IRC log for #koha, 2006-01-05

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12:41 paul hello owen
12:41 paul good morning
12:41 owen Hi paul
12:41 owen Happy New Year
12:41 paul happy new year to you too.
12:41 paul with a 2nd baby maybe ?
12:41 owen Me?
12:42 paul yes (anyway, best wishes)
12:42 owen Anything's possible :)
12:42 paul as I already have 3 !
12:45 paul do you think you'll have time to update npl templates before 9th ?
12:46 owen Yes, I do
12:56 kados hey owen ... don't have it ready just yet ...
12:56 kados hi paul
12:56 paul hi kados.
12:56 paul i'm working on head today.
12:56 paul with a little success only :-(
12:57 kados I saw your post  ...
12:57 paul (blocqued in zebra as well as in utf8 !)
12:57 kados right
12:57 kados owen: problem is I don't have a spare NPL machine at the moment
12:58 paul utf8 makes me a little bit mad...
12:58 kados owen: any chance you could use the liblime templatelabs site?
12:58 kados owen: I can update that right away
12:58 owen Sure, that'd be no problem
12:58 paul I dump datas, they seem to be in utf8 even if I don't know how this occurs...
12:59 kados weird
14:46 owen I'm not sure I understand the changes to the way I access Savannah
14:47 owen Is it just the URL that's changed, or do I have to change the repository folder info too?
16:19 kados the old one should still work I think
19:09 owen What's this new 'warndeparture' thing in circulation?
19:09 rach howdy
19:09 owen Hi rach

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