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11:19 kados morning all
11:20 kados hdl: do you know if paul will be here later?
11:20 kados hdl: I have two questions:
11:21 kados 1. if multiple 'search also' are defined for a tag in multiple frameworks, which one is used in a search
11:21 kados 2. in 3.0, what are we doing with biblioitemnumber? i had to force it to a value of '1' to avoid getting errors while doing bulkmarcimport
11:24 paul hello all
11:24 paul hello kados : hdl phoned me and told me you have 2 questions
11:24 paul so here I am !
11:27 kados thanks! :-)
11:27 kados 1. if multiple 'search also' are defined for a tag in multiple frameworks, which one is used in a search
11:27 kados 2. in 3.0, what are we doing with biblioitemnumber? i had to force it to a value of '1' to avoid getting errors while doing bulkmarcimport
11:27 kados there they are :-)
11:27 paul 1- only the default one
11:28 paul 2- it depends on what we do with biblio/biblioitem tables ! they are supposed to be populated when adding biblio in non MARC DB
11:28 paul It used to work on HEAD last time I look at it.
11:28 paul but so many ppl did so many dangerous things (me being the 1st !)
11:28 kados :-)
11:28 kados it works currently
11:29 kados because I forced biblioitemnumber to a value of '1' to stop errors
11:29 paul katipo will enjoy this with MARC= OFF !!!!
11:30 paul with MARC=ON, it may be harmless, as everything is done on bibliounmber + 1 biblioitem = 1 biblionumber
11:30 paul but with MARC=OFF, it's not the same thing.
11:30 kados hmmm
11:30 kados so what do you recommend as a more permenant solution?
11:31 kados if MARC=OFF, do we need biblioitem table at all?
11:32 kados and do we need it with MARC=ON? (is it used at all in head?)
11:32 paul with MARC=OFF, adding an biblio means :
11:32 paul * adding a biblio (in biblio table)
11:32 paul * then adding a "group", that is stored in biblioitems
11:32 paul * then adding items in one of the group.
11:32 paul it means we may have :
11:32 paul * biblio : the 2 towers, from Tolkien
11:33 paul * biblioitems : 1 pocket book, ed 1996 and 1 large printed book, ed 2002
11:33 kados I see, so I need to fix that for MARC=OFF ...
11:33 paul * items : 2 from pocket, 1 from large
11:33 paul yep.
11:33 kados unless katipo wants to switch to an XML basis for koha tables
11:34 paul (plus probably ask chris for some help, as i'm not completly sure CVS is uptodate for MARC=OFF)
11:34 kados right
11:34 paul (he told me it was, when I released 2.2.X, and said it was working fine. But I never used it in France)
11:34 kados I worked on a bit over the weekend btw
11:35 kados paul: will you be able to make the meeting today?
11:35 paul I saw your work on
11:35 paul (although not precisely)
11:36 kados (some on rel_2 some on head)
11:36 paul I should be here, but not too long : i awake at 4AM tomorrow morning.
11:36 kados (I was able to fix one bug with the MARC editor in rel_2)
11:36 kados (but not the other one)
11:36 paul so, if we could have less than 1 hour chat, I would be happy...)
11:36 kados ok ... wow quite early
11:36 kados I will make sure it is less than an hour
11:36 paul (yep : TGV at 5:29)
11:37 kados (so the bug I could not fix: it seems MARChtml2marc saves blank tags/subfields in a MARC record)
11:37 kados (in rel_2_2)
11:38 kados (bug I did fix was removing a hardcoded 'a' in addfield)
11:41 paul i'll look carefully at your commit. working on 2.2.6 this afternoon.
11:44 kados I did several commits, but had to roll back
11:44 kados because my final fix for the bug where blank fields are added
11:44 kados also removed ability for tag repeatability
11:45 kados MARChtml2marc is quite a difficult sub to read :-)
11:45 kados and it uses very old MARC::Record techniques
11:46 kados paul: (one more thing to note: MARC::File::XML now automatically converts from MARC-8 to UTF-8)
11:46 paul wow ! great !
11:46 kados paul: (don't know if you saw my commit note to my changes to head
11:46 paul (we will be able to get rid with this char_decode in
11:46 kados already done in head :-)
11:46 paul not really, i just saw you commited something !
11:47 paul a question, about utf8 : yoyu told me to check the locale env variable.
11:47 paul how to do this, and how to change it
11:49 kados paul: gentoo howto:[…]-8_enabled_system
11:50 kados paul: btw: did you see my utf-8 enabled demo?
11:50 paul which one ? no
11:51 kados
11:51 kados search for 'cheng'
11:51 kados you will see two chinese utf-8 records
11:52 kados cataloged using Koha's MARC editor
11:52 paul works fine (+ nice books, I've read them last week)
11:52 kados hehe
11:52 paul :-D
11:52 paul you made something specific to previous cvs code ?
11:53 kados only change I made was to <meta> tag in templates
11:53 paul and you have an utf8 linux ?
11:53 kados[…]admin/
11:53 kados also note the Chinese branch
11:54 paul ok, so the problem is really a locale one :-(
11:54 paul so many time lost for this...
11:54 kados no
11:54 kados I don't know what the problem is in head
11:54 kados in rel_2_2 it seems to just work
11:54 kados if you change the <meta> tag
11:54 kados in templates
11:54 kados but in head, I still can't get it working
11:55 kados (even though <meta> tags are already changed to use utf-8)
11:55 paul mmm... really poor : the only change is in table encoding in mysql
11:55 kados I wonder if that's the problem
11:55 paul is your system utf8 ready ?
11:55 paul (utf8 enabled I mean)
11:55 kados I haven't checked
11:55 kados yes, all utf-8:
11:55 kados [root@gandalf C4]# locale
11:55 kados LANG=en_US.UTF-8
11:56 kados LC_CTYPE="en_US.UTF-8"
11:56 kados LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8"
11:56 kados LC_TIME="en_US.UTF-8"
11:56 kados LC_COLLATE="en_US.UTF-8"
11:56 kados LC_MONETARY="en_US.UTF-8"
11:56 kados etc.
11:56 kados it's Fedora Core 3
11:56 kados ooh, interesting
11:56 kados on my debian box (which is where HEAD is)
11:56 paul my locale is fr_FR
11:56 kados koha$ locale
11:56 kados LANG=en_US
11:56 kados LC_CTYPE="en_US"
11:56 kados LC_NUMERIC="en_US"
11:56 kados etc.
11:57 kados so the problem could be locale
11:57 paul hehe... it seems we have something very interesting...
11:57 kados yep :-)
11:57 kados or it could be mysql table encoding :-)
11:57 kados[…]n-utf8/howto.html
11:57 kados for debian
12:30 Flash Anyone able to answer an LDAP issue?
12:35 paul could be possible.
12:35 paul Hello Flash.
12:39 Flash I have a SuSe 9/Apache2 setup with the web server using LDAP authentication.
12:39 Flash For the most part it works, but I get an error on some pages when I login to Koha.
12:40 Flash I have a member in Koha with the username of mwflach.
12:41 Flash That user is in LDAP.
12:41 paul you mean you have ldap auth for Koha itelf of for apache ?
12:41 Flash I have not done anything to Koha with regards to LDAP.  If I enter my ldap username and password I am allowed into Koha.
12:42 Flash The problem it that some pages don't work and it doesn't recognize me as a superlibrarian.
12:43 paul you mean OPAC or librarian interface ?
12:43 Flash librarian.
12:43 paul because in librarian interface you MUST be auth to login
12:43 paul sometihng I don't understand here...
12:43 Flash ?
12:44 paul which version of Koha do you use ?
12:44 paul 2.2.5 ?
12:44 Flash Yes.
12:44 paul if you did nothing specific, then you must identify yourself to be able to login into librarian interface.
12:45 paul otherwise, you should just get a login screen.
12:45 paul what error do you get exactly ?
12:45 paul an apache error ?
12:45 paul what appears in your log ?
12:46 Flash It looks like Koha acknowleged that I was authenticated via LDAP, because I was able to get in and the "Logged in as:" showes my username.
12:46 paul mmm...
12:46 Flash Koha does not display a login page
12:47 paul what says Koha >> parameter >> sytempreferences >> admin >> insecure ?
12:47 paul (should say "yes", or i don't understand your problem !)
12:48 Flash If I use LDAP auth, I am not able to see the Parameters page.
12:48 Flash It's just blank.
12:48 Flash If I turn off LDAP auth, I get a login page.
12:49 Flash If I login as kohaadmin I get everything.
12:49 paul strange behaviour... I don't know where it can come from...
12:50 paul auth is done in C4/ package, sub chechauth
12:51 paul and it has nothing to do with apache ldap auth...
12:51 paul hello owen & good morning.
12:51 owen Hi
12:51 Flash Is there info on how to do LDAP auth in Koha?
12:52 paul C4/
12:52 paul (modify it to fit your needs & rename it to
12:52 paul )
12:53 paul you may need some perl package
12:54 Flash I'll take a look at it and see what needs to be done.
12:56 paul ok. Just note it's 5PM for me in France, and i wont be here until friday.
12:57 Flash Thanks for your help.
12:57 paul (and you won't probably find some help from someone else on this subject here)
12:57 Flash Not a common issue?
12:57 paul ldap is not a common feature.
12:57 paul I know only 3 libraries using it
12:58 paul (none in the US, unless joshua tells something else)
12:58 paul (if needed)
12:58 Flash I found the code and am changing it now.
13:05 Flash I changed the code, restarted the server and still have the problem.
13:05 paul mmm... what looks strange to me is that koha does nothing with ldap_apache
13:06 paul thus I bet it's a apache problem more than a koha one.
13:06 Flash Do you have time for me to explain in more detail?
13:07 Flash If not, I can wait until Friday or next week.
13:07 paul koha ldap check auth from ldap, creates a koha login (in borrowers sql table) if needed, and give permissions according to Koha specific permissions
13:08 paul thus the ldap is used only to Authentify users, not to set their rights.
13:08 Flash Exactly.  I believe that is what is going on.
13:09 Flash But the rights are not being set.
13:09 paul let me know the "error" you get.
13:09 paul (if you login with the mysql login/password, it's hardcoded : you can do everything)
13:09 paul it should be used only at the 1st login, to create a "true" borrower, with all librarian permissions.
13:09 Flash I can't login with the mysql login/password because it's not in my LDAP.
13:10 Flash LDAP auth comes first.
13:10 paul yes, but what i'm missing is why you don't get the login screen.
13:11 paul you're enabled by Apache, but NOT by Koha.
13:11 Flash When I go to my server (port 8080) I am prompted by the browser for username and password.
13:11 paul you should get a koha login screen
13:11 Flash If I enter my LDAP info I am taken to /cgi-bin/koha/
13:11 Flash No login page.
13:13 Flash If I select Acquisitions I get a 500 error (Premature end of script headers:
13:13 paul nothing more explicit ?
13:13 Flash Catalogue works fine.
13:13 paul and if you select something else ?
13:13 paul mmm...
13:14 paul I Sendmail perl package is missing.
13:14 Flash Parameters doesn't give an error, it is just blank.
13:14 paul maybe Sendmail...
13:14 Flash Send mail is not setup on teh server yet.
13:15 paul that's it : sendmail perl package is mandatory for acquisition.
13:16 paul (as you may have suggestion=ON, and thus mail sent automatically)
13:16 Flash But it wokrs if I login as kohaadmin and turn off LDAP auth.
13:16 paul mmm... very strange, you're right, it may not be missing.
13:17 kados note that Mail::Sendmail will work with any mail server
13:18 kados ie, exim, postfix, etc.
13:18 kados paul: do you have contact info for pate?
13:18 paul nope.
13:19 paul why ? he disappeared from the web ?
13:19 paul ( is down?)
13:19 kados last I checked
13:19 paul you're right
13:20 paul (who is @pate_lurk ?)
13:20 kados is he on?
13:20 kados huh
13:20 kados guess so
13:20 kados pate-lurk: you around?
13:21 paul right. Seems to be alway here.
13:21 paul (probably a bot)
13:21 Flash Paul, I can give you access to our librarian interface if you need to.
13:22 Flash see what is happening.
13:22 paul would be useless probably, I would just see what you describe :-(
13:22 paul (and is clear)
13:22 Flash ok.
13:22 paul my bet is that there is something in apache that I don't understand.
13:22 paul and make koha fail. but what ?
13:23 kados so what's going on Flash?
13:25 Flash I can't believe it's Apache because the LDAP auth is working just fine with other applications.
13:25 kados so what's going on?
13:25 paul I don't mean it's apache the culprit. I just think apache_ldap does something that perl/koha don't understand and support (and i don't know what)
13:29 paul so, let's bug hime on the chanel...
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:29 paul everybody beeps pate-lurk !!!!!! = where can you be reach ???
13:30 paul should be enough, sorry for inconvenience.
13:30 kados hehe
13:31 Flash It looks like Koha recognizes that I'm authenticated but is having problems with rights.
13:33 kados Flash: did you set up the permissions for the user?
13:34 Flash Yes, the account is mwflach and it has superlibrarian rights.
13:34 kados try checking all the boxes, not just superlibrarian
13:36 Flash What is interesting is that it allows me to set those flags.  
13:36 Flash All set and no change.
13:38 Flash As a basic user, what should I be able to access and what shouldn't I?
13:40 Flash OK, here is something else that is strange.
13:40 Flash If I login with a user that IS in LDAP but NOT in Koha I can still get in and even add members.
13:43 kados me has never used ldap with Koha
13:43 kados so I'm not sure how it differs
13:44 kados I do know that there's a good chance the permissions aren't always set up correctly for every screen
13:44 kados I remember fixing a few of those a while back
13:44 kados I don't think anyone has gone through every module to make sure the permissions are correct
13:49 Flash Why does it let me in if the username is not in Koha?
13:49 kados I thought you had ldap set up
13:50 Flash I do, but the username is not in Koha.
14:03 kados you mean the ldap user?
15:02 |hdl| kados ?
15:05 kados |hdl|: yep, I'm here
15:05 |hdl| So I need your absolution for my absence.
15:06 |hdl| for 3.0
15:07 |hdl| A first commit tonight for administration panel.
15:07 |hdl| Second commit to come for scripts.
15:09 kados |hdl|: yay!
15:09 kados I absolve you :-)
15:09 kados bbiab
15:10 |hdl| Bon appetit :D
15:35 thd paul: are you still seeking an address for pate-lurk?
16:44 chris morning
16:45 owen Hi chris
16:47 chris heya owen, hows things?
16:48 owen Pretty good.  Busybusybusy.
16:48 chris right, know that feeling :)
16:48 chris starting to warm up over there now?
16:50 owen Not much
16:51 owen Probably not really for another month or so...although the winter's been really weird.
16:51 owen Warm and cold and warm and cold.
16:51 chris yeah it was like that when i was over, freezing when i first arrived, then really mild over christmas
16:51 owen Snowed this morning, supposed to be in the 50's (F) tomorrow.
16:51 chris weird
16:52 chris ohh spam from mexican hotels
16:52 chris thats a new one
16:55 paul_True hello world !
16:55 thd paul2: are you still seeking an address for pate-lurk?
16:56 paul2 not me, it was joshua
16:56 thd paul2: I read backwards
16:56 paul2 (he should be here in a few minuts, as we have the monday meeting in 5 min)
16:59 thd paul: what do MARC subfield structure links actually do in the user interface?  Do they extend the field/subfield pairs searched from '...' links in the OPAC?
17:00 chris hi paul, hi thd
17:00 thd hello chris
17:01 paul chris : good morning to you
17:02 paul thd : i'm not sure atm, but I think yes
17:04 thd paul: I had presumed that subfield structure links extend the indexes searched from '...' links in the same way that subfield structure see also field/subfield pairs extended the standard fielded search form boxes.  I was seeking confirmation or correction of my presumption.
17:05 thd Is there an agenda for today's meeting?
17:06 paul baby requires some water.
17:06 paul back soon
17:07 paul back
17:08 paul you're right thd : the ... search on 2 directions :
17:08 paul * in the biblio catalogue, using standard search (including the see also links)
17:08 kados sorry guys, I had to deal with a catestrophic system crash at NPL that turned out to be just a CPU fan (whew!)
17:08 paul * search in the authority catalogue, using an authority search (to find rejected forms)
17:09 paul no prob kados, you're just 7min late !
17:09 kados didn't have a change to work up an agendo though :-)
17:09 kados mainly I would like to talk about how things went last week
17:09 paul NPL fan is more important than us, you're right.
17:09 kados with regards to our perl-zoom project
17:10 kados and to mention that I think paul and I found the solution to the utf-8 prob
17:10 kados which I now belive is the system locale
17:10 richard morning
17:10 kados ie, system local needs to be utf-8
17:10 kados morning richard
17:10 thd paul: I was trying to distinguish between what is labelled as links and labelled as see also, two different subfield constraints for the bibliographic framework.
17:10 paul you tried to set locale to utf8 and it worked ?
17:10 chris last week i got get_record going, which is a handy little subroutine
17:11 kados paul: didn't have a chance, but I will try later today
17:11 paul mmm... we should not speak all at ouce...
17:11 paul (once)
17:11 chris true
17:11 kados hehe, yea
17:11 kados ok ... so first things first
17:11 kados perl-zoom
17:11 kados chris: you have the floor
17:11 chris ok, get_record currently takes a biblionumber, and fetches the record from zebra
17:12 kados for the detail screen on the OPAC?
17:12 chris could be
17:12 kados (for anything I guess :-))
17:12 chris or the detail on the marc-detail
17:12 kados right
17:12 kados hey walter
17:12 chris im going to extend it to take a barcode also
17:13 mcginniwa howdy
17:13 kados chris: a barcode?
17:13 chris yeah so we can use it for circ
17:13 kados hmmm ... but barcodes aren't record-level in Koha
17:13 paul (we could even extend this to itemcallnumber, as they can be unique for some libraries)
17:14 chris given a barcode it hands you back everything it knows about that item
17:14 kados I see
17:14 chris yes, and itemcallnumber could work too
17:14 kados how will it know where the barcode is stored? koha->marc mappings?
17:15 chris yep, something will have to tell it where to look, it could be that
17:15 kados any other perl-zoom news?
17:15 chris or we could do it in a .abs file and add an entry in the pqf file
17:15 paul chris ++
17:15 kados right, that'd be cool
17:15 thd chris: an extendable option to take other standard numbers for all copies with a standard number such as ISBN would be useful everywhere barcode might be used.
17:16 chris you could/can just use the search routine in with isbns
17:16 kados yep
17:16 chris get_record should only ever return one result
17:16 thd chris: I mean for admin
17:17 kados I have some news ...
17:17 kados with chris's help I made some commits to and
17:17 kados as well as
17:17 kados there is now a Context for the Zconn
17:18 kados so from within a module you can go:
17:18 kados $Zconn = C4::Context->Zconn
17:18 kados it will check if there is an existing connection
17:18 kados and if not, create a new one, check it, and hand it back
17:19 kados and (and have been converted to this new method
17:19 chris i have koha head running under mod_perl and this seems to be working great
17:19 kados excelletn
17:19 chris (the context)
17:19 chris its not making new connects
17:19 kados I also modified bulkmarcimport to allow specification of 'number' of records to import
17:19 kados as well as 'number of records before a comit operation'
17:20 thd kados: was that not an existing option?
17:20 kados thd: (not in head)
17:20 kados it defaults to 50, but I"ve tried it with 1000 and it works nicely
17:20 kados I guess I should also mention I committed 'shadow registers' in usmarc's zebra.cfg
17:20 chris do you get a speed increase?
17:21 kados paul: you may want to check that option out
17:21 kados I didn't time it, but I will
17:21 chris cool
17:21 thd kados: I assume the default will be all records in the file when finished.
17:21 kados this server crash pretty much tore my day apart :-)
17:21 kados thd: why?
17:21 chris they will do that :-)
17:22 thd kados: that is current behaviour in rel_2_2
17:22 kados I also have a bit of news about rel_2_2
17:22 kados specifically the MARC editor
17:22 kados I fixed a bug where there was a hardcoded value for the first subfield in a repeated tag
17:23 kados hey tim
17:23 tim hey kados
17:23 kados chris and I also hacked on the bug where blank subfields are saved in the MARC editor
17:24 kados and chris thinks he may have solved that one ... so kudos to chris there
17:24 chris maybe
17:24 chris i could have just made it worse
17:24 chris :)
17:24 kados I'll test it this afternoon as soon as I get back to my office
17:24 chris we'll have to test and see
17:24 chris tim: i hear congratulations are in order :)
17:25 kados yep, suppose we should announce also that Tim's library, the West Liberty Public Library went live with Koha today
17:26 thd congratulations tim
17:26 russ woo congrats tim
17:26 thd I have made some discoveries while preparing a comprehensive MARC 21 bibliographic framework.
17:26 mcginniwa cool
17:27 paul about the hardcoded value & blank subfield : i'll have a close look.
17:28 kados yep, WLPL is actually the second public library in the US to switch to Koha
17:28 kados paul: great ...
17:28 paul how large is it ?
17:29 amanda hello
17:29 kados paul: about 20,000 records
17:29 amanda thought I would join in on your weekly meetings and just listen in
17:30 thd welcome amanda
17:30 paul of course you can, amanda
17:30 thd I have been documenting common field uses outside the strict prescribed MARC 21 standard.
17:30 paul welcome here
17:30 amanda thank you everyone
17:32 chris ok, any other news from last week?
17:32 thd As everyone already knew, many local use fields are used by large established groups so that what is actually available for non-interfering local use is a subset of local use fields.
17:32 kados thd: how's the new MARC framework coming?
17:33 paul I have some news too.
17:33 kados go ahead paul
17:33 thd kados: I am most of the way through but I explain one problem now.
17:33 paul OK
17:33 paul The 1st news concern ppl
17:34 paul * Pierrick, the new ineo guy that will work on Koha, begins on wednesday. I'll meet him un thursday at Ineo in Paris
17:34 kados nice
17:34 paul * We can count on Antoine between march, 20 up to May 20. He will work on a new XUL MARC editor.
17:35 paul (100% sure except if it's school refuses. But no reason to occur)
17:35 kados woohoo!
17:35 chris excellent news
17:35 chris about both people
17:35 paul + he should work with me 1 or 2 months during our summer
17:35 paul (july/August, maybe september)
17:36 paul yes chris ?
17:36 chris sorry paul, i meant excellent news about both of them
17:36 paul ok.
17:36 chris (hit return to soon :-))
17:36 kados great news paul
17:37 paul A news i've submitted to koha-devel already : I have some code from Tümer
17:37 paul that i'll include ASAP in HEAD :
17:37 paul * holiday management
17:37 kados yes, saw that ... very exciting !
17:37 paul * basic news management on OPAC.
17:37 thd paul: does Antoine not want to devote his life to Koha? :)
17:37 chris yay for holiday management
17:37 paul maybe he will. but he's still a student for at least 1 year after this one.
17:38 paul but very very interested by Open Source.
17:38 kados very cool
17:38 paul so, if my business still grows, I may send him a proposal in a year or 2 ;-)
17:38 chris :-)
17:38 paul about holiday management : it relies probably on Date::Manip, so i'll have to clean many things.
17:38 paul last note about Tümer code :
17:39 paul I thanked him for a new Inventory script.
17:39 chris ah yes, i used that message to answer someone on the koha list
17:39 paul ... but hdl remind me I asked him to write such a script, and it's already in rel_2_2
17:39 paul it will be in 2.2.6
17:40 chris wooo
17:40 thd paul: What is different about the new script?
17:40 chris could you follow up my email then paul, and say that
17:40 paul ???
17:40 chris i was answering marie wardall
17:40 chris i think i told her it will be in 3.0
17:40 paul (on koha mailing list ?)
17:40 chris yes
17:41 kados anyone else have news?
17:41 chris ah no i didnt
17:41 chris[…]/2006/009735.html
17:41 chris thats what i said
17:41 paul I don't read it carefully, i'll check
17:41 russ paul: we have been making some progress with the serials subscription interface
17:41 russ i have some mock ups
17:42 kados chris can you take over for me?
17:42 chris ok, russ, show us your mockups
17:42 kados chris: I've got to head out for a bit
17:42 chris ok kados
17:42 russ ack
17:42 kados thx
17:42 russ gallery died on me
17:42 thd paul:How does the new inventory script differ from the old one?
17:42 russ but we have it workin in a dev koha which is better
17:43 russ paul: if you have time after wards i'd like to show you
17:43 paul russ : ok, i'll take some minuts to take a look
17:43 russ basically it is an interface to populate the x y z formula thing
17:44 russ another bit of news, a crew in toronto jigtechnologies have asked if we can add them to the pay for support page on the koha site
17:44 paul thd : the NEW inventory script takes a file, populated by barcodes scanned from a laptop, and mark all of the items as "seen".
17:44 thd very good russ, that was very much needed
17:44 russ they have been working with Koha for a couple of years
17:44 chris has anyone had any contact with them?
17:44 russ Shawn Bedard
17:44 russ and
17:44 russ David Capredoni
17:45 russ been working with Alliance
17:45 russ > Française de Toronto[2;2~
17:46 paul (I had some contact with AF from Vancouver2 1/2 years ago)
17:46 paul some news from 2.2.6 :
17:46 paul * i've checked the new serialadditems systempref, it works nicely
17:46 chris russ: maybe we could ask for some more info, some urls etc and then decide
17:46 paul you now can ask Koha to create an item on the fly
17:46 chris i dont have any problem in principle
17:47 chris paul: excellent
17:47 paul chris ++ And I think it could be useful to explain who is involved in Koha team, and who just sell services.
17:47 russ ok sorted gallery :[…]cription_1?full=1
17:47 russ there are 3 images
17:47 russ we have the first part of this working in our clients dev koha
17:48 chris paul: good point
17:48 paul russ : wow, very nice.
17:48 richard yes it is a good distinction to have
17:49 thd Did anyone ever contact ?
17:49 paul (+ I like the 11 issues on a monthly serial)
17:49 thd s/cm/com/
17:49 paul about 2.2.6 (to end with this topic) :
17:49 chris thd: im not sure
17:50 chris i didnt
17:50 paul * i've checked feature & included it in CSS templates (although this feature is illegal in France)
17:50 paul * I'm checking what hdl added to acquisition (to reciepts) but I think it will be very usefull
17:51 chris cool
17:51 paul recieves should be highly more clear.
17:51 paul Flash just appears in the middle of a developper meeting ;-)
17:51 chris more clear is good
17:51 thd paul: why is it illegal if there is a similar web services form
17:52 paul that's all about 2.2.6. Nothing to say about HEAD, except what stated previously (Tumer code)
17:52 paul thd : i'm not sure has the similar web service.
17:52 paul even if it has, it's illegal in France. Let me explain our law
17:52 paul we don't have the "fair use" concept.
17:53 thd paul: do you merely mean that some types of libraries are not allowed to link to commercial entities?
17:53 paul we just have the "small excerpt for studying purpose" and the "private copy use"
17:53 paul and the cover page from a book is NOT considered as a small excerpt
17:53 paul but as a major part of the book.
17:54 thd paul: Amazon does not provide that from fair use.
17:54 kados interesting
17:54 paul thus, it's considered as a copy to show the image in a public webservice
17:54 paul you have to ask the editor for permission.
17:54 kados yea, I don't think amazon provides it as fair use
17:54 kados it's a service provided specifically for linking back to their site
17:54 thd paul: Amazon has been granted most cover images under license from the publisher.
17:54 kados ie, if you use their image, you must link back to somewhere
17:55 paul kados : where, from can you get info to ask for Amazonservice ?
17:55 kados which is good for us since we like the 'read inside'
17:55 paul I could search in and ask them.
17:55 kados paul: I contacted amazon directly to ask if my use of their web serivces was ok
17:55 kados and they said it was exactly what they created web services for
17:56 paul how : mail address ? phone call ?
17:56 kados I wrote via email
17:56 paul how did you find the email address ?
17:56 thd paul: Publishers are often now giving away cover images of new books in ONYX files.
17:56 kados paul: hang on ... I'll see if I can find it
17:57 thd paul: along with tables of contents
17:57 paul gotcha :[…]ef=amb%5Flink%5F6
17:58 chris so thats 2.2.x finished .. anything more about 3.0 ?
17:58 thd paul: Other companies also license image and contents content for which they charge a fee.
17:58 thd yes
17:59 thd As everyone already knew, many local use fields are used by large established groups so that what is actually available for non-interfering local use is a subset of local use fields.
17:59 kados thd: right
17:59 paul do you remind this login script :
17:59 paul[…]2-6434233-5948112
17:59 chris k thd
17:59 kados paul: ?
17:59 paul (it's the page to register)
18:00 thd koha wants to be in as many libraries as possible without interfering with reserved uses of fields.
18:00 kados paul: (I had to register to get a developer's key as well as an associates' key)
18:00 thd 090 is reserved for local copy information in RLIN
18:01 kados thd: (but it was a while ago, so I don't remember the whole process)
18:01 kados thd: using 001 as the link to biblio.biblionumber seems to work just fine
18:01 thd paul: registration is free and automatic
18:01 chris what is RLIN ?
18:02 kados thd: so I propose 001 be the default in 3.0
18:02 thd RLIN is the second largest library network in the world
18:02 chris what the R stand for?
18:02 paul kados : the registration want you to fill the name of the personn that will recieve payements when you earn money through amazon partnership ?
18:03 kados paul: correct, it should be the library who you are signing up
18:03 thd kados: 090 holds more than merely the record identifier in Koha
18:03 kados it does?
18:03 kados paul: (or for testing, you can use yourself)
18:04 kados thd: do you happen to know if unimarc non-filing characters are the same as marc21?
18:04 thd chris: I have never fathomed that abbreviation except that R is for research.  RLIN is from the Research Libraries Group.
18:05 chris thanks thd
18:05 kados thd: ie, held in the same indicator
18:05 thd kados: I do not remember how UNIMARC treats that but it is similar at least.
18:05 kados cause that's the other big news for 2.2 I forgot to mention
18:06 kados I committed MARC non-filing characters support
18:06 thd horaay
18:07 paul kados : I confirm what thd says.
18:07 paul I think it should work fine for unimarc as well
18:07 kados great!@
18:07 paul (although it's really a dirty hack from a perf pov)
18:07 kados (yes, quite bad)
18:07 kados I really must go
18:07 chris ok i think we are pretty much done now anyway
18:07 paul ok, so I'll leave to
18:07 paul to go to bed.
18:08 chris thanks for being here everyone
18:08 paul because I wake up at 4AM (6 hours)
18:08 thd I suggest that we consider moving 090 even in 2.2.X if nothing for 090 is hardcoded.
18:08 chris lets hope this week is as productive as last week
18:08 thd paul: stay a moment
18:08 russ paul i'll send you an email
18:08 russ sounds like you need to get some sleep
18:08 thd paul: is there 090 harcoding?
18:09 paul not at all.
18:09 paul I have some libraries with biblionumber in 001 !
18:09 paul 090 was choosen "randomly"
18:09 thd paul: Do you have objections to moving 090 to a less interfering place?
18:09 paul none.
18:10 paul it's just a set up.
18:10 paul I won't change my libraries using 090
18:10 Flash All, can I but in and ask an LDAP question?
18:10 paul but I won't tell you that you must use it mandatory !
18:10 thd paul: I was actually proposing to change existing libraries
18:10 paul why ?
18:11 paul Flash : you can ask, but not sure you'll get an answer !
18:11 paul (because I really want to go to bed. It's 10PM in France)
18:11 chris you might have better luck asking on the koha-devel or the main koha mailing list flash
18:12 chris lots more people will see the question that way :)
18:12 thd pual: Merel;y so my comprehensive MARC 21 bibliographic framework could document the popular RLIN use of 090.
18:12 paul chris ++
18:13 Flash Thanks.  Is there a FAQ for LDAP?
18:13 paul what you're suggesting is to have a DEFAULT marc21 framework that uses 001 instead of 90
18:13 Flash Or a setup doc?
18:13 paul Flash : i'm afraid not. only
18:13 chris not that i know of, you can have a hunt around ta
18:13 Flash That's what I'm using now.
18:14 thd paul: no merely to move it to 099 or somewhere that is not in popular use.
18:14 paul + some discussions once on koha of koha-devel
18:14 paul no problem to me. and that don't require french libraries to change anything !
18:14 Flash Thanks Paul.
18:14 paul (even for future one)
18:15 thd paul: I intend to ask widely about what the safe local use fields are and document the popular uses of local use fields.
18:16 paul no problem, afai see
18:16 paul ok, guys, unless someone has something to add, I go to bed.
18:17 paul you have 10 secs !
18:17 thd paul: Toward that end, I would appreciate any documentation that you can obtain for SUDOC holdings, and any other local use field uses that you can find even if they really only apply to UNIMARC.
18:17 paul ok, i'll try to find some. drop me a mail (to avoid that i forget)
18:17 thd paul: ask the INEO people if you would please
18:19 thd thanks paul
18:24 thd chris is the meeting now adjourned?
18:24 chris yep
18:24 chris its time for lamingtons and tea
18:25 russ hmm lamingtons
18:25 thd what are lamintons?
18:25 thd s/lamintons/lamingtons/
18:26 owen "A chocolate coated cube of sponge cake, rolled in desiccated coconut; usually served with whipped cream and afternoon tea."
18:26 russ a type of sponge cake
18:26 owen ?
18:26 russ bang on owen
18:26 owen[…]sfoodarticle.html
18:26 russ normally come in two flavours brown and red
18:26 russ where brown is supposdly chocolate
18:27 russ and red is supposedly a berry fruit of some kind
18:27 thd russ: make mine berry fruit please
18:28 thd russ: I never understood the great attraction of chocolate
18:28 chris its not really chocolate .. its ummm brown flavour
18:29 chris tastes good though:)
18:30 thd I prefer the brown flavour of bread to the brown flavour of chocolate
18:31 thd I shall imagine my preferred brown flavour :)
18:43 kados sorry I had to jet
18:44 kados bunch of busy work at NPL to do
18:49 mcginniwa ciao
18:49 mcginniwa i'm off too
18:50 owen wb kados.  Since you left we mostly talked about dessert.
18:51 kados hehe
18:52 owen They've heard about those softies over at Liblime
18:53 kados I must get at least one of these every week
18:53 kados "I have contacted some services that sell their software and they stated they give a 50% discount to churches."
18:53 kados my reply should be something like:
18:54 kados "actually, we charge churches 50% more" :-)
21:34 kados thd: you around?
21:37 Jo Russ: you about?
21:48 richard jo: i think he is in a meeting in town
23:07 kados with perl-zoom
23:26 Jo Russ: are you back yet
02:54 russ2 rosa?
04:57 osmoze hello
04:58 chris hi osmoze
06:28 osmoze there is anybody for helping on apache2 conf and virtualHost ?
06:37 osmoze i ve 3 virtual host. When i start with a2enssite one, it's ok, but when i try the second, there is only end always the first that response
06:37 osmoze an idea ?
06:45 chris do you have a NameVirtualHost line?
06:46 chris eg
06:46 chris NameVirtualHost opac.something
06:46 chris <VirtualHost opac.something>
06:46 chris ...
06:46 chris </VirtualHost>
06:47 chris <VirtualHost koha.something>
06:47 chris ...
06:47 chris </VirtualHost>
06:50 osmoze NamevirtualHost for each site ?
06:50 chris just one NameVirtualHost should do it
06:51 osmoze ok, i rewrite my conf ^^
06:59 osmoze chris : i have this probleme when apache2 -t :
07:00 osmoze VirtualHost overlaps with VirtualHost, the first has precedence, perhaps you need a NameVirtualHost directive
07:00 chris there we go
07:00 osmoze my namevitualhost is (opac)
07:00 chris try NameVirtualHost
07:01 chris (you can have both)
07:07 osmoze ok, it's ok for apache2 -t but it's the same probleme for response
07:08 chris hmm, darn
07:29 osmoze yes,  it's ok for me
07:29 osmoze chris, i solved, it's NameVirtualHost
07:29 osmoze *
07:29 osmoze NameVirtualHost *
07:29 osmoze and VirtualHost *
07:30 osmoze and a good servername and it work
07:30 osmoze many thanks
09:52 osmoze |hdl|>  t es par la ?
10:40 |hdl| osmoze : oui
10:44 kados hi all
10:44 kados paul is in Pari today no? :-)

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