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12:38 pierrick hotel reserved for KohaCon
12:38 pierrick (just to notify)
12:47 pierrick kados, I said I would be available on Friday, but my schedule changed today... I will be available tomorrow (if I feel better) to speak about extensions manager :-)
13:59 Listerine Hello
14:32 thd hdl: editing items has not been updated in the editor to support hiding and collapsing subfields so it does not look right or function as intended yet.  Furthermore, I added some subfields to items that librarians not familiar with standard MARC holdings may find a little confusing.  The verbose labels were meant as a guide for interpreting usage in a manner familiar to the minority of cataloguers who know MARC standard holdings.
14:35 thd hdl: plugins would be needed for that to work effortlessly.  Maybe kados will work on that this weekend as the bugs are quite obvious there.
19:52 hdl bonjour
19:52 thd bonjour hdl
19:53 kados hi guys
19:53 kados I just sent a mail to koha-zebra about my meeting today with NPL
19:53 thd hello kados
19:54 kados thd: you might find it interesting
19:54 kados thd: (I"m sure you'll have questions about it :-))
19:54 hdl I quickly read it.
19:54 thd kados: has it arrived to the list yet or do we have to wait a few hours?
19:54 kados thd: should be on the list now
19:54 hdl I received it
20:05 thd kados: the problem of fielded searches not being able to be limited to matches within one field is one that I have kept asking you and chris about.  There is a solution for that problem if Zebra does not support correct behaviour internally.
20:07 thd kados: you may need to maintain separate indexes or separate filters for the results outside of Zebra..
20:33 kados thd: i think zebra can provide a soluion internally, we just don't have the config files set up correctly to support that behavior
20:34 thd kados: solving it inside zebra would be best
20:34 kados yep
20:36 thd kados: unfortunately, I have been too busy with everything else and lost too much time when I was arrested in New Jersey to have HEAD set up yet.
20:50 thd rach: I was arrested for contempt of court in December when in court disputing a ticket over a $1.25 subway fare.
20:51 thd rach: I made a comment a truthful comment about the judge in the corridor and my comment somehow found its way back to the judge.
20:53 thd rach: I had used the wrong machine to by my fare ticket but at the time there was no sign to explain which was correct in Newark, new Jersey.
20:54 rach ah bummer
20:54 thd rach: I wasted two months or so in court being prosecuted for fare evasion and then seemed likely to be prosecuted for contempt after spending a week in gaol.
20:56 thd rach: In NZ I would have been automatically guilty of the fare evasion charge because I would have had the burden of proof in a case where there could have been no gaol time.
20:56 thd rach: I could have gone to gaol for six months for contempt from a comment n the corridor.
20:58 thd rach: I found out how poor blacks and other members of the US underclass are treated when I wandered into the wrong jurisdiction.
20:58 rach would certainly occupy you're time
20:58 thd rach: I was really scared about the contempt charge.
20:58 rach well yes, that sounds bad
20:59 rach the penalty is pretty steep
20:59 thd rach: The court systems in high crime areas in the US are used as a continuation of slavery.
21:00 rach just asked to pay the difference if it was cheeper
21:00 chris or made to get off the bus
21:00 rach not that we have subways :-) or I suspect multiple machines
21:00 chris thats happened to me
21:00 thd rach: Maybe it would not have been considered a crime.
21:00 chris buy a 3 section ticket, ride 4, get told to get off
21:00 chris :)
21:01 chris naw, half of wellingtons school population would be in court
21:01 rach oh yea - made to get off is pretty common - buy a ticket to lower hutt, ride to upper hutt :-)
21:01 chris :)
21:01 thd rach: It is a special court established especially for petty offences to mostly fine people lots of money for minor offences.
21:02 thd rach: It is known as a municipal court.
21:02 rach still sounds like a bit of a waste of taxes to me, but zero tolerance hasn't really caught on here yet
21:02 thd rach: The judges only work part time and do not have the standards of real judges.
21:03 thd rach: they collect enough fines to make it profitable.
21:04 rach that's a lot of fines
21:04 rach doh - gotta go find the baby monitor, I'm always leaving it places
21:04 thd rach: US $500 plus court cost for putting your rubbish out at 5 AM instead of 5.30AM was a typical case.
21:06 thd rach: the county seized the money in my wallet and collected $1,000 a day from the state for keeping me in gaol.
21:09 thd rach: keeping part of the money in my wallet even after the whole case was dismissed is against the US constitution and common law but they get away with it because I cannot afford to sue over such little money.
21:12 thd rach: if you have a lawyer with you in court these things would not happen because lawyers know who the hanging judge is and instruct you to make no comments even in the corridor and are given deference over dependents themselves.
21:15 thd rach: However, 6 court appearances over $1.25 ought to have been a waste of money.  It was certainly a waste of my time aside from the insight I was given into the criminal injustice system.
21:17 thd rach: the worst part was being unable to complete a telephone call from the special gaol telephone system.  I could not communicate with anyone to pay my bail and payment was refused the first time someone came.
21:22 thd rach: they also keep the bail money when they are obligated by law to return it after the bail condition has been satisfied.
21:23 thd rach: the place is thoroughly corrupt.  At least, I do not live in that state.
21:36 rach sounds awful
21:38 thd rach: my corridor comment was only rhetorically asking why the judge was an hour and half late for his own court room every day.  I would never have asked the judge that but it came back to him anyways.
10:32 hdl hi
10:50 hdl kados around ?
11:11 kados hdl: yes but this week is very busy :(
11:11 kados hdl: what's up?
11:11 hdl hi
11:11 kados hi :-)
11:11 hdl It was about
11:11 hdl
11:11 kados ahh ... that old thing? :-)
11:12 hdl And wondering which is the db name.
11:12 kados with UNIMARC?
11:12 hdl USMARC.
11:12 kados ahh ...
11:12 kados in fact, it will ignore db name so you can put anything :-)
11:12 kados (it's very barebones :-))
11:13 hdl Oh.
11:14 kados (phone)
11:14 hdl port is 9999 and search is on ISBN or author or title. Is taht true ?
11:14 kados (should be)
11:14 kados (author should work too)
11:14 kados (and keyword)

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