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23:47 rach in the koha installer it says "7. Invite
23:47 rach > you to fill in a survey from koha's developers."
23:47 rach does that actaully happen? and if so, who gets the messages?
23:49 chris it used to
23:49 chris and used to
23:49 chris but there is no survey anymore hasnt been since 2.0
23:49 chris i dont think anyone ever actually filled one out :)
23:50 rach ta
06:23 hdl chris around ?
06:45 chris am now
06:45 paul hi chris.
06:45 chris hiya paul
06:46 paul did you read my mail to introduce Pierrick ?
06:46 chris yes and his reply, seems like he will be a great help
06:47 paul yes. 1st to help Ineo understanding how OSS works. 2nd for Koha itself. win-win deal it seems...
06:48 chris yes
07:14 paul |hdl| here ?
07:14 paul (chris was 20mn ago)
07:15 |hdl| yes.
07:16 hdl chris : sorry.
07:16 hdl Hope you are ther again.
07:16 hdl You didnot ping me so I missed you text).
07:17 hdl I was buzzing you to get more information about reserves and the way they are managed.
07:17 hdl There are two dates : notificaiondate and reminderdate.
07:17 hdl We donot know when they are updated.
07:19 hdl Is there a reserve status that librarian should set/modify to validate a reserve or say : "book arrived Come and fetch "?
07:20 hdl ping me when you read me.
07:22 chris there is a status
07:23 chris w for waiting, which means the book is ready to be picked up
07:24 chris in the found column
07:25 chris w = waiting, f = filled (reserve has been fulfilled), null still outstanding
07:25 paul (the status is changed when / by what) ?
07:26 chris when the book is returned its set to waiting
07:26 chris when the book is issued to the person who reserved it, its set to f for fulfilled
07:26 paul no way to do it manually ? (for libraries that want the list of items on reserve to collect them in the shelves)
07:27 chris you could just scan them all in returns
07:27 paul (hdl added circ/ to show this list)
07:27 chris we have this
07:27 paul ah, ok, good suggestion. No useless entry in statistic & issues table ?
07:29 chris would be one in statistics, but no entry in issues
07:30 chris notificationdate and reminderdate were set up, the idea to write a script which finds all reserves marked W
07:31 chris and then email all the borrowers
07:31 chris and update the notificationdate
07:31 chris but i never wrote it :)
07:32 chris and then after 2 weeks (or some time) it sends a reminder
07:32 chris didnt write that bit yet either
07:46 chris right it must be time for me to get some sleep
07:47 paul have a good night. time for us to go to lunch
07:51 hdl thanks chris.
10:46 kados paul_away: are you back yet?
10:48 kados paul_away: ping me when you are ... I need to talk to you about 3.0 roadmap

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