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14:55 kados paul: if you're still around ... I've a question about subject searching again
14:55 kados paul:[…]
14:55 kados paul: the subjects listed on the normal view are:
14:55 kados Linux -- Sears
14:55 kados Computer operating systems -- Sears -- Sistemas de Operacion de computadoras
14:55 kados Small business -- Data processing -- Sears --
14:55 kados but ... in the MARC view they are:
14:56 kados 650$a: Computer operating systems
14:56 kados 650$x: Sistemas de Operacion de computadoras
14:56 kados 650$a: Small business
14:56 kados 650$x: Data processing
14:57 kados the so there is some strangeness there ... also
14:57 kados I suspect that the default MARC view isn't displaying all the subject fields for some raeson
17:53 owen Isn't there a way to compare a string in mysql to concatenated fields?  SELECT id FROM table WHERE lastname+firstname  = 'LeonardOwen'   Something like that?
18:55 quubba Can someone give a good hint about what could be wrong when the perl scripts of my koha keep on running indefinitely even though the page itself has loaded in to the browser? Also, the pages are loading veeery slowly (if at all), and after I've browsed a few pages thru in the koha, I have a number of http requests still running in Apache.
20:55 thd kados: I can answer your subject questions
21:01 thd quubba: Are you having problems with every possible page or just some in particular?
23:01 kados thd: please do
02:39 thd sorry kados, I fell asleep earlier.
02:55 kados thd: still waiting for the answer :-)
03:01 thd kados: you are still awake :)
03:02 thd kados: You have Sears subject headings in your example
03:03 thd kados: Sears subject headings do not have a place in the second indicator for specifying them as Sears
03:05 thd kados: The Library of Congress Subject Headings would only use 650 #1 where the 1 in the second indicator designates it as LC.
03:07 thd kados: In the case of Sears, no indicator is provided, therefore, $2 is used instead to specify Sears.
03:09 thd kados: 2 has  not been set for display in the biblio framework for your example.
03:10 kados hmmm, I see ... but if I set it to be in the 'seealso' it should work right?
03:10 kados (strange that it comes out as 'sears -- somesubject'
03:12 thd kados: Paul's correction of the subject heading display in for 2.2.4 ignores the biblio framework, evidently.
03:13 thd kados: There is a hidden/visible checkbox for subfields in the appropriate part of the biblio framework editor.
03:15 thd kados: Do you mean by strange that you were expecting $2 only once for the whole field.
03:15 thd kados: That should be the usual usage even in the case of subject subdivisions.
03:17 thd kados: However, the practise in your case, may allow for combing headings from multiple thesauri in subject subdivisions.
03:18 thd kados: see also is only for combing indexes during search.
03:19 thd s/combing/combining/
03:20 kados hmmm
03:21 thd kados: It is neither expected or desirable to have the thesaurus displayed in the standard non-MARC OPAC display in the manner it does for your example records.
03:22 kados right
03:24 thd kados: you need to make a correction for Paul's code to fix the subject subdivision problem for 2.2.4 to allow for the non-display of $2.
03:26 thd kados: I had looked briefly for where that code was located when 2.2.4 first came out.
03:26 kados I'll take a look in the morning
03:26 kados I"m sleepy now :-)
03:26 thd kados: I do not remember finding it.
03:28 thd kados: It would be better if used similar code instead of the Koha SQL tables for some of the other elements in the display, such as publisher.
03:29 thd kados: multiple publishers for different markets found in the same record do not display correctly for
03:30 thd kados: good night
03:51 quubba thd: With every page, but some seems to take even longer times to process, eg.
03:53 thd quubba: What version of Koha do you have?
03:55 quubba thd: 2.2.4.
03:55 thd quubba: What version of Apache also or are you using another web server?
03:56 quubba thd: yup, 2.1
03:58 thd quubba: Not that it should be an issue really, but what is the RAM and processor speed of the machine where Koha and the webserver are running?
03:59 quubba It looks strange because when a page is loaded, the cpu usage of the perl script goes up but in most cases drops normally down again after a couple of seconds. But the process still goes on running.
03:59 thd quubba: What web browser are you using for a client and is that the same machine?
04:00 quubba thd: PII with 512 of megabytes RAM.
04:01 thd quubba: should be more than enough.
04:02 quubba thd: I've tried both Firefox and IE on a different machine. (on the same machine I'm able to try only with links... :)
04:02 thd quubba:  Do you have some proxy server installed?
04:04 thd quubba: Do other Perl scripts for generating web pages run quickly?
04:04 quubba No, and the machines are on the same LAN.
04:07 quubba Others do run normally, althoug none of them are using for example DBD::Mysql or databases anyway.
04:07 quubba But the PHP scripts using the same Mysql server run normally.
04:08 thd quubba: What OS and version is the server running?
04:08 quubba NetBSD 2.0.
04:09 thd quubba: Very little is faster than NetBSD :)
04:09 quubba Yesh. :)
04:12 quubba But ok, maybe I'll try testing some other perl scripts using the same mysql server..
04:14 thd quubba: I have never tried running Koha on NetBSD.  Maybe DBD::MySQL or the HTML::Template did not compile correctly.
04:15 thd quubba: have you checked both the Apache and Koha error logs?
04:19 quubba Yep, there's nothing which I could imageine could affect. A few failed select clauses in
04:20 thd quubba: Have you tried filling the needed values in system preferences?
04:22 thd quubba: does your Koha install pass the System Administration : MARC check OK?   Assuming you are using MARC Koha?
04:23 quubba I think not. :) I mean, which are the needed values?
04:26 thd quubba: One of the initial post installation steps requires defining at least one library branch for System Administration : Branches and at least one item type for System Administration : Item Types.
04:26 quubba It says "You have 1 error(s) in your MARC configuration. Please fix them before using Koha"
04:26 quubba Even though all tests say "OK".
04:28 quubba The one defined in the installation ("MAIN" by default) should be enough (as branch)?
04:28 thd quubba: What is the reported error from the list of checks run above the final message?
04:29 thd quubba: Just MAIN is fine or whatever you would prefer instead is fine for branches.
04:30 quubba There wasn't any, but that final error message dropped out after I added a item type. That is, now it says OK to all.
04:31 thd quubba: how is response time now?
04:32 quubba Still slow.
04:34 thd quubba: Had you loaded or created any records?
04:36 quubba I tried, but after submitting it never loaded to the end and the record wasn't added.
04:38 quubba There was this problem when installing DBD::Mysql from CPAN that the mysql server already had root password and all the tests failed. So I force installed it.
04:40 thd quubba: Running some test scripts using DBD::MySQL and/or HTML::Template would seem to be a good idea for testing.
04:41 thd quubba: Are both the administration interface and the OPAC slow?
04:43 quubba thd: OPAC isn't exactly slow, but there's this same problem with these forever-going http requests.
04:44 quubba But, I'll try with some test scripts as soon as I have a bit more time. Will report if I come up with something.
04:53 thd quubba: Seems like a bad loop where the should not be one.  Try another Koha install from version 2.2.3 without whatever the bug fixes in the latest 2.2.4 may have been.  2.2.4 is much better but I am unsure how to obtain a working copy from the first week or 3 that it was released.  There should be incremental numbering for bug fixes going into the current release which does not seem to happen.
06:39 thd chris: What is the system date on the koha list server?
06:40 thd chris: recent messages have been dated from 1970.
06:43 thd chris: otherwise, I have noticed some very old messages being reposted to the koha list during the past couple of weeks.
07:42 thd paul: What file controls how the directory structure for the installer is built?
08:49 osmoze hello
08:50 thd hello osmoze
10:51 _hdl_ thd: hav a look at buildrelease in misc.

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