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15:20 owen hi kados
15:22 kados afternoon
15:24 owen How can we get Koha to display an error message on the detail screen if the biblio number wasn't found?
15:25 owen There must be some kind of way to set up an "if no results" option in the query
15:25 owen Would that be hard to do?
15:26 kados hmmm
15:27 kados I can't think of a scenerio where that would be necessary ... has something come up recently?
15:27 owen For instance: you follow a link for record which no longer exists
15:28 owen You get a blank biblio detail page
15:28 kados right
15:28 owen http://intranet.athenscounty.l[…]=thisisnotanumber
15:28 kados :-)
15:28 kados lemme check the detail script
15:31 kados this looks promising:
15:31 kados $dat->{'count'}=@items;
15:31 kados so adding something like
15:32 kados if (!$dat->{'count'}) {
15:33 kados and some kinda of warning ...
15:33 kados but we don't have a very good messaging system so that would be hard to pull off without adding a whole new block of code
15:34 kados I guess the assumption is that we're not going to have links to non-existing biblios ;-)
15:36 owen Good applications don't assume that everything is always going to be okay!
15:37 owen What if someone types in the url by hand?  The way it is now, they're likely to believe that the record exists but is empty or corrupted somehow.
15:40 owen (just ranting a little)
15:41 owen Koha has the same problem in other areas too, like members
15:42 kados yep
15:42 kados it's due in part to not having a very good messaging framework built in
15:42 kados so Evergreen has jabber for instance ;-)
15:44 owen kados: what does that get them?
15:46 kados it allows them to display messages really easily to the user using a consistant framework
16:11 chris its not the messaging system thats the problem, displaying errors is easy its html::template, its just ppl have been lazy and not error handled enough
16:14 chris certainly on the opac, you should need nothing more than a browser, no plugins, no extra software .. all you need in each template is a <TMPL_IF NAME="ERROR"><TMPL_VAR NAME="ERROR"></TMPL_IF>
19:06 thd Is anyone representing Koha at Frankfurt or do people think that not enough librarians attend?
19:10 rach you should ask on the german language list
19:10 rach I'm pretty sure there is one
19:10 thd rach: Are there any installations in Germany?
19:11 rach don't know
19:12 thd It is difficult to check the Koha map anymore.
19:12 rach it's gone - it didn't get transfered to the new website, but I don't hthink there were any german ones on it
19:13 rach but there was a german mailing list a while back
19:14 thd rach:Is the Koha map intended for replacement by a region and country divided text listing?
19:15 chris[…]hp?page=KohaUsers
19:15 thd chris: The map seemed to have more information unless my memory is false.
19:16 chris different information
19:16 chris[…]/2004/003836.html
19:17 chris there was someone playing in berlin as well, they were on the map
19:17 chris but dorian wasnt, so map didnt have more, just different
19:21 thd chris: has something interesting but it is not Koha.
19:24 chris yeah they may have gone with something else
19:24 chris id drop dorian mead an email and ask him if he knows
19:25 chris he was the one working on the german translation of the templates last i heard
19:25 thd The manager of the bookshop that  I am hoping will adopt Koha went off to Frankfurt today.  She asked if she could find anyone there who would be involved with Koha even though she said that she may not have time while there.
19:26 thd chris: The German templates seem to be so old that paul has not included them in the po files for 2.2.4.
19:26 chris right, well you'll have ask someone who knows .. i dont :)
19:28 thd Is the text content that formed the basis of the map available anywhere apart from the wiki which is different?
19:29 rach the map is still at
19:29 rach if you want to look at it
19:30 rach the info will be in the old website that we still have, but it's not published anywhere right now
19:30 thd rach: well that is good to know.  I did not know there was an anymore.
19:54 thd The German list has the address, obviously a Katipo domain.  Are there any archives?
19:54 chris no it wasnt a katipo one
19:55 thd chirs: Is not a subdomain of koha,org?
19:55 chris sure it is
19:55 chris but it points to            58338   IN      A
19:55 chris thats not a katipo machine
19:56 thd chris: oh :)
20:03 thd well the German list does not seemed to be maintained by an active list system.
04:31 osmoze hello

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