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11:07 thd thanks _hdl_
11:07 _hdl_ thd: U're welcome
11:09 thd kados: If you are up, I have a fix for your subject display problem.
11:21 kados thd: I'm up
11:22 kados thd: what's the fix? :-)
11:25 thd kados: the simplest fix for you is SELECT subfieldvalue,subfieldcode,tagorder,tag FROM marc_subfield_table WHERE bibid= ? AND subfieldcode != "2" AND tag BETWEEN ? AND ? ORDER BY tagorder,subfieldorder
11:25 thd kados: instead of SELECT subfieldvalue,subfieldcode,tagorder,tag FROM marc_subfield_table WHERE bibid=? AND tag BETWEEN ? AND ? ORDER BY tagorder,subfieldorder
11:26 kados thd: this is in
11:26 thd kados: yes, for sub getMARCsubjects
11:27 kados here's my select:
11:27 kados SELECT subfieldvalue,subfieldcode,tagorder,tag FROM marc_subfield_table WHERE bibid=? AND tag BETWEEN ? AND ? ORDER BY tagorder,subfieldorder"
11:28 thd kados: that is the same as the original that I posted is it not?
11:28 kados thd: missing the subfieldcode !="2"
11:28 thd exactly
11:29 kados ahh
11:29 kados sorry ... still waking up :-)
11:29 thd kados: There are other numeric subfields that should also be excluded.
11:31 thd kados: I was stumbling over the proper syntax for concisely excluding $1 - $8 in SQL just now.
11:31 kados [Thu Dec 15 08:24:24 2005] [error] [client] syntax error at /home/kohatest/intranet/modules/C4/ line 594, near ""SELECT subfieldvalue,subfieldcode,tagorder,tag FROM marc_subfield_table WHERE bibid= ? AND subfieldcode != "2", referer:
11:32 kados I bet it's the ""
11:32 thd kados: What version of MySQL is complaining?
11:33 kados thd: yea, that could have fixed it ... at least it did for the example we were looking at earlier
11:33 kados[…]ha/
11:34 kados[…]
11:35 thd kados: Is that the same example as you had yesterday?
11:36 paul nope joshua, i bet the problem is bibid=?
11:36 paul ('morning joshua however. & hi thomas)
11:36 kados paul: hi paul ... actually, thd's fix worked for me
11:37 kados the problem was that 'sears' was showing up in the subject
11:37 kados even though it's just a 'label' (I think)
11:37 kados thd: yep, same example
11:37 thd kados: I think that this is a different example.  Yesterday was a bad Spanish subject subdivision instead of a new repeated field giving rise to a false presumption on my part.
11:38 kados could have been this one:[…]
11:40 thd kados: That was it the second 650 should be two different 650s.  That was the cataloguer's mistake though not Koha.
11:43 thd kados: There would really be no problem for displaying Sears if sub getMARCsubjects were more substantially modified so that Sears was treated as a label for the thesaurus and not represented as part of the subject subdivision itself.
11:44 thd kados: However, such effort would be much better applied for 3.0.
11:44 thd hello paul
11:45 kados I see
11:45 kados paul: does that make sense?
11:46 kados paul: I think we ran into this when I sumbitted a bit of code for Table of Contents display too
11:46 kados paul: it had a label for "Table of Contents" ... and then the link to the publisher's website
11:46 thd paul: The fix that I suggested to kados will allow a full MARC display so it does not lose one view for the benefit of another view.
11:47 thd paul: As opposed to using the hidden value from the framework.
11:49 thd paul: The fix that I suggested will also suppress the linkage code for $2 in UNIMARC as opposed to $9 that Koha uses for the same purpose.
11:50 thd kados: What version of MySQL gave the syntax complaint about the ANSI quotes?
11:52 thd kados: Do you have the table of contents example at hand?
11:54 thd paul: sorry, I missed your explain more :)
11:57 thd paul: Sorry I forgot for a moment. $2 and in 6XX is used for the same purpose in MARC and UNIMARC to designate the thesaurus used from a standard set of thesaurus codes..
11:58 thd paul: for a moment I had confused UNIMARC $2 and $3 before.
12:02 thd 6XX $2 could be useful in searching within the same thesaurus but at least in MARC 21 there is a problem not exhibited in the nonstandard cataloguing from the records that kados has.
12:06 thd 6XX $2sears/10th and 6XX $2sears/12th is proper usage showing the revision number of the Sears Subject Headings thesaurus and would not match across the revision consulted for records catalogued at different times using the simplest search that included sears/10th as a search term itself.
12:08 thd paul: Therefore, $2 should be excluded from the search.
12:18 kados paul: do you agree? if so I'll commit the change
12:19 kados thd: or is this just happening because this client's data is screwey?
12:19 paul if I summarize : the $2 in authorities contains the name of the authority (like "rameau in france")
12:19 paul and you suggest to ignore this $2 in all searches.
12:20 paul if I understand clearly, no objection to commit those changes.
12:22 thd kados: Your clients data is only minorly screwy
12:23 thd kados: Standard $2 tags are lowercase and supposed to include the revision of the thesaurus.
12:25 thd kados: how do I negate an IN or HAVING statement?
12:26 thd kados: for economical usage in a more inclusive fix.
12:31 thd kados: Sears is very common, especially in school libraries and small public libraries.  Before paul fixed subject subdivisions in for 2.2.4, this issue would have been masked when you only saw 650 $a.
12:37 thd paul: You understand clearly, except that at least in MARC 21 $2 is not needed if the authority name is encoded in the 6XX indicator position two for the most common MARC 21 cases.
14:02 thd kados: tell me if this more inclusive form covering cases that you have not found yet works without an error using straight single quotes not back tics on your MySQL.
14:03 thd kados: SELECT subfieldvalue,subfieldcode,tagorder,tag FROM marc_subfield_table WHERE bibid= ? AND subfieldcode NOT IN ('2','3','4','6','8') AND tag BETWEEN ? AND ? ORDER BY tagorder,subfieldorder
14:04 paul thd : you should not drop $3 I think.
14:04 paul as it means somethingi mportant in UNIMARC.
14:04 paul => find biblios using a given authority.
14:05 paul as $3 is related to 001.
14:05 paul even if Koha uses $9 internally, we must be able to use $3 as well.
14:05 paul at least that's what I've planned.
14:05 paul hello rflach.
14:06 rflach hello.  Hoping someone can help me with a newbie question (or at least point me in the direction of some docs :)
14:07 paul write your question.
14:07 paul i'm here for a few minuts & kados is near too.
14:07 thd paul: OK, if you would use $3 as well as $9 I will drop $3.
14:07 paul that may cause some problems. What's the problem with keeping it ?
14:08 rflach On a test install of koha with a single patron/bib/item.  I am getting too many issues when I try to issue the item to the patron.
14:08 paul did you filled issuing rules ?
14:08 paul including * ?
14:08 rflach I've defined issuing rules of 14,100 for all types of material and defined the material type for the bib entry.
14:08 rflach including both * columns
14:08 paul let me know the exact message you get. There's something hidden (the letter means something for developpers ;-) )
14:09 rflach Please Confirm Issue:
14:09 rflach Too many issues (already issued / max : g 0 / 0)
14:09 paul the g is important ;-)
14:09 paul one second
14:10 paul you installed 2.2.4 i suppose ?
14:10 paul this g means that :
14:10 paul "for borrowers with this borrower category, any item, any branch, there's no issuing rules"
14:11 thd kados paul: without excluding $3 SELECT subfieldvalue,subfieldcode,tagorder,tag FROM marc_subfield_table WHERE bibid= ? AND subfieldcode NOT IN ('2','4','6','8') AND tag BETWEEN ? AND ? ORDER BY tagorder,subfieldorder
14:11 paul C4/Circulation/, line 679
14:20 paul sound OK to me. $4 in UNIMARC is used for role in the book (author, translator, picture maker, copy maker...) & it's probably useless to search, I agree
14:32 thd paul: In 6XX, $4 seems not to be at issue for UNIMARC.  If your code is used for other opac-detail field types instead of just subjects, then excluded subfields should be carefully considered for each case.
14:32 paul right, $4 is for 7xx
14:32 paul leaving now, time for dinner.
14:33 thd good evening paul_away
18:38 kados thd: still around?
18:38 kados thd: something additional is happening now
18:38 kados thd: the subject links don't always find the items that have them
18:39 kados thd: for instance: Red Hat Linux for Dummies
18:39 kados thd: the first subject link doesn't bring up the dummies book, but the second one does
18:40 kados thd: in that case, I'm not sure where the subject is for that item ... i'ts not showing up in the MARC record at all
18:42 kados thd: and I don't see it in the MARC editor or on the intranet either
18:42 kados thd:[…]
18:42 kados wtf
23:12 thd kados: I am back now
23:20 thd kados: I see the issue.  What does that record look like if you dump the MARC data?
23:35 thd kados: While exploring records with related subject headings, I found a much more troublesome record.
23:35 thd kados:[…]
23:45 thd kados: This record in my example is manifesting as a very significant problem.  Open a few records like that and the server will start having problems.
00:06 thd kados: quite an impressive record, DVD WLC 123 SHR
01:28 kados thd: yowser ... what the heck is going on there !
01:29 kados that's got to be a data import problem ... I can't imagine a cataloger creating such a record
06:22 osmoze hello
06:22 paul hello. Super mistral aujourd'hui !
06:22 paul c'est aujourd'hu que je vais voir si les fils que FT a tiré pour ma ligne sont bien attachés aux poteaux !!!
06:24 osmoze ah bon ?
06:24 osmoze c est bien calme par chez nous
06:36 |hdl| hello. Ici, ciel radieux, un peu friquet.
06:37 |hdl| C'était notre page météo en direct du Gard :)
10:01 thd kados: I have some answers, to your problem with inoperable subject links.  Are you awake yet to receive them?

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