IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-02

All times shown according to UTC.

Time S Nick Message
11:10 indradg_ hi chris
11:10 indradg_ ho kados
11:11 indradg_ need to brainstorm abt 1st Koha expo presence in India
11:12 indradg_ rach: around ?
11:18 kados indradg_: mornin
11:18 kados you doing a show with Koha featured?
11:19 indradg_ yep! :)
13:53 owen Hi deliwish
14:14 deliwish hello
16:49 chris morning
16:50 chris indradg: rach might be around now, i doubt she would have been up at 3am tho, unless pesky people were setting off fireworks again :)
17:21 rach back
10:45 vivek Hello
10:46 vivek Anyone around ?
10:50 VivekVC indradg: Are you around ?
10:52 indradg VivekVC, yep!
10:53 VivekVC indradg: I need some help installing Koha on my home computer, can you help ?
10:53 VivekVC I'll give you ssh access
10:53 indradg sure
10:53 VivekVC As far as i see the installation has gone smooth from my side
10:53 indradg ok
10:54 indradg so where is the problem?
10:54 VivekVC It is showing an internal server error
10:54 VivekVC checked the /usr/local/koha/koha-error.log
10:55 VivekVC Nothing much except some mysql issue, i restarted mysql and the problem persists
10:57 VivekVC indradg: Please tell me if you are able to log in

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