IRC log for #koha, 2005-06-21

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12:01 indradg kados, around?
12:01 indradg kados, ping!
12:25 kados indradg: sure am
12:25 kados what's up?
12:44 kados indradg: need help getting CVS going?
12:55 indradg kados, sorry wasn't around
13:08 kados indradg: I'm here if you need help with something
13:41 kados hey paul_away
13:41 kados late night for you ;-)
13:41 paul_away (not here, just looking at my bank account
13:42 kados hehe
13:42 paul_away not really, it's jus 9PM
13:42 kados right
13:42 paul_away (& suspect you don't either...)
13:43 kados heh
13:46 indradg kados, i'll be away tomorrow and day after sayamindu (logged in here as unmadindu) will handle the ISO upload
13:46 indradg he'll ping you if he faces any problem
13:46 kados sounds good
13:46 kados indradg: so your sf account is working ok?
13:47 indradg yup
13:47 kados indradg: does he need one too?
13:47 indradg he can use my userid
13:47 kados cool
13:48 kados indradg: so what will the livecd do?
13:48 kados I can boot off the CD and run a sample koha will full dataset?
13:49 indradg yep.. thats the idea... we are putting up a sample data set from my WBUT implementation
13:50 indradg with about 1000 titles
13:50 kados sweet
13:50 kados can you use NPL templates?
13:50 kados (or what templates would you be using?)
13:51 indradg IIRC sayamindu when with the defaults
13:51 kados ok
13:52 indradg s/when/went/
16:23 kados rach: if you're around: Paul's planning 2.2.3 for Monday IIRC
16:37 chris morning
16:37 kados morning chris
16:38 kados I'm having trouble with Koha barcode generation
16:38 kados FYI
16:38 kados I installed PDF:API2 and in my .cpan/build/PDF.... I have (with the right tree)
16:38 chris ive never even tried it
16:39 kados but it's giving me the errorCan't locate PDF/API2/PDF/ in @INC
16:39 chris didnt someone on the mailing list have that problem also?
16:39 kados I installed it with CPAN ... doesn't that normally place it in the INC?
16:39 kados yea
16:39 kados but the solution was to install PDF::API2 ;-)
16:39 chris :)
16:40 chris ive never tried it, so cant be much help im afraid
16:40 kados right ...
16:40 kados do you happen to know if it's normal to have .cpan included in @INC?
16:41 chris nope
16:41 chris make install should put it in /usr/local/share/perl something something
16:41 kados right ... that's what I thought ... I don't see it showing up there
16:42 chris id go into .cpan/build etc
16:42 chris and do a make install
16:42 chris and see what it does
16:42 kados k ... I'll try it
16:43 kados Writing /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/i386-linux-th​read-multi/auto/PDF/API2/.packlistAppending installation info to /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/i386-lin​ux-thread-multi/perllocal.pod
16:43 kados that's it ... it exited
16:43 kados must be something screwy with this version or smt
16:43 chris hmm
16:43 chris perl Makefile.PL
16:43 chris then make
16:43 kados # perl Makefile.PLWriting Makefile for PDF::API2This is PDF::API2, Version 0.43 (2005-06-10 16:38:39)
16:44 kados make gives not message
16:44 kados s/not/no/
16:44 chris hmm
16:44 kados make install gives same as before
16:44 chris make should give some messages
16:44 chris making hte man pages at the least
16:44 kados I'm gonna try installing the depends
16:45 kados Compress::Zlib
16:45 chris does make test do anything?
16:45 kados # make test
16:45 kados PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
16:45 kados t/00use....ok                                                                All tests successful.Files=1, Tests=1,  6 wallclock secs ( 2.19 cusr +  0.20 csys =  2.39 CPU)
16:48 chris thats just mental
16:50 kados perl -MCPAN -e 'install Compress::Zlib';
16:50 kados Can't locate object method "install" via package "Compress::Zlib" at -e line 1.
16:55 chris thats pretty weird
16:55 chris what if you do it by hand?
16:56 kados hmmm, does that just involve copying the directory tree over to the perl dirs?
16:57 chris nope, go in do a perl Makefile.PL
16:57 chris make
16:57 chris make test
16:57 chris make install
16:57 kados yea ... that's what I just did ;-)
16:57 kados ahh ... you mean for Compress::Zlib
16:57 chris yeah
16:57 chris seems pretty mental it has no install
16:58 kados /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/i386-l​inux-thread-multi/auto/Compress/Zlib
16:58 kados already exists
16:58 kados strangely
16:58 kados I wonder if we've got a situation with the Fedora package overlapping with CPAN
16:59 chris could be
17:31 kados ok ... I installed the fedora version of Compress::Zlib
17:31 kados then reinstalled PDF::API
17:32 kados now I have a
17:32 kados /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.​5/PDF/API2/Basic/PDF/
17:32 chris that sounds more like it
17:32 kados and I'm getting the error:
17:32 kados Can't locate PDF/API2/PDF/ in @INC
17:32 chris yep
17:32 kados so maybe they've restructured the PDF::API2?
17:32 chris looks like it
17:32 kados shit
17:32 kados I tried adding 'use PDF::API2::Basic'
17:33 chris did you try
17:33 chris use PDF::API2::Basic::PDF
17:33 kados about to
17:33 chris or even
17:33 chris use PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Utils
17:35 kados same error for both :-(
17:35 chris darn
17:35 chris is there a Changelog file
17:35 chris in  the .cpan/build
17:38 kados nothing interestinng in there related to Utils
17:38 kados looks like it's been in Basic at least since 2003
17:39 chris hmm im out of ideas
17:40 kados ahha!
17:40 kados use PDF::API2::PDF::Utils;
17:40 kados that's got to be a bug
17:40 kados it's in one of the scripts
17:42 kados better:
17:42 kados Sun Jun 19 18:41:26 2005] [error] [client] Can't locate object method "barcode" via package "PDF::API2" at /home/koha001/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/barcodes/ line 237., referer:[…]codes/
17:50 kados interesting
17:50 kados
17:51 kados here we have (in japanese) a PDF::API2::Barcode
17:51 kados which uses the $pdf->barcode method
18:26 kados but the CPAN version of PDF::API2 doesn't have a barcode method that I can see
19:09 kados on debian:
19:09 kados /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.4/PDF/API2/PDF/
19:09 kados /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.4/PDF/API2/TTF/
19:09 kados I'm guessing Debian must be like at least one major version behind on those modules
19:09 kados and that's the problem
19:10 kados chris: owen just pinged me to say that barcode generation is working fine on our test debian machine
19:11 kados and so the developer of the Koha bacode stuff must have been doing it on woody
02:35 paul 'lut
02:35 hdl Salut.
06:28 kados hi paul, hdl
06:28 kados paul: I heard from Emiliano this morning
06:28 kados paul: it seems he'll be sending the code soon ;-)
06:32 kados paul: also ... I've found a solution to the problem "z39.50 is not an innovative search method)
06:32 kados
06:32 kados Zebra (with yaz proxy and maybe even without it) supports CQL
06:43 paul 'morning joshua/kados.
06:47 kados I think CQL is about as innovative as search methods for libraries come ;-)
06:48 paul will be in 2.2.3
06:48 kados excellent!
06:54 kados paul: what's the full name of EMN?
06:54 paul Ecole des Mines de Nantes
06:54 kados thx
07:28 paul monsieur osmoze bonjour
07:29 paul bienvenue dans cet ilot de fraicheur au milieu de cet océan de canicule...
07:46 osmoze lol
07:46 osmoze coucou paul
07:46 osmoze :)
08:52 anacaona hello all
08:52 paul hello canada
08:53 paul welcome here.
08:53 anacaona i'm having problems with koha 2.0.2, with the z3950 search
08:53 anacaona hi paul.
08:54 anacaona there aren't any error messages in the logs, but the results screen just refreshes with not content.
08:54 anacaona i tried to add the "my $context=C4::Context->new();" line that phill hardstaff suggested on the list
08:55 anacaona but a bit blindly since i didn't know in which script or which line to add it (didn't work)
08:55 paul did you setup the z3950daemon ?
08:55 paul in scripts/z3950 iirc
08:56 anacaona iirc?
08:56 paul (are you a canadian speaking english or french ? because i'm french ;-) )
08:56 paul (If I Remember Correctly)
08:56 anacaona je peux parler en français aussi, si cela vous convient mieux. :-)
08:56 anacaona aaah.
08:56 paul no, english is fine.
08:56 anacaona yes, i'm launching the script from there, no error messages or anything but it doesn't seem to work
08:57 paul do you have "still ?? requests to go"
08:57 anacaona yes.
08:57 paul forever ?
08:57 anacaona yes.
08:57 paul (with ??)
08:57 anacaona ??
08:57 anacaona i double checked the data for loc and it seems fine.
08:57 paul so, you don't have z3950 daemon setup
08:57 paul koha is in /usr/local/koha ?
08:57 anacaona no...
08:57 anacaona /var/www/koha
08:58 paul a question : why did you install 2.0.2 and not 2.2.2b ?
08:58 anacaona i installed it about a month ago... maybe 2.2. wasn't out yet?
08:58 paul so, look in /var/www/koha/intranet/scripts/z3950daemon/
08:58 paul (no, 2.2.x is here since january)
08:59 anacaona hmm. i really don't know...
08:59 anacaona lemme upgrade and see if things go better.
09:00 anacaona oh, at sourceforge 2.0.2. is the first option, i guess i just clicked without looking.
09:00 paul no, things won't go better with 2.2.x
09:00 paul you MUST setup the z3950daemon if you want z3950 to work
09:01 paul because the z3950 search works :
09:01 paul 1- clic on "z3950 search"
09:01 paul 2- the server see "oh, my librarian want a z3950 search. I save this query for the daemon"
09:01 anacaona yes.
09:02 paul 2b- the server answers "waiting for daemon answers" (the still ?? requests to go)
09:02 paul 3- the daemon awakes and say "oh my god, i've some z3950 servers to query"
09:02 paul 4- the damon calls for each z3950 server & wait for the answer
09:02 anacaona but i launched the server and there doesn't seem to be any errors.
09:02 paul 5- your apache servers sees & show the answerts from the daemon when they arrive.
09:02 anacaona so what do youmean by "setup the daemon"
09:03 paul you should see infos in the z3950 demon log
09:03 anacaona there's nothing there.
09:03 paul in /var/www/koha/intranet/scripts/z3950daemon/
09:03 anacaona there's nothing in the log
09:03 paul you have a z3950-daemon-options
09:03 anacaona its empty
09:03 anacaona yeah, i've looked through it, its fine.
09:03 paul the z3950-daemon-options contains all options.
09:03 paul so, run "process3950queue" in a term & look at the output
09:04 paul (export PERL5LIB before)
09:04 paul export PERL5LIB=/path/to/koha/modules
09:04 paul (where the C4 directory is)
09:05 anacaona command not found
09:06 paul your term is bash ?
09:06 anacaona yup
09:06 paul ./processz3950queue
09:06 paul ;-)
09:06 anacaona :-)
09:06 anacaona starting loop
09:07 anacaona it really likes to start the loop. :-)
09:07 paul ok, so clic on "search z3950" now
09:07 paul (on librarian interface)
09:07 paul you should see what the daemon is doing
09:09 anacaona still at starting loo0p
09:09 paul mmm... then your daemon-options is wrong.
09:09 paul or :
09:09 anacaona wait...
09:09 paul did you setup a z3950 server ?
09:09 anacaona there's something in the log
09:09 paul koha >> parameters >> z3950 servers ?
09:09 anacaona yeah, two servers.
09:10 anacaona lemme try the second one.
09:10 anacaona (library of congress and mcgill univ)
09:10 paul (with checked=1 of course, otherwise the server is ignored)
09:11 anacaona i remember in a prior version of koha you could choose which z3950 server to search
09:13 anacaona nope
09:14 paul so, change for checked=1 !
09:14 anacaona yeah, i switched from library of congress to mcgill university and same problem.
09:16 paul if you don't see anything in term with processz3950 queue,
09:16 paul then it means your daemon-options is wrong
09:17 anacaona RunAsUser=www-data
09:17 anacaona KohaZ3950Dir=/var/www/koha/i​ntranet/scripts/z3950daemon
09:17 anacaona KohaModuleDir=/var/www/koha/intranet/modules
09:17 anacaona LogDir=/var/log/koha
09:17 anacaona KohaConf=/etc/koha.conf
09:18 paul is www-data able to read /etc/koha.conf ?
09:18 paul (permissions)
09:18 anacaona yup
09:18 paul & able to write in logs ?
09:18 anacaona yup
09:18 paul mmm... no idea...
09:29 paul owen : meeting has been changed to 20GMT
09:29 owen I knew that :)
09:29 paul (hello however)
09:30 anacaona paul.
09:30 owen Oh, url probably changed too...
09:30 anacaona it wasn't working because...
09:30 anacaona they didn't have the book i was looking for at either library!
09:30 paul :-(
09:30 anacaona <--- big dummy
09:31 paul note that if you're searching for an isbn you already have, you won't find it either.
09:32 hdl hi owen
09:32 owen Hi hdl
09:33 anacaona how so?
09:35 paul if you search an isbn for a book that is already in your DB, the z3950server will return it. But Koha will discard the result, considering you have it
09:35 paul the default being it does it silently
09:36 owen I wonder if it should display the result but highlight it differently from the other results?
09:36 owen In case the person searching didn't know they already had it?
09:37 kados morning owen
09:37 paul it should probably do something like this
09:37 owen Hi kados
09:38 anacaona paul, thing is with the acquisitions menu you search through your catalogue first anyhow,
09:38 anacaona so its totally safe for the z3950 daemon to chuck results for pre-existing isbn
09:39 anacaona thank you so much for your help with this.
09:39 paul right, but we can't ignore users that ignore koha features :-(
10:07 anacaona true

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