IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-01

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16:43 chris morning, anyone about?
18:43 indradg chris, good morning!
18:44 chris heya indradg
18:44 rach hi indradg
18:44 indradg hi rach
18:44 chris i noticed this in the weekend[…]2405internet.html  
18:44 chris nice to see people recommending koha
18:45 indradg nice!
18:45 rach there should (I'm hoping) be a young  indian librarian joining the koha list and asking about getting going with a windows install
18:45 rach you might want to look out for him
18:45 indradg ok
18:46 rach he sent mail to the info@katipo address, but I thought he was going to need more help than I was going to be able to give
18:46 indradg rach, I'll be talking about Koha here ->
18:47 rach oh great - could you send us like a little press/blub thing on that, that we could put up on the koha website?
18:47 indradg rach, will do... the final talk list should go up tonight
18:48 rach cool
18:48 indradg this is the abstract of my talk -> When it comes to FOSS, today's librarians and information scientists are presented with several options comparable to established proprietary systems that often costs several lakhs of rupees or has feature handicaps from the users' perspective. The main challenge to using FOSS in libraries lies in the fact that members of the FOSS community do not immediately understand the technicalities of Library and Information Science
18:48 indradg s (LIS) domain and vice versa. This talk will briefly outline some of these FOSS ILSes, though concentrating mainly on Koha - the world's first GPL'ed ILS. The talk will highlight the current features offered by Koha and will also provide an overview of features planned in the next major release of the software.
18:49 rach :-)
18:49 rach yeah, could you chuck that in an e-mail to me please -
18:49 rach and then include a bit of info on you as well
18:57 indradg rach, mail's away! :)
18:58 rach cheers
19:10 rach e-mail arrived thanks indradg
19:14 indradg rach, great!
01:06 si chris: minicom works on cafedev now, it'll give you console on the cafenet router
01:07 si and I think I'll go walk the dogs now

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