IRC log for #koha, 2005-12-19

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11:42 quubba thd: Btw, I downgraded to 2.0.2 and got messages into log saying "ap_content_length_filter:  apr_bucket_read() failed". According to google this seems to be more like a problem of Apache, not Koha.
11:44 thd quubba: Do you mean that you downgraded Apache to 2.02?
11:44 quubba No, Koha.
11:48 thd quubba: 2.0.2 is a major downgrade.  I was suggesting not downgrading lower than 2.2.3 and only that because I had trouble determining how to easily describe to you how to obtain the earliest release of 2.2.4.
11:51 thd quubba: However, if this is an Apache problem then you should have no reason to downgrade Koha.
11:53 thd quubba: Fix the Apache problem of course or downgrade Apache to where that problem no longer exists.
11:55 quubba thd: Yep..
11:56 thd quubba: If I recall correctly your, version of Apache is a first minor version newer than the very recent version that I have.  But I do not run Apache on NetBSD.

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