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11:03 VivekVC indradg: Are you there ?
11:04 VivekVC hmmm
11:31 indradg VivekVC, back now
11:59 VivekVC indradg: ok
13:41 kados owen: so I've been playing with xslt
13:41 owen Oh yeah?
13:42 kados yea ... the students in chang's class aren't really up to the task so I've been helping out
13:42 kados
13:42 kados do a search (only one term)
13:42 indradg kados, this being the cataloging project ?
13:42 kados then click on the results
13:42 kados indradg: yep
13:42 kados indradg: it's just a proof-of-concept
13:43 kados indradg: I worked it up for the students to have something to work from
13:43 indradg looked nice to me
13:43 kados it's got a long way to go
13:43 kados but the backend is kinda nice
13:43 kados all client-side
13:43 owen Looks very promising!
13:43 kados i.e., you pull out records as XMLMARC
13:44 kados then your client uses XSLT to display them
13:44 kados the templating process with xslt is so much more powerful
13:44 kados than Html::Template
13:44 kados I'm planning on sending an email to koha-devel about it when I get back
13:44 kados so owen
13:45 kados there's a loadRecord routine here:
13:45 kados
13:45 kados that basically uses the xslt stylesheet here:
13:45 kados
13:45 kados to create the right-hand display that you see when you click on a record
13:46 kados this is what the actual XML looks like before it's converted by xslt:
13:46 kados[…]&searchbox=qwerty
13:46 owen So the script grabs the XML data and transforms it into XHTML via the XSLT?
13:46 kados (for example, a keyword search on queryt)
13:46 kados yep
13:47 kados and the javascript inserts the 'fragment' into a live document
13:47 kados you can also generate whole documents (with headers, etc.)
13:47 kados so if we were using XML tempaltes for Koha
13:47 kados and those were PROG
13:48 kados then we could use xslt stylesheets and css to do all of our real templates
13:48 kados and there's no reason (other than that it's cool) to do the xslt processing in javascript
13:48 kados we coudl do it server-side if we were worried about compatibility
13:48 kados but the powerful thing about xslt
13:48 owen As I think we would be
13:48 kados is once you have a stylesheet
13:49 kados you could so easily use it either server-side or client-side that we could offer both options
13:49 kados anyway, it's an idea
13:49 kados I might hack up an example template system for the OPAC just as a proof-of-concept when i get back
13:50 owen You mean you're not going to spend your vacation doing that?  ;)
13:50 indradg lol
13:50 kados hehe
13:50 kados I hope not :-)
13:57 VivekVC indradg: btw, is the koha OPAC port 8000 and the Administrative Interface 8080 by default ?
13:57 VivekVC or is it the other way around ?
14:01 VivekVC indradg: ping
15:31 indradg VivekVC, was away watching TV ;)
15:31 VivekVC indradg: ok
15:32 VivekVC so is Koha OPAC port 8000 the default and 8080 the Administrative interface ?
15:32 VivekVC or the other way around ?
15:34 indradg VivekVC, the installer script offers 8000 for OPAC and 8080 for Intranet interfaces as sugegstion during the installation
15:35 VivekVC indradg: Thanks
15:36 indradg any time!
15:39 VivekVC indradg: koha is not starting for some reason again, let me check the error logs
15:40 indradg ok
15:40 VivekVC nah i figured it out :)
15:48 indradg great!
15:51 idglaptop kados, ping!
15:51 idglaptop rach, ping!
15:53 idglaptop anybody around?
15:53 owen Too early for rach
15:54 kados idglaptop: I'm here ... what's up>
15:54 kados ? even ;-)
15:54 idglaptop ok... I'm writing the request for space at the expo (FOSS.IN 2005)
15:55 idglaptop making it an "official" Koha presence in India
15:55 idglaptop so wanted to run it thru with u guys
15:56 idglaptop hope thats ok?
15:56 kados not a problem at all
15:56 idglaptop
15:56 kados any copy yet?
15:58 idglaptop yes... cut-n-pasting from Koha site
15:58 idglaptop This is an "official" request for FOSS Expo space at FOSS.IN 2005 from the Koha Project (
15:58 idglaptop About Koha
15:58 idglaptop Koha is the world's first full-featured open-source Integrated Library System. Developed initially in New Zealand by Katipo Communications Ltd and first deployed in January of 2000 for Horowhenua Library Trust, it is in use around the world. Its development is steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to achieve their technology goals. Koha's impressive feature set continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its user base.
15:58 idglaptop In India too, Koha is fast becoming a viable option for Libraries deciding to integrate or expand their use of IT in day-to-day management. On behalf of the entire Koha Team ( I would like to request for Expo space and if possible a minimum of one computer with a serial port.
15:58 idglaptop I would carry the rest - extra laptop, barcode scanners and sample books
15:58 kados great
15:59 idglaptop now lemme weed out the grammatical typos ;)
15:59 idglaptop I will be cross-posting this to the Koha List
16:03 VivekVC kados: Hello
16:03 VivekVC kados: Nice meeting you, I am Vivek Varghese Cherian from Cochin, Kerala, India.
16:03 kados VivekVC: howdy
16:04 VivekVC kados: I am fine, i have just written a Koha Training Module and it's put up at
16:05 kados VivekVC: did you recently post that link to koha-devel?
16:05 VivekVC kados: It's a work in progress, i still have not got an html version out
16:05 VivekVC kados: I did
16:05 kados VivekVC: great ... and did Stephen add it to
16:05 VivekVC I've updated the document to version 1.2
16:05 VivekVC kados: Let me check.
16:06 kados ooh ... it's for freebsd eh?
16:06 kados nice
16:06 kados how would you like to write an installation manual for installig Koha on freebst?
16:06 kados bsd even
16:07 VivekVC kados: I use Debian GNU/Linux, one for FreeBSD would be cool, but i don't have any space left on my HDD for a BSD partition.
16:08 kados :-)
16:08 kados wow ... this is a big pdf
16:08 kados or else your connection is slow ;-)
16:08 VivekVC Stephen has not added it to as of now.
16:08 kados I guess it's only 7MB ;-)
16:09 VivekVC Yes is where is host it for now. I administer that server.
16:09 VivekVC kados: I also have a OpenOffice format of the doc, need to get an HTML one soon.
16:10 kados VivekVC: well ... you could export as html from openoffice
16:10 kados VivekVC: might not be the cleanest html but it works
16:10 VivekVC kados: I tried that, it gets messed up.
16:23 VivekVC idglaptop: wb
16:24 VivekVC idglaptop: What time do you sleep ;)
16:24 VivekVC tim: Hello
16:24 tim Hello VivekVC
16:25 VivekVC tim: Nice meeting you.
16:25 idglaptop VivekVC, thanks
16:25 VivekVC Vivek from India here, on a Koha learning spree of sorts :)
16:26 idglaptop VivekVC, i sleep in the morning! that is if i dont have to meet clients ;)
16:26 VivekVC idglaptop: I see
16:26 VivekVC idglaptop: I am basically free from tommrow morning lol
16:26 idglaptop hmm... lucky u
16:26 VivekVC of course i have my engineering exams to prepare for
16:27 idglaptop ark! who's the Koha listadmin??? rach?
16:28 VivekVC idglaptop: catching up with the debian updates, i was usually updating in the weekends when i used to be home in Cochin.
16:32 chris i am vivekvc
16:33 chris as well as rach, for the main koha list
16:35 idglaptop chris, did u manage to watch yesterday's India vs Sri Lanka match?
16:36 chris unfortunately no
16:36 chris thats a lot of runs in a day :)
16:37 idglaptop u missed big! the keeper Dhoni is looking like someone to watch out for... shoot past Adam Gilchrist's record as highest ODI score from a keeper
16:37 idglaptop s/shoot/shot/
16:37 kados morning chris
16:37 idglaptop 10 sixers! :)
16:38 kados chris: been playing with xslt
16:38 kados chris:
16:38 kados chris: it's da bomb!
16:38 chris heh
16:38 chris thats ajax as well eh?
16:38 kados yep
16:39 kados so it's going to be much better
16:39 kados but that's just a demo I hacked together so the class could work on something
16:39 chris sweet
16:39 kados they were having trouble getting started ;-)
16:39 chris whats the browser requirement for ajax?
16:40 kados well ... for that specific app it's firefox
16:40 kados ajax is more of a concept I think
16:40 kados so not sure if there are clear browser requirements
16:40 kados anything that can run google suggest or google maps I suppose
16:41 kados IMO we should enhance things with ajax on the OPAC side
16:41 idglaptop kados, LiveSearch?
16:41 kados but also IMO we shouldn't worry about older browsers too much on the intranet side
16:41 kados idglaptop: well ... livesearch is one ajax app
16:41 kados idglaptop: I've got a livesearch going for Koha btw :-)
16:42 kados idglaptop: if you want to see it
16:43 idglaptop actually I was going to bitflux blog the other day... i liked what I say :)
16:43 kados yep
16:43 idglaptop s/say/saw/
16:43 kados I modified bitflux just a little for Koha's livesearch
16:43 idglaptop ok!
16:43 kados but it's mainly bitflux code
16:44 kados with some database backend scripts, etc.
16:44 idglaptop uh huh!
16:44 kados it'll be in 3.0
16:44 idglaptop sweet!
16:44 kados chris: other news
16:44 kados chris: perl-zoom contract signed
16:44 chris fantastic
16:44 kados chris: development should start next week
16:45 kados chris: and be done before the end of this month
16:45 chris that will give us some good stuff to work on over xmas
16:45 kados yep :-)
16:45 kados I'm really looking forward to that
16:45 kados after I get back from san diego I'm gonna really start pushing 3.0
16:46 kados perl-zoom should be mainly finished by then so it'll be a good time
16:47 idglaptop kados, perl-zoom to replace the current z39.50 implementation?
16:48 kados chris: so if we had our templates in Koha be XML (PROG) then we could easily spawn xslt and css to generate the interfaces ... and it would be much easier to support (say) opensearch, flavours of rss, screen readers, etc.
16:48 kados idglaptop: exactly
16:48 kados chris: without modifying the main template at all
16:49 idglaptop funny u mention screen readers... was playing around with gnopernicus and festival much to this evening :)
16:49 kados :-)
16:49 kados I've got festival installed on my zaurus
16:49 kados it rox!
16:54 kados hehe
17:09 tim kados: When we click on a title in opac search and then on a related link, we get no results found.  Is there something that we need to do to set that up?
17:10 kados hmm
17:10 chris sounds like a bug in the template
17:10 kados yea
17:10 kados I'll take a look
17:20 rach morning
17:20 kados morning rach
18:00 rach looks like lost of stuff happening
18:00 rach lots
19:02 jamesa Hi, is anyone there? have I got this IRC client setup correctly ?
19:03 kados hi jamesa
19:03 kados sure have :-)
19:03 jamesa ok thanks for the confirmation
19:04 jamesa so this is where we can chat about Koha problems ?
19:04 kados sure
19:04 kados having problems?
19:05 jamesa I am just getting a test server setup, no real problems yet, I am at the stage of learning how to add my collection int the DB
19:05 kados cool
19:05 kados got MARC records?
19:05 jamesa all I have is books on the shelves. the Z3950 client piece is still a bit of a mystery
19:05 kados ahh
19:05 kados yea ... that's a tricky thing to get going
19:06 kados search through the mailing lists ... there's some good tips there
19:06 jamesa I am on east coast of Aust, is there a list of suitable servers to connect to ?
19:06 kados you'd have to ask the NZ folks
19:06 kados I'm in Ohio USA ;-)
19:06 kados chris: you about?
19:07 kados chris wrote the first version of Koha ... he's in Wellington I believe
19:07 jamesa OK, no worries, what is this breeding pool?
19:08 kados so the breeding pool ... also known as the reservoir ...
19:08 kados is a temporary storage place for newly downloaded records
19:09 kados so the workflow is ... do a search
19:09 kados find records you want, add them to the breeding pool
19:09 kados then, when you're ready to add new items
19:09 kados search the breeding pool, retrieve the ones you want, edit and insert into Koha's live database
19:10 jamesa aha ! I think I get it,
19:11 jamesa also during the install I was asked to choose french or english and load some stopworks and some MARC file, what was that dooing ?
19:11 kados was it sample data?
19:11 kados I'm not really sure
19:12 jamesa it all came with the tarball download, could I do a wildcard search of my database to see if there is anything in there ?
19:15 kados well if you don't have any stopwords no searches will work
19:15 kados so I'd first check if you have stopwords ... it's in the intranet ... paramaters ... somewhere in there ;-)
19:16 jamesa ok, lots to learn, thanks for helping a newbie out Kados!
19:16 jamesa cheers
19:17 kados np
05:14 vivek Hello
05:15 paul hi
05:15 vivek How is everyone doing
05:15 vivek paul: Hello, I am Vivek from Cochin,Kerala, India
05:15 paul welcome here.
05:16 vivek paul: I was here yesterday night and has a brief chat with kados.
05:17 vivek paul: If you remember, i had posted to the Koha Mailing list a couple of weeks back about a Koha Training Module i was preparing.
05:17 paul if it was on Koha ml, then, sorry, but I have no more time to read it.
05:17 VivekVC paul: I see.
05:17 paul if it was on koha-devel, then i have 100 messages to read on this list...
05:19 VivekVC paul:ok
05:35 osmoze hello
06:02 hdl hello
07:04 paul hdl, je ne te vois pas avec gnomemeeting
07:04 paul ?
07:33 paul hdl, je ne peux pas t'appeler.

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