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11:26 _hdl_ kados around?
11:26 _hdl_ seems too early for you.
11:26 _hdl_ and too late for chris.
11:26 _hdl_ I had a question about acquisitions.
11:27 _hdl_ I wonder when table aqorderdelivery is used, if used.
11:30 kados _hdl_: hi there
11:30 _hdl_ hi kados.
11:30 kados _hdl_: I'm not sure to be honest
11:30 _hdl_ why ?
11:31 kados _hdl_: why don't I know? :-)
11:31 kados _hdl_: mainly because none of the libraries I manage use the acquisitions
11:31 kados _hdl_: :-)
11:33 _hdl_ Oh. I understood that you could have smuggled sthg.... since you said you were not sure to be honest.... Maybe a missing comma :D
11:33 paul ah, là ca va mieux...
11:33 paul hello world !
11:33 _hdl_ hello paul. Le déménagement est terminé ?
11:33 kados hi paul
11:33 paul ben ... oui...
11:34 paul hi kados. did you read mailing list ?
11:34 paul (the last thread, initiated by Anna W)
11:34 kados paul: no ... haven't had a chance
11:34 kados paul: what's the gist of it?
11:34 paul she suggests to organise a KohaCon !
11:34 kados hehe
11:34 paul any news from Geneva ?
11:34 kados not lately ... still waiting to hear from 'procurement'
11:34 paul (surfing at 8MB / 600KB now ...)
11:35 kados they are working on a contract
11:35 kados (nice!)
11:35 paul ok, I will answer on the list that we are working on something like that.
11:35 kados but I'm guessing it will be late March or early April now
11:35 kados maybe just in time to launch Koha 3.0!
11:36 paul but who knows !
11:36 kados paul: while I have you ... I have a question :-)
11:36 kados paul:
11:36 kados paul: (one of our clients, goes live in Jan )
11:37 kados paul: problem with subject links in OPAC ...
11:37 kados do you have any idea why it's happening?
11:38 paul MARC=ON of MARC=OFF ?
11:38 kados MARC=ON
11:38 paul bibliosubject.subjects mapped somewhere ?
11:38 paul (to a MARC field I mean)
11:38 kados yes
11:39 kados to 650$a
11:39 paul a valid subject pls
11:39 paul (give me ...)
11:46 kados hehe ... funny reply paul :-)
11:47 kados ping me when you have a moment to troubleshoot the subjects ... and thank you !
11:48 paul I asked for a valid subject kados
11:50 kados ahh ... sorry
11:51 kados[…]
11:52 kados this record for instance has a subject of:
11:53 paul (on phone)
11:53 kados SAT Test - preparation -- College-bound students -- Pruebe la preparaci -- n --
11:53 kados in the MARC record:
11:53 kados 650a SAT Test - preparation
11:53 kados 650x College-bound students
11:53 kados 650x Pruebe la preparaci
11:54 kados 650x n
11:57 osmoze paul : (surfing at 8MB / 600KB now ...)<-- provocation ^^
12:31 paul beeping kados. OK, joshua the adress is open. Where is the problem ?
12:32 paul mmm... I see/suspect ;-)
12:32 paul do you have a $9 to link the subject to the authority ?
12:32 paul I bet no !
12:33 paul as you have no $9, Koha build the link with the full subject name. If you have a $9, the link would be directly on the authid, and that would work better
12:34 paul look at
12:34 paul[…]
12:35 paul the link under "mathematiques" is not "mathematiques" but 3339. The authid of mathematiques in authorities
13:29 osmoze bye all
13:38 kados interesting
13:39 kados paul: this account does not have authority records
13:40 kados paul: in 2.2.4 are the authorities automatic if you set up $9?
13:40 kados paul: I'm not sure how that is supposed to be set up
13:42 paul i'm back.
13:43 paul if there is no authorities, then the subject is used as search term.
13:43 paul seems there is a bug in --
13:43 paul (if you do the same query without --, it will work I bet)
13:43 paul that may be a bug.
13:44 paul in, line 224
13:44 paul replace the |\-| by |-| (no \)
13:44 paul and let me know if it works better.
13:44 kados ok I will
13:46 kados paul: nope ...
13:48 kados even if I do a search on: College-bound students
13:48 kados just a subject search
13:48 kados it fails
13:48 kados even though I have a record:[…]
13:48 kados with the subject: SAT Test - preparation -- College-bound students -- Pruebe la preparaci -- n --
13:49 paul strange... could you copy the query that is in the log ?
13:50 kados [Tue Dec 13 10:42:23 2005] [error] [client] Q2 : select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,marc_biblio,marc_word as m1,marc_word as m2,marc_word as m3 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.bibid=m2.bibid and m1.bibid=m3.bibid) and ((m1.word  like 'College' and m1.tagsubfield in ('650a'))and (m2.word like 'bound' and m2.tagsubfield in('650a'))and
13:51 paul hehe... got it ;-)
13:51 paul the search is done on 650a, the bibliosubject.subject link.
13:51 kados right ...
13:51 paul and college / bound is in ...
13:52 kados we need seealso then ...
13:52 paul (waiting for your answer)
13:52 paul right. you get a B+
13:52 kados it's in 650$x
13:52 kados paul: :-)
13:53 paul so, just add '650x' in seealso, that should be enough
13:53 paul hdl par là ?
13:53 paul (chez papa si je ne m'abuse d'ailleurs)
13:57 kados paul: working! thanks!
14:35 paul_bed bye world, see your tomorrow
14:35 kados by paul_bed , thanks
14:35 kados bye even :-)
05:44 |hdl| hi
06:43 osmoze hello

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