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12:02 hdl (hi owen)
02:13 osmoze hello
03:42 Sylvain chris ?
03:42 chris hiya sylvain
03:42 Sylvain Your mail helped me but raised new questions :)
03:44 Sylvain I understood more about the biblio/bibitem/item structure but can't see (haven't searched more right now) how bulkmarcimmport can know that an item is a "part" of a biblioitem
03:46 chris im not sure it does
03:47 chris i suspect it makes one biblioitem and one item for each
03:48 chris it should be possible to make it smarter
03:48 chris so that it checks if a biblioitem already exists thats the same, it attaches an item to it, rather than making another identical biblioitem
03:48 chris thats how all the import from non-marc scripts work
03:49 Sylvain well, it'll be longer than what I was thinking !
03:49 Sylvain let's go for a funny day :)
03:50 chris :)
03:50 chris the other thing you can do, with marc off is move items between biblioitems
03:51 chris so import them all in, then go through and combine things .. but you wouldnt want to do that for a big catalogue :)
03:51 Sylvain yes, 30 000 items so I'm going to 'hack' bulkmarcimport
03:52 chris :)
03:52 chris it might be worth asking paul too, as he might say "you cant do that" or "that wont work"
03:52 chris :)
03:53 Sylvain unless he's there I'm going to play with bulkmarcimprt (hoping he won't then say that wont work :))
03:53 chris :)
05:34 Sylvain chris, does horowhenua use marc ?
05:35 chris not currently no
05:35 chris none of the 13 or so libraries we look after do, but hlt might use it a bit for copy cataloguing in the future
05:36 chris (the marc is there in the background for most of them, but they just dont prefer to see it :-))
05:38 Sylvain for the example you gave me (the two towers), it is stocked in marc ?
05:38 chris hmm not at hlt ... it will be in a month or 2 when we finish their upgrade to 2.2  
05:39 Sylvain k
05:39 chris hang on ill find it in the one we are testing
05:39 chris 2 seconds
05:39 Sylvain thanks
05:44 chris[…]  <--- its not very complete at all
05:46 Sylvain yes but there, you are losing the ability to know if an item is video, fiction or whatelse
05:46 chris yep
05:47 chris[…]  <-- thats why here, we have taken off the link to the marc info
05:47 chris since on an opac, that will just confuse most people
05:47 Sylvain ok. But when you edit biblios, are you using (or will you) marc ?
05:48 chris wont use it, they may use marc for importing records, acquisitioning
05:48 chris but after that, they will just edit it as normal
05:48 Sylvain ok.
05:49 Sylvain because there the infos that an item is a video is stored in biblioitems but not in marc_subfield_table ?
05:49 Sylvain orelse how is it stored ?
05:50 chris im not sure how its stored in the marc part
05:50 Sylvain I really can't see how to solve my problem :(
05:50 chris i havent worried about it too much, as its all going to change for 3.0
05:51 Sylvain I know yes, my only problem is a customer wanting a test version next week :)
05:51 chris i think the problem is, some of the info from bibliotems isnt being stored in marc
05:52 Sylvain yes and in biblioitems for example, there is the isbn which can't be duplicated in marc ...
05:52 chris yeah
05:53 chris essentially a biblio, needs to link to more than one marc record
05:53 Sylvain yes
05:53 chris but the way koha currently works, there is a one to one relationship
05:53 chris unfortunately, i cant see any quick fix for it :(
05:53 Sylvain and it makes me angry :)
05:54 Sylvain it's time to lunch, hope I'll find a solution afterthat :)
05:54 chris the biblio->biblioitems->items is a normalised way to represent the data
05:55 chris and MARC .. for all it positives, is anything but normalised :-)
05:55 chris enjoy lunch
05:55 Syl-Away thanks :)
08:49 dccpark hi all, i have a quick question about the script.
08:59 osmoze hello
09:10 hdl hi all
09:15 Sylvain salut hdl
11:42 hdl Salut Sylvain

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