IRC log for #koha, 2006-03-25

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13:09 hdl ok.
13:09 hdl thanks
15:41 thd kdaos: check your email please
15:42 thd s/kdaos/kados/
16:35 kados thd: got it
16:36 kados thd: I'll forward it on
16:36 thd thanks kados
17:01 kados thd: check pmesg
22:52 thd kados: are you around?
22:56 mason .
08:14 hdl bonjour paul
08:53 kados hi all
08:54 paul hi kados
08:54 kados paul: did you see Tumer Garip's koha-zebra message about Koha possibly dropping 090$c?
08:54 paul nope. I was not at work this week.
08:54 paul back only this morning & hundred of mails to answer !
08:54 kados sent March 23rd titled [Koha-zebra] Bad match criteria errors
08:55 kados heh, yea I can imagine
08:56 paul I can't find it
08:56 kados I'll forward it to you
08:57 kados (perhaps it hasn't reached koha-zebra yet)
08:57 kados but if it's true then it's quite alarming
08:57 kados I first noticed missing 090$c s in NPL's data when I attempted to import it to zebra
08:57 kados it seems Tumer has noticed the same
08:59 paul quite alarming I agree...
08:59 paul 090$c is mapped to biblionumber for you isn't it ?
09:07 osmoze hello
09:15 paul joshua/kados :
09:15 paul this query show me all biblios without 090$9 (the biblionumber for me, in UNIMARC)
09:15 paul SELECT m1.bibid, m2.bibid
09:15 paul FROM marc_biblio AS m1
09:15 paul LEFT JOIN marc_subfield_table AS m2 ON m1.bibid = m2.bibid
09:15 paul AND m2.tag = '090'
09:15 paul AND m2.subfieldcode = '9'
09:15 paul WHERE m2.bibid IS NULL
09:15 paul I get no answer, so I think everything is OK for me.
09:16 paul (I also tried to replace 090$9 by soimething else to be sure my query is OK : it seems it shows what i'm expecting)
09:16 paul could you pls try this query & report the result ?
09:22 kados I'll try it
09:25 kados paul: would it be possible that $9 wouldn't be NULL but would be blank?
09:25 kados my report:
09:25 kados +--------+-------+
09:25 kados | bibid  | bibid |
09:25 kados +--------+-------+
09:25 kados |   1654 |  NULL |
09:25 paul (on phone)
09:25 kados | 158070 |  NULL |
09:25 kados +--------+-------+
09:25 kados I'll respond to Tumer with the report
09:33 kados ok ... mail to Tumer sent
09:33 kados I wonder if the export/ script is to blame
09:34 kados ie, perhaps it is not exporting things correctly
09:59 thd kados: well paul had said that script had a problem
09:59 kados thd: what problem?
10:00 thd kados: paul did not know or remember but there is a caution in the text on the intranet next to the function
10:01 thd kados: when I asked him why the caution was there months ago he could not remember the problem but suggested that I posted a bug
10:02 thd kados: I never noticed a problem in my exports but I never looked at 090 in them
10:02 thd kados: I never posted a bug for a problem that I could not describe or identify
10:03 kados make ss sense

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