asking what in the roadmap will be ready for demonstration on day 2
16:52 paul even if uncomplete, of course.
16:52 chris the searching
16:53 chris we can certainly show off searching using zebra, and ill have the freetext cql interface going too
16:53 paul pierrick ++
16:53 paul the look will probably be the most important part of the demo ;-)
16:53 russ that doesnt leave much time to do a fancy template
16:54 thd chris: what aspect of that is a feature to make an audience happy rather than merely showing the internal workings?
16:54 pierrick russ, that's why not every page must be fancy for KohaCon
16:54 paul russ : what about just having a nice css on prog ?
16:54 paul + few pages improved
16:54 chris thd: i want to have 2 koha's running, one using zebra, one not
16:54 chris on the same machine
16:54 chris same records
16:55 russ still need a little bit of design time
16:55 chris show the diffreence
16:55 pierrick chris++
16:55 chris russ: we could for the demo's sake, steal the plain templates we did for opus
16:55 chris and use those?
16:56 russ possibly
16:57 paul ok, next topic then ?
16:57 kados sounds good
16:57 kados russ, this is your baby I believe
16:57 russ cheers
16:58 russ i am very keen to publish a programme for the koha con on the website
16:58 russ but i am not sure if one exsists yet
16:58 russ paul - have you and ineo set a programme yet?
16:59 russ or do you need some help organising this?
16:59 paul isn't[…].php?page=KohaCon enough for instance ?
16:59 paul the only missing guy is the 1st one.
16:59 russ how long will each talk be
16:59 russ what time will be starting
16:59 russ will there be breaks
16:59 paul around 1 hour
17:00 russ all that stuff needs to be sorted
17:00 kados yep
17:00 paul right. we still have to detail this.
17:00 russ yep it is the detail i am after
17:01 russ we are flying half way round the world to attend, it is important to us :-)
17:01 paul i'll update the wiki this week. is it OK ?
17:01 paul (wednesday hopefully)
17:01 kados sounds good
17:01 paul it will begin at 9:30, not before.
17:01 russ paul did you get my email with all theq's?
17:01 paul yep russ
17:01 slef can I ask some kohacon questions when you're done?
17:02 kados I think we're done eh?
17:02 kados go ahead slef
17:02 slef Why those dates?
17:02 thd paul: was your question about the  roadmap in relation to DevWeek answered?
17:02 kados ha
17:02 kados slef: those are the dates we picked :-)
17:02 paul thd : yes
17:03 slef kados: how/why?
17:03 paul * choosen because joshua will be in Geneva just before this KohaCon
17:03 paul * in France there are many many many closed days in April/May, so it was really hard to find a correct date !
17:04 slef ah, that's more understandable
17:04 chris basically kohacon sprang out of the fact kados was going to be in europe
17:04 slef Yes, that's the problem. May 1 is mayday here IIRC, so travel is going to be hell
17:04 thd paul: I did not see the answer for DevWeek and the roadmap only chris demonstrates differences in searching for the convention
17:04 slef if it is possible at all
17:04 chris and we thought, how about a developer get together
17:04 paul when I suggested this meeting I didn't imagine, even a second, kiwis would come !
17:04 paul but i'm very happy with this !
17:05 kados :-)
17:05 chris and then, we thought, we may as well have a bit for librarians too
17:05 slef When will this be announced to mailing lists?
17:05 chris i think its been on koha-devel ?
17:05 russ rach is proofing my annoucnement at the moment
17:05 thd kados: what was bringing you to Europe otherwise?
17:05 chris just the main koha list to announce too?
17:05 slef chris: first I heard about dates was your blog.
17:05 russ i had hoped to get it out there yesterday
17:05 kados thd: i can't announce it publicly :-)
17:06 chris ahh
17:06 russ it has been on the website for about 2 weeks
17:06 thd kados: I guessed that was the reason :)
17:06 paul i'm just waiting for a confirmation from ineo to adv french librarians
17:06 chris but we were waiting for a few more details, to do the big announcement is that right?
17:06 slef russ: web site is still not legible. I know I have login, so I wanted to look whether I can fix before bugreporting.
17:06 chris slef: im pleased someone looks at my blog :-)
17:06 paul I'm just waiting for ineo confirmation. I let russ take care of the english announcement.
17:07 russ[…]rences/index.html
17:07 slef russ: illegible here, so I don't visit much.
17:07 chris bad css slef?
17:07 slef 1mo, will screenshot
17:07 slef chris: aye
17:07 chris ta
17:07 pierrick chris, I'm also RSS connected to your blog ;-)
17:08 russ weird - first i have heard of this
17:08 slef russ: have you validated the css?
17:08 russ i didnt do the css
17:09 russ but i am pretty sure that both shaun and bob looked at that
17:09 kados looks like the html is missing a </meta> tag
17:09 chris i wonder what happened to them
17:09 kados[…]
17:09 kados chris: exactly what we thought would happen to them :-)
17:09 kados <poof> :-)
17:09 paul poof ?
17:10 chris (shaun and ben, disappeared back into the ether)
17:10 kados anyway, I've got to get something to eat before I fall over
17:10 paul ok.
17:10 kados so I'm gonna close the meeting
17:10 paul and i've got to get some sleep !
17:10 thd paul: poof is the sound of disappearance
17:10 paul ok. I'll be on irc on wednesday. tomorrow, i'll be with OUEST PROVENCE.
17:10 slef kados: poof is a pejorative term to denote a homosexual. Is that what you wanted to say about shaun and ben?
17:10 pierrick so do I, long night waiting for me (kid's ill)
17:10 paul in french we say "pouf" too ;-)
17:11 kados slef: not at all of course
17:11 slef What is the plan for announcing kohacon to mailing lists? When and where do announcements go?
17:11 paul I let russ answer for english.
17:12 paul for french, we have 3 very large mailing lists. And Ineo will send a mail to the 300 largest french libraries.
17:12 pierrick 'night #koha
17:12 osmoze hello
17:12 paul osmoze arrives really late. meeting is closing !
17:13 paul can I leave ?
17:13 russ slef - as i mentioned earlier
17:13 russ rachel is proof reading an annoucnement for me
17:13 osmoze excuse me, but my mother doen't love to be cut on dinner ;)
17:13 slef is how I see since the redesign
17:13 russ i will post to koha, koha-dev, and koha-win32
17:13 russ later today
17:14 chris yikes no wonder you dont look at it
17:14 owen slef: using what browser/platform/browser dimensions?
17:14 slaf damn intercontinental links
17:14 slaf what was my last line?
17:15 russ
17:15 russ 09:13AM|<slef> is how I see since the redesign
17:15 russ 09:13AM|<russ> i will post to koha, koha-dev, and koha-win32
17:15 russ 09:13AM|<russ> later today
17:15 russ 09:14AM|<chris> yikes no wonder you dont look at it
17:15 russ 09:14AM|<owen> slef: using what browser/platform/browser dimensions?
17:15 owen slef: images turned off?
17:15 slaf owen: firefox-based/GoboLinux/512x640ish
17:16 slaf owen: yes, no images most of the time
17:16 owen And a user stylesheet that turns some text yellow?
17:17 slaf no, just default colours of yellow-on-navy to make it nicer to read
17:17 osmoze good night paul :)
17:17 slaf I'd use white not yellow, but enough sites use a white background with no text colour that I'd never know there was text there!
17:17 owen slaf: with a setup like that, is there anything on the internet that /doesn't/ look like crap for you?
17:17 owen Besides maybe plain text?
17:18 slaf owen: sites which follow are fine.
17:20 slaf owen: web users have a range of settings. Sites which can't cope with a fairly minor eyesight problem are very buggy.
17:32 slef owen: sorry. The "it's your fault for setting your browser to be comfortable" subtext is a bit annoying.
17:34 slef As mentioned, I was going to check if the login details I had let me fix it and not complain until after that. I didn't realise some news only appeared on the web site now.
17:35 owen I think the ideal you espouse is a worthy goal, but it's a bit misleading to tell someone their site is broken without explaining the details of your browsing environment
17:37 slef owen: neither the xhtml nor the CSS validate. My browsing environments are not very relevant.
17:38 owen But all the problems with your screenshot are a result of your browsing environment, not the validations problems
17:40 slef owen: The most severe are because the CSS is semi-complete, as described in the validator's warning output.
17:48 owen slef: if you're posting a screenshot like that in order to help diagnose/solve a problem with a site, you have to put it in context.
18:03 slef owen: it's just an illustration. The diagnosis is all in the validation reports.
04:21 osmoze hello from France :)
04:26 pierrick hi osmoze
05:00 osmoze bonjour hdl
05:00 hdl bonjour osmoze
05:00 hdl ca gaze ?
05:00 osmoze c est plutot gazeux ce matin :(
05:01 hdl Tu as pu tester plus en détail la doc que j'ai mise à disposition ?
05:01 hdl ou bien tu as abandonné, signe que c'est TRES mauvais ?
05:01 osmoze non, j ai pas continuer car j ai eu un probleme perl...J avoue ne pas avoir pousser plus que cela, je recommence dans la journée
05:01 osmoze (avec l install phpmyadmin, pas l autre)
05:02 osmoze par contre, une petite question, la pres de la kohaconf est en anglais, vas t il y avoir une version francisé ?
05:02 osmoze (c est pour la demande a mon président)
05:15 pierrick osmoze, Kohacon day1 et day2 sont officiellement en français
05:15 pierrick certaines presentations seront en anglais, mais traduites a la volee en theorie
05:16 osmoze pierrick, pour les inscription je parle, en gros, que cette page :[…]es/usergroup.html soit en francais
05:17 pierrick hdl, les documents sur l'editeur MARC sont inaccessible sur, tu saurais m'aider a les trouver ?
05:17 pierrick hdl,
05:19 pierrick osmoze, il y a aura une presentation en francais au moins sur les mailing-list des bibliothecaires, la mailing-liste d'info Koha en francais
05:21 hdl pierrick: Je rétablis ce lien tout de suite.
05:23 osmoze hdl > une reponse ou je presente tout a mon president en anglais ? ;)
05:23 hdl pierrick: ok
05:23 hdl Normalement, si tu peux attendre Mercredi, une version Française va arriver.
05:23 hdl :)
05:24 osmoze ok, j attend demain sans probleme mais c etait pour en avoir le coeur net ^^
05:24 osmoze merci
05:25 hdl Je n'ai pas accès à la page du magazine que tu cites. Ce serait possible de me la faire parvenir ?
05:25 pierrick hdl, merci pour le document sur l'editeur MARC :-)
05:25 hdl No prob.
05:25 hdl C'était un problème de passage à la nouvelle interface du site.
05:27 osmoze <hdl> Je n'ai pas accès à la page du magazine que tu cites. Ce serait possible de me la faire parvenir ? <-- c est pour moi ca ?
05:27 hdl oui osmoze. J'aurais du le préciser.
05:29 pierrick bizarre, j'y accede bien moi
05:29 pierrick le texte est tout petit:
05:30 pierrick KOHA, le futur logiciel documentaire de la médiathèque intercommunale
05:30 pierrick KOHA est un système intégré de gestion de bibliothèque (SIGB) en « Open Source », donc en distribution libre sans paiement de droits d'utilisation. C'est aussi le premier logiciel de gestion de bibliothèque libre au monde, qui respecte les normes internationales (Marc, Z39.50 et ISO2709) spécifiques à ce type d'outil.
06:03 osmoze|out pierrick c est juste le resumé
06:07 pierrick oui, hdl me l'a fait remarque
06:07 pierrick le texte entier est accessible en ligne?
06:12 osmoze non, sauf si tu payes ;)
11:25 osmoze ++ all
11:34 thd kados: are you around?
11:35 pierrick kados, another question for you :-)
11:36 thd pierrick: Did you take a visit to a large Ineo client as you had been planning?
11:38 pierrick thd, no I didn't :-/
11:39 pierrick thd, I was ill at the end of last week and my colleagues are very busy this week in our client offices
11:40 thd pierrick: Does Ineo develop its own software for serving large clients?
11:40 pierrick I hope I will go this week, but I was confirmed
11:40 pierrick thd, no
11:41 pierrick thd, INEO develops a kind of "supersoftware" to limitate OS capabilities
11:41 pierrick I mean... for computers in libraries
11:41 pierrick such as one computer can only open the OPAC
11:42 pierrick but INEO does not develop any ILS, they integrated the more appropriate ILS depending on customer needs
11:42 thd pierrick: Does Ineo markets services using other companies software based on whatever software is best suited to the library?
11:43 pierrick yes, INEO is a software integrator (and not a software editor)
11:45 pierrick Koha participation is something new to INEO
11:45 thd pierrick: So Ineo, has no vested interest in any particular system except for the user management system that you described.
11:45 pierrick (and for myself, working as an integrator is something new, I used to work for an editor previously)
11:46 pierrick thd, INEO has some partnership with several ILS I think (do be confirmed)
11:46 pierrick s{do be}{to be}
11:47 pierrick why those questions ?
11:48 thd pierrick: I was trying to discover if Ineo would plan only to have Koha serve small libraries even if it could serve much larger libraries in future.
11:50 thd pierrick: I was trying to gauge the interest Ineo had in improving the features of Koha so that it could serve large libraries.
11:50 pierrick I believe that if first experiences are really positive, INEO will try to promote Koha in larger libaries
11:50 pierrick what do you call a "large library" ?
11:51 thd pierrick: well large is perhaps not the appropriate term
11:52 thd pierrick: I should have said libraries with complex collections and complex record needs
11:53 thd pierrick: large is also an issue for scalability to collections with millions of records.
11:53 pierrick I don't know the strategy in the long run thd, I know things and I guess others :-)
11:53 thd s/scalability/performance and response time scalability/
11:55 pierrick what I'm sure about is that INEO waits for a first complete success project with Koha, that's why I'm here
11:58 thd pierrick: I am pleased to know that there is no absolute commitment to an in house proprietary ILS where they might want to protect the market they had already with their own in house software.

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