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11:20 kados thd: yep
11:22 thd kados: The record in your example may be using 610 rather than 650 for Linux as a corporate name.
11:25 thd kados: have you included all 6XX $a, $v $x, $z, $y or whatever may be needed in any possible case as see also indexes in the biblio framework?
11:27 thd kados:  Also, have you unhidden them so that they would appear in the MARC view?
11:32 thd kados: the above presumes that you have 650 $a as the MARC subfield linked to biblio.subjects and need to expand the indexes searched for the biblio framework.
11:34 thd kados: are you still awake? :)
11:39 thd kados: Another possibility is that your example record, as is otherwise evident has been, poorly catalogued.
11:39 kados thd: still here
11:39 kados thd: shouldn't it show up in the MARC editor?
11:39 kados thd: for that example record?
11:40 kados thd: I couldn't find any more 6XX fields that had 'Linux'
11:40 thd kados: Any arbitrary 6XX may have been used to catalogue "Linux" as a subject by the inexperienced or unprofessional cataloguer who had catalogued that record.
11:42 thd kados: It will only show up in the MARC editor if a tab has been assigned for the relevant subfields and then they will appear under the assigned tab according to the biblio framework.
11:43 kados right ... so I'll check the SQL then
11:44 thd kados: The relevant field may not even be in the biblio framework while paul\x{015b} fix for subdivided subjects searches 600-699 sequentially.
11:46 thd kados: A 69X or 6X9 field may have been used properly for a locally defined thesaurus to supply additional subject terms not found in a standard thesaurus.
11:48 thd Kados: Where a standard thesaurus would be one such as Sears or LCSH which had been found insufficient.
11:49 thd kados: Is your quoted error message from that record?
11:52 kados here's the stuff in the 600s:
11:52 kados |     707177 | 12699 | 630 |       16 | 07            | a            |             1 | Linux                                    |          NULL |
11:52 kados |     707178 | 12699 | 630 |       16 | 07            | 2            |             2 | Sears                                    |          NULL |
11:53 kados |     707179 | 12699 | 650 |       17 | 07            | a            |             1 | Computer operating systems               |          NULL |
11:53 kados |     707180 | 12699 | 650 |       17 | 07            | 2            |             2 | Sears                                    |          NULL |
11:53 kados |     707181 | 12699 | 650 |       17 | 07            | x            |             3 | sistema de operacion de computadoras     |          NULL |
11:54 thd kados: 630 is uniform title used as a subject.
11:56 kados thd: so it's a case of poor cataloging then ... and I need to account for it with seealso ... seems like there are going to be quite a lot of cases similar to this
11:56 thd kados: you need to add the appropriate see also index links to 650 $a or whatever else you may have used instead for linking to biblio.subjects .
11:57 thd kados: Also any subfields you want to appear in the MARC view have to be unhidden and have to be set to a tab for the editor to be edited.
11:58 kados thd: thanks for your help
11:58 kados thd: I can't wait until we start using Zebra :-)
11:59 kados thd: btw: have you tried out perl-zoom yet?
11:59 thd kados: This case may be poor cataloguing.  The use of the Spanish translation as a subdivision instead of a repeated field suggests poor cataloguing.
12:00 thd kados: I have not had time but I have closely examined the documentation and noticed some problems the first of which I have posted to the koha-zoom list but it has not appeared yet.
12:01 thd kados: The Subject of my first post is incomplete CQL support.
12:02 thd kados: I know you are keen to use CQL for good reason,
12:04 thd kados: Is Mike planning to add scan() support for CQL any time soon?
12:04 kados thd: shouldn't be necessary
12:05 thd kados: there is also a library problem for sortby() support for CQL.
12:06 kados thd: I asked Mike about that
12:06 kados thd: here was his response:
12:06 kados "you can do:"
12:06 kados        $ss = $conn->scan('@attr 1=1003 a');
12:06 kados        ($term, $occ) = $ss->term(0);
12:06 kados        $rs = $conn->search(new ZOOM::Query::CQL(qq["$term"]);
12:07 thd kados: scan() is not required but could be the basis of a very significant set of features that would help to put Koha far ahead of other ILS systems.
12:07 thd kados: that is PQL not CQL
12:07 kados thd: fortunately we can use scan() :-)
12:08 kados thd: why does it matter? it's all going to be done behind the scenes
12:08 kados thd: (and notice the $rs line _is_ CQL ...
12:08 thd kados: So mixing the query syntax will not be a problem?
12:11 thd kados: Is mixing the use of PQL and CQL the way around for sortby() as well?
12:14 kados thd: mixing query syntax won't be a problem
12:14 kados thd: don't think that applies to sortby()
12:14 kados (meaning I think you can use CQL for that)
12:14 kados thd: but really, any question you have would be useful to ask on koha-zebra
12:14 kados as I'm sure others will have the same question
12:15 kados and Mike can do a much better job answering
12:15 thd The other issues that I noticed were still no documentation for the extended services that are at least now supported.
12:15 thd kados: I posted a couple of hours ago but my first post has not appeared yet.
12:16 thd kados: Also still no documentation for asyncronous connections.
12:16 kados thd: good point
12:16 kados thd: I hope you posted that as well :-)
12:17 kados thd: (yea, turns out that savannah is pretty slow for mailing list purposes eh?)
12:29 thd kados: Even if the case that you found for 630 is poor cataloguing, you should still have biblio frameworks that support any 6XX that may already be properly used in some record, both for the present set of records and any future ones.
12:30 kados thd: well I'm certainly not going to put _every_ possible 6XX field in seelaso
12:31 kados thd: that kind of subject support will have to wait until 3.0
12:32 kados thd: there is documentation for the extended services
12:32 thd kados: It should be built into the default frameworks which should work for Koha 3.0 as well.  Then the work would not be redundant.
12:32 thd kados: where???
12:32 kados thd: check the ZOOM::Package section
12:33 thd kados: It only gives the options without showing how to use them concreatly
12:34 kados thd: I thought it was fairly obvious :-)
12:34 thd kados: really? :)
12:34 kados thd: did you see my announcement post?
12:35 kados thd: it has a bit of code that _should_ work
12:35 kados and that will illustrate how to use the methods, etc.
12:35 thd kados: The PERL-ZOOM POD declares them not yet documented anywhere.
12:36 kados thd:[…]ZOOM%3A%3APackage
12:36 kados thd: scroll down to the ZOOM::Package section
12:36 thd kados: I think we are not referring to the same extended services.
12:37 kados "This class represents an Extended Services Package"
12:39 thd kados: even this link does not work "Package options are listed at ".
12:42 thd kados: Perhaps some extended services that I am thinking of are listed in the Z39.50 documentation but are not part of Zoom.
12:43 thd kados: The issue would be moot for Perl-Zoom if what I am thinking of is not in Zoom.
12:47 thd kados: I do not remember the names of the particular services off hand but they seemed to be intended for managing result sets in some undocumented fashion.
12:48 thd kados: The had to do with storing queries and result sets for later retrieval as a convenience and resource management issue.
12:50 thd kados: If what I am thinking about is not in Zoom Index Data may have added something similar for YAZ Proxy.
13:00 kados thd: yea, that's yaz proxy i think
13:29 osmoze aie
13:30 osmoze paul, juste une question : j ai un livre, a lafrancaise en pret. Je le reserve de chez moi....Quand il rentre, j essaye de le transferer a une autre annexe, il me demande l annulation de la reservation pour le transfert...Et lors du transfert, on perd la notice exemplaire. Dans la 2.0 et 2.2.4, bug connu ou pas ?
13:30 osmoze paul ou |hdl| d ailleur :)
13:31 osmoze en gros on perd toutes les infos localisation etc etc
13:35 paul ah, non, ca y en n'a pas bug connu...
13:35 paul et yen a gros bug d'après ce que tu décris !
13:35 osmoze hum... bin oui, par contre, je m avance un peu vite en disant sur la 2.2.3 aussi
13:35 osmoze je test vraiment de suite
13:41 osmoze roh
13:41 osmoze c est la 2.0
13:41 osmoze on a pas le probleme avec la 2.2.4
13:42 osmoze désolé de mon alerte...Dans un sens, je suis alerté apres la guerre, il est bien temps que je parte en week end quand meme
13:42 osmoze par contre, sandrine demande si les notice exemplaire perdu dans ce cad la si on peut les retrouver facilement ou si on les refera au coup par cop
13:43 paul je crains qu'il ne faille les refaire au coup par coup.
13:43 paul tu n'es pas en prod en 2.2.4 encore ?
13:44 osmoze bin non, cela fait une semaine que mes petites mains bibliothecaire se mettent a l aise avec la 2.2.4, j ai juste a remettre la base a aujourds hui et cela pourrait etre bon, mais comme il y a quelque bug, j attend la 2.5 pour la mettre....
13:45 paul oki
13:45 osmoze sandrine et autres m ont fait une liste de bug ou de problemes d utilisation
13:45 osmoze on doit faire le point mercredi pour pouvoir te faire un boooooo mail
13:45 osmoze :)
13:45 osmoze j ai rencontré francis au fait cet apres midi ^^, ca avance :)
13:46 osmoze la grosse demande vient de l utilisation du module pour les revus
13:47 paul hehe, mercredi je suis en vacances, donc tu peux bien faire ce que tu veux, ca m'est égal ;-)
13:47 paul les périodiques/bulletinage tu veux dire.
13:48 paul dans la 2.2.4 il commence à être pas mal, et dans la 2.2.5, il y a encore quelques améliorations mineures.
13:50 osmoze oui, bulletinage :) au fait, avant de partir tu me mettras bien ma base ? (°_°)
13:51 paul oups, j'allais oublier.
13:51 paul elle est dispo ou déjà ?
13:59 osmoze je suis resté au moment ou hdl te scp la base
13:59 osmoze sinon je te la remet dispo, mais demain :(
13:59 osmoze car dans 5 minutes c est le noel des gamins a la com ^^
14:01 osmoze bon je decolle
14:01 paul demain, je suis pas là
14:02 osmoze ok
14:02 paul parce que maintenant, le bureau, c'est plus à la maison !
14:02 osmoze hé hé t as bien raison :)
14:02 paul donc je reviens que lundi
14:02 osmoze on voit cela mardi si t as le temps de me la mettre vite fait
14:02 paul oh que oui. Juste que je me sens un peu seul et en silence
14:02 osmoze sinon je te fais cela durant demain ou le week end et je te fais un mail pour que tu l ai lundi
14:02 osmoze moi j aimais bien tombé sur la secretaire :)
14:03 osmoze paul, c est ca de devenir vieux geek ;)
14:03 osmoze good bye all
14:03 paul bye
18:07 rflach Can anyone tell me what a "This account is currently not available" error when attempting to run means?
18:07 rflach woops I mean
18:08 rflach & runs ok but has other problems.
18:11 rflach specifically after my $rs=$conn->search($query);pe(); the $numresults=$rs->size() was generating a can't run size on an undefined value error.  I added a my $numresults="0";if(defined($rs)){ prior to the above and that fixed a lot of problems.
18:13 rflach but both before and after I have the following problem: after search results first show up, the next refresh tries to call /cgi-bin/koha/z3950/0 instead of which causes a server error.  I added some javascript to stop the refreshes if search results exists (with a button to continue searching if desired), but I'm not sure that's an adequate solution.  Any thoughts?
03:55 root hi a newbie here

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