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12:35 paul hello owen.
12:35 paul i've the answer to your question
12:35 paul What's this new 'warndeparture' thing in circulation?
12:36 owen Thanks, I couldn't tell if it was doing anything
12:36 paul if the systempref is set, a message can appear on circulation desk if the user card will expire in less than {systempref} days
12:36 paul s/can/will/
12:36 owen Ah, so I was missing the system pref
12:37 paul update/updatedatabase is your friend
12:38 owen I thought kados had done that
13:03 paul owen has rebooted...
13:03 owen And all is well again
13:04 chris morning
13:04 paul hello chris.
13:04 paul and happy new year !
13:04 chris happy new year paul and owen
13:04 owen Hi chris, you in LA yet?
13:04 chris yep got in last night
13:04 paul what time is it for you ?
13:05 paul very early in the morning I bet
13:05 chris apparently we had winds of 147kmph at our house in new zealand yesterday
13:05 paul 147kmph !!!!
13:05 paul wow !!!!
13:05 chris its 8.05am in la
13:06 chris cool paul :)
13:06 chris and i think innodb is just fine
13:06 paul commited too in fact ;-)
13:06 chris we get transactions, and foreign keys
13:07 paul right. and it's mysql 4+, and nobody uses mySQL 3 nowadays.
13:07 chris yep
13:21 _hdl_ happy new year chris and owen
13:21 owen Thanks hdl
14:00 owen _hdl_, the new overdues script doesn't seem to be working for me
14:01 _hdl_ What does it say ?
14:01 owen It's not displaying any borrower categories, itemtypes, or branches
14:01 owen I have the latest version of and the template
14:01 paul own & hdl : could you check if works or not ?
14:02 owen It comes up for me Paul
14:02 _hdl_ works for me.
14:02 paul thus should work too
14:02 paul (_hdl_, did you change something on bind parameters or was am isliwa problem strange ?)
14:04 _hdl_ no, I didnot change antything
14:05 paul so it was just DNS changes that were long to transmit (or am isliwa specific problem)
16:24 owen Did you read my exchange with paul this morning about the new 'warndeparture' preference
16:24 owen ?
16:27 owen Sorry, that was directed to kados
16:27 owen (if he's still around)
16:32 kados I didn't
16:32 kados I'll check the log
16:34 kados owen: I did run updatedatabase
16:34 kados owen: did it not update that syspref?
16:35 owen The new pref didn't show up in the list.  I added it manually just now, but it doesn't seem to be working
16:36 kados I've just emailed you the output from updatedatabase yesterday
16:38 owen Strange
16:45 kados so this line:
16:45 kados Adding row to systempreferences:   explanation => Delay before expiry where a
16:45 kados +notice is sent when issuing  variable => NotifyBorrowerDeparture  value => 0
16:45 kados +type => Integer
16:45 kados would seem to indicate it was added
18:19 owen So, for those of you following along at home, it was all a symlink problem.  Everything working now as expected.
18:19 owen The new NotifyBorrowerDeparture pref will be very useful to NPL
18:37 kados hey rach
18:37 rach how's it going in the frozen north?
18:37 kados well ... it's not too cold today ... but generally dreary weather
18:39 rach it's actually a bit sunny today
18:39 rach christmas is a lot less tropical here than you might imagine :-)
18:40 rach which is good for me anyway
18:43 kados :-)
18:43 kados so ... I thought in the north island it never got cold ... I must be mistaken
18:43 kados a friend of mine who lives in NZ just told me it even freezes up north in Auckland
18:45 rach hmm well freezes in auckland is a bit unusual
18:45 rach but you certainly get frosts
18:46 rach here in wellington we have a fairly temperate climate, doesn't get much below 10 C and not much above 25 C other than a few days of the year
18:48 rach so is a balmy 18 or so - umm which I can't work out what that would be for you :-)
18:50 rach ah 64.4
18:51 rach oh but is warmer than that - 22, = 72 ish
18:52 kados huh ... so wellington's more temperate than auckland eh?
18:52 kados weird ... it's farther south right?
18:52 rach yeah
18:53 rach we do get the odd flurry of snow on the hills (mountains :-) around us from time to time
18:53 rach so in winter we'd get a week maybe of below 10
18:53 rach and in summer we might get a week of above 25
18:53 kados wow ... only a week?
18:53 kados that I can deal with
18:53 kados :-)
18:54 kados seems like half the year here is under 10 :-)
18:54 rach we tend to get lots of wind, which can take the overall feel of the place down a bit :-)
18:55 rach
18:55 rach that was taken in July (ie mid winter)
18:55 rach at the beack I grew up at
18:56 rach which is on the wellington coast
18:56 rach and these were july the year before -
18:57 rach in the hills about an hour away in the opposite direction
18:57 rach the snow is much more unusual (hence all the photos :-)
18:58 rach people who like it hot find wellington a bit cold - my sister had been in australia for a few years, and her husband is from Darwin, he was wearing his polyprop underwear for most of his visit last christmas
19:01 rach now they are in san diego
19:27 kados yea, san diego's got perfect weather
09:29 irc anyone around for a quick question?
09:32 paul_away hello irc/gavin
09:32 irc hi
09:33 irc do you by any chance know what grants kohaadmin should have in the mysql db?
09:34 paul not sure to understand your question
09:34 irc I've not looked at Koha in a while and have just installed again
09:35 irc It's installed but I'm getting errors from the blunk import...
09:35 irc DBD::mysql::db do failed: Access denied for user: 'kohaadmin@localhost' to database 'Koha' at /usr/share/koha/intranet//modules/C4/ line 333
09:35 irc and it seems that the kohaadmin user doesn't have any permissions to that database
09:35 irc or does it just need to be owner?
09:37 paul which mysql version do you use ? I know there are some problems in installer with some versions
09:37 paul anyway, just "grant all to kohaadmin" and that's all ;-)
09:37 irc 4.0.24-10sarge1
09:38 irc ah, i guess that'll do it.
09:39 irc [ off to check the ex act syntax ]
09:40 paul |hdl| : skype me when you're back from lunch
09:44 irc thanks very much Paul. that's sorted
09:45 paul you're welcom
09:45 paul e
09:45 irc Is there a more restricted set of privileges I could use?
09:45 irc or is that worth the bother?
09:46 paul it's not worth the bother I think.
09:46 paul if you have restricted the grant to your koha db
09:47 paul (grant all on all db is a bad idea for sure !)
09:49 irc fair enough
09:50 irc I've been out of the loop for a while on koha but my new employer is looking for a library system
09:50 irc I did a little failed work on it about 9 months ago to try and use mysql's fulltxet search
09:50 irc did the external nidexing thing work out ?
09:51 paul ???
09:52 irc Trying to think of the name of it but at the time (last Summer), somebody was working on using an external database for searching
09:53 irc which was really quick and looked cool. it had support for marc too, I think
09:53 paul ah, ok. you"re speaking of zebra
09:53 irc indeed!
09:53 paul we were waiting for a Perl toolkit.
09:53 irc so no progress as yet?
09:53 paul it has been released 2 weeks ago.
09:53 irc i see, that will be interesting to see
09:54 irc although our library is probably not big enough to be using that kind of thing
09:54 irc or needing it
09:54 paul Joshua, the Release Manager for Koha 3.0 is expecting a lot of coding in the next 3 months !
09:55 irc heh! cool, I'll keep an eye then.
09:55 irc thanks for the help, I'm going to run and get some lunch.

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