IRC log for #koha, 2006-03-26

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15:18 thd kados: are you there?
10:10 kados morning owen
10:10 owen Hey kados
10:10 owen What's up?
10:10 owen Ken has lots of positive things to say about the search meeting
10:10 kados cool
10:11 kados I'm pretty excited about it
10:14 kados owen: btw: I'm a bit confused about the css files in rel_2_2
10:14 kados it's possible we need to more clearly define what each of them is
10:15 owen What part is confusing?
10:15 kados well, the lack of consistant naming convention mostly :-)
10:15 kados in the OPAC we have:
10:15 kados $ ls *.css
10:15 kados colors.css      opac-colors.smfpl.css  opac.liblime.css  print.css
10:15 kados colors.npl.css  opac.css               opac.smfpl.css
10:17 kados which ones are 'layout'?
10:18 owen opac.liblime.css, opac.css, opac.smfpl.css--those should be layout files. We can certainly change those names to make it more clear
10:20 kados yea, we should do that
10:20 kados is there a opac-colors.liblime.css?
10:21 kados we should also change colors.npl.css to opac-colors.npl.css I think
10:37 owen Is it necessary to do a remove and an add to rename something in CVS?
10:45 kados yep, that's probably the best approach
11:03 owen Done

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