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15:59 kados owen got a sec?
15:59 owen Yes
15:59 kados I'm trying to put together a timeframe for 3.0 development, etc.
15:59 kados and I was wondering what your impression of where we are with templates for 3.0 is
16:00 kados to be honest, I can't remember where we left it
16:00 owen I thought that Katipo was going to develop a new design, which I would help code.
16:00 owen But I haven't heard anything else about it from them.
16:01 kados ok ... I'll post a message to koha-devel then
16:01 owen I don't know if the new design they've done for other clients recently is what they're offering for 3.0?
16:02 kados right
17:59 kados thd: did you call?
18:04 thd kados: yes
18:05 thd kados: In reference to my reply message query for 2.2.4 on LibLime.
18:05 thd kados: Did you see my reply?
18:06 kados thd: I think so
18:06 thd kados: You have disappeared every time I have enquired.
18:07 thd kados: shall I resend it?
18:07 kados thd: ahh ... you want to know if I'm going to finish a 2.2.4 demo
18:07 kados thd: based on current workload, no :-)
06:59 osmoze hello
07:00 osmoze hdl, as tu un moment ? (vis a vis script relances)
07:16 osmoze re |hdl|
07:16 |hdl| wanamou me fait des siennes.
07:19 osmoze et ce depuis quelques semaines, ils ont meme plus d ip a offrir par ici...Quelle galere pour se connecter ^^
08:31 |hdl| kados:
08:32 |hdl| I have some problems with PQN query and z3950 servers.
09:56 kados |hdl|: I'm awake now :-)
09:56 kados |hdl|: what kind of problems?
09:56 |hdl| Unsupported attributes.
09:56 kados using Koha's Z39.50 client?
09:57 |hdl| Good morning kados
09:57 |hdl| btw
09:57 kados afternoong hdl :-)
09:57 kados afternoon even  ... fingers still not awake :-)
09:57 |hdl| No, using Net::Z3950
09:58 kados ahh
09:58 kados so the attributes are unsupported in Net::Z3950 or in the Z39.50 Server's you're querying?
09:59 |hdl| in the Z3950 server I queried: 1004 1005.
09:59 |hdl| But I don't know how to make a  correct and precise PQF :
09:59 |hdl| that is :
10:00 |hdl| @and @and @or @attr 1=7 "2-7056-6075-5"  @attr 1=7 "2705660755"  @attr 1=4 "Accès à l'informatique et à la programmation"   @attr 1=1003 "Lecomte P. Melotte D."
10:00 |hdl| for instance
10:00 |hdl| returns no results
10:01 kados I see
10:02 kados it's been a while since I've done well-formed PQN
10:03 kados |hdl|: "Prefix Query Notation is fully described in section 8.1 (Query Syntax Parsers) of the Yaz toolkit documentation, YAZ User's Guide and Reference."
10:04 |hdl| I printed it.
10:04 |hdl| But there are no exemples for complex queries.
10:05 |hdl| And doesnot tell how to cope with errors lide Unsupported attributes.
10:05 |hdl| s/lide/like
10:06 kados try this:
10:06 kados @attr 4=1 @and @attr 1=1 "bob dylan" @attr 1=4 "slow train coming"
10:07 kados (ie, see if it returns results)
10:09 kados btw, is paul here?
10:09 kados I am wondering if you both have seen my recent message to koha-devel
10:09 kados I'm trying to solicit details and timeframes of the projects you plan to complete in 3.0
10:14 kados |hdl|: one solution would be to ask koha-zebra as the indexdata guys created PQF :-)
10:14 |hdl| I received it.
10:15 |hdl| But cannot give you details.
10:15 |hdl| Paul is busy for the next 6 months.
10:46 kados meaning he won't be on IRC? :-)

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