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13:35 kados owen: morning
13:35 owen Hi
13:35 kados owen: in case you're interested, .69's running HEAD :-)
13:35 owen Cool
13:35 kados owen: course, it doesn't really work :-)
13:35 owen I was just about to ask ;)
13:35 paul hello dear friends from the other side of atlantic.
13:42 kados hey paul
13:42 kados did you see my recent bugzilla reports for HEAD? :-)
13:42 paul yep.
13:42 paul seems there are some bugs from my code cleaning...
13:42 kados I guess they will be mute since we will have perl-zoom soon :-)
13:43 kados I also committed a usmarc dir that works for NPL at least
13:43 paul yes, seen too.
13:43 kados chris should be visiting this week and we're planning to have a break-out session for 3.0
13:43 kados (maybe next week though, depending on his schedule)
13:44 kados wow
13:44 paul for a larger room !
13:44 owen kados: Chris will be here this week or next week?
13:44 kados owen: well ... technically i think he's already here
13:44 kados owen: not sure yet when he's coming to athens
13:44 kados owen: he hasn't emailed me in the last week ... probably been swamped :-)
13:45 owen I'm going to be out of town all next week... I'd hate to miss him
13:45 kados shoot
13:45 kados well I'll let him know if I hear from him
13:45 kados we should try to have a koha meeting at CPL with the four of us
13:46 kados owen: you working there all week excepting Fri?
13:46 owen Yes
13:46 kados sweet
13:46 paul joshua...
13:46 paul go here :
13:46 paul
13:47 kados paul: hey ... LibLime :-)
13:47 kados and Koha :-)
13:54 paul (would you answer now ?)
13:56 kados paul: yep :-)
13:57 paul "france telecom bonjour"
13:58 paul this number is free only for US & canada. After the beep, it will be charged as an international call
13:58 paul so it works but it's not free ;-)
13:58 kados paul: thanks :-)
13:58 kados paul: not free for me either I'm guessing :-)
13:58 paul probably !
14:01 |hdl| Je suis déjà dessus.
14:02 |hdl| sorry
14:03 |hdl| kados : There seems to be a move on savannah.
14:04 kados |hdl|: a move?
14:04 paul[…]php?forum_id=4168
14:05 kados ahh
14:05 kados I suppose one of us should post this to koha-devel
14:06 kados I'll do it later today
14:06 paul I LOOOVVVE : find -path '.*/CVS/Root' -print0 | xargs -0 perl -i -p -e 's/\@s/\@cvs.s/' for existing copies ;-)
14:06 paul mmm...
14:06 paul the good news :
14:06 paul Commit notification was cleaned-up; this doesn't change much, except that those receiving notifications and diffs to the same list as separate mails now get them all in a single mail. You can ignore the deprecation warnings that CVS issues when sending the e-mail: we need to upgrade our version of log_accum to support new-style CVSROOT/loginfo format, and meanwhile we use the old-style format for that particular hook.
14:22 kados nice
14:22 kados paul: I did request that a couple weeks ago
14:22 kados paul: didn't get a response ... guess that's why :-)
14:22 paul yes, was on my suggestion, I remember
19:22 rosa hi
19:22 rosa We're all ears
19:23 rosa whoops, wrong channel
05:39 osmoze hello
05:47 _hdl_ hello osmoze
05:48 paul hello la france
05:50 _hdl_ hello marseille
05:50 paul dans 30mn début des cartons ;-)
05:52 osmoze passage en mode muscle alors ;)
05:52 paul Tiens, un lien intéressant :
05:52 paul
05:52 paul pour s'y retrouver dans la jungle des renseignements...
05:52 osmoze vi, merci, et hop, dans les signets :)
05:53 paul le 118 000 semble extraordinaire : qd il te met en relation, tu payes 22ct la minute que dure la communication ! extraordinaire quand même...
05:54 osmoze c est quand meme la jungle...

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