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14:07 owen any Perl-savvy humans out there?
14:07 genji_ -yawn- yes?
14:08 owen Sorry, didn't mean to wake you :)
14:08 genji_ you didn't So, whats up?
14:08 owen I'm confused about a line of code that has an unfamiliar syntax
14:08 owen my $title = $subscriptions->[0]{bibliotitle};
14:08 owen It's part of
14:09 owen How does the [0] affect it?
14:09 genji_ First item in hash array, field bibliotitle.
14:11 owen if $subscriptions also contains a value for subscriptionid, I should be able to get it by saying, my $subscriptionid = $subscriptions->[0]{subscriptionid}; ?
14:11 genji_ think so. but, $subscriptions seems to be a multi item array.
14:12 genji_ so you'd only get the first item.
14:12 genji_ else, why put the [0]
14:12 genji_ This is pure logic speaking.
14:12 owen Right, I understand
14:25 kados does anyone know why someone would want to display multiple MARC records side-by-side ... ?
14:25 genji_ Comparision, for record merge./
14:26 kados ahh ...
14:26 kados I guess Koha doesn't support this yet ;-)
14:26 owen Sounds like a very specialized cataloging tool
14:26 owen I don't remember anything like that from our previous system
14:33 genji_ going offline for a bit. changing modems.
14:47 genji and im back.
15:04 hdl kados : Did you read thd's question ?
15:09 hdl hi osmoze
15:32 kados no ... missed it
15:33 kados hdl: I don't see the question
17:16 thd kados: are you there?
17:24 kados thd: not really ;-)
17:24 kados thd: do you have a pressing question?
17:24 thd kados: what had wanted to ask me on Saturday?
17:25 kados it had to do with ALA character support in Koha
17:25 thd kados: had you wanted to know about MARC-8, ANSEL, ALA character sets?
17:25 kados yep
17:25 kados do you have any knowledge of these?
17:26 kados are they covered in UTF-8?
17:26 kados ie if we switch to UTF-8 will we have support for them or is it more complicated?
17:27 thd kados: Library character sets preceded unicode for solving the same problem but they are not the same and not supported by common programming language functions.
17:29 thd kados: however, there is MARC::Charset for the MARC 21 conversions.
17:29 kados shoot ...
17:29 kados Kkoha doesn't use MARC::Charset do we?
17:29 thd kados: No, I was very disappointed :)
17:30 thd Kados: Someone did not do their homework :)
17:31 thd kados: This affects any non-ASCII character, even simple accented characters from French.
17:33 thd kados: What I do not understand is why BnF is distributing records in ISO 8859 that is not a UNIMARC character set.
17:36 kados hmmm ...
17:37 kados It would be very nice if we could get MARC-8, ANSEL and ALA char sets supported in the display
17:37 kados I suppose it would be hard to get all of them to display at the same time eh?
17:37 kados we need a charset expert
17:37 thd kados: Encode::MAB2 will convert from ISO 5426 one way only for UNIMARC.
17:37 kados or someone needs to become one ;-)
17:37 kados ooh ... that sounds nice
17:37 thd kados: I have become one
17:38 rach :-)
17:38 thd kados: almost
17:38 kados thd: do you think you could get MARC-8, ANSEl and ALA working in Koha?
17:40 thd kados: I intend to.  A conversion is necessary whatever the record has to UTF-8 in Koha.
17:41 kados sweet
17:41 thd kados: Then for the record editor and OPAC the conversion should go out in ISO 8859
17:42 thd kados: OPAC clients cannot be expected to have UTF-8 support and even record editor clients have a problem.
17:44 thd kados: If your library is running MS Windows for the client browser then there is no UTF-8 support ,only UTF-16, which is a problem unless everything can be converted to ISO 8859 going out..
17:45 thd kados: You do not want to mess with UTF-16 just to support a non-free OS.  UTF-16 introduces complications.
17:46 thd kados: Queries coming back from the client have to be converted back to UTF-8 for Koha.
17:49 kados gotcha
17:49 thd kados: Of course if the script is not supported in an ISO 8559 encoding then the client must support UTF-8 which means no MS Windows for the Chinese users unless someone is willing to cope with the complications of UTF-16 conversion.
17:50 kados thd: here's a question for you about MARC ... should there by system limitations on the number or length of records and fields(e.g., notes fields in order or MARC records)?
17:51 thd kados: YAZ also has character set conversions.  However, I have found a very bad bug in the MARC-8 to ISO 8859 conversion for YAZ.  When encountered, the remainder of the record is eaten :)
17:53 thd kados: If the record approaches the limit for maximum size, which apparently you found then records should be converted to MARC XML before a danger threshold is reached.
17:56 thd kados: I do not know the parameters for reaching the danger threshold.  You would need a real MARC expert for that, aside from much experimentation to see what happens when building records with known test characteristics.  I could enquire from some people who may know.
17:58 thd kados: Very early this morning, I posted some questions to hdl about some confusing language for a few features in the Koha roadmap.
17:59 thd kados: most of the roadmap feature descriptions seem as if they have some Babelfish problems in translation to English, but three had me baffled.
18:01 thd kados: Did paul write most of the roadmap descriptions?  hdl was unable to answer my confusion, he seemed to defer to you.
18:03 thd Kados, Keeper of the Roadmap
18:07 thd kados: are you still with us?
07:01 osmoze paul_away>  quand t es par la, tu peux me biper stp :)
08:09 Sylvain hi
11:04 hdl hi
11:05 hdl Sylvain : have you found answers ?
11:43 hdl am I alone ?

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