IRC log for #koha, 2006-01-07

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13:19 paul too early in the morning or a bug ?
13:20 paul ;-)
13:20 paul 'morning owen
13:20 owen Hi.  Could be either one, but I'm leaning towards bug :)
13:22 owen DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'branchcode' in 'field list' at /home/oleonard/koha/intranet​/cgi-bin/admin/
13:24 paul which line ?
13:25 owen line 167 and line 69
14:21 |hdl| owen : seems a bug due to injection of Branches  in budget.
14:30 |hdl| a branchcode field has been added in version  2.2.4
18:01 kados any katipos awake?
18:15 owen I had trouble waking up this morning too
18:41 kados rach around?
18:51 rach yep
22:09 Dan Chris, hi, happy new year :)
06:51 Genji hello all. any coders about?
06:51 paul zzzzz..........
06:52 paul zzzzzzzzzzzzz.............
06:52 paul zzzzzzzzzz.............
06:53 _hdl_ hi Genji
06:53 Genji hiya!
06:53 paul hiya too
06:54 Genji good. hmm. okay. ive got a gui coded up for displaying all the fields in biblio, biblioitems, items, bibliosubtitles, additionalauthors.... designed so the user ticks what they want to appear in a excel export.
06:55 Genji And now.. im stuck with .. how am i going to do this codewise, when not all biblios have additionalauthors?
06:55 Genji and not all biblios have subtitles...
06:56 Genji so the usual = does not work.... ? also.. having a where clause with more than two joins really starts to slow things down...
06:57 Genji so.... how do i get the required fields, in an acceptable time?
07:03 Genji no one awake to answer?
07:03 paul (was on phone, back)
07:03 paul do you know left join ?
07:03 paul select * from biblio left join additionnalauthors on ...
07:04 paul should solve your 1st problem
07:04 paul the 2nd one may be an index missing one.
07:04 paul add explain before your SQL query to see how mysql build it !
07:06 Genji left join does what?
07:06 Genji and what does left join ... on mean?
07:06 Genji ... on replaces where/
07:06 Genji ?
07:07 Genji ..... i remember i had a problem like this a long time ago.
07:08 paul[…]optimization.html
07:08 paul[…].1/en/select.html
07:09 Genji ahh.. cool! yup! get it!
07:10 Genji hmmm.... btw.. im back. Yup! got motivation again. Hope it lasts when i get home.
07:13 paul ;-)
07:31 Genji how do you combine all of the additionalauthors into one line per item rather than the biblio being repeated for every additionalauthor?
07:34 paul you can't with left join
07:37 Genji so.. i have to do without, returning biblionumbers as well then do one query for additionalauthors per biblionumber returned.. eh?
07:38 paul yep
07:39 Genji hmm.. same solution necessary for subjects too.
10:39 osmoze hello all
10:39 paul hello tout seul
10:39 osmoze and a very happy new year
10:39 osmoze :)

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