IRC log for #koha, 2006-03-02

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11:01 |hdl| kados : yes
12:32 |hdl| osmoze toujours away ?
12:33 osmoze coucou hdl, désolé, je suis en train de faire un script, j avais une petite erreur mais j ai trouvé désolé :)
12:39 |hdl| tu as un autre problème ?
12:41 osmoze demain je pense :)
12:42 tim Is there any way to get Koha to auto generate barcode numbers during marc entry?
13:07 osmoze ++
14:13 _hdl_ kados: ItemType branches where are they now ?
14:13 _hdl_ members donot work any more
14:16 _hdl_ There are so many changes in 3.0
14:17 _hdl_ BUGS should be normal and no stress on that.
14:17 _hdl_ YEAH RELAX!
16:33 tim kados: When I click on Reserve List on the intranet, it sends me to the opactest home.
16:44 richard morning
16:45 kados tim: I'll have a look
16:46 kados tim: it was a security check on the hostname ... fixed now
16:51 tim Thanks!  I didn't think there were any reserves yet, but I thought I'd check.
16:56 chris morning
17:08 owen Hi chris
17:09 chris,
17:10 chris you can annoy your coworkers by listening to nz music
17:10 chris hehe
17:11 owen Or all your library patrons, for that matter!
17:11 chris hehe
17:12 shedges I kinda like it...
17:12 chris heh
17:12 chris i actually like this band, miniut
17:12 tim I just sent that link to my home email.  I'm not allowed to share music with the whole library.
17:12 chris fair enough tim :-)
17:13 chris ohh .. this song came out in my first year of university
17:13 chris 15 years ago .. how scary is that
17:13 tim If I had an actual office...
17:14 tim Maybe I need to do more work in the server room
17:14 kados chris: i started a rewrite of MARChtml2marc
20:00 thd kados: I am around again
20:02 kados thd: sweet
20:02 kados thd: how's that MARC framework coming?
20:02 kados thd: chris and I will be fixing the MARC editor this evening
20:02 thd kados: it is mostly finished but I did not work on it during the past 2 days
20:03 kados thd: good to take breaks :-)
20:03 thd kados: I felt sick yesterday evening
20:03 chris got your email kados, shall i just work with the copy you sent me?
20:03 thd kados: I seem to be fine now
20:03 kados chris: I think we need to start over :-)
20:03 kados chris: that one has a major design flaw
20:03 chris ok
20:03 kados thd: good news
20:04 thd kados: did you see from the meeting log that I found a problem with 090?
20:04 kados thd: yep
20:04 kados thd: shouldn't be hard to change it
20:05 thd kados: I am going to post a query to find what the best local fields to use for strictly local system use actually are
20:05 kados cool
20:05 kados what about 001?
20:06 thd kados: ones that you suggested for 9XX use with $6 would conflict with Canadian use
20:06 thd kados: 001 is strictly for record number
20:07 thd kados: there are a few subfields that 090 uses
20:07 thd kados: record number is 090 $c
20:12 thd kados: one problem that I have documenting obsolete fields and subfields that can exist in legacy records as well as local use fields is that the complete MARC 21 documentation at TLC is three years old, although, I have been using 6 different sources of documentation.
20:14 thd kados: Therefore that documentation is missing MARC unification information from UKMARC and others.  It only includes USMARC and CAN/MARC unification information.
20:19 thd kados: I will investigate a time limited remedy from LC.  Maybe I can even try hard enough at NYPL, although, I only was successful in obtaining access to the looseleaf binder with complete documentation once several years ago after asking the right person very nicely and making a special appointment.
20:21 thd kados: Otherwise, the up to date version from LC costs money although it is legal to copy and distribute.
20:21 kados thd: I wouldn't worry too much about the local use fields
20:21 kados thd: maybe do that after the rest of the framework is finished
20:22 thd kados: It is not so much the local use fields as the obsolete and even deleted fields and subfields that still carry legacy content on many systems.
20:23 kados thd: but it's pretty easy for me to simply move those if need be -- it's part of the normal migration process to move tags/subfields from one location (852) to another (952)
20:24 thd kados: These are fields that are not valid for new information but Koha 2 discards the when editing records or adding items.
20:24 kados btw: I asked paul about cases where 'search also' was defined in more than one framework differently
20:24 kados it only uses default
20:25 thd kados: Yow should be able to tell all libraries that even if they do not hire you the framework will not eat their information.
20:27 kados thd: yay!
20:28 thd kados: I intend to fill all possible undefined local use fields and subfields with enumerated subfields to preserve that information but filling all possible fields and subfields for even standard fields would be overkill that would slow down the record editor.
20:28 kados thd: that seems like an awful lot of local use fields
20:30 thd kados: Therefore, I have attempted to rely on documentation for obsolete fields in the standard field areas to safeguard legacy data.
20:31 kados thd: I think all possible undefined local use fields might be overkill .. though it might be nice to have a spec sheet outlining what they could potentially be used for
20:31 thd kados: I have not populated all local use fields yet.  I still have some standard fields to complete.  Do you think it is better to let the user beware to customise the framework to avoid data loss for local use fields?
20:31 kados thd: that one could present to a client saying "if you have data in any of these fields let us know"
20:32 kados thd: yes I think that would be better
20:32 thd kados: OK
20:32 kados thd: because otherwise the editor might be too confusing to use
20:32 kados thd: we have to draw the line somewhere between local customization and default settings
20:32 kados thd: I think that's a good place to draw it
20:35 thd kados: I had liked the confidence, Koha cannot loose any data that conforms to the standard, but I had not measured the possible performance issue of adding over an extra hundred subfields with all local use fields and subfields having at least a filler definition.
20:36 thd kados: what about the issue of updating the standard fields on a regular basis.
20:36 kados thd: remind me of what you mean
20:37 thd kados: Every October if not a little before there will be revisions to MARC 21 with new fields and subfields and others marked obsolete.  Maybe there will be more format integration from variant national systems.
20:39 thd kados: It would be easiest for the user if they had less work to do ensuring that their custom framework was up to date if they could always rely on the standard one.
20:40 thd kados: I mean if the less a user would need to customise standard frameworks to keep their custom framework up to date the better.
20:42 thd kados: Updated standard frameworks can always be provided but it would be nice if they satisfied custom use as well.
20:43 thd kados: maybe satisfying custom use in standard frameworks is necessarily a logical impossibility :)
20:43 kados I think it's going to always be tricky to update a framework in Koha 2.2
20:44 kados the goal is to minimize the instances when that will be necessary
20:44 kados by providing a really solid default
20:44 thd kados: even in Koha 6.7
20:44 kados :-)
20:45 thd kados: of course that will be a constellation of defaults for different record types and encoding levels.
20:45 kados yep
20:46 thd kados: Changes are only official once a year, currently in October it seems.
20:51 thd kados: Did you see my #koha messages to you after you may have gone to sleep about the need for subfield plugin support in the frameworks, subfield grouping, and bringing up seldom used fields and subfields in the editor without having them clutter the screen?
20:52 thd kados: They were a couple of days ago.
20:53 kados thd: 'subfield plugin'?
20:53 kados thd: 'subfield grouping'?
20:53 kados thd: could you expand on that?
20:54 thd kados: sorry I meant no support exists for indicator plugins
20:54 kados ahh
20:54 kados as I understand it, the indicators can be automatically generated
20:54 kados correct me if I"m wrong
20:55 thd kados: indicators may be hand edited or filled collectively from a value list.
20:55 kados thd: it should be trivial to do that
20:56 kados thd: I'll put it on my list
20:56 thd kados: filling them collectively is crazy unless by plugin because each plugin is usually independent.
20:56 thd s/each plugin/indicator/
20:56 kados thd: but it's just values from 1-9 right?
20:56 kados thd: for the indicators?
20:56 thd kados: no some are very very long
20:57 thd kados: pity the poor music cataloguer :)
20:57 kados thd: you sure? I thought it was just two place values
20:58 thd kados: yes just two defined although the standard theoretically allows for more but each of the two can have more than ten values.
20:59 thd kados: there are letters and other symbols used
20:59 kados thd: I've never seen more than two used
20:59 kados thd: in actual data
20:59 thd kados: only two at the most are officially designated.
20:59 kados thd: have you?
20:59 kados ok
21:01 thd kados: Some ancient systems occasionally tried to put system information in a third indicator but that was rare and definitely discouraged since LC could suddenly define values for a third indicator not that they ever have or would.
21:02 kados thd: seems easiest for us if we stick with two for now
21:02 kados thd: if we need to expand it in the future we can
21:03 thd kados; My issue was not about theoretically extra indicators but rather plugin support for them independently rather than merely value lists collectively.
21:03 kados I see ... so are there tags where the indicators only have certain legal values?
21:04 kados rather than all tags having all legal values?
21:05 thd kados: They should all have plugins separately for each in most cases just like the ones that you had made for fixed fields.
21:06 thd kados: The value of the indicators should also change the descriptive label for the field but that is a supplementary issue.
21:07 thd kados: Any MARC reference will give the values.
21:10 kados interesting
21:10 kados thd: I'm thinking of purchasing AARC2
21:11 kados thd: is it worth it do you think?
21:11 thd kados; it would be easy to extend the framework to include extra columns in the marc_tag_structure to make it more like the marc_subfield_structure so that it could support independent plugins for each indicator.
21:12 thd kados: I do not see how you can operate your business at a high standard without at least having ready access to a copy.
21:13 kados thd: there's one at the library :-)
21:13 thd kados: There is one at every library that employs professional cataloguers.
21:14 thd kados: Cataloguers guard their won references jealously though.
21:14 thd s/won/own/
21:16 thd kados: An online subscription for LibLime to what at least used to be called Cataloguer's Desktop may include AACR2.
21:17 thd kados: It certainly has up to date MARC21 manual and other fine circulars, etc.
21:19 kados maybe I should look into that
21:19 kados thd: I could even give you access to it as an agent of LibLime :-)
21:19 thd kados: AACR2 - in Cataloger's Desktop
21:19 thd While using Cataloger's Desktop you can look up a rule in AACR2 and then easily consult the rule's LC Rule Interpretation (LCRI). Also features extensive links to the MARC 21 format.
21:19 kados thd: would that be useful?
21:19 thd kados:
21:21 thd kados: They still have a 30 day free trial so I do not have to worry about the out of date TLC copy of the documentation.
21:21 kados thd: looks like you can get the 30 day free trial
21:22 thd kados: AACR2 is not in the public domain but all their other information is.  You could make a copy and distribute it.
21:23 kados thd: maybe we could nab it from Cataloger's Desktop in electronic form and wrap it into Koha somehow :-)
21:23 kados thd: that'd be a killer feature
21:23 thd kados: Except that the user interface is probably restricted and you probably have to sign something that might encumber the right that you would have to do that otherwise.
21:24 kados thd: I'm reading ToC now
21:24 kados TaC that is :-)
21:25 thd kados: Certainly, TLC just copied everything at one point and added their own user interface.  Yet they have not taken the effort to keep their copy up to date.
21:28 thd kados: If LC produced it themselves, you own the content already under US law.  However, an outside contractor may have copyright over the user interface and they might add play nicely terms to the user agreement.
21:30 thd kados: Certainly the ALA still owns AACR2 and no law states that you own it became it is not from the US government.  There are specific laws stating that you own LC products.
21:32 kados thd: right, but ideally they have the data in a really nice format like XML
21:33 kados thd: and if I ask nicely enough maybe I can get it :-)
21:33 kados thd: imagine how nice that would be :-)
21:35 thd kados: That would be very nice.
21:36 thd kados: If they have it packaged.  They would certainly sell a copy to you.
21:36 thd kados: Warning, they charge lots for packaging.
21:36 kados hehe
21:37 thd kados: Also 40% of CDS staff took an early retirement incentive in January.
21:38 kados heh, yea I heard about that
21:38 thd kados: They are planning to refill positions but that will not happen instantly.
21:39 thd kados: They have only one person in technical support now.
21:39 thd kados: Expect a slow response to you enquiry.
21:39 kados wow!
21:39 thd kados: They were not especially speedy before.
21:40 thd kados: However, before you could at least get a direct answer from someone over telephone about simple questions.
21:41 thd kados: Now the mailbox for leaving telephone messages is liable to be full.
21:42 thd kados: See what kind of response you can obtain first and then I will give you some inside email addresses.
21:43 thd kados: I know at least one of them is still working there :).
21:46 kados cool, thanks
21:47 thd kados: In addition to the issue about subfield plugins, with added columns for the frameworks to support them there is the issue of too many seldom used optional fields and subfields or even mandatory if applicable fields and subfields for even item type specific minimal frameworks.
21:49 thd kados: It just seems undesirable for a cataloguer to be passing across large parts of a form to fill the needed values in needed places.
21:49 kados thd: my thought was that we could hide those with judicious use of javascript
21:49 kados thd: it should be trivial to have a setting for 'hide unless clicked'
21:50 thd kados: Exactly, as long as there is a means to bring them into view when needed.
21:50 kados thd: yep
21:50 kados thd: soon as we get the new editor back-end working (ie, fix the bug where it saves blank fields, get subfield repeatability and subfield ordering) I'll work that in
21:54 thd kados: Towards that end, it would be good to be able to add special groups of repeatable subfields brought up in an order that is most commonly used or adjustable in some framework column, other preference setting, especially good if it is changeable from a selection list for a particular record in the midst of editing.
21:55 thd s/most commonly used/most commonly used for that field/
21:58 thd kados: Bringing up subfields one at a time and then pushing the order around with arrows will allow valid records to be created but some types of records will be especially tedious to create if the subfields cannot be brought up in groups already in the correct order in the place they are needed.
21:59 kados thd: good points
22:03 thd kados: i have copy catalogued books and I always wanted more improvements to make the process faster before my fingers wore out.  Especially when I had to start with a record which only partly matched the material that I was cataloguing.
22:06 thd kados: Of course, I was doing that for a business that could not afford the relatively leisurely and expensive pace at which original library records are usually created.
22:12 thd kados: What I wanted is the record editor that Koha has now working the way it will soon.  I never had the time to create that so I used programmatic transformations inside a coloured syntax text editor and everyone rightly hated it.
23:34 kados # leader
23:34 kados                        if (@$tags[$i] eq "000") {
23:34 kados                        $xml.="<leader>@$values[$i]</leader>\n";
23:34 kados                        $first=1;
23:34 kados # rest of the fixed fields
23:34 kados                        } elsif ((@$tags[$i] < 10) && (@$tags[$i] ne "000")) {
23:34 kados                        $xml.="<controlfield tag=\"@$tags[$i]\"</controlfield>\n";
23:34 kados                        $first=1;
23:34 kados # everything else
23:34 kados                        } else {
23:34 kados                        $xml.="<datafield tag=\"@$tags[$i]\" ind1=\"   \" ind2=\"   \">\n";
23:34 kados                        $first=0;
23:34 kados                        }
23:34 kados chris: that ^^ isn't working
23:34 kados chris: ends up looking like this:
23:34 kados[…]
23:35 chris hmm
23:36 kados I set $first=1 because I thought it shouldn't tag on a closing </datafield>
23:36 chris yep thats right
23:36 chris does all of that come after
23:36 chris if ($first == 1){
23:37 kados yep
23:37 kados do I need some 'next;'s in there?
23:37 chris nope
23:38 chris dont need this bit
23:38 chris &&
23:38 chris                          (@$tags[$i] ne "000"))
23:38 chris that will never match cos if it eq "000" it will get caught by the first if anyway
23:39 kados ahh
23:39 chris[…]
23:40 chris whats it doing wrong?
23:40 kados hmmm, maybe my test record wasn't right
23:41 chris lemme try sticking some stuff in the leader
23:41 kados wait ... so if you saved that with a leader, 005, 008, etc.
23:41 kados did you disable javascript to get it to submit? :-)
23:42 chris nope
23:42 chris[…]
23:43 chris i filled in all the fields it yelled at me to fill in
23:43 chris adding a new one seems to be working?
23:43 kados not really
23:43 kados in your test it has the leader
23:43 chris yep?
23:43 kados but none of the other fields
23:43 chris what other fields?
23:44 kados 003, 005, 008
23:44 kados those are mandatory so you had to fill them in right?
23:44 chris nope
23:44 chris oh i lie i did
23:45 chris so the leader works, but the others below 10 dont .. are we sure the xml is right for them
23:45 chris ?
23:45 kados $xml.="<controlfield tag=\"@$tags[$i]\"</controlfield>\n";
23:45 kados[…]burg/sandburg.xml
23:45 kados heh
23:45 kados not valid XML even :-)
23:45 chris :)
23:46 chris that could well be why :-)
23:46 kados and no @$values[$i] :-)
23:46 kados ok, fixed
23:46 chris ok ill try submitting again
23:47 chris hmm either it still didnt work, or i beat you
23:47 kados ho hum
23:47 kados not working
23:47 kados $xml.="<controlfield tag=\"@$tags[$i]\">@$values[$i]</controlfield>\n";
23:48 chris can we whack a warn in there
23:48 chris see if we are getting into that if
23:48 kados I'm gonna try this:
23:48 kados (sprintf "%03s",@$rtags[$i])
23:48 kados sure
23:48 chris just to check if we are getting into there, and then if we are, then its just a matter of fixing our xml
23:49 kados it's not in the if
23:50 kados } elsif (@$tags[$i] < 10) {
23:50 kados                        warn "IN THE IF";
23:50 kados gives me nuthin
23:50 chris right
23:50 chris it could be because they arent really integers
23:51 chris but are strings
23:51 chris lets try
23:52 chris @$tags[$i] < "010"
23:53 kados still nogo
23:53 chris darn
23:54 chris could we put in the next else bit
23:54 chris warn @$tags[$i];
23:54 chris so we can see what its getting?
23:54 kados k
23:55 chris hmm so == is for integers eq is for strings
23:55 chris < for integers
23:55 chris whats for stribngs?
23:55 kados hmmm ...
23:55 kados lt maybe?
23:55 kados so that last else never gets called ?
23:56 chris lets try lt
23:56 kados I did :-)
23:56 chris @$tags[$i] lt "010";
23:57 chris -;
23:57 kados wait I"m wrong
23:57 kados :(
23:58 kados maybe we need to do something like:
23:58 kados $current_tag = @$tags[$i];
23:58 kados to set it to an integer
23:58 kados will perl do that?
23:58 chris dunno
23:58 chris im not sure that is the problem
23:58 chris is it printing out what the tags are in the error log now?
23:59 kados just the 245
23:59 chris hmmm
00:00 kados even 100 doesn't show up
00:00 chris so then it must be matching the if
00:00 kados though it's filled with a value
00:00 chris hmmm
00:00 chris can you commit what you have, and ill take a look, its hard to do it in my head :)
00:00 kados k :-)
00:03 kados k ... committed to rel_2_2 this time :-)
00:03 chris :)
00:05 kados chris: cvs update -j 1.154
00:05 kados chris: is that wrong ?
00:06 chris umm i dont actually know
00:06 chris ahh i think i see whats wong here
00:07 chris oh no i dont
00:07 chris ohh i do
00:07 chris if its a controlfield or leader you dont want that subfield bit
00:09 kados ahh
00:09 kados rollback seems to have worked
00:10 kados liblime demo updated
00:10 kados nope :(
00:10 chris damn
00:11 chris so you dont even get the not called bit
00:11 chris for anything except the title?
00:11 kados I only get it for 245
00:12 chris weird
00:12 chris lets try sticking a warn in the leader bit
00:12 chris make sure thats not matching all the time
00:14 kados only matched for the 000
00:14 chris well thats good
00:16 chris if (@$values[$i] eq "") {
00:16 kados here's something interesting
00:16 kados [Tue Feb 28 19:14:59 2006] [error] [client] DBD::mysql::db do failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 22 at /var/www/​tranet/modules/C4/ line 1796
00:16 chris could we put a warn here, maybe its matching in there when it shouldnt?
00:17 kados yea
00:17 kados I suspect that other prob too
00:17 kados cause I've been doing a mod item here
00:17 kados and that line in is in MODmodbibitem
00:18 chris hmm
00:18 chris could we just try doing an addbiblio ?
00:19 chris get that bit sorted, then worry about the mod? although it shouldnt matter
00:19 kados sure
00:20 kados[…]
00:20 kados still missing 003,005,008
00:20 chris and nothing in the warns as to where it went?
00:20 chris hokay lets just try
00:21 chris if ((@$tags[$i] ne $prevtag) && ($prevtag != -1)){
00:21 chris before that
00:21 chris just do a warn @$tags[$i];
00:21 chris and make sure the tags are at least gettting to it
00:22 kados ok
00:24 kados they are there
00:24 chris but its they arent showing up anywhere else?
00:24 kados nope
00:24 chris -its
00:24 chris thats just weird
00:24 chris not even after if (@$values[$i] eq "") {
00:24 chris in that bit?
00:25 kados well I get some action there
00:25 kados let me put the tags in so I can see what they are
00:25 kados (these logs files are getting hard to parse :-))
00:26 chris yep
00:29 kados yea ... so not showing up inside if (@$values[$i] eq "") {
00:29 kados either
00:29 chris what the hell
00:29 kados yea, it shows up before the if, but nowhere else!
00:29 chris hmm
00:30 chris how about we put a warn here
00:30 chris if (!$first){
00:30 chris after that
00:30 kados k
00:31 chris maybe for some reason first is getting set to 0
00:32 kados only 100 and 245 show up there
00:32 chris cool as it should be
00:32 chris ok
00:32 chris if ((@$tags[$i] ne $prevtag) && ($prevtag != -1)){
00:33 chris what about a warn after that
00:33 chris i reckon thats the problem
00:33 chris it keeps matching that
00:33 chris cos its not the same as the prev tag
00:33 chris ahh
00:33 kados ahh ... right!
00:33 chris we have it in the wrong place
00:34 chris those ones
00:34 chris that only have one line
00:34 chris need to be in that section
00:34 kados you mean before the if?
00:35 chris all we have done since my commit was warns right?
00:35 chris ill rearrange it
00:35 chris and commit
00:35 kados yep, just warns
00:35 kados thx
00:40 kados btw: looks like NBBC's fines are working out well ... only prob is that they are charging even for items they've marked lost
00:41 kados :-)
00:41 chris they will
00:41 chris you need to return it off a borrowers card if you want it to stop charging
00:41 kados ahh
00:41 kados ok I'll tell them that
00:41 kados I'm gonna head out for a bit
00:41 kados do some shopping
00:42 chris k ill commit when i have something that i think might work :)
00:42 kados thanks for the help tonight ...
00:42 kados excellent
00:42 kados I should be back in about an hour or so
01:40 kados chris: any news?
01:40 chris i did a commit that may have fixed it
01:41 kados [Tue Feb 28 20:40:10 2006] [error] [client] Tag "" is not a valid tag. at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/MARC/File/
01:41 chris darn
01:42 chris 2 secs
01:43 kados k
01:43 chris ok committed again
01:45 kados nope ... now just the 000 and the 001 are coming through
01:45 kados[…]
01:45 chris[…]
01:46 chris the 003 etc came for me
01:46 chris missing all the ones that have more than one subfield now
01:46 kados leader too
01:47 chris ah yes cos the leader is always going to be first
01:47 chris right
01:47 chris ill try a few more things
01:52 chris ok
01:52 chris committed again
01:53 kados heh
01:53 kados now it does all the fixed fields but nothing else :-)
01:53 chris damnit
01:53 kados let me try repeated fixed fields
01:54 chris ohhh
01:54 chris[…]
01:54 chris its got the subfields
01:54 chris its lost the info about 100 and 245 ... they ended up int the 300 tag
01:54 kados heh
01:55 kados good news is 006 is repeating:
01:55 kados[…]
01:55 chris cool i think this ight be our lt bit
01:55 kados my 245 and 100 just got lost completely
01:55 chris can you try changing that to < 10 again
01:55 kados yep
01:55 chris back to that
01:56 kados done
01:56 chris i bet if you put a 300 tag, the 100 info would end up in that
01:56 kados still no luck
01:56 kados hehe
01:57 chris thats what it did for me
01:57 kados looks like everything> 10 gets dropped
01:57 chris nope
01:57 kados well my 100 and 245 got dropped anyway
01:57 chris[…]
01:57 kados[…]
01:57 chris isbn came thru
01:57 chris and 300 tag contains the 100 and 245
01:57 kados hehe
01:58 chris good news is, it wil handle repeating subfields
01:58 chris it has a bunch in the 300 tag and it didnt flinch
01:58 kados hehe
01:59 chris just have to figure out why it not starting a new tag for the 100 an 245
01:59 kados now, if we can just get our catalogers to switch to using JUST the 300 :-)
01:59 chris ahh
01:59 chris its anything that has more than one field
02:00 chris subfield i mean
02:00 kados and maybe if there's just one filled in subfield it just omits it altogether?
02:02 chris yes thats it
02:02 chris[…]
02:02 chris if you fill in every field
02:02 chris in title
02:02 chris then it work
02:02 chris s
02:02 kados weird
02:03 chris i wonder
02:03 chris if (@$values[$i] eq "") {
02:03 chris                }
02:03 chris                else {
02:03 chris                    $xml.="<subfield code=\"@$subfields[$i]\">@​$values[$i]</subfield>\n";
02:03 chris                }
02:03 chris can yuo comment out the if and else bit
02:04 chris and see if that makes any difference
02:04 kados done
02:05 chris so its just $xml.="<subfield code=\"@$subfields[$i]\">@​$values[$i]</subfield>\n";
02:05 chris now ?
02:05 chris spazzing about blank subfields eh?
02:06 kados yea
02:06 kados actually, no
02:07 kados I had one to omany }
02:07 kados but it still doesn't work
02:07 chris doesnt look like that was the problem
02:07 kados right
02:08 chris lets whack in a warn $xml right at the end before the return
02:08 chris so we can see what the xml looks like
02:08 kados k ... here goes
02:08 chris might let us see what we are doing wrong ... we are so so close
02:09 kados interesting
02:09 kados stuff is there
02:09 kados <subfield code="a">Joshua Ferraro</subfield>
02:09 chris right
02:10 kados but there is no containing tag
02:10 chris right
02:10 kados <controlfield tag="008"> is the previous tag
02:10 kados also, there are lots of blank subfields
02:10 kados <subfield code="b"></subfield>
02:10 chris yeah lets uncomment that thing we commented out
02:10 kados k
02:10 chris that will fix that
02:11 chris and we just have to figure out why no <datafield
02:11 chris ok i have a plan
02:12 chris after the else { we just uncommented
02:12 kados yep
02:12 chris if ($first){
02:12 chris                        $xml.="<datafield tag=\"@$tags[$i]\" ind1=\"   \" ind2=\"   \">\n";
02:12 chris                        $first=0;
02:12 chris                        }
02:13 chris befofe the $xml.="<subfield code=\"@$subfields[$i]\">@​$values[$i]</subfield>\n";
02:13 chris line
02:13 kados done
02:13 chris ok lets see what our xml looks like now
02:14 kados wooot
02:14 kados[…]
02:14 kados repeated tags too :-)
02:14 chris rock on
02:14 kados let me throw a 600 in there
02:14 chris k
02:14 kados or two actually
02:15 chris through in a pile of stuff and lets see if it all comes thru
02:15 chris and if so we can comment out our warns and give it a commit
02:15 kados rock on
02:15 kados[…]
02:16 kados working like a charm
02:16 chris we own MARC
02:16 chris :-)
02:16 kados yep :-)
02:16 kados indicators
02:16 kados any ideas on those?
02:16 chris if you fill in 2 fields on the 245
02:16 chris does the a,b bit show?
02:17 chris yes
02:17 chris[…]
02:17 chris ok indicators
02:18 kados yep
02:18 chris so our main problem with indicators is
02:18 kados I'm so excited I think I might poop my pants :-)
02:18 chris there isnt one for every subfield
02:18 kados right, just one per tag
02:18 chris like there is for tags
02:18 kados and separate ones for repeated tags
02:18 chris right
02:19 kados lemme commit this real quick
02:19 chris yep, get rid of those warns
02:19 chris and then commit
02:19 chris and i think for the indicators
02:20 chris we need to build a hash .. but we have to make sure that if we get 2 indicators for the same tag we do something like {tag-1}
02:20 kados commited
02:20 chris maybe
02:20 chris hmm ill have a think
02:21 chris if we could pad the arrays
02:21 chris so they are the same length as the @tags one
02:21 chris then it would be easy peasy
02:21 kados yea, I was thinking that earlier
02:22 kados you could probably just check for tags that eq ""
02:22 chris yeah
02:22 kados and increment there or something
02:22 chris values even
02:22 chris ill have a think and take a crack at it later
02:22 kados k
02:22 chris but its dinner time now
02:22 chris and it must be bedtime for you :)
02:22 thd kados: no indicators for control fields, but that is merely a user interface issue I hope.
02:22 kados sweet, thanks for the help!
02:23 chris no problemo
02:23 kados thd: it's a prob with the new design
02:23 kados thd: but easily fixed
02:23 kados thd: the other bugs are squashed :-)
02:24 thd kados: that is fantastic
02:24 kados thd: it even supports repeated subfields
02:24 kados thd: for when we get that in the interface
02:24 thd kados: have you signed up for a free trial of Cataloguer's Desktop?
02:24 kados thd: no, but I will soon, did you?
02:24 kados chris: ciao
02:25 thd kados: Do not sign up yet.
02:25 kados ok
02:25 kados :-)
02:25 kados I figure you use it for 30 days
02:25 thd kados: You can ride on my subscription for 30 days.
02:26 kados then I sign up and you ride mine for 30 ... then we get chris to sign up ad infinatum :-)
02:26 thd kados: trials are good for 1-4 users.
02:26 kados sweet
02:27 thd kados: I will send you an email in a few minutes about the possibility of LibLime hosting the LC content.
02:28 kados cool, thanks
02:49 kados woot!
02:49 kados thd: indicators working
02:49 kados chris: got indicators! :-)
02:51 kados shoot, how did that happen?
02:51 kados now we're back to not being able to repeat tags :/
02:51 thd kados: great, as soon as you have access to Cataloguer's Desktop you can start following AACR2 capitalisation rules for describing how Koha owned MARC :)
02:51 kados thd: :-)
02:52 kados cya all tomorrow
02:53 thd good night kados
02:53 thd kados: I sent the email message about LC content
05:14 osmoze hello
05:14 rosa hello
05:15 rosa not much doing right now
05:24 chris nope these are the quiet hours normally
06:37 |hdl| hello all.

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